Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Someone called.

I had the timer set to take two pictures and the phone rang. That helped to get a better smile because I like talking to that person. Good thing it wasn't 'Rachel with cardholder services.' I hate that she calls all the time! I love it when my friends call; it helps with the loneliness to know that someone cares.

Tonight is church night. It's cold here and I'm making a couple of buddies to take to church with me. I always take 2; one for me and one for Dorothy. Other folks look pitifully cold, so I'm taking two more tonight. Buddies are an easy way to warm folks and let them know that I care, too.

After church I'll watch Survivor. It's my Wednesday night ritual. and it just dawned on me today that I missed last week because the kids were coming and I forgot all about watching it. I think I have it taped, so tonight I'll watch two shows and then go to bed early. I was up until 1:30 last night finishing the vacuuming and repairing some things. I'm slow, but I got it done. I went to bed thanking God for giving me the ability to clean the house and for giving me a warm place to live that is full of sweet memories. So, I'm ready for a good night's sleep tonight. I did take a nap this afternoon, so I'm plenty rested. It's just better to get it at night, I think.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


If this smile looks phony, it's because it is. I'm doing my best to put up a good front, and sometimes I laugh and smile sincerely. When I'm in front of the camera it's really one of the saddest times, because I so wish Don was driving the camera!

Today was so hard. Dorothy and I went to the celebration of our friend's life. We are way over quota on celebrating lives of folks we'd sure love to have here. We had lunch together and we've been on the phone sharing memories. Another sweet widow (lost her husband 5 years ago) waited in the parking lot to make sure Dorothy and I were okay. Isn't that sweet? People are so kind and loving and I thank God for them. I believe it is Him showing up in ways in which we can relate.

My precious sister sent me an email today, knowing that I was facing a tough day. I thank God for her, too. She has taught me all my life; how to do everything from make up and hair to how to better serve God and wait patiently for Him. I have shared this with Dorothy and Jo Ann, already; thank you from all of us, Ruthie! Sissy will see it here! Here is the quote she shared:

"In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes
to all, and it often comes with bitter
agony. Perfect relief is not possible,
except with time. You cannot now believe
that you will ever feel better. But this
is not true. You are sure to be happy a-
gain. Knowing this, truly believing it,
will make you less miserable now. I have
had enough experience to make this state-
ment.____________Abraham Lincoln

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wear them out at Grammy's house.

Gracie and Raynie had their baths and took a minute to snuggle with Daddy. They all passed out! That's how it works at Grammy's house! It was a precious visit, and I thank God that they wanted to come spend the holiday with me.

Rob took Don's place and said the prayers at our meals and they were precious. Thanks, Rob!

Tonight Dorothy and I went to the funeral home for visitation with the family of our friend who died on Thanksgiving night. It was hard for both of us; it was hard for everyone there. It's so hard coping with losing people you love so much and we've lost so many lately. Our friend, Frank, who survived his heart attack, was also able to be there. That had to be really freaky for him. He is so blessed to be alive and doing really well. I thank God for that!

I've been cleaning house today, and I thank God that I'm able to do that. It takes me several days to get it done, but I can do it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

2 pieces replaced!

So, Gracie and I are not to be outdone. There were two pieces missing from this puzzle, so we made two more pieces and called it good. We built another memory that I will treasure; I hope she does!

They made it home fine, and I made it through the day okay. I'm changing beds and washing towels. Tomorrow I'll clean the floors and clean bathrooms, etc. Never know when someone might stop to visit, so I want to be ready. I thank God that Trish and Rob and 4 of their kids were able to come share Thanksgiving with me. It was a big job for them to keep me on track, but they did a great job.

I thank God that I can clean the house myself! I don't get it done right quickly, but I can get it done. I'm headed to a nice bath and then a good sleep in nice clean sheets. Yay! I think it's time for flannel sheets; it's cold here!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The puzzle tradition.

The first puzzle we did was only 350 pieces. We did it so fast that we did this 1000 piece one next. It was fun with all those little tiny details. Something about working puzzles is very soothing for our family, so it's a good thing for us, especially now. We're working on the third one, right now; it's 500 pieces.

