Thursday, November 30, 2006

Made it fine

Just a quick note to several to let you know we made it here fine. I'm so glad Don could come with me. He was a HUGE help getting the luggage around and finding our way through the Houston airport. We were met at the airport in San Diego and deposited safely in a nice hotel. Tomorrow the tests and treatments begin; I will write and tell you as I have time, can get on the internet, etc. Trish has set up a blog for me so that I can write sort of a journal in it everyday and anyone who wants to look can and I won't be trying to remember if I've written to everyone. I'll figure that out tomorrow, I hope. It's two hours later here than at home and I started at 5:30 this morning loading the car, so I'm whipped. We don't start until 9:30 in the morning, so that's 11:30 in OK . . . I'll get to sleep in! I have fasting bloodwork at the beginning of tomorrow, so I'll be waiting to eat. I can do that as long as I get to SLEEP!
Love you all for caring!