Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tonight's picture is one Trish took and put on FaceBook; then I swiped it. So, I'm not sure how well it will work on the blog. It's a picture of Grace and Mason and a couple of their friends all ready for trick or treating. The battered victim is Mason and Grace must be the Urban Cowgirl in the hat I got pictures of Raynie and Sadie wearing.

We just had 3 more trick or treaters. That's a total of 22, so far. I think we are surely done because it's 8:35 here.

I am still miserable with itching eyes, throat and ears. Surely relief is right around the corner. I can only give thanks that my eyes aren't this raw all the time! I remember my senior year when we went to Washington DC and I was so allergic to something that I scratched my eyes until one had a blister on it the size of my thumbnail! I keep expecting a blister to appear on my eye ball, but that hasn't happened, so, again, I give thanks! And even this horrible itching is a piece of cake compared to breast cancer or chemo!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dirty siding.

Here is the picture of me pointing to the dirty siding. You may have to click on the picture to make it bigger so that you can see the dirt. It's mostly up at the top. This is the 'maintenance' side of our house, so there isn't much happening there. My idea is to wait for a 100 degree day next July to do this side, but Don says it's supposed to warm up Tuesday and we'll do it then. I guess I can comply with that, but I'll be braced for freezing this time. :)

Today, I've waged war on the wasps. We washed away their housing when we power washed the other day, so they're busy rebuilding. I killed 6 or 8 today. It's a wonder I didn't get stung; God was watching over me, no doubt! My eyes are itching something fierce, though, so I'm sure I spent too much time outside. It's so hard to strike a good balance on everything. I tend to overdo whatever I'm doing. Ugh. Maybe that's the point of allergies? To help people like me stop for my own good? Anyway, I'm glad for beautiful days; it's a joy to get to be outside and not be too hot or too cold. God sure blesses us with so much to enjoy.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Clean siding.

So, tonight's picture is to show the clean siding; There is NOT a big white spot on my shirt; I don't know why it came out like that. Anyway, you get a view of the clean siding. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the siding that we're leaving dirty until next summer.

Today I made cobbler and took it out for another game of canasta at the Meier's house. The women won one and the men won one. I left my purse out there, again. We've been out there 3 nights this week, and 2 of those nights I left my purse! I cannot be trusted with a purse. I'm going to have to start just carrying a wallet, again.

The night before we left to go to Don's reunion I left my purse at the Mexican Restaurant! It was 11:10 p.m. before I missed it, but when I called them at 7 the next morning they said it was there. When I got there to pick it up, it had everything in it, just like I left it. That says a lot to me for the owners of that restaurant! Needless to say, it is STILL my favorite restaurant in town! I love the Kozy Diner, too, but it is my favorite DINER. :) I absolutely cannot carry a purse, since I can't remember to bring it home! I sure thank God for honest people in town!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Power washer story.

The picture tonight was taken back in April, when I was so proud of my Decker irises. I put in on here tonight so that you can see the siding on our bedroom. The house is red brick, but we added our master suite to the house when we moved in to be able to be on site to take better care of Don's dad. We put vinyl siding on the addition. That was 11 years ago. Don has sprayed it with water a time or two, but it had never been cleaned. A couple of months ago he came in and asked me if we have a mop he could use to clean the siding. I insisted that would never work and about that time a guy I really respect on FaceBook (Sam Jones) said he was doing some power washing at his house. I asked what equipment he had and immediately ordered it. So, have you seen the commercial on TV for Excedrin where the folks power wash their patio (or something)? I thought that was so funny! Until today when we power washed the addition. Don did the tall stuff and I did the short stuff. Man! It sure DID need washing, but now both of us are hurting and need some Excedrin! I totally missed that point of the commercial! I thought we were doing so good to not get slung all over the back yard by the power washer. Little did I realize we were using muscles that have been out of use for years! Someone should have taken a picture, but we didn't. Maybe I'll get one tomorrow of the clean job! We nearly froze out there, though. We got soaking wet, and it was warm in the sun, but the sun went down! We learned that this is a job for July! Anyway, it's done and I thank God that we lived through it. Actually, there is one side wall that we didn't get to do. It's okay with me if that wall stays dirty until we have another 100 degree day, but Don may want to do it sooner. Maybe I'll take a dirty picture of that wall and then a clean picture of the other walls. I'll sure sleep good tonight, if I can ever get warm! My toes were iced out there! I had to get out our rice buddies and heat them up to get our feet and hands warmed, even after showers!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still itching; maybe it will frost tonight?

