Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday Jan 31 Update

You can tell I’m still in Grammy mode. I loved these pretty little geckos who guarded the entrance to the restaurant where we ate breakfast.

This is Davy and Susan as they take off hiking down into Waipio Valley.

This is the grassy patch where Don and I sat watching whales while they were hiking. I love this place!

This is the third day of Kona Winds. They are tremendous! Davy and Susan hiked down into Pololu Valley this morning while Don cleaned up the yard from the fallen limbs and citrus. I have buckets of grapefruit that I can’t give away or eat. At home I know they are costing $1.50 and I’ve got more than even the cows will eat!

After they hiked Pololu, they came home and we had lunch before taking out to hike out to the lighthouse. The folks who have been here have seen the lighthouse from the favorite hike, but Davy and Susan are the first to go out there with us. Davy said the next time he comes he’s getting a 4 wheel drive vehicle; that would cut down the hiking time and energy a LOT! They are great troopers, though; not a wimpy bone in them. (No old bones, either.)

The winds are tough, but the weather is nice, otherwise. It’s in the 80’s and sunny. After the lighthouse we went to a nearby beach where we often watch whales and watched waves instead. The only whale we saw today was breaching at the lighthouse. It’s too rough to distinguish their splashes and spouts from the white caps. The sail boat that has been anchored the whole time Don has been her was crashed up on the lava today! It’s anchor gave way to the waves, I guess. Jo and Sam, you’d be as shocked as we were. I’m sure you have pictures of that boat. Well, it is no more.

I’m getting this done early tonight. I’ve got to go to bed early. I only had about 2 hours sleep last night since I was working on the My Baby Charm site and I got up at 4:30 this morning to work with Trish and a lady in California to be sure we got a shipment to her in time. I got a nap this morning while Don worked in the yard, but I’m going to sleep like a brick tonight.

Love you all. Praise God for all His loving generosity and grace with us.

Tuesday Jan 30 Update

Good morning! I’m just now doing yesterday’s blog report, so I’m running way behind. We went to Waipio Valley yesterday and down into Hilo, so we didn’t get home until late. Then I had some changes to make on our My Baby Charm site to accommodate a customer, so I did that instead of the blog last night. I’ll get this going, though, so Trish can get it up and you all won’t worry about us. Everyone else is still in bed, so I’m watching the sun come up as I type this.

We are absolutely fine. I haven’t had time to download pictures from Waipio Valley and the falls, but I’ll get those done in the next day or two. For today, please enjoy these favorite pictures from around here. This tree house below is not far from the house where we are. I think it is so cute, built in this banyan tree. I wonder if the folks tire of people driving by and taking pictures; at least I refrained from knocking on the door and asking if I could climb up in there. (I was tempted.)

Here is another shot of the tree house as we drive on past it. I think someone was so creative; it looks like something out of a storybook to me.

The other night when we went to the Hilton and got the sunset pictures we also got to watch the dolphins, again. They are so sweet, so I’ve included another picture of one of them standing up for his treat. I guess you can tell by today’s choice of pictures that I’m operating in Grammy mode today.

Yesterday Davy and Susan hiked down into Waipio Valley and back out, so we were very impressed with their youth and stamina! We lounged around at the lookout and watched people and whales. We got to see whales breaching from our position, so we were very content. We were mostly so glad that we WEREN’T doing that hike. We did it 7 years ago when we were younger, so that’s enough for a lifetime for us. It was so funny; I was taking pictures and making sure they had water, etc. I told Don I felt like we were sending a couple of 5 year olds off to kindergarten! They are grown ups and very capable, but I was so concerned for them. They did just fine. We had a beautiful day for touring around the eastern side of the island. It’s common to have rain over there, but there was none and we were thrilled.

