Saturday, October 31, 2009

Congratulations, Alex!

-------Tonight's picture is of Alex, and his dad, John, with Alex's first deer. Today was his first day to go hunting and on his first shot he got this deer! Alex will be 11 in January. Can you see the pride in this Daddy's face? I love this picture and the precious comment! (Alex is Ruthie's grandson, and our GREAT nephew.)
-------We had a great trip to Ruthie and Phil's today. The weather was great and it was breathtaking to watch the colorful show of leaves everywhere! We're really getting spoiled to all these trees. We'll like our wide open spaces at home, though. God is great to give us this fun trip.
-------My computer doesn't see Ruthie's connection, so I'm using her computer. I'm glad we had Alex's picture for the blog tonight. I'll figure out how to post my pictures tomorrow . . . or sometime. Anyway, all is well here; thanks for hanging with us.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wonderful red shirt day!

This is a picture Don took today of Tom and Linda and I with a couple we went to visit. This is Mary and Sidney Maxwell. Mary's daughter, Janice, and her son, Ray Jr. graduated with Tom and I. We had gotten lucky and seen Janice when we stopped for breakfast, but I forgot to take pictures, then! Duh! I was so excited to see her, plus we saw another guy from our class, who we didn't expect to see. It was such a treat to see them!

I'll post other pictures that we took when we got to visit my old home economics teacher, a precious friend of my mom's and my dad's secretary from when I was only 15! (Portia, Ruthie, and she said to tell you hello!) It was a great day of visiting. Plus we had more wonderful time with Tom and Linda and we spent hours searching through old yearbooks.

We thank God for the opportunity to see these many friends! We'll leave in the morning and look forward to seeing more family and friends this weekend! How blessed we are!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glorious colors!

This is a picture of a high school mini reunion! Dana and Lloyd Long, Tom and Linda and I all graduated together. I haven't seen Dana and Lloyd since 1966; that's a long time! That's their sweet little granddaugther with us. Notice the colorful tree behind us!

We had a wonderful trip to Tom and Linda's house today. They drove us around and took us to see Dana and Lloyd and then just general places around the area that I would enjoy recalling. Tomorrow we'll go do some more visiting. Tonight we're enjoying visiting right here in their home. I sure thank God for lifelong friends and the health and ability to travel and see them! Oh, my! I must thank God for the awesome colors we have seen on this trip, too! It has been breathtaking!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No picture.

I just did this whole thing and then lost it. So, here we go, again. I'm not posting a picture tonight because I want to share a video that I think is so cool. I hope it works to post it like this. Those of you who have dial up may not want to fool with it, but for those of you who have high speed it's a must see:

NOTE: Gina clicked on that address and found that you have to log in to Facebook to see the video. I know that some of you are not on Facebook, so here is the U-tube address:

Today we got to see Elise's basketball practice, and it was a real bonus for us. Gina is the assistant coach and she played the whole hour and a half with them, so we got to see both Gina and Elise in action. We're amazed at how well 4th grade girls can perform. They were pretty awesome, in my opinion. Don says, this is Indiana where they grow basketball players.

My bruises are hardly visible and many of my scabs are gone. I'm pleased to be healing pretty well, but I'm not the least bit tempted to walk by myself, yet! Sweet Elise asked me if I brought my cane with me; she remembered me walking and 'raising cane' last year. I told her I was taking a break from it right now due to my fall.

I sure thank God for creating us with the ability to heal; what an awesome God we serve.

Note: You may have noticed errors in the last few posts. Don just told me, so I fixed them. I must explain that I'm using Gina's computer and the monitor is about 2 feet away from me. I have to climb up on the desk to see what I've typed, so I miss a lot. Climbing is not a specialty of mine, anymore. Spelling never was! HA! Thanks for hanging tough with me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy days!

Tonight's picture is of Kyle (12), Elise (9) and Ethan (7 in December) just last week when they took a camping trip for fall break. Earlier this year they bought a camper and they've used it 5 times already this year for great family memories.

We visited with Gina all day and then after the kids did homework, we played Rummikub. It's a fun game; anything we do together is fun. Again, dinner was awesome! Folks are feeding us too well on this trip; I doubt if it's helping our attack on our weight, but it sure is tasty.

Tomorrow we get to watch Elise do a basketball practice. I wish we could see a game, but practice will give us a big thrill. Gina was a great basketball player, and Elise runs like lightning.

Yesterday I started coughing up green stuff, so I'm sure I have bronchitis. It's so typical of me to get it during allergy season, so I'm due. It wears me out coughing, but I'm grateful that it's not something worse! We went to Wal-Mart today and got meds to attack it, plus I have a Chinese herb that always helps to nip it. Also, I'm taking colloidal silver water; we'll see if that helps any. None the less it's not any kind of flu and that's a wonder. I pray that I won't pick that up somewhere while my immune system is down fighting this bronchitis.