This is a picture Don took tonight. It's my mimic of Linda Rose for a pose. She has some modeling experience and she poses so beautifully for pictures. I'm practicing. Every time I think to mimic Linda we get a better picture! That standing tall and straight is really a good plan! Thanks Linda for being a good example for me. I would have never dreamed of standing 'tall!'

It was another gorgeous day here today, but it was cool this morning and tonight. It's fall and really perfect weather. We had a great walk around the park and several other blocks today. My eyes are begging for a frost, though. They are raw, but I have some drops that help and the Benedryl helps. It sure makes me sleepy, though!

Often when we walk we'd see a nice little man (He was 88.), who was known for walking. Sunday he had a heart attack and died; we went to his funeral today. At his funeral the song leader from church sang "My God and I." I thought it was so appropriate. Do you know that song? "My God and I go through the fields together. We walk and talk as good friends should and do. We clasp our hands; our voices ring with laughter . . . " It's a favorite song of mine. I can only imagine that this sweet man is absolutely walking with God and he is blessed though his body is no longer with us. We will miss him, but not forget him. Rest in peace, Paul Barton.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Itching, itching!

Tonight's picture is one I took of Elena when she was outside playing at their house last month. She looks like a little gymnast to me. We had so much fun with her on this trip. She's a sweetie; sure wish we could see more of all the kids.

We had another gorgeous day here, today, but we may get a frost tonight. That'll put the hurt on my re-bloomers and they are already hurting from the grasshoppers. I guess I mustn't expect them to do great every year. I probably need to feed them or at least water them!

We played cards tonight and it was crazy. I won't go into the details, but it will go down in history as a night of goofs! We enjoyed it and we did manage to win one game. The guys won one by default (our major errors) and then they clobbered us something fierce the last game. We were already numb from our big snafu in the game we defaulted to them so the killing was almost painless. That's the good thing about our card games; we love to win, but we love it even when we don't win.

My eyes are itching me so bad. If it does frost that should help with the allergy issues! If I take any more Benedryl I won't be able to stay awake. I need to get out the Netti pot; that should help, too! I thank God that I don't have allergy problems all year long! (Well, as long as I can stay away from cats and dust, then I only have the pollen problems with seasons, so I thank Him that the allergies are manageable.)

Monday, October 25, 2010

So much fun!

Tonight's picture is one of Elena and Ethan, playing on Ethan's 'playground.' They have so much fun playing there! More precious memories!

Today we had big winds here and it blew up pollen that has everyone's allergies all inflamed. I dug out my benedryl and will hit the anti-itch eye drops and go to bed. I thank God that this has been a very light season for me. I've made it until today before the itching started and it usually hits in August. I've got to attack it hard so I don't end up with bronchitis.

We played cards at the Meier's house tonight and the women won both games! They were close games, too, so it was way fun to come out on the winning side! We're playing out there, again, tomorrow night and I'm taking sugar free cobbler and sugar free ice cream. We don't always play two nights in a row, but their daughter, Kristy is here, so we're playing all we can while she's here. We all love it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Holding court."