The Kona winds were still blowing all day over on this side and still are. We came home after dark, so we could see there were plenty more grapefruit down, but we made it in without picking up all of it. We can get it today. There were some limbs down, too, but no more big branches, yet. More fell during the night, I’m sure. Don and I are staying home today while Davy and Susan go do some more hikes around here. We’re going to be picking up branches and citrus! I’ll get more pictures on for tomorrow. Thanks for caring and I love you all.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday Jan 29 Update

Today started at 5 a.m. We had to be at the helicopter place at 6, so that Don, Davy, and Susan could make their 7 a.m. flight around the island. No way I was going. So, I slept in the car while they went. After they got back from their flight we went into Kona and ate breakfast, then did the tourist thing around Kona, got groceries and headed for Hapuna Beach. When we got there, we were pleased that the parking lot wasn’t full. Then as we got closer we wondered why the grassy spot up by the dressing rooms was full of people laying out on mats. Then we got down to the beach and it was nearly empty. When we put our mats down, we figured it out: the wind was nearly brutal! The only way to keep the mat down was to lie on it and then sand got all over you from the wind. We had our lunch and we were determined, so we took our mats over to a nook protected by lava and sat there and ate. Then Davy went out into the water even though he has pneumonia! Don and I took our walk down the empty beach and Davy took this picture. Susan kindly suggested that a good way to win friends and influence people is to take a picture from far away on the beach, so I can really use this picture! Notice that it is a beautiful day but there is nobody there except Don and I! These winds are called Kona winds and they are something else! After we fought with the wind for a couple of hours (we are so stubborn), we left and went by two of our whale watching beaches and saw great, huge waves, but no whales. We did see whales breaching at Hapuna Beach, though and all along the ocean as we drove up the highway. It was just too rough to tell the difference between a wave and whale activity at our little beaches.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we got home, though. The winds had knocked down more citrus than we could count! Don and Susan had to get out and move it so that we could get in the driveway! They picked it up while I unloaded the car. When I counted 4 5-gallon buckets of grapefruit and another 5-gallon bucket of oranges and Don said that was only HALF of them, I almost fainted! I was thinking I’d have to juice them all and where would I put the juice??? I thought of the girl who painted the house and called her and asked if she could use some. She said she’d love to have some and if we had more than we could use she’d give them to folks who come to her house for Bible study on Wednesday nights. She said if there were more than they could use, she’d take the rest to the food pantry in Waimea. Praise the Lord! I so want them to be used and enjoyed and she knows how to make that happen. Se, we’re taking them to her tomorrow on our way to Waipio Valley. Here’s some of the collection. I called the Avon lady and she came and took a 5-gallon bucket full away. The trunk of the car is FULL of grapefruit going to Waimea tomorrow morning.

Not only did the wind blow down a bunch of citrus, but it blew down a big limb off one of the trees on the property. This picture shows the limb that is down. You can see Davy’s shirt; he’s behind the limb on the left sawing like a madman. Don is behind the limb pulling with all his might on the limb, so that Davy could get to the part that was holding it hanging. I don’t know what we would have done if Davy wasn’t here to be the lumberjack! Davy was sawing with one of those pruners with a saw on it. We had the ladder out, but that didn’t get him up tall enough. Notice the wind blew the ladder over. Notice the pile of limbs from other trees that Don picked up around the yard. The wind has been blowing ever since we got home, too, so there will be more out there to pick up tomorrow morning. I juiced 40 oranges tonight. I’m beat. All of us are, but that juice is really good. God believes in abundance! I thank Him for the juice, the strength, and our company . . . for starters!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday Jan 28 Update

Today was long and fun. It started out right when Davy got to spend a few minutes in the hammock while I was getting all my gear to the car. We went to Pololu Lookout and saw whales there, and I even got them on camera! I’m so proud of that picture. Davy and Susan have a brand new, awesome camera, so they got some really great shots, I think. After we left Pololu we went on our favorite hike. Then we went to Kapaa Park and had a great whale show. I think Davy got one breaching on his camera, but they went to bed and we haven’t had time to download his pictures, yet.

They are all going to take the helicopter ride around the island at 7 in the morning, so they had to get to bed. I’m going with them, but I’m staying in the car and sleeping while they do the 2-hour flight. No helicopter rides for me!

After the whale watching we ran by the house and then took off for the Hilton and caught the dolphins training and then got another great sunset. Then we came back by the Mexican restaurant for dinner, came home and everyone crashed; now it’s my turn.