There is a Christmas tree lighting on the square tonight, but we're going to pass and stay at home because the wind is bitter and there's just no telling how cold it feels out there. We're doing sandwiches for supper and then we'll have popcorn and hot chocolate and be thankful that we have a warm place to be instead of out in that cold.

We're thanking God for family, health and safety. God is great!

Friday, November 25, 2011

RIP, Jerry McCannon

When all else fails, candle out your ears. That was our philosophy today. This is Trish and Raynie standing by to support my ear candling.

I got up this morning and checked my Facebook, where I learned that another of our good friends had a heart attack and died last night! And I thought I was having a tough Thanksgiving. It's amazing that God makes our hearts so strong to take so much breaking! Jerry was only 62. He was another of our card playing friends, and a friend from church. I know I have a picture of him somewhere at the card table, but I don't have the energy to hunt for it. Jerry's service will be Tuesday. I'm so not liking this aging process; the perks are terrible for those of us who are left.

I thank God for family to hang tough with me. The kids have been such a blessing! Trish is a brick to stand by me and hug me when I crumble. She even fixed the bobbin loader on my sewing machine today! What a magic lady she is!

I pray that your Thanksgiving has been a happy one. Thank you for caring to keep up with me. Please, please, please don't miss an opportunity to be with the folks you love while you can!

Don't think for a minute that it's been all bad. Many friends have called to check on me today. I am richly blessed and I know it, but it's hard to climb up out of the hole I fall into every now and then. Thanks for all you folks who give me a hand!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Trish and I did this puzzle today after dinner. It was tricky holding it up for the picture without it falling all to pieces! We've started another, already.

After dinner Trish and I took Grace and Raynie to Exploration Station. It was a nice, warm day, so it was a fun thing to do. This has been a busy day, but a good time to be thankful for many, many blessings.

Life is tough. I've learned that we must not miss any opportunities. This last June when we came back from the family reunion we didn't stop to see a friend in Arkansas because we thought we were tired and we'd do it next year. Next year Don won't make that trip. I get sick when I think of things like that. I know why people say that people shouldn't make any major decisions after they lose a spouse; because the person left is not able to think clearly and perspective is all out of whack. I wonder if I'll ever get things straight. I have to trust God to get me straight; I don't mean to be lazy, but I just am not capable without His direction. Foolishly, when I was a kid I thought it would be so wonderful to be grown. It's always been hard to be grown in one way or another. Even after I was grown I thought it would be nice to be old and settled. The kids think I've been old a long time, but I've been pretty busy and had some tough stuff to go through even at this age. Now, it's worse than ever. The mistake was in thinking that it would be better later; I think we should always be content with whatever our circumstances and give thanks for the blessings in it. That's a great sermon; now I've got to work on living it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, man!

Today has been tough! I'm glad we don't know the future. It's all I can do to make it through each day as it comes. Everything I touched today set me into a sobbing fit. I'm going through the motions I'd go through if Don were here and everything reminds me that he's NOT here. I don't know any other way to do Thanksgiving, though. I didn't realize it, but I guess I do things differently most of the time, so it's not so obvious that he's not here, normally. I imagine there will be lots more times like this and they just sneak up and take me by surprise.

I did get a sweet letter from my sister, Ruthie, today. Enclosed in it was the program from our friend Tom Martin's memorial service. His wife is Jane and his mother-in-law is Dot, who are both readers and sometimes posters on this blog. I cried all the way through it, but inside it was a beautiful poem that Jane found on Tom's desk, titled, 'If Tomorrow Starts Without Me.' Oh, Lord, help me! That's all I can say, because God is the only one who can help me through this. Of course He sends precious people to do His chores and you DO help. Trish just called and they are on their way. They'll be here about 8:30, I imagine. They will be sunshine to a dark day. I hope I can get my face straight for them.