Tonight's pictures brings back the recollection of the Sunday we all had lunch at the Golden Corral when we went back east last month and visited with Gretta and Gina. Elena appears to be holding court here, as she passes judgment on Garrett's boo-boo from his skate board accident. That scrape on his arm was nothing compared to the one on his shoulder that was hidden under his shirt! Elena had a lot to say about it! Anyway, that is their mother and our 'baby' daughter, Gretta, on the right. Gina's Elise and Ethan are behind Gretta. Precious memories keep me going when we live so far from family and we thank God for these great times.

Today has been a sleepy Sunday! I even took a nap this afternoon. Ah, I love a nap! It was beautiful outside, but Don was watching football, so it wasn't hard at all to settle for a nap after singing at the nursing home devotional. Tomorrow I get back to de-cluttering around here, but I took off today and had a nap. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

More reflections.

In tonight's picture we were on our way to Ethan's ballgame. This is Kyle in the middle seat of the Suburban with me. It's so unreal for him to be a teenager; it seems like yesterday when he was just a baby, but he's grown way big, now! He's every bit as kind as he looks in this picture, too. What a fun time we had visiting! It's fun to reflect back and enjoy the memories! God so blesses us, and we give thanks!

Today we did some shopping and I've been busy with my de-cluttering mission. It will feel good to get some things straight around here. I've let a lot pile up with all the traveling we've done; I just stash things and then have no clue where they are! That's a bad habit; I'm working on that, too. Don watched football all day, so we didn't walk. I've got to go power plate, at least, before bath and bedtime. Time sure flies and I hate how it gets away from me!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ethan brings my camera.

Tonight's picture is another from our trip back east last month. We walked clear down to the barn to begin our tour of the tree farm and I lamented, "I forgot to bring the camera!" Ethan was my hero and said, "I'll go get it!" That he did and whisked it right back down to me. He couldn't believe how easy it was to make this little old lady overjoyed; you can see it in this look for the camera. He's a precious kid, a great runner, a great ball player and another on my hero list! When Gina tells him, he'll remember how thrilled I was when he brought me the camera. :)

Last night and this morning we had lots of electrical storms but no tornadoes. We had over 2 inches of rain, but we needed every drop of it, so we give thanks! I've been on a de-clutter mission around this house all day. It will be my task for the next several weeks. My goal is to "Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful. Of course, I think most everything is useful, beautiful or joyful, so it will still be cluttered here when I get done. It will be better, though, so I will stick to the goal!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More reflections.

Tonight's picture is another one of Don and Gina when she took us on a tour of their tree farm. This is their 'front yard.' This scenic pond is in front of their house, between the house and the road. You can see the road that their property faces in the top left corner of the picture: just at the top of Don's head. I forget how many acres they have (I forget numbers, you know), but it's several and their place is really much like a story book, I think. It's beautiful. Of course, they work hard to keep it beautiful. Also, the kids would like to move to a subdivision. Ha! The grass is always greener on the other side! Notice in the background their dogs taking a swim in the pond. That's Snowball and Gazer; they love the water and would sure miss it if they moved to a subdivision. The kids would miss the farm, too, but it's so typical for kids to always be searching for what they imagine would make their lives better.

We've had another great day, here, and got to do our walk outside. I love this weather, but it's coming to an end. We've got storms predicted for tonight, so I thought I'd better do the blog early. We sure need the rain, here, so I'm thanking God for the rain as I sign off. I had my first rebloomer today and I hope some of God's rain will help lots more to bloom. What a treat the rebloomers are for me!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tonight's picture is one of Don and Gina as Gina gave us a tour of their greenhouse and explained some of the procedures on their tree farm. Brian flies for UPS, but in all of his off time he is very busy with their farm. Gina and the kids do a lot around the farm, too. It's a pretty interesting life, we think. We look back with pleasure on the time we were able to spend with them. We thank God for their good lives and for time to visit with them.

Today was another gorgeous day, here, so we got to walk around the park and a few more blocks, today. Days like this are sure special. I love it when it's not too hot and not too cold and not even too windy!

I'm feeling great and sure thank God for good health. There are no promises for any of us, so I celebrate every day of good health.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love walking in the park!