We're having a wonderful trip. We leave Thursday morning to head to Tom and Linda Rose's house. We always have such a great time with them and we'll be in the area where we graduated from high school, so I hope to see more friends, as well.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Talk about Americana!

This is it! This is Gina and Brian's home. It's really pretty here. I wish I could show you the whole farm, but this is a good beginning. Tomorrow I''ll get some pictures of the kids on here.
I can't connect with my computer, and I don't want to spend a lot of time fooling with it, so I just wanted to let you know that we are on a new 'leg' of this trip. This is in Scottsburg, Indiana. Brian is hunting tonight; he missed the ultimate dinner of roast, potatoes, carrots, gravy and homemade bread. He must really love hunting! (He does!)
We're playing Rummikub with Kyle and Ethan; Elise has homework, so we'll play with her another day, I hope. We sure thank God for the opportunity to be here with them! God is great!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sitting a spell; so nice!

Here's a picture of Gretta and Don; we're having great times!

We woke up to the smell of sausage all through the house this morning. Gretta had breakfast made and waiting for us. YUM! I can't remember when anyone made breakfast for us; it was really cool!

It's been a beautiful day and we've done lots of outside things, as well as played Cribbage and watched a movie inside. It's been busy and fun! I thank God for this opportunity to visit and 'sit a spell.' Tomorrow we head for Gina's house!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A day in Kentucky.

This is a picture Gretta took of Garrett with Don and I. She said, "There's a picture of you all after Garrett beat up his grandmother and you made up." It's really great to be here with them. I'm healing more and more and feeling fine.

Elena and I took a walk today; it's a gorgeous fall day, here! I thank God for great weather and that both of us can walk! She's a hoot; she talkes up a storm. Garrett is off to spend the afternoon with his friends, and Gretta is off to the barn with Joe; she was having trouble breathing and thought she needed to go to the hospital, but called back to tell me her breathing had eased up, so she went to the barn to see if she could get by without going to the hospital. So we got to spend some great time with just Elena. I pray that Gretta can keep her breathing going! Asthma is a real bummer for her! They just came in and Gretta is breathing pretty good; no hospital!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun near Lexington (Midway).

Here is a picture Don took of Gretta and I working to get Elena to pose with us for the camera. No such luck; she wanted to hide!

We're having a great time with Gretta, Joe, Elena and Garrett. Garrett even has a couple of friends over, so we've got a houseful of fun!

We had a great trip. Right before we got here there was an accident on the interstate and we called Gretta to tell her we'd be late. She directed us another way to come and we made it just fine and got to see some wonderful country side. We thank God for a safe trip and for so many breathtaking views of fall colors!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Healing more each day.

(This picture was supposed to be here before, but the blog posted without it. The Internet service here is so cranky. Sorry if this frustrated you; just imagine how it frustrated me! But, alas, it's here and all is well. Happy and safe traveling is the goal for tomorrow. We're ready and I'm off to bed now that this picture is where it belongs.)
Here's another picture from the road trip, yesterday. I should have had the camera with me as we drove around Branson today, but I didn't. The trees here are absolutely gorgeous. We're so blessed to get to make this trip at this time of year. We always come here in the winter and spring, so this colorful fall visit is a real treat.

The Internet service here is just weird, so I have to hurry to post this. We're leaving at 6:30 in the morning to go to Gretta's in Lexington, KY, so I need to get busy getting things ready to load in the morning, too.

My sister wrote and asked me to not take pictures as I drive. Ha! I wont' be driving much tomorrow and I'll be ready to take pictures while DON is driving. I did take these pictures yesterday, but I don't put the camera up to my eye or anything; you know, just point and click. It's a quick one hand move, easier than adjusting the radio. Everyone relax, but thanks for your concern.

Maybe you'll be as glad as I am that my scabs are all falling off my face. I only have one remaining and it's only what's left after the big ugly one fell off. The bruises are fading, which is really ugly, because there is lots of yellow there, now. But, FADING is good. I slept last night without a bandage on my knee for the first time and went all day without one. That's great because it's drying, now, so it can heal better. It's all really sore, still, but I can get around and people have really been so nice to me. It's kind of funny how they look at me; they've got to be wondering what happened to me. I need a t-shirt that says "I fell; I'm not dizzy or sick, just clumsy." I've fallen a LOT over my lifetime. I just fell on my FACE this time, so it's so obvious to everyone. Anyway, I thank God that I can move and HEAL!

We're so excited that tomorrow we get to see Gretta and family! Woohoo!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here is a picture I took today while driving. Don was sleeping and I couldn't resist getting a shot of this beautiful spot. It would have been better to stop and do it right, but I just made a click as I drove past it so I could share with you in case you are in someplace that doesn't have seasons like fall. We're blessed to get to make this drive at this time of year. The sumac was blazing and beautiful.