Don's mom and dad built this house and the whole family used to come here every Thanksgiving. I was a military brat and we always went home to my grandparents house between assignments, but all those old home places have been gone for years. My mom and dad are gone. When Don's dad died and it was time to sell his house, I told Don that this was more home to me than any place in the world because we had come here with the whole family for so long. Then we had lived here for the last several years. So, we bought it. I'm not sorry; it was home to me, but it's pretty empty without Don here. Oh, it's full of stuff, but the heart that is left here is broken. It'll be better tonight when the kids get here.

The food is all prepared. The dressing is mixed and I will cook it tomorrow, as well as the gravy. It will smell good and taste good. We will give thanks for this family home, for our food and health, for the love we've shared for all our lives, for Don and all the years we had with his love and example and for the new memories we are building. May God bless you with health, happiness and safety this Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quiet today.

But, not for long! Tomorrow Trish and company will be coming! I'm excited about them coming. I love this house and have lots of memories here, but some of the best memories are the ones from over the years when this house was full of family. Tomorrow this house will be throbbing with people, again. This house was built for family! It's funny; a couple of times Mason has said, "What's it like around here when we're not here?" It is way different, that's for sure! It's quiet and I love that, too. But, I really love it when the family comes and the house is throbbing with people and love. I thank God for a wonderful home, for a wonderful family and for wonderful memories. Today a good friend on Facebook (Erin) told me to have a wonderful Thanksgiving and to enjoy the new memories. I thank God for Erin, too!

Tomorrow will be filled with cooking. Trish and company will get here around 8. I really can hardly wait!

Plans are taking shape for winter and spring. It feels good to have some plans made. I think I need some structure. Thank you for keeping up with me and for your support and love. God Bless!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy birthday, Gabe!

Our very own "Ozzy!" Do you watch Survivor? One of the Survivor heroes of all time is Ozzy, who can climb trees, swim, and conquer all the wilds. Our Gabe is much like Ozzy! If there is a lizard or salamander he'll catch it. No tree is out of his league. That's Gabe up in that tree on the right. Mason (Gabe's mimic) is going up the tree in the middle and he made it nearly as high as Gabe did. When I got scared about Gabe getting down I insisted Mason come down! Fuddy dud old Grammy! They both made it down just fine! Gabe turned 17 today. I am so proud of him; he's such a fun guy and has such a good heart. Love you, Gabey!

This will be a challenging Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always meant so much to our family. When Don's mom and dad lived in this house the whole family would come every Thanksgiving to celebrate. This house has always been more home to me than anyplace, because we always came here. As a military brat there was never any place that I always went to any more than this house. To have Thanksgiving without Don's body here will be emotional, but I know his spirit will be with us. He lives on in all of us and in our memories. I thank God for the many Thanksgivings we shared; and he and I were thankful for every other day besides Thanksgiving, too. We were blessed and I thank God for blessing us.

Gabe won't be here for this Thanksgiving, either. He is going to his other Grandpa's house so they can go hunting. I understand that, and I'm going to pretend that Don is hunting with them. As far as I know Don never went hunting in his life, but I need to pretend that he's with Gabe. :) Maybe I'll just pretend that he's gone to the store for something and will be right back. The facts are tough, so I'll hang with pretending right now.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Widows' Dance?

Well, it looks like we're dancing! Actually, I had to set the timer on the camera and then run back to get into the picture. Dorothy was just grabbing me to get me in there with her. We do have so much fun; it's our own kind of dance. I guess it's our way of dancing in the rain. I thank God for her; she's sure a joy to know! Together we laugh and together we cry; we are definitely on the same page!

Today after church Dorothy came home with me and we ate beans and cornbread. After I took her home I came home and stuck the turkey into the oven. After church tonight it was done, so I've got it all sliced and ready to eat this week. I'll put it into the freezer and it will be a simple thaw on Thursday.

I've got to wash the pans, and then I'm going to bed. I was tired from cleaning the turkey, so I came in here to rest a bit while I write the blog. I'm sure glad I got this turkey done ahead. I'd hate to be this tired when everyone is here!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week; if you travel, please be safe. When you see your family hug them close and enjoy the time with them! I'm thankful for YOU!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

God has a plan for me.