Tonight's picture was taken last week on Tuesday night. This was the 2nd day after Tricia's surgery and Nate was there with his girlfriend, Megan. While Nate and Gabe and I were in the kitchen helping Rob fix the ceiling Megan was in the living room playing with the 'little' kids. Sadie was taking pictures. She got this picture of Grace and Raynie playing with Megan and Mason was on Tricia's laptop. Megan is the absolute best; we all love her.

Trish is still in lots of pain with her throat. Today she got more pain meds and started on some steroids. I hope she's able to get back to normal pretty soon. I know she's really sick of being down! The kids are all pretty self sufficient, but it gets old not being able to talk or feel good.

Don and I were able to walk around the park, again, today. It's great to have really nice days and this was sure a nice one. We should have gone to the reserve, but we didn't think of it in time. We'll go in the next few days; this weather is perfect for hiking around the reserve. I thank God that we are able to hike and we have a wonderful place close, so I think we should make the best of it. We'll see what we can do.

Monday, October 18, 2010


This is sweet Grace, holding her certificate for displaying respect. Bless her sweet heart; she is precious in so many ways. I'm so glad they recognized her for this. Don't you love those eyes, too? Gracie, Gracie! We're so proud of you!

Today has been so busy! I got up and called the dentist's office as soon as it opened to let them know that I'm in town and would be available if they had a cancellation this week. I had canceled my appointment last Thursday and they had me down for next Monday. I broke a tooth on September 25th and I've been hoping ever since that I wouldn't lose more of it or the filling in that tooth. Anyway, they had a cancellation this morning, so I got to go in and have it repaired today! That was a great thing and I'm so pleased to have it fixed and I thank God that it had not been hurting, and I didn't lose any more than the original piece. I just hope it will hold and I won't have to have it crowned.

It was a gorgeous day today; it felt like Kona, Hawaii! Of course there was no beach, but the air felt great. Don and I even walked around the park. We usually walk on the treadmill anymore, so that was a fun thing!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Exhausted, but exhausted at home.

I got this hat for a nickle at a yard sale and we had at least a dollar's worth of fun with it. I only got pictures of Sadie and Raynie in it. I should have gotten one with Grace, but I didn't. I got pictures of her with her certificate for exemplifying respect at school; I'll post it tomorrow. I posted Raynie in it last week. This one is Sadie, who might be the sweetest girl in the world; I'd put her up against anybody! She's 13.

I am so tired, but it's so good to be home and tired. I have lots of memories from the week with Trish and her family, but also lots of memories from the last month of travels and visits. It's so good to be home and have my own bed and bath. I went to sleep last night as soon as I hit the bed and morning came way too soon. I managed to get the weeds sprayed this afternoon, so that's a good accomplishment. I'm doing laundry and still putting things into their place from traveling. There are still suitcases out in the floor. Ugh. I'm working my way through it. I sure thank God for the ability to travel, for great friends and family, and for a wonderful home. I am so blessed and give thanks!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tricia's better and I'm home!

This is the picture I saved to post on Gina's birthday. So, it's still her birthday month, so this is good, right? Gina, we celebrate you every day!

Trish was feeling lots better today, so she came in and told me I could go home anytime. Either that, or she was tired of me being there and she figured if she got better I'd go home? I really think she was better. She was talking! And she was eating some real food. Anyway, she gave me permission, so I came home. I thank God that I have a home and a husband who wants me in it with him. I thank God for our health and for bodies that heal when we cut out throats (tonsillectomy) or other places (mastectomy)! We are blessed!

I'm headed to a session with the power plate, a bath in my own tub, and a sleep in my own bed. Ahhhhhhhhh . . . . . . .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Late Happy Birthday, Gina!