We stopped in OKC and got to see Trish and Raynie this morning right quickly. This is a day that Trish works and Raynie was all ready to go to school. I didn't take time to dig out the camera, but I wish I had. Raynie looked like a big doll. It was good to visit a tad and exchange hugs and 'stuff' that we always trade.

Our trip here was uneventful; just a nice drive. We're all checked into our condo and got to see my favorite show, Pierce Arrow. Wow; I love seeing their show. I thank God for a safe trip. Now, if I can just get this posted. I'm having trouble connecting to the Internet. We even stopped at McDonald's to use their WIFI and I couldn't even connect there. Ugh.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now, bruises appear!

Okay, I had to put on a picture so you all won't worry so much about me. Also, all the folks we'll be seeing will be shocked if I don't give them this preview. I look a fright, but I'm really doing just fine. My first fall on Saturday was just because I wasn't paying attention to walking and was distracted by counting those geese. Then the fall on Sunday was just a 'regular' fall for me because I don't pick up my feet very well when I walk. Many times Don catches me, as I stub my toe a lot on the flat road in front of me. It's not that I've been dizzy or anything. I just happened to fall two days in a row. I needed it to get the message that I really shouldn't walk alone. I got the message; now I only have to heal. Those bruises are going to be so lovely on my passport picture, which I need to have made while we're in Branson tomorrow or Thursday. I was shocked to see those bruises when I got up this morning. They keep getting darker; I hope they fade before I get to Winchester to see people I knew there 45 years ago. There is also a bruise on my left shoulder. I guess I fell pretty hard. I'm almost glad to see the bruises, because it explains why it hurt so badly! If you click on the picture and make it huge you'll see that the tip of my nose is skinned, too. Those 'owies' on my hands are the most painful because they are really in my use area. I'm so blessed to still have all my teeth and no broken bones!

The car is mostly loaded, but I still have the last minute things to pack and load. We're leaving in the morning, early, so I'd better go get the last stuff done, get a bath and get to bed. I'll find a way to post tomorrow night from Branson. I'm praying for a safe trip and looking forward to starting the trip off with getting to see Trish and Raynie in the morning as we go through OKC. Woohoo!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Tonight's picture is one of the same chameleon that I had on here last night. This is from a different angle so you can see how big he makes his throat. Notice that he looks greener in this picture.

Now, to the health report. I'm doing way better than I deserve. I DID NOT WALK today. I'm going to work out a while on the power plate. That will do for a while. When we get back from our trip back east I should be ready to walk, again. Maybe we'll get to walk some while we're gone, but I doubt if we'll have much opportunity to walk. All my skinned places are healing pretty well. My hands bother me the most because I can'tdo anything without them hurting. It's nothing compared to what many people cope with every day with arthritis, so I give thanks that this will heal. It's way better than when I had neuropathy from the chemo and couldn't even feel if I was holding something or not. My mouth is sore and swollen, but it mostly looks like I had botox put in my bottom lip and then spilled catsup down my chin. That will heal, too, and I can brush my teeth and eat enough to keep me going, so I really have no complaints. I am so blessed. I know that God is sending me some message, so I'm seriously working to read it. So far, I'm thinking I'm not supposed to walk by myself. I think, surely, the walking is a good thing to do. It could be that I should be using the cane for balance instead of raising cane with it. Anyway, I'm healing well. I'm so glad I can take a bath and do everything I need to do to get ready to make our trip back east. I can hardly wait to see everyone.

I talked to Floyd tonight and he is in the apartment at the rehab. They have a little studio size apartment to let him see if he can live on his own for a couple of days before they send him home. He's doing well, so far. If he continues to do well, they'll send him home on Thursday. Joan has his house all ready for him; she's been really good to him. Some adjustments had to be made, like removing shower doors, etc., and she's had all that done already. She cleaned his house, did his laundry and put on clean sheets to receive him. Thank God for sisters, huh? (And, so much more!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


This picture I took at Bob's house back in June. I must have taken hundreds of pictures of these guys in an attempt to get this one of him making his throat do this. Look, it's all huge and pink. It's not normally like that. He just does it sometimes. I have no idea why; I should study it and learn, but I think it's cool. One day I'll learn what is happening. I think this one is a chameleon because they are usually green, but this one is brown right here. The pictures I got of the same guy earlier showed him to be green. Go figure.