This picture was about 3 weeks ago when I went to a friend's wedding. It was a wonderful wedding and very different than what we usually see, so that was a good thing for me. If it hadn't been so interesting, I probably would have had a really hard time. I was lucky that another friend went in at the same time that I did and his wife was helping their daughter buy a suit for interviewing (she's about to get her masters she was interviewing for an internship, which she got). So, we sat together and it was nice to have a companion.

Today I've gotten some loose ends tied up, so I feel good about today. I'm ready for a good night's sleep and braced for it to turn cold tomorrow. I made a pot of beans today and Dorothy is coming for beans and cornbread (from the freezer) after church tomorrow. We have a visiting preacher from Colorado, so it will be a full day tomorrow, too. I've listened to Joel Osteen some more tonight and he is so good for me. I thank God for all the blessings in my life and I look forward to whatever God has in store for me.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We call it the Hodge eye.

I think I took this about a week ago. I wasn't sick, but my Hodge eye is sure showing. My dad's daddy had a noticeably smaller eye and he was mostly sick with emphysema for all the years that I knew him. When he got pneumonia and with years it got more noticeable. Ruthie and Jim and I all had it. I remember Mom used to say, "Your Hodge eye is showing!" That worried her because she thought we were getting sick. Maybe I was just tired last week, or maybe I was fresh off a sob session. One day THIS week, I thought I was coming down with a cold. I took a Nyquil and went to bed early, I was so convinced. I took 3,000 mg of Vitamin C every time I ate anything and drank Colloidal Silver water. The next day I woke up fine. I continued the Vitamin C and Silver water for another day, but I've had no more problems. I did replace the Nyquil with antihistamines in case it was allergies. Anyway, I thank God that I have NOT been sick and that I can see even if my eye is little. Maybe it's just my age showing. I never minded having a Hodge eye, though. It marks me as one of us and it is an indicator when things are askew. I wonder if that other eye is my Fox eye, since Mom was a Fox? I used to call her a foxy lady and it made her smile. Precious memories.

Today I sewed. I put new elastic in a pair of pants for Dorothy and I made a couple of rice buddies for a couple at church. They were singing with me Wednesday night and I came in with a couple of my buddies. It was really cold, so I offered them one to warm up their hands. I thought they might fight over it! Just kidding; they wouldn't do that, but they sure did like the warmth. She asked me how I made them and I said I'd just make them one. So, I made one for each of them, today. I really think everyone should have a buddy when it's cold!

I ran across a whole bunch of old pictures today. I sat down and spent about an hour going through all of them. Many, many precious memories. I left them out so the kids can enjoy them when they come next week. These were all pictures we'd taken since we moved here 15 years ago, but I hadn't looked at them in over 5 years. I loved the pictures and the memories, but, of course I cried. Over that 15 years our grandkids have been through so many great stages. It was great to relive those wonderful years.

I had lint and threads all over me from the sewing, so it reminded me that I needed to clean the floors. So, I got that done. I've had a very full day, so I'm headed to a bath and bed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a lonely smile.

Don used to take pictures for me and he always made me laugh. I have to pretend, now, when I set the timer and nobody is taking a picture, let alone making me laugh. It's a whole new world. I wrote down something someone said that I keep: "Quit mourning over something you can't change; step into something new." I imagine it was Joel Osteen and I have a lot of respect for him. So far, I'm into something new, but it's not anything I'm liking so much. I pray each day that I will adjust and do better. I know that God left me here to do something positive and make a good difference, so that's my goal. I think I'm mostly striking out, but I'm training and intend to get better and better at this.

Trish and Rob and some of their kids are coming here for Thanksgiving. So, that gave me the incentive to go grocery shopping today. The turkey is in the fridge, thawing and I'll cook it Sunday. I'll slice it and put it in the freezer, so that part will be done when they get here. I'll make the dressing on Wednesday and pies. The rest will fall into place. I chopped up all the celery and onions today, so that's ready to put into the dressing. I made a big dish of quiche, so we'll have breakfast for one day ready. (I'll put it in the freezer, too.) It seems like I did a lot more today, but it doesn't take much to tire me. Anyway, I was busy and I'm tired and have a smile on my face. It's nice to look forward to people coming. I thank God for wonderful people in my life and the ability to cook for them. I am richly blessed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Garrett at the dam.