I didn't forget Gina's birthday; we sent a card before we left for Don's reunion and I told her Happy Birthday on FB, but I forgot to put it on the blog and her daddy reminded me today. Gina, you know you're supposed to celebrate all month, right? Actually every single day! I saved a great picture I got of you when we were there to post on your birthday, but I'm in the middle of this ceiling repair saga, so your picture will come tomorrow, in honor of the continued celebration! Tonight's picture is the ceiling with no hole for which we are so pleased! There is no plastic hanging and no blue tape in the kitchen. Woo hoo! Plus, notice Trish on the right is up and smiling! That's Sadie on the left. Trish is doing so much better today; she has released me to go home TOMORROW! I've loved the chance to be here, but it'll be so good to get home! Home is always so good and I belong wherever Don is!

Today Trish took the last of her liquid pain killer and took her first pain PILL. That was something we were both dreading because she has so much trouble swallowing. She did it with the greatest of ease, though! She was able to eat a burrito with us at supper, so that was really good, too. I'm so pleased. In the morning she has a little meeting to attend at the shopkeepers where she has a little shop in an antique mall. Gabe has his driving permit, so he will drive her. He is going to go to the meeting with her to play easy guitar music during their meeting. This will be a good test to see how she does with an excursion. I'll fix lunch and be ready to go when they get home. That's the plan. I thank God for giving us healing bodies.

Trish brought the flashlight for me to look at her throat today. YIKES! It looks HORRIBLE, but that's how it's supposed to look. She showed me a picture on the Internet of how an adult tonsillectomy looks and hers is a classic. Gag! No wonder it hurts! Until today she couldn't even open her mouth wide enough for me to see; her whole jaws have even been sore. I imagine they propped her open with some kind of vice or something so they could get in there and get the job done. She brought the tonsils home to show the kids and they were sure nasty! I think it's a really good thing that she is free from those! Gretta had hers out in June and I feel terrible that I couldn't have been there to help her. I had no idea it was this big a deal! Watch for Gina's picture tomorrow!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost done . . .

So tonight's picture is the happy moment when they got the piece up there. Nate is behind his dad leading the cheers, it appears. Rob is on the left figuring out where the studs are and Gabe is on the right. Nate remarked, "Ever notice how we never dress for work? Check out the sheet rock dust on Gabe's all black and Rob's shirt! It was some struggle because Rob had to cut out one corner and then the other corner should have fit, but it didn't, so he had to customize it as well as trim off a curve in the ceiling. That would be hard to do if it was flat on the floor, but it was out of reach. So, he'd take it down and trim and then put it back up there and each move was so difficult! He had the one ladder and Gabe was standing on a kitchen stool which barely stands! I was holding one side up with the broom stick! I'm sure we were a comedy to watch. But, we got it DONE. This house is 80 years old, so it's not exactly built to current codes. Rob kept hunting a stud to hold up the sheet rock and so many times it was NOT there. He was never in the Navy, but I learned that he could have kept up had he been. Wait until you see tomorrow's picture of the completed ceiling; you'll be impressed, I think. I am. I thank God for a son-in-law who can fix things, even when it's not simple and for grandsons who will help, even when it's not easy. These guys are so strong, I'm amazed!

Trish is doing better and better. She still can't eat much, so she's pretty weak. The drugs keep her from having so much pain, but her throat is so swollen that swallowing is difficult. The drugs also keep her drugged, so I'm here to drive if necessary. I also do laundry, meals and general upkeep. (even ceiling repair) Rob left today to go to Chicago on business and Nate is back at OU, so there are just Trish and I and 5 kids. I miss Don, but he's managing fine at home.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

College kid: here's the problem.

Tonight's picture is the assessment phase. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the fixing phase. Then the next day I'll post a picture of the fixed but not finished phase. It's a way big improvement and we sure made memories doing it. Nate, the tall guy, was a BIG help; I don't think we could have done it without him.