Now, the real news of the day. I went walking by myself because Don was watching football. It was a gorgeous day and I made it 4 driveways down the street before I fell. No speed bump. No excuse. Just clumsy, I think. I really have fallen a lot in my life. But this is now and I'm 61. I confirmed today that my bones are pretty good because I didn't break anything besides more skin. I skinned the same knee that I skinned yesterday, so that knee is really angry with me. I skinned both hands, again, so my hands and knee are starting to look a lot like raw hamburger meat. This time I hit my bottom lip and chin on the street, too, so I look like I've been whipped. (Don might have wanted to when I came in all bloody, again, but he helped me to clean up with peroxide and silver water.) So, I also confirmed that I don't have Alzheimer's because I attempted to catch my fall. I also learned that my teeth must be pretty good, since I didn't chip any. Also, I noted that they were knocked a bit awry, but they've already shifted back into place. (I wear those bands on my teeth every other night to keep the gaps closed. It frustrates me that my teeth won't stay where I put them, but, now, I'm glad they don't because I put them really wacky for a while today. So, I learned that I am glad my teeth move back into position, and I'm glad I can close the gaps with bands every other night.) I also scraped my chest and my belly; I guess it's a good thing I have some fat on my chest and belly or I might have broken a rib. Whew. I'm glad I got some use out of it before I lose it. Ha!

So, I'm all stove up; my body is really hacked about the treatment it's been getting lately. First I jogged and now I'm crashing. I jogged on purpose and gave that up readily. I'm willing to give up this falling, but, I think I can't be trusted. I think I will only get to walk on the treadmill when Don isn't going with me. I give thanks for the treadmill. I give BIG thanks for falls that only hurt, not tragic falls! God is really good to me! Maybe Don will let me walk if I promise to use the cane for balance and quit swinging it for exercise? We'll see.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flunked my mountain goat test.

This is a cropped and up closer picture of the goats I had on here yesterday. I love this picture. It's not the most picturesque, I guess, but only because you don't see the water behind me! The water is gorgeos here. To me, this is the real Hawaii that few tourists see and not even very many of the locals because it's so remote. Most of the locals have to work too much to take the time to make these hikes. I thank God that we've had the opportunity to enjoy these places, even down to the goats.

Speaking of goats. My good friend, Jim Miller, from 7th grade is an avid hiker. His wife, Jill, calls him "Mountain Goat Miller." He'd be ashamed of me today, as is Don, because I fell when on my walk. (Don was home watching football and I was irreverently skipping the game.) It was a really stupid fall. I wasn't doing anything difficult; just walking. To amuse myself I was counting the geese, as if I could count and as if it mattered. It's simply an OCD thing of mine: always counting something, usually getting it wrong, and always forgetting the outcome. Anyway, I was strolling along and didn't notice the speed bump in the road until I stumbled over it and fell onto my hands and knees. Then I turned around to look for the culprit and there was the speed bump. Duh. The good thing is that I don't have Alzheimer's or I would have fallen flat on my face and my nose would be skinned intead of my hands and knees. (People with Alzheimer's don't realize they are falling or that they should put their hands out to catch themselves.) More good news is that my bones must be pretty good because I only broke skin. Skin heals pretty quickly. I came right home and cleaned it all, and I'm off to give David and Dorothy haircuts. I look on the fall as a test of my bones that is a lot cheaper than the last one I had at MD Anderson ($600).

We're playing cards tonight at the home of another couple from church, who have been playing with us lately. We look forward to it. We'll leave in time for Don to get in on most of OSU's game.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Girl and goats on the beach.

This picture is one I took as we hiked around Kiholo Bay. At one of the houses that I put on the blog before this girl was out in the sun reading. When we walked by I asked her if those were her goats and she looked at them and said, "No, they're wild." See the goats behind her? I asked if she lived there and she said, no, the house belongs to her family and she was just vacationing there. Cool, huh? I thought it was cool that she could vacation in such an awesome place, plus I like the wild goats; they just roam the area. The house that you see in THIS picture is the one next door to the one this girl's family owns. This girl's family home was directly behind her; it's the one I had on before with the sign that says beware of falling coconuts, if you remember it.

Back to real life. The sun was out for about a half hour today, but it wasn't especially warm. It wasn't bad, though. We walked and it was nice for that.

I got all our herbs and vitamins packaged for Hawaii and the trip back east. I still have lots more to do for when we are here and for spring break next year. I'd like to have all that done before we leave for back east if possible. Then it will be off my list to do.

I thank God for the opportunity to travel and the ability to get all these herbs and vitamins done. It's really confusing to me, but I can manage it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunshine in Hobart!

The picture on the blog tonight is of a house that Loretta Lynn built on Kiholo Beach. Her son was killed back on the mainland before she ever moved into this house, and she never moved into it. She sold it to the guy who invented the pacemaker and he traded it to the state of Hawaii for the property on which he built his house. The state boarded up this one and nobody has ever lived in it. There is a public beach there. The big huge, yellow house that I had on the blog once before is the one built by the guy who invented the pacemaker. There is a road from the highway that ends at this house. From there you have to walk to all the other houses on Kiholo Bay.