I’m calling it a great day and going to bed. I love you all.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saturday Jan 27 Update

Today was Don’s 67th birthday, and it was a very good one. The day was beautiful. We don’t even remember how long ago it was that it rained here. We went to the Banyan tree this morning and got more dried white pineapple and dried bananas. Those are SO good! Then we went to a nearby beach to watch for whales. What a birthday show they performed. There were whales everywhere. There were so many different ones popping up here and there that we couldn’t keep our eyes on one for missing another! I took 56 pictures hoping to get some good ones. They aren’t very good for anyone except us and Jo and Sam and Brent and Zelma and anyone else who has seen them. The rest of you will probably think, “THAT’S what they get so excited about? They out to get a life!” This first picture is how a spout looks; it’s the first clue that there is a whale out there:

Actually, you can see a bit of the whale in that shot, too. I’m sorry about those spots in the sky; that’s on my lens, and I can’t get it off. Ugh. Usually, after you see a blow, you’ll get a glimpse of the hump of the whale, like in this next shot:

Then after the hump, you usually get to see the tail, which looks like this:

That’s all very exciting. Folks are standing around saying, “Look! A spout! A hump! There’s the tail! Then the excitement intensifies when we see a scene like in the next shot:

That’s the spout of one whale and the hump of another, so it sounds like this: “There are TWO of them!” It’s really fun and adults are standing around clapping and oohing and ahhing!

While all this was happening up close (see how close the lava is where we were standing) there were others out in the background breaching and slapping their tails. One slapped his tail as if he was a one-man show and the world depended on him. He was way out there and I got a shot, but you can’t tell much about it. It was better through the binoculars and I’m sure a great camera and experienced photographer could have gotten an awesome shot. We have it imbedded in our memories, though. Here’s the best I could get of the tail slapping:

I hope you aren’t too disappointed in today’s pictures. They were very exciting for us! Jo and Sam and Brent and Zelma will recognize the beach as Kapaa Park. I was down on the rocks to get as close as I could, instead of back at the picnic tables. It was a breath-taking day.

On the way home we stopped at the community center where they were having a bazaar. I found some great souvenirs and an awesome pair of shoes. Hobart thinks we are a cute couple because we walk all over town holding hands and I wear these knee bands. Well, wait until I show up in my new walking shoes! I almost bought them at the bazaar, but I just tried them on and decided to think about it. I came home and looked them up on the Internet and found a pair on Ebay for about ¼ the cost at the bazaar. I have the bid right now and they end tomorrow. If I don’t get this pair there are several other pairs on Ebay at a good savings. They’ll make me about 10 inches taller when I wear them, but the best part is they increase lymph flow and when wearing them the impact is reduced by 80%, so walking will be so much easier on my knees. I am very excited about learning about them and will be anxious to get started wearing them. Hobart, get braced; knee bands are nothing compared to these shoes!

Davy and Susan should be landing in an hour; then they’ll be here in a couple of hours. What a way to top of a wonderful birthday! God is so generous. I love you all!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday Jan 26 Update

Today we spent getting as many chores done ahead as possible so that we can spend the next three weeks enjoying company. So, the pictures you see today are from yesterday’s adventure.

The first picture is the sidewalk up to the gate of a private property that borders on the little beach we found. I think it is so picturesque! We could see the roof when we got off in the distance, but we could never see any of the house. They must have a great view of whales!!!

The next picture is another little delight of mine. It’s hard to see, but if you look closely you’ll see a little sand crab. They scurry all over and they are really hard to capture on film, but this one was running back to his hole and Don stood in his way so I could get his picture before he disappeared into his hole. I’m so easy to please, but I was THRILLED to get this picture! I know our grandkids would have loved chasing these crabs!

The last picture is looking down the hiking trail. Doesn’t that look like something out of a storybook or movie? It’s right here on our stage! I was really wishing all the grandkids could go on that hike, too. It was way fun!

This morning when we went to get the mail, we also went by a beach to watch for whales and gather some sunshine for a while. We saw lots of spouts, but precious few humps and tails. We enjoyed being outside in the fresh air, but we were talking about if we brought company to see the whales and this is all they saw, they’d be disappointed. Then we got into the car and turned on the engine when one breached right out in front of us. It was far out there, but we could see it. I grabbed the binoculars and watched. There were at least two of them, and they just kept on, like they didn’t want us to go home disappointed. We lost count of how many times they breached but it was more than a dozen. God is so good; He does everything in such abundance! He’s painting the big picture of our lives and He is taking care of us. What a blessing! I love you all.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Thurs Jan 25 Update

Wow! Today was another awesome day! We went to a totally new beach for us. You have to get a permit to go there and every time we’ve gone, they were out of permits because the parking lot was full. So, we ate a quick breakfast, packed lunch and were the first ones there this morning.