Poor Nate was here holding the fort when the 'sky began to fall.' Coincidentally it was also raining cats and dogs and many places in OKC were flooding! Robert was out of state on a business trip and Trish and the rest of the kids were in Gatlinburg with us. Trish would have come home, but I-40 was closed due to flooding, so she couldn't get home. Nate put buckets in the kitchen and caught the water. When Rob and Trish got home they found out that it was the bathroom pipes leaking and had nothing to do with the rain. So, they tore out the ceiling to repair the pipes rather than tear out the tile flooring in the upstairs bathroom. The ceiling is up and looks much better. Rob will get around to taping it and matching the bubble finish.

Trish is feeling much better today, and hasn't been back to bed at all. She has spent the day resting on the couch. She can talk a little and swallow a little, but not much of either. I'm going home tomorrow to have a broken tooth fixed, but I'll come back here for a couple more nights as Robert is leaving town tomorrow on a business trip. I thank God that we live close enough and are able to help.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A surprise visitor!

Tonight's picture is one somebody took of Nate and I today. It's been a busy and fun day. Trish is lots better, but still really dragging and has a very sore throat. I thank God that Trish is doing well.

I've done laundry all day. When there are 6 kids there is always laundry. When it's just Don and I there is always laundry! Back in June they had a pipe in the upstairs bathroom that leaked through the kitchen ceiling. Rob managed to get it fixed through the kitchen instead of tearing up the tile floor in the bathroom, but the hole in the ceiling wasn't as urgent to fix as the leak. Well, today was a good time to work on the ceiling. It was wonderful to have Nate to help because he's the tallest of us! He didn't have classes today, so he came by and spent the day with us. That was so cool. It was great to get the biggest piece of sheet rock up in the kitchen ceiling, too.

I'm headed to a good bath and then a good night's sleep. Trish is going to get up and get her own meds tonight, so I can sleep all night. She's a lot better to be able to do that! She did her 5 a.m. meds by herself this morning because I had my phone set for p.m. instead of a.m. so I slept right through that one. She handled it well, so she'll do okay tonight. If she needs me, she can call me; I'll be sleeping with my phone.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tonsillectomy: ouch!

Tonight's picture is one I took of the 'big kids' at Cici's Pizza place last night. (Sadie and Gabe on the left and then Mason and Grace.) This was the night before they 'cut Tricia's throat' this morning. I think it went well, but she's in a lot of pain. Thankfully, the pain medication is helping her to sleep most of the time. The kids are a big help. They are in school all day, so only Raynie is here all day. She is an angel, so it's a pleasure to spend time with her. I just wish we could help Trish to feel better, but God made her body to heal, so it will just take some time, I think. She delivered 6 babies at home with a midwife and no meds, so she's tough and will be fine. It's almost time for her meds, so I'm off to play nurse.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10!

Tonight's picture is Raynie, the marker artist (see her hands) or a cowgirl? Whatever the need; put her on a swing set and she becomes an acrobat! She is a pretty amazing little girl! I get to be her buddy tomorrow. Rob is taking Trish to the hospital in the morning. I'll get the kids off to school, then Raynie will entertain me all day so that I won't be pacing over Trish.

We finished up Don's reunion today and then Don rode home with Deanna and Leroy, who live a couple of houses down from us. Deanna was a couple of classes away from Don, but at the reunion because they were in the same decade. The reunion was really so much fun. I almost feel like I went to school with these 'kids.' They are really a nice bunch of people!

After Don left, I came on over to Tricia's house and we had a good afternoon visiting. Then we went to Cici's for pizza for dinner. It's so fun to be here! I pray that Tricia will do as well as Gretta did with her tonsillectomy; I think she will. We've done the 10/10/10 thing, so we're headed to bed. Tomorrow is a bid day around here.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reunion unwinding.

Tonight's picture is one I got of Heather and Logan, that is this generation's 'Sticky Fingers' and his mommy. These are two really precious people in our lives, so I'm so glad to get this picture and share it.