So, now, back to Oklahoma: the sun was shining today for the first time in DAYS! It was wonderful to walk in shorts and lay out and get some Vitamin D! I thank God for sunshine! We take things like that for granted until we go for days without it; it was wonderful today! We're supposed to have sunshine until Monday; woohoo!

I threw and packaged herbs and vitamins for 68 days today. Man, I'm tired of it; but I'm grateful that I can do it.

A precious friend sent a devotional that included this paragraph last night. I love it and hope it's good for you, too:

"So let unbelievers see what God is doing in your life. Don't hide your heartaches and struggles, hypocritically pretending they don't exist. Instead, concentrate on staying loyal to your God in the midst of them. It may be the most convincing argument your neighbors ever see or hear about the God you love."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's really fall in Hobart!

Here's the picture I promised yesterday of Floyd with Joan and I at his lunch table in rehab. We are so very proud of his recovery, and we sure thank God for his strength and will to recover.

It's still really fall kind of weather today. I never made it out to walk today. I got tied up with cooking some things and couldn't leave for an hour at a time. So, after church tonight I'll be walking on the treadmill. I'm glad we have it for times like this and times when the weather is even messier. I was looking forward to walking outside in the brisk cool, but I just never could put things in the right order to get it done.

My heel is healing pretty well. I still can't wear shoes with heels, but crocs with socks work fine, even for walking. I have no complaints and thank God every day for keeping me alive and healthy and our family, too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gina!

Tonight's picture is Gina, holding Grace, with Sadie climbing on the ladder. This was taken 3 years ago when we were all at Gretta's house in Louisville. Since then Gretta has moved to Lexington and Sadie and Grace have gotten 3 years bigger, from 9 to 12 and 3 to 6. Gina hasn't aged; she looks the same! Today is her birthday and we look forward to seeing her when we make our trip back east next week.

Today Don and I took Joan to Lawton to see Floyd, again. He's really doing well. We got pictures, and I'll post one of them on tomorrow's blog. They set a goal for him to go home around the middle of next week. He walked 82 feet today! They feel like it's good enough to go home if you can walk 50 feet. This is walking with a walker. He has, yet, to learn how to put on his shoes and socks. There are some tasks like that which he needs to perfect before they will send him home. They have an apartment there at the rehab facility and they will move him into it the first of next week to see if he can make it on his own before they release him to go home. We are so grateful for his strength and his progress. Thank you all for your prayers.

I didn't get time to walk today, but I'll walk tomorrow. I am compelled to walk every day, but I remind myself that I can take an off day from time to time as long as I walk most days. The doctor told me to do at least 20 minutes of weight bearing exercise a day. I do that around the house! The walking I do is a self imposed thing. I thank God that I CAN walk; a time visiting with Floyd sure reminds me of how blessed I am to be mobile on my own.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Whale tail; a preview to the winter water!

The picture today is one I took of a whale tail in one of the little gardens at a beach in Kona the last day we were touring while we waited for our plane to bring us back to the mainland. We're so looking forward to seeing lots of these whale tails this winter, only real whale tails!

Today has been really cool inside and outside. Our new heater wasn't keeping up and it was 66 inside the house. They came back and checked it and gave it a temporary fix, but they've ordered a new part for it. I'll be more comfortable if we can get it up to 72 in here. I've been content wearing sweats, but we paid enough for that furnace that it should be way comfortable in here!

I did my walk by myself, again. Don doesn't like cold weather at all, so he walked on the treadmill. It wasn't windy, so I didn't mind it being 56 outside. That's nice walking weather in my book. It's cool enough to make me so glad that we're spending the winter in Hawaii, though. I sure thank God that I can do the walking; I know so many people who really couldn't make it around the lake once and I make three trips around the lake, so I'm pleased and grateful.

All the rest of the day I've been packaging herbs and vitamins. I want to get them done to take us through March, so I won't have to do them for a while after we get home from Hawaii. After we get home from Hawaii we'll make a trip to Branson for spring break with some of the kids and then we'll hustle down to Houston for my check up. We've got to have herbs and vitamins for all that time, so I'm busy with that.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is a picture of one of the beaches we explored on our last day on the Big Island back in August. The next time we go there we'll be watching for whales out there in that beautiful water. Woo hoo! With the cool weather we're having here, it reminds me to be so grateful that we get to spend the winter in Hawaii instead of here!

Today was a great day. We had two wonderful sermons and a fellowship meal between them. Then I came home and walked my whole 3 times around the park. Don watched football, so I was on my own for the walking. I walked in Crocs, so my heel is healing little by little. It's lots better, but it's still the worst blister I've ever had. It's just different living over the hill. Ha!