You park the car and then hike down to the beach. Trees that tangle overhead covered the trail made it was so interesting. That’s the first picture; Don walking into the tree covered trail.

Then the trail opens out into this really perfect, though small beach. That’s the second picture. We were there alone for a while and then decided to follow the trail, which had gone another direction, too. That one went clear over to another beach, Spencer Park Beach. We had no idea they connected by a trail!

On the way to Spencer park there was another little beach; no sand, just coral and lava. That’s the third picture. Along the way there were many other great pictures, but I’ll show you some of those tomorrow.

Tomorrow we’re staying home and cleaning house to get ready for company. We’ll have company from Saturday night until the last week we’re here, so we’ll be busy tour guiding a bunch.

It was so neat to have the beach all to ourselves this morning, although we didn’t stay long. As we were leaving we saw two other couples hiking the trail. When we got to the parking lot to leave, there were only two cars besides ours. When we left, they had out the beach full sign! No wonder they were always full when we came before! They only take 3 cars!!! It was pretty much like having a private beach.

After the beach hikes we went to Hapuna Beach (the big white sand beach where we saw the whales breaching the other day) and walked it twice. After that we went to Spencer Park Beach and had our lunch. We saw whales everywhere we went today. I read something on the Internet the other night that said there are 3 – 10 THOUSAND of them out there! No wonder we see them all the time. We love it!

After lunch we drove over to Waimea and went by to interview with a lady who is interested in having us house sit for her for 6 weeks in the fall. Interesting! She has a beautiful place, too. After the interview we went grocery shopping. It was a long, full day, but wonderful!

More pictures tomorrow! Love you all!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday Jan 24 Update

Today was Old Coast Guard Road Beach day for us. It’s our favorite beach nearby the house. Today was very clear and Maui seemed to be right there with us. Most of the time since we’ve been here this time it has been hidden behind clouds, so it took my breath today and I had to devote a picture to it. Then when we look off to the north we just see water, but the waves crashing against the lava is so exciting!

When the waves weren’t taking our breath the whales were. I don’t know if this is breach week or what, but we saw more breaches than we could keep up with today. I quit counting at 9! The water was so clear and blue, too. We could see rocks under the water that we usually can’t see. It was really such a blessing to be there. We can’t imagine anything more fun unless the whales would come up closer. The waves are close enough!

Don cut the grass everywhere today. This is a pretty big place, and he meant to cut the hard parts out around the fruit trees and the pasture today and then do the yard tomorrow, but he did the whole thing. I edged and trimmed around the trees and the pineapple patch. This was the 5th day in a row that we haven’t had rain during the day. It rained last night, but the day has been gorgeous.

Last night was interesting. At 8 p.m. our electric power went off. We found candles and I called the power company. They told us there had been a wreck on the mountain road above us and this whole end of the island would be out of power for 2 hours while they repaired a pole. It turned out to be 3 ½ hours. I’m still setting clocks that I find with the wrong time. It could have been at a much worse time, but we were ready for bed and it was no problem.

I got an email from Bob today and their daughter’s baby, Ricky, was born yesterday with no complications and he and his Mommy, Serena are doing just fine. Ricky weighed 8 ½ pounds and was 19 ½ inches long. My sister called a while ago to tell me that her daughter, Deanna, delivered her new son this afternoon. He had just been born, so I don’t have any details about weight or name for him. All I can report is that he is fine, as is Deanna. I talked to Gretta and she’s doing well; that’s good. We want to wait for her baby! Trish is doing fine and isn’t expecting her baby until July, so we really want to wait on that one for a while! So, I’m breathing easy on the babies tonight. God is good! Thanks for the baby prayers and for all your prayers on my behalf.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tuesday Jan 23 Update

Today was beach day for us, again. These pictures are from Hapuna Beach, again; the same as the other day. Today I took the first picture to show you the umbrellas on the beach for the paying customers at the Prince Hotel. They pay around $300 a day for just a regular room there, but they get umbrellas. J No telling what all they get for that. By law they have to provide public access to the beach, so the rest of the folks are staying or live somewhere else. We are so lucky to have a house sitting opportunity. At $300 a day we could never come here!