We are at Don's high school reunion and we've had a great time. I've failed miserably with photography at this reunion. The folks don't know me so well, and vice versa, so I'm not comfortable going around snapping lots of pictures like I usually do. So, many of the pictures are blurred because either I or the people moved. Also many of them are too dark. I don't know why, but I didn't get any shots that really please me. At least we have good memories and others will share pictures. We have really enjoyed it.

Don has a ride home with good friends from Hobart, so he'll be home tomorrow and I'll head to Tricia's house for a great time with that bunch of grandkids. Don will get to be the bachelor this week, so the Kozy Diner will be busy! Ha! I thank God that he has plenty of 'reserve,' plus there are good places for him to eat in Hobart. Actually, there is food in the fridge if he wants to warm it. I'll report later how he does. I just hope he puts any dishes he uses in the dishwasher; I'd rather rearrange them in there than come home to a full sink. A full sink is a stress to me. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Who knew Brett could juggle?

For anyone with dial up, I apologize for the video. It may not be worth it to you to wait for it to download, but I hope it turns out for our kids to see, at least. This is our nephew, Brett, who is juggling. His wife, Heather, is in the picture holding their son, Logan. Brett was the youngest of the cousins in our kids' generation. The big kids used to give Brett candy, so he'd get sticky all over and then they'd run from him to keep him from getting them sticky. They all thought that was the most fun: to run from 'Sticky Fingers.' Of course he laughed that all the big kids ran from him. It's always been a great memory to all of us from the good old days at Grandma's house. I look forward to the day that Brett can bring Heather and their boys to our house, that used to be Grandma's house and we can relive some of the old memories. In the meantime it's sure fun to get to spend time with them in Houston. Who knew that 'Sticky Fingers' could juggle? (Trish and Gretta, do you think that Logan looks like Brett did?) We thank God for precious memories of times past and current ones, too!

We made it to Don's reunion this afternoon, and it's been fun, fun, fun. We enjoy crashing this reunions every 2 years. This is a reunion of those who graduated from Hobart in the 50's. Don went to school with them in Hobart through the 4th grade, so he remembers lots of them. A few of them still live in Hobart, but most come here from elsewhere to get together every 2 years. We appreciate their encouraging us to join them.

Don will go home Sunday, but I'm staying to see Trish through her tonsillectomy. She'll do fine, but it's a good excuse for me to spend some time with her kids and give her some time to rest and recuperate.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Packing, again!

Tonight's picture is Doris (Don's sister; can you see the likeness?) and her husband, Jerry. Jerry is the family photographer, so over the years he is not in a lot of the pictures because he is the one taking them! These are wonderful family members and great friends, too! They have been so good to always open their home to us through all our treatments at MD Anderson. Not only that, but they share their family with us. It's so much fun to go to their house. The MD Anderson thing is just a minor thing in each trip because they make us feel so at home. They are also great support!

I am spinning around getting us packed for Don's reunion in Oklahoma City this weekend. Then he'll come home and I'll spend a few nights in OKC with Trish and her family as she's having her tonsils out on Monday. She'll probably do fine, but with 6 kids, surely someone will need Grammy!

We thank God for good folks to take care of the house when we are gone! We won't be gone long this time, but it's always good to know someone is taking care for us.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This picture is one Jerry took Monday night of his family with Don and I. His son, Gregg, was out of town, but that's Gregg's wife, Stephanie on my right; she's holding their son Colter. Jerry's wife, and Don's sister, Doris, is standing behind me, holding their grandson, Logan. Logan's big brother is Luke; his Daddy, Brett, is holding him on the back at the far left. Brett's wife, Heather, and the mommy of those two sweet boys is on the far right. We sure missed Gregg and we hate that Jerry wasn't in this picture, but over the years Jerry has always been the family photographer, so we don't have many pictures of him. I'll get him on here soon; I got a few pictures of him.