We miss our great friend and preacher, Bill, and his wife, Olya, and their girls, but we sure did get a dandy of a preacher this time. I don't know how we could be so blessed, but I sure thank God for sending Josh our way. He has a wonderful wife and 3 kids, who are wonderful, too. I am amazed that we could get such a great family to come to this little town. We're especially blessed that Bill and Olya only moved to Altus, about 30 miles from here, so we get to see them from time to time, too.

I talked to Floyd on the phone today and he's really doing well. I'm so proud of him and his improvement. I hope to get pictures when we go to see him Tuesday. Have a great week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This picture is of Floyd at Tricia's house 4 years ago! Look at Sadie; she was 8 and this was before we even thought about Raynie or Elena! Precious memories, huh? Well, Joan and I went to see Floyd today and he looked really good. Bless his heart; he is having to work so very hard! I guess some of you may have been through some kind of rehab to have to regain strength and use of your legs, but I have never been there. I respect him so much for his tremendous effort. It is not the least bit easy for him, but he's really working to get better and he's getting there. I thank God for his recovery and his spunk. Bless his heart, he nearly cried when we walked into his therapy session. I never dreamed he'd be so glad to see us. Then later we were visiting with him before he ate and he said he felt like he'd been dropped off all alone at boot camp and they were really working him. He almost broke down and cried then, too. I was really touched that he is so tender-hearted and so tough at the same time.

I was looking back through years of pictures, looking for a picture of Floyd, and stumbled through a bunch Don took of me over the last couple of years. Man; it's a good thing we took those pictures. I would never remember looking so sick. I don't remember feeling all that bad. Maybe God is giving me selective memory. I am so grateful that He pulled me through the last two years, though. I am reminded that I really feel so good and I sure thank Him for that. I sure thank all of you who have read this blog all this time, too. You must have been horrified when you saw some of the pictures! Of course, surely you know that I posted the best of whatever pictures I had, too. You ought to see the really ragged ones! I ran across the final day of hair; the day I shaved off the last straggling hairs. YIKES! All those sores on my head, but I just remember how good it felt to get rid of that hair that kept falling on everything. And my head itched, so it was lots more comfortable to shave what was left. You'd think I would have gotten skinny through all that, but God kept me plenty plump. I think skinny would have been really scary.

Okay, enough of the memories. What matters is that I'm doing great. Floyd is doing great. And, you are still here reading. How blessed I am to have people who care, great health, and so many other blessings. I thank you and I thank God. In all the other pictures, of course, I ran across the new birth pictures of Elena and Raynie. Wow! What two precious additions to our family in the last couple of years! And all the other kids have grown so much; they are all so wonderful. I thank God and thank God!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Flannel sheet weather.

This picture is one I took the last day we were touring around Kona before we left Hawaii in August. This is looking down toward one of the beaches at the lava with lots of crabs on it. I love these crabs. They're the same color as the lava, so I don't readily see them, until the lava appears to move and I realize it's the crabs moving. I get a kick out of watching them, but it's nothing as great as watching whales; we're really looking forward to watching the whales on this next trip.

Today we got the floors done, so we were ready when company came to play cards. The women won the first 2 out of 3 games; then we played one more hand and the guys won that hand, so it was good competition and fun fellowship.

This weather is really strange for us. It's cool enough to make us glad that we're not going to be here for winter. We've turned into real wimps about weather, I think. I gave up on our regular sheets and put the flannel sheets on the bed today.

It's been a week since our hypnotherapy and I finally weighed a pound less today. I thank God for that bit of encouragement. I think this may just really work. Will I ever be glad to be the right size!

My heel is still very sore. I really messed up when I let that blister break and get so sore. I won't be wearing shoes with a heel for a while. I will get back to walking on Sunday, though; I may have to walk in Crocks, but I'll walk. I'm hooked.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Floyd is walking!

The picture tonight is Gretta, with her son, Garrett and their new kitty. Garrett will be 13 in December; wow, it seems like yesterday that he was just a baby. Shoot; it seems like yesterday that GRETTA was a baby! Time sure flies!

I think it's really fall in Oklahoma. It's great. It's cool every day and most days are misty. We haven't had any big wind around here, so I'm pleased with that. I didn't walk today; my heel is too sore. I did lots of other stuff around here, dusted, etc. Tomorrow Don will vacuum and I'll do the hard floors. I sure am grateful that he does the vacuuming!

I've done a lot of work on the herbs and vitamins today. I don't feel so overwhelmed by the task before me. It's still a big one, though.

Tomorrow night folks are coming here to play cards. We'll be playing in honor of Floyd, who is doing much better today. He actually walked 50 feet today! I'm so proud of him and so pleased that he can do it. Joan and I are going to visit him, again, on Saturday. I sure thank God for his rehab opportunity and success.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sore heel.