Wild! Scampering around on these rocks didn't bother Garrett a bit, but he did NOT like being on the edge! Anything up is scary to me; I just respect it all and do my best to stay in control of where my body goes. I thank God for all the beauty He has given us to explore. I love it when it's still so natural as it is at the refuge.

My body went to sing at the nursing home tonight. I love to do that and I thank God that I could hit some notes tonight. Sometimes my voice doesn't cooperate and there were only 3 of us for a while and then 4 after another lady joined us. A few from the nursing home gather and sing along with us, too. They are precious people and it brightens my life to be able to brighten their day sometimes. I should have someone take a picture of us sometime when we go, so you'll know kind of what it's like.

Tonight is mid week Bible study and then I'll come home and watch Survivor, which I tape. Then it'll be an early night to bed, I hope. I got all my teaching papers submitted today, so it'll be interesting to see how long it takes them to certify me and call me to work. I'd better make a plan and be ready in case they call soon.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A visit with Frank at HOME!

We got to Frank's and Jo Ann's house last night just as Jo Ann was getting out of the shower, so she took the picture for us since here hair was in a towel! Their daughter, Kristy is standing right behind Frank and Dorothy is holding his hand. Frank looks so good. I'm so happy that they are home and I know they enjoyed a good night in their own bed! I talked to Jo Ann a few minutes ago and she said she was surprised she could sleep laying down (after sleeping in a chair that sort of folds out for four nights!). Praise God that Frank survived this heart attack. She said they even went to the coffee shop today! Kristy will go home in the morning, so they'll be on their own, but they can handle it.

I worked all day on my (teaching) licensing process. Good grief; I feel like I'm in college, again, filling out all these papers. It's all pretty baffling, but I made it through college, so surely I can make it through this. I taped Dancing with the Stars last night since I was out fingerprinting, so I'm going to watch it tonight and then the live show. Then I'm crashing. I'm tired from all this thinking!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Garret, in my heart!

Garrett is way more agile than me, so he could climb up onto this rock. I would love to have climbed up there, but there was no stool and nobody to give me a boost. All of our kids who have been to this rock have climbed up onto it. I'm taking my kitchen stool next time so I can climb up there, too. Greedy little Grammy; that's me. I want every bit of the energy from this rock and I want to sit right in the heart, too!

Today I've been working on my papers for subbing. Tonight I have to go to Altus to have my fingerprints taken. They'll take a chemo brain, but they're not having a crook or a pervert. Sweet Dorothy said she'd go with me so I wouldn't have to drive by myself in the dark. I said, "But, you can't see in the daylight!" She said, "I know, but there is strength in numbers!" Isn't she a dear? We're going to leave before dark and stop and see Frank and Jo Ann, who should be home from the hospital by then. Hooray! Then we'll have to come home in the dark. It's not a big deal; I just don't like driving in the dark. I do lots of things I don't like, so this will just be another one and it will be behind me. I thank God for Dorothy, who will go with me for support. I thank God that Frank is able to come home, too! They'll get to sleep in their own bed tonight and I know that will be wonderful!

I'm taping Dancing With the Stars and we'll watch it tomorrow. Off I go to prove I'm not a thug.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another broken heart.

No, the heart rock didn't break. This picture is one Garrett took of me last week when we went to the heart rock, a favorite of our family. It represents lots of great memories to us.

I got word today that the husband of one of Don's classmate's passed away on 11-11-11. I know how broken she is and it's so difficult. I'm going to have to grow up to this tough reality of life. I thought childbirth was a tough reality, but it was a piece of cake bringing a child into the world, as opposed to giving up someone who is leaving this world. RIP, John Swinney, wonderful husband to Gretchen Braun.

Also, one of Dorothy's long time friend's passed away this morning. RIP Mel Jackson. I knew Mel, but only through Dorothy and Mel's cousin June Lyde, who was my best friend in Hobart until she died a few years ago. This has been a tough day for Dorothy and I, but we survived it.