The next picture is of a whale splashing way out from the beach. Look right in the middle of the picture and you’ll see the splash on the horizon. Imagine how big that splash is for us to see it from that far! We were just walking along the beach and we looked out and saw the splash. We stood there and watched for a while and saw 8 breaches! We couldn’t believe it. Breaching is when they jump up to where 2/3 or more of their body is out of the water. We don’t know if it was the same whale doing it over and over, or if it was a pod of them breaching. It was sure spectacular to see, though. We’ve seen some blows at Hapuna Beach before, but it’s too far away to see the tail and humps, which is what we usually see after a blow. The breaches were awesome, though. Breaches are not so common to see. I got another picture that looks just like this one. I was trying hard to get a breach, and they were trying hard to help me, but a digital camera just doesn’t work that fast . . . neither do I! Ha.

I’ve got to tell you Don’s latest funny remark. Yesterday I brushed Iki, the inside cat really good. I got about 3 hands full of cat hair off of her and it looked a pretty gray. I showed it to Don and he said, “Do you think you can use it?” What a sense of humor. J My wig came in the mail today. I can’t imagine that I will ever wear it any more than I could use Iki’s hair. I put it on and it looks like a goofy hat. I think for sure I’d rather be bald or wear a baseball cap or a scarf. We’ll see. So far I think I still have more hair than my mom had. I can tell it feels thinner and it doesn’t take nearly as long to dry, but I think there is enough for now. I really am shedding worse than the cat; I must have had a lot of hair! Maybe the wig AND a baseball cap would work? We’ll see.

Another funny thing for you to imagine is me getting into the hammock. I should look on the Internet and see if there is a right way to do that. It’s a wonder I haven’t flipped myself off that thing. It’s a pretty tricky maneuver and then just about when I get settled Hehe jumps up there with me and sends us swinging. He must weigh about 20 pounds. He wanders around a bit and then jumps off, which sends me swinging, again. The cows must think it’s a comedy. I’m glad Don doesn’t have a video camera! It must be good for me because it’s sort of like an E ticket ride at Disney World; I don’t scream, but I laugh a lot. That shows you how easy it is to entertain me these days!

I haven’t heard from Bob or Dee about Serena and her baby, but we’re taking no news as good news. The last I heard from my sister, her Deanna was about to be induced after waiting for the doctor all day. By tomorrow I should have some announcements to make. Thank you for your love and prayers. God Bless!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monday Jan 22 Update

Today I reflected on how some of my Grandmother Nanny Kate made its way to me. I’m flipping over the orchids and I know she would love them! I guess I’m carrying her around with me, Gumby style, too. The white ones with blue and yellow on them are in the back yard. The purple ones are in the kitchen window. I just love them!

The first two pictures are of Maui and the water. From the house we have rarely seen Maui since I’ve been here, this time, but the last three days it has been peeking out of the clouds. I get so excited about that. See the big tall tree that looks like a Christmas tree? About half way up on it and to the left you’ll see the peak of the island Maui sitting there above the clouds. On that same tree, if you look down to where the other trees come up to it (others besides the palm); right about there on both the left and right sides of the ‘Christmas tree’ you can see blue, and that’s the ocean. On a clear day, it is really breath taking; actually, it takes my breath whenever I can see it! The second picture is of Maui from one of our favorite whale watching sites. This one is Kapaa. I wish a whale had jumped up for the shot, but no such luck. We saw lots of whales and a great show, but I don’t have the equipment or the ability to catch them with the camera. I’m really blessed to see them every day that we go.

To us it’s awesome that the ocean is so huge and yet we see whales every time we go look for them. How special is that! If joy does the healing in the same way that stress does damage, then we should come away from here in great shape. We sure are finding lots of joy in God’s handiwork.

Our families are exploding this week. Bob’s daughter, Serena, is scheduled for her c-section tomorrow. My sister, Ruthie’s daughter, Deanna is scheduled to go in to have her son induced tomorrow and that may evolve into a c-section, as well. Our ‘baby,’ Gretta, had to have a shot to stop her contractions this morning. Her baby gained 6 ounces last week, so she’s up to 3 lb. 11 oz., and she’s not due until March. God has a plan for all of us. Please pray with me that all these babies arrive safely for all concerned.