You know, I looked forward to this reunion and this trip to see so much family. It was everything I hoped it would be and I got a good medical report, too! I thank God so much for our safe travels and the wonderful times we had. We are SO very tired, though! Don reminded me today that we spent most of the last 4 days driving! No wonder we're so tired! I'm out of here and off to get a good night's sleep in our own bed. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Great report!

The picture tonight is Don and I at supper, celebrating the good report we got today at MD Anderson. There was absolutely nothing questionable today; they were very pleased with everything they saw. I don't have to come back until the end of April or first of May. Woohoo! We love the visits, but it's nice to not have to go back to MD Anderson so much! I thank God for my health and for wonderful family and friends and the time and opportunity to visit them!

We head home early in the morning, so I'm headed to bed.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Arrived in Houston safely!

The picture tonight is one Heather took of Don and I with the boys, here. Thank you Heather for taking this picture! I'm holder her (and Brett's) son, Logan and their other son, Luke is in front of me. In front of Don is Colter, their cousin. These 'big' boys are 3 and they were both babies when we were here for my all my cancer treatments. We've enjoyed so much getting to spend quite a bit of time with them and appreciate their parents so much for bringing them around as much as possible when we're here. They gave us grandkid fixes when we missed our own so much. They're precious boys and we're so glad to get to spend good times with them when we come here. It really takes the edge off of the medical side of these trips. The trips are all about seeing family and the medical part is more like a side trip. We thank God for their health, our health and our safe traveling experiences!

We arrived here, at Doris' house around 2 today. It was nice to arrive at a decent hour after leaving at a decent hour. I think we left wherever we were (somewhere in Mississippi, near the Louisiana border) around 7 this morning. I get confused about anything that has to do with time. Like yesterday I thought I was a day late for Elise's birthday, but it WAS her birthday. It's a good thing Don is a good keeper for me!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy late Birthday, Elise!

Tonight's picture is one I took of Elise when we were at Ethan's ballgame a couple of weeks ago. I think yesterday was her birthday, but I'm way confused about what day it is. We've been on the road and I'm totally confused about what day any day is. I hope Elise is celebrating all this month . . . well, until the 13th when Gina takes over the celebration with her birthday! We couldn't ask for a more precious granddaughter than Elise. She is everything anyone would love and respect; I don't know a more compassionate person! She always amazes me; we sure thank God for her!

We got up at 4:30 to leave this morning. We left at 5:45 (I hunted for my phone for 15 minutes before I realized it was in my back pocket; I hate when I do that stuff!) and drove until 8:45 tonight. I'm not sure about the time zones; I know they've changed. All I know is that we drove all day, from dark to dark. Most of it was great driving because it was cloudy, so not too bright or windy or rainy. We thank God for a safe day of driving. Tomorrow we'll make it to Doris and Jerry's house and then the next day is my appointment at MD Anderson. We expect no issues; just a check up. Off we go! I hope I've got the right day for the appointment! I'd better go check that!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet relaxing.

This picture is Ruthie and I relaxing on the back deck of our cabin. It is so quiet here; we've really enjoyed being together for this day! The weather is perfect. We enjoyed being out on the deck, but we built a fire in the fireplace and it's perfect because it's cool tonight. This is FALL!

We haven't seen any wildlife, other than squirrels, but we've seen lots of great scenery. This is really a beautiful place. We've enjoyed having good friends and family share it with us. God so richly blesses us! Now, we're on the road, again, tomorrow.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October!

This picture is Phil and Ruthie eating the persimmons Dave Gibson sent for Bob Clark. Just kidding! Dave sent me home from the reunion with a bag of dried persimmons for Bob Clark and I will get them to him. We joked about eating his because they are so good. The ones he brought for us will be gone soon. These persimmons came from a tree in Dave's yard in Sacramento and he dried them and brought them to share! Yum!

Phil and Ruthie got here this afternoon after leaving home this morning around 3:30 a.m.! We're so thrilled to have them here with us. We thank God for their safe trip and for this opportunity to visit!