This picture is Elena and her daddy, Joe, with their new kitty, Elena's pride and joy. So far the kitty doesn't have a name, so I call her Scamp; they'll set us straight when we get there in a couple of weeks for a visit. I can hardly wait to see everyone on this trip back east. We look at this picture and realize how much she looks like Gretta did as a little girl. She looks so much like Joe that it makes me forget that she is so much like Gretta.

Today was another cool day, here, and it misted on me as I walked. It's supposed to rain tomorrow (real rain), so I'll be walking on the treadmill. (Don walked on the treadmill today.) Also, I wore the wrong shoes today and wore a blister on one of my heels. Man, I go from one problem to another. I can walk on the treadmill in crocks and it will give my heel a chance to heal. My feet feel like they have no pads on the bottom (Arimidex side effect: painful feet and ankles.), so I was wearing shoes with better soles, to see if they would help. They DID feel better on the bottom of my feet, but by the time I realized they were wearing a blister on one of my hees, it was too late and I was still a couple of blocks from home. So that heel looks like hamburger. (Eyes rolling) My feet have never liked shoes. Just when I get a pair that works great, the company quits making them. So, I wear them completely out and then struggle until I find another pair that will work. My one pair that fits so well is all together with Shoo Goo. I really need to find a pair that will work before we go back to Hawaii and hike a lot. So, that's my dilemma today.

Otherwise, all is good with me. Floyd is doing much better today, too. Bless his heart, he told Joan today, "I think this old man just might make it." I still know I never want to have a broken hip, so I'm determined to keep these bones strong. I thank God for Floyd's fighting spirit, too.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rehab is tough for Floyd.

Here is the promised picture of Elise. This was taken during spring break last year at Branson Landing. That's her brothers, Kyle and Ethan behind her. We have a trip planned for the end of this month to go to see them as we make a loop through Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Woohoo!

Today I spent going to Lawton with Joan to check on Floyd. They moved Floyd to rehab today. We got there in time for his evaluation, and, was it a learning experience for me! I really thought that the worst was the pain he would have until he could get his surgery and then immediately after the surgery. Was I ever wrong! They made him sit up on the edge of the bed today and I thought he'd never make it. Then he had to stand at the walker beside the bed. That was so hard for him. I was in agony just watching and I know he was really overwhelmed at the difficulty. He is so weak and tired, plus there is the pain. I want to cry every time I think of it. Please pray for him to have the strength to overcome this broken hip and the repair. I know he can do it, but it is sure going to be a hard two weeks for him. They estimated he'd be there for two weeks and maybe three. God will help if we ask Him; He is so good to us.

I feel great and sure thank God for all He has done for me. This is breast cancer awareness month. There is so much out there of which we need to be aware; I wonder is there a broken hip awareness month? I know I sure never want to break a hip! If I do, I want to be in great shape. Here I go back to the exercises, but never any more jogging!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweet Elise is 10!

Yesterday was our granddaughter, Elise's, 10th birthday. She is such a precious young lady; we can't believe she is into double digits already, but she is very grown up for sure. tomorrow I will post a picture of her.

It was another misty day, here, so I'm still recalling our 'volcano day' in Hawaii. This picture is of the 'new' eruption within the crater, with a rainbow that looks like it ends in the eruption. Actually, if you look close it looks like it ends right there in front of my camera! As I recall that day, I was nearly freezing. We had stopped on the way and gathered sea glass and the water splashed on us, so we were damp to the bone. Then it drizzled all day and I couldn't get warm. I had a pair of long pants with me, but I didn't want to go into the public restroom because they'd drag the floor. We were sitting in the rental car, waiting for it to get dark because after dark you can see the glow coming from this new eruption. Steve and Don were in the front seat and Mary and I were shivering in the back seat. Steve said, "Just change them in the car; we won't look." So, I said, "Okay," and proceeded to change my pants. About that time Steve saw some bird and said, "LOOK!" I could have clobbered him, but I love him, so I settled to rolling my eyes and chalking it up to another great memory of fun times. I did get my long pants on and that helped a lot to warm me.

Today did remind me of that fun day. I wasn't freezing, but it was cool as I walked around the park. Don opted not to go because of the mist. I got to see a red bellied woodpecker and the great blue heron at the park, besides the usual white geese and some Canadian geese.

We worked out our schedule today for a trip later this month to see Gina and Gretta in Indiana and Kentucky and then on down to see Tom and Linda and Ruthie and Phil in Tennessee. It'll be a fun time to get to visit all these people. I thank God for the opportunity to go see all of them. We'll work in some others along the way, too. Woohoo!

In case you wonder about our hypnotherapy for weight loss, you can check out the following link:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A misty day.

This is a picture taken back in June when Steve and Mary went to the volcano with us. It was misty all day. This is where a volunteer was explaining something to Mary and the rest of us. With all the humidity there was lots of steam around from the volcano; you can see that in the background.