We both forgot that it was the fellowship dinner at church today, but I ran home between Sunday School and church and grabbed a meatloaf and a cake that were in the freezer and took them for dinner. I felt like we needed the fellowship today if we ever did! I'm glad we stayed; it was good for us. I thank God for good friends who can pull us through the hard times. I believe He sends them!

That heart rock is solid through all of Oklahoma's winds and all our heart aches. The love of God is that solid, too, and more! He tells us to love and He IS LOVE. This heart rock says a lot to me and it's a treasure to me every time we go to see it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oklahoma winds!

Garrett and I were up on the top of Mount Scott and the wind was blowing 40-50 mph. I had to hold my shirt down! It's always windy up there. The first time I went up there I was still wearing glasses and I had to hold them to keep them from blowing off my head! It's a beautiful view, though and it was great to build a memory with Garrett. He and I have great fun; he's a blessing to me and I thank God for him!

Today I was able to get the weeds sprayed. I hope it gets a good kill and it takes care of them for me until spring. The wind got to blowing after I started so I may have killed more than I intended to kill. We'll see. At this point, I really don't care as long as the weeds go!

I also got the fax machine to work today. I got 35 pages sent to Don's stock broker, so I can get all my paperwork done with them much quicker than going through snail mail. That was a relief! Thanks to Robert for letting me send a test fax to him yesterday. It feels good to have accomplished two things, today.

Wow; two months ago today is the day Don had his heart attack and stroke. I still can't believe it. People say it gets better, but I guess not this soon. A lot of water has gone under the bridge in the last two months, though. I'm still stunned. I thank God that He cares for me. The kids keep a pretty close eye on me and Trish has taken me on like I'm one of her kids. Many people check on me and I know they care. I'm richly blessed and I thank you for caring and reading.

Friday, November 11, 2011


How can I not mention this date. Wow! It's a really cool one. I'm not staying up until 11:11 to celebrate it, though. I'm going to go to bed early and sleep through 11:11 to celebrate it! Today I did a ton of paper work and I'm so ready for bed!

This picture is one of Garrett at the top of the 40 foot hole. Notice how he's hanging onto that rock! (Look back a couple days and notice that I had my hand on the rock for balance, but Garrett is GRIPPING it the best he could.) He's a little afraid of heights, so being that close to the edge was not his comfort zone. I wasn't crazy about it, either. In fact we came back the way longer way to keep from walking along the edge. It was a great hiking day and a wonderful memory. I thank God for Garrett to share it with me!

Frank is doing better and better! He was up walking around today! Wow! I'm so thrilled and thank God that he could live through this heart attack! Thank you all for praying for him. When Dorothy and I went in to see him, she said, "Oh, Frank, I 've been praying so hard for you, and it's working!" She is such a dear!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, Frank!

In the back: Don, Frank and Jo Ann; in the front is David and Dorothy. This picture was taken on May 7th, when we were all out at Jo Ann's and Frank's house to play cards. David passed away on September 1; Don passed away on September 15. Today Frank had a heart attack, but he is ALIVE! He was air evacuated to Lawton and they put 2 more stints into his heart where the last stint was 100% blocked. Dorothy and I drove there today because we just had to go. We couldn't do anything for them, but we had to see them. It was difficult, though. It was like going through it all, again, with Don. But, Frank was very alert and doing so well. He was laughing and talking. I believe he will be okay. This is the 2nd time he's had to be air evacuated to Lawton with a heart attack! I guess he's pretty good at it because he looks great and they think he'll be able to go home in 3 or 4 days. They want to monitor him and see how much damage was done to his heart. I thank God for his life!

It was so hard to drive to Lawton and home. Don always did that drive. I didn't expect to think of that as I made the drive today, but it was so in my face! I think of all the times I slept and I could have been awake and talking to him. Don't waste time like that with your loved ones! Anyone can have a heart attack and die; be sure you tell everyone you love that you love them and hug them! When they're gone, you'll wish you could have another hug!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

At the top of the 40 foot hole.