Thanks for your love and support. I love you all.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday Jan 21 Update

Today’s pictures are from the yard. I’ve seen Christmas cactus before, but at best they are green. The first picture is of the Christmas cactus still blooming its heart out. The next picture is some of the many orchids blooming around the house. They are so delicate and beautiful.

This afternoon was my hammock ‘treatment’ as Don was watching football. My phone was recharging, so I didn’t talk to anyone. I wrote postcards, finally. I’m catching up little by little. Don’t hold your breath for a postcard. I forgot my address book, so unless someone has sent mail since we left home, I don’t have their address except for email. We are having a wonderful time here, and we recall all our friends and family, often. We see something and think how we think each of you would like it or respond to it. It’s kind of like we have you all, Gumby size, in the backpack.

BTW, Don is the packhorse that carries the backpack. I used to carry the backpack, but it’s not good for me to have pressure on the right side, so I’m living the easy life these days. He’s doing most all of the chores around here, too. I asked him today what he ate before I got here, and I realized why he’s so glad to do the chores if I’ll do the cooking and washing and housework. Good thing they have a can opener; he might have starved in 10 days. J We’re both doing just fine. Nobody is starving and nobody is overworked. It’s a good share plan and we are fortunate to have this lovely place to heal.

God bless you all! We love you, too.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday Jan 20 Update

Today was a beautiful day right here at the house! It never rained at all and it’s the first day since I’ve been here that there hasn’t been at least a shower! So, we worked in the yard to earn our keep, here. J

The first picture is Don taking a breather from edging the driveway. Notice Hehe was coming into the bottom of the picture to inspect his work. I came along behind him and raked up the mess. Hehe thought the raking was all about him; he loves to be raked. So, the next picture is Hehe getting raked.

The last picture is my hammock ‘treatment.’ Notice the phone on my shirt; I get the best coverage for the phone in the Hammock.

We went to the post office and the banyan tree this morning. The banyan tree is this area in town right across from the post office where there is a huge banyan tree in a big ‘yard.’ I guess it belongs to the town. Anyway, on Saturday morning people who want to sell things, go there and spread out their wares: new, used, local fruits, etc. There is even a Thai food stand and they set up tables and chairs for folks to sit and eat. We got some dried pineapples and bananas; YUM! The banyan tree is the happening place on Saturday mornings. I love to go there.

After the banyan tree event, we went to watch whales. I’m still just shaking my head at how awesome that is. We so love the whales and the beautiful water! Everyone have a good weekend and remember I love you and thank you for caring enough to check on us! God bless!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday Jan 19 Update

I must tell you that I previously misspelled Waipio Valley and Pololu Valley. I don’t imagine you care, but those of you who have been here might care. Of course Don spells everything right and tells me after I get it wrong in front of cyberspace! He went to work and got his sweet post on for all of cyberspace, so I have to thank him for correcting me so that I don’t embarrass myself again on those two words, at least. J

Today was beach day, again. We got up and it was pouring down rain, so we decided to go to the beach. (It doesn’t rain at the beach.) By the time we got breakfast done and lunch packed it was bright and sunny here, but we already had our plan, so we took off for sand and sun. The first picture is a bit of Don and Hapuna beach and the Prince Resort in the background. See those wrinkles in his forehead? Now they have white inside the lines where the sun couldn’t go.

The next picture is the entrance to the Hapuna Beach Prince Resort. It’s all pretty awesome and beautiful. They brought all that sand and beauty in to build it and they have to give public access to the beach by law. Cool!

The last picture: see the resort buildings with the mountains in the background? See the solid white square just to the right of the 3 people walking toward the water? The house where we are is on the mountain right about behind that. This is a resort beach that is about a 30 minutes drive from the house. The closer beaches only have lava rocks and are only good for snorkeling or watching for whales, sunsets and awesome waves. There are only a few places to lay out in the sun or go just swimming without coming to this beach. This one is famous and highlighted in Frommer’s Travel magazine this month. They mention that walking in that sand is like walking in flour. I might add that it’s hot flour. J

On the way home we stopped and had another great whale show. It seems like they get better every day. We are so entertained by the whales. This is our third trip here and it’s the only time the whales have been here, so we are really mesmerized by them. I thank God for the reminder each day of His love and power! I love you all; thanks for joining us!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Thursday Jan 18 Update

Today was sort of re-group day. I did the laundry, changed the sheets and that kind of thing. We did go watch whales and had a spectacular show. We can’t get over that the whales just live out there and we can always go see them. Sometimes we have to wait 10 minutes before they appear, but they always do. We think it’s so cool.