Today it has been misty all day, here. That's very unusual. Usually we don't have moisture at all and when we do it comes with lightning and thunder and lots of wind. Don watched football this afternoon, so I did my walk by myself and it was kind of nice to feel the mist. I love the variety God gives to us. I am so very grateful to be able to walk. My knees and back are beginning to forgive me for the jogging experiment. They don't hurt so badly as they did for a few days. Isn't God great for making our bodies so that they heal with rest! I can't praise Him enough.

The hypnotherapy that we experienced the other night came with some cd's that we listen to every day. (for a price) It's very relaxing to listen to the cd's but it sure takes time. I'm willing to give the time in exchange for getting rid of this fat. It's a good trade and will enhance the quality of my life. We aren't dieting, we are simply eating healthy and the cd's coach us and help us to keep our priorities about eating right. The relaxing is good for my back and knees, too, so I'm a happy camper; soon to be slimmer camper.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A new preacher on our street.

This is a picture I took the last day we were touring around Kona, the day we left Hawaii the last time. One of the beaches where we went there is a parking lot and on one side of the parking lot is the beach and on the other side is a walking track with lots of gardens all around it. Different organizations are responsible for each little area. Within it was this feral cat community. I thought it was pretty cool, so I took the picture. There were no cats at home right then, though. We had seen some others on the island, but this one was too cute, I thought.

Sometime last week I got all our herbs ordered and most of them arrived today. That kept me busy getting them all checked and sorted for storage until I can get them 'thrown.' That's a big job ahead of me, but my goal is to do a couple of weeks each week, so that I slowly get a bunch done in advance to take with us the next time we go to Hawaii.

We also went to some yard sales in town today. My greatest find was some green glass bottles for storing my colloidal silver water. It has been really cool today, so when I walked I wore jeans and a sweatshirt; that's a first for this year. Don was watching football, so he didn't go with me. On my way down the street I met the new 1st Christian Church preacher and his wife and their son. They were just moving some things into the house. The preacher has been here two weeks, but his wife and the kids are still in their house in Waxahatchie, TX and they're just here for the weekend. Jordan is 8 and he went with me on my walk, so I had good company after all. I thank God for another good family for our community and neighborhood.

Friday, October 2, 2009

On my way to slim.

This picture is one taken on September 20th when we were hiking in the 40 foot hole. I don't have a picture from today, so this is how I'm feeling today. We had a great day that day. The weather has been so beautiful and today would have been a good day to hike but we had other things we needed to do.

We caught up on our walking today since we took the last couple of days off to go be with Floyd. I talked to Floyd on the phone today and he continues to do very well. They didn't get him up to walk him today because he punched his morphine button too much this morning and had himself totally doped. He was doing much better this afternoon, though, when I talked to him. They intend to get him up on his feet tomorrow and move him to rehab on Sunday. I thank God for his recovery.

Don continued to jog today, but he just had to wait on me because I refused to jog. I did speed up my walking a bit. It was enough to make my heart and breathing pick up speed, but I could tell where the stress was too much on my knees, so I didn't go much faster and I absolutely wouldn't jog. If there is a tornado, I know that I CAN run to save my life or someone else's, but I also know that my knees and back will be very unhappy about it. I'll pay that price to save a life, but not just to say I did it. So, we walked and sunned. I need to do some work in the yard, so maybe I'll get that done soon.

Tomorrow I'm making gravy for the fellowship breakfast at church. I don't mind to do that at all. It just means we have to be there a little early, but that's okay, too. It feels good to be able to participate on a helping level.

We went to a hypnotherapy session for weight loss and to stop smoking tonight. I'm half way there because I don't smoke! Now, if I can just let the session work and eat what I need instead of what I want I'll be slim. It will be freeing to be slim. Plus cancer loves fat, so I so want to discourage it from homesteading in me! Plus, I'm so sure it will be good for my knees and my back to drop some excess weight. I'm asking God to help me. I think He took us to the session tonight, so He's already helping!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

This is a picture taken just south of Hilo. Look through the trees and you'll see a cruise ship. Click on it if you can, and you'll see it better. I thought this was such a cool shot. It looks like just a view of the ocean, and then you look close and there is the big cruise ship. Sweet memories.

Today was kind of wild. We were driving to Lawton for Floyd's surgery and we had a blow out on our back rear tire. We called AAA, and they sent a wrecker. The guy changed our tire for us, and I called Floyd to explain where we were. So, we didn't get there before he left for surgery, but we were there when he came out. He's doing just fine. The doctor said he is in good shape and active so he has a better than average chance at a good recovery. They'll have him up walking tomorrow!

We came back by Wal-Mart on the way home and bought a new tire. Whew. It's been a long day, but we thank God that things went so well. There could have been complications with our flat or with Floyd's surgery, but all went smoothly. Joan and I played Cribbage the whole time he was in surgery; that made the time go faster and we had a great time.