Garrett took this picture of me at the top of the 40 foot hole. That doesn't seem like much to some folks, but around here it's mostly flat land. Actually, the cliff is the odd thing; it drops off into a creek that is 40 feet below, though. It was very dry, so Garrett and I climbed around down in the bottom and were able to cross the creek. Then we climbed up to the top and took this picture. I could never have done it without TWO hiking sticks; what a huge help they are! Garrett and I both loved the hike and we hope to get to go, again, when he comes the next time. The wind was blowing at 40-50 mph, so it was a nice cool hike; I was glad for my jeans and jacket!

Today I got some details corrected. That's good. I love marking things off my list. I also sunned for an hour and 20 minutes. That's all I could take. It was 60 degrees, and that would have been great, but the wind made it pretty chilly, even though I had my rice buddies with me. I hope and hour and 20 minutes got enough Vit. D for me; it's all I could do.

Church tonight and then Survivor before bed. I've done my back and hip treatments, so I'm god for today. Ah . . . I thank God for a simple day with some successes and no real technical irritations. My email is working, again. ??? I can only give thanks; can't figure it out at all!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This picture was taken about 6 blocks from our house, looking to the north. That's too close for comfort. I didn't see this; I was in the basement! Someone took it and put it on Facebook and I captured it there. This is why I love the basement! I thank God for a safe place to go when the weather it like it was yesterday! I thank Him that the house was still here when we came up from the basement, too! For a while we literally wondered if it would be there because it was so loud. Normally, we can't hear a thing when we're in the basement; I really wondered if the house had blown off the foundation and we were hearing the rain and wind. It turned out that it was so loud because it was hailing. I wonder if there was roof damage; I never thought to look at that today! I thank God that Dorothy came to share the night with me, too. She made it fun and we decided to have slumber parties even if there is no storm!

Tonight I spoke at the ladies' salad supper and it went well, I think. My voice broke and I teared up some, but I never broke into sobs. The ladies were kind and loving and they seemed to appreciate the studies I shared with them. My purpose has become very interesting to me, and I find in the Bible that it is to do good things that bring praise to God. I also shared that we are to let our light shine and it shines so much better when we all are together shining. I illustrated that by turning out all the lights and lighting a candle and then lighting each of their candles until we had a good light in the room. I hope points were made that will stick with them. Certainly I got the most from the study I did in preparing for the devotion. I also emphasized the beatitudes where we are promised that those who mourn will be comforted and blessed. I thank God for his blessings and for having a purpose for me!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick Post.

This picture is one the timer caught of Dorothy and I as we headed out to go get Garrett last Friday. Today we are together, again. They are predicting severe weather for us and possibly tornadoes, so she came to spend the night with me. The thunder is rumbling, so I'm about to shut down the computers. We'll head to the basement if it gets scary or if the siren sounds. Right now she's napping.

It was a bizarre hot summer; then we had those earthquakes over the weekend. Now, they say severe weather, so we're bracing for whatever may happen. God is good; we'll be fine, but we have to do our part. God bless and I'll be back tomorrow!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy birthday, Gretta!

Garrett and I celebrated Gretta's birthday today by going to the refuge and climbing around for several hours! We are both sore as can be, but it was fun!

I'm headed to power plate and NUBAX to give my back some relief. Then it's bath and bedtime! I thank God for Garrett this weekend; he's been a great support. I thank God for Gretta, too! It's amazing how time flies; she's my baby!

A new memory at the refuge.

Garrett and I survived a day at the refuge; it was wonderful but we are both very sore. Here I was holding the camera on a rock in hopes the timer would catch us before the camera was blown off the rock. The wind was blowing at 40-50 mph; I'm surprised my hair wasn't standing up straight! God gave us safety and lots of wonder. It was a great day!

Today we went to church and then took Dorothy with us to the Future Teachers Association fund raiser dinner. (I think they are not future teachers, anymore, but whoever they are they have a great fund raiser diner!) It was fun to see lots of people from the community and share Garrett with them.