I got the second picture today. It’s Stewie with his helpers. See those three egrets flying away? They were there eating the flies that hang around Zoe and Stewie. Isn’t it great how God provides! Stewie was a little hacked with me for scaring off his helpers. Not only that; I had the bucket, but it wasn’t for him!!! It was for Don to sit on so I could give him a haircut. The last haircut Don had was in the bathroom of the hotel in Tijuana, so he really needed a haircut. That was some more of the re-grouping we did. Oh, I should have taken a picture of Don with the haircut! He’s always anxious to head for the shower after a haircut, so I’ll get one tomorrow.

The first picture is of the kitchen, here. The display on my camera isn’t working, so I took that picture the other night when I was working to figure out what’s happening with the camera. I thought it was pretty good, and you might like to see where I spend a lot of my Hawaii time. It’s a great kitchen.

The last picture is a great place, I think. The end of the road up here is Palolu Valley and lookout. There is a house near the end where the folks have this little table with water and cups for folks who are thirsty. They don’t ask for a donation or anything; they are just hospitable. I think that is so cool, because there is no place around for folks to buy a soda or water. If they go down to the valley they are very likely to have run out of water and need a drink. I just love it.

I love that you check in on us, too. Thanks for caring! I love you!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wednesday Jan 17 Update

Jo and Sam leave tomorrow, so we spent today at the sandy beach. They didn’t want to be belted into a car seat since they’ll spend several hours tomorrow belted into an airplane seat! None of us were willing to have pictures from the sandy beach go out on the Internet, so I didn’t take any of those. J These pictures are me at the Old Coast Guard Road beach where we watched their whale finale and a final sunset and rainbow. They were all more awesome than I captured on the camera. I wish I could do better catching the whales on the camera, but they are too fast for me.

I continue to feel good. This week my meds are switched around so that I don’t have as much of a timing issue with them because I’m leaving one off. However, I’m doubling some of the others. It’s easier to keep up with because of the timing, but they make my stomach feel nervous. That’s such a minor complaint because I’m eating fine; I just notice the difference. I still have plenty of hair, but I am beginning to miss it. I don’t find any bald spots but it’s not the mop it usually is. It is still no big deal, but it’s interesting.

After Jo and Sam leave we will be here alone until the 27th, when Davy and Susan are coming. That’ll be a really fun birthday for Don! We’ll love having them here for a week. They’ll add some gorgeous youth to our pictures! We’ll spend this next week catching up on some things, getting ahead on others, and relaxing. I traded hammock time for a beach nap today. J

The healing continues! Thanks for checking on us. I love you all!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday Jan 16 Update

Today, we stayed home and did chores around here. Then I got to have my hammock time! That’s the first picture.

The next picture is from yesterday. I was standing on the lava taking a picture of the steam in the distance. That is where the lava is currently running into the water causing the water to turn to steam. You can see Don in the picture walking down to see what kind of waves he could see toward the edge. This is the old lava; no danger of it falling into the ocean, like there is with the newer lava shelf.

The third picture is also from yesterday. We were delighted to find the arch that we had seen pictured, but we had always missed. I wanted a picture of it so badly and took lots of shots, but I was looking into the sun, which causes those white circles. I had no choice; this is the best I could get because there was a wall here to keep me from falling off and if I went anywhere else there was no wall.

Jo and Sam went to Kona to tourist around and go to a Seniors Golf tournament, I think. Sam is a golf pro, so he wanted to see some of their friends, there. We went to the grocery store this morning after we went out and watched whales for a while. The whales are so awesome! We came home and did our chores. Don did all the house sitting chores around here; I just did laundry, cooking, etc. The hammock was the best part of today after watching the whales. J

Thanks so much for keeping an eye on the blog to keep up with us. It helps me so much to not have to give details to so many individuals.

God bless and I love you all!