Starting tonight we're supposed to get some rugged weather. We'll get rain, which will be good and welcomed, but also storms and maybe tornadoes. So, I told Dorothy she should come spend the night with me, so she'll be here to go down to the basement with me if necessary. She agreed, so we're planning a slumber party tomorrow night. We had 6 earthquakes from 2 a.m. on Saturday until 10 p.m. last night. We felt 2 of them and one made Oklahoma history; it was a 5.6. So, we're a little creeped out with strange weather and geographical things happening. I'm glad to have the basement for tomorrow! God will see us through this, but I may not have power tomorrow night. If I don't show up on the blog, just know we're out of power for a while.
(Spell checker won't work; hope this isn't too full of errors!)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Down comes Gracie!

This is a picture of Gracie coming down the pole at Exploration Station. She could also climb UP that pole! I tell you they are MONKEYS! I thank God for their health and agility! They are blessed and so am I!

Today was very full. I started out going to a birthday party for an 82 year old friend. Then I volunteered to sell snacks at the elementary school. (Gave me a sneak peak in case I decide to sub.) Then I went and got Dorothy and brought here home with me for lunch. Then the two of us went and got Garrett about an hour from here. So, Garrett is here for the weekend. We're going hiking at the refuge tomorrow! We're both excited about that! Watch for pictures of our adventure!

Good night. God bless!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Garrett is coming for the weekend!

I took this picture off of Facebook, so it may not enlarge for you. It's the best I can do with it. I just wanted a current pic of Garrett. This is taken in his ROTC uniform. He called me last night to see if he could come spend the weekend with me. What a blessing! I will be so glad to have him here!

Maybe he can fix my email? He's quite the computer whiz. I can surf and I can receive and send email from web mail, but I'd sure rather use Windows mail. I've had trouble with it previously, and it seems to fix itself after a day or two. Maybe it will fix itself; nothing I do seems to help!

Today has been a day of struggles. I've fought with the tax people, but finally got some straight answers. Man, I have to stand so tall, and I hate doing that! (I'd like to BE tall, but from 5' it's such an effort to stand tall.) I thank God that I can, though, when I have to do it. I struggled with the email and it's still winning. I sold some stocks, so I feel good about that. I need to get away from that unknown black hole before I fall into it!

I'm getting ready to put my tennis shoes on and grab my walking poles and go out and have a stomp. I need to unload some stress. I'd better go before it gets too cool and dark. I may just make it around the little street that cuts off our street. I just need to stomp. Maybe I need to get some nails and name then and then hammer them good. I'll keep that as a back up if the stomp doesn't get the job done.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More of the monkeys.

This is Sadie sliding down the pole. All the kids can come down this pole in a flash, so it's a wonder I could catch her in action. They can also climb UP it. They're all just pretty awesome! If you ever have any doubt about any of our grandkids, just ask their grammy! :)

Today has been a better day. I stayed up and listened to Joel Osteen on the Internet for 3 hours last night. I think he gave me a boost I needed. I was searching for a particular lesson, but I enjoyed hearing all I heard in my search. Tonight I'll go to bed as soon as I watch Survivor after church. It's COLD here, tonight. We had a front come through and the wind is blowing something awful. Ugh. I thank God I have plenty of clothes to layer up in and good warm buddies. Of course I have heat, but I'm frugal with it. This is a big house to heat, so I've got it set on 65; I may weaken and move it up to 70, but it's chilly right now.

I got the AT&T bill paid today; they were fine with my name today. Duh. I got some tax questions answered, too. Little by little I move forward and that's good. I went out and gave Dorothy a good haircut today and rolled it for her. I'm anxious to see her tonight and see how it looks. She's coming Friday to have lunch with me. We'll enjoy beans and cornbread left over from when the kids were here (I put it in the freezer.). I'll get a picture of us that day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On a good day . . .

On a good day, I can smile like in this picture. This was on Sunday after all the folks were here for lunch. I felt good.

Today I went to talk to the Education Department about subbing. I got an application and numbers to call about my teaching certificate. I got all that done and have typed the letter to ask for my teaching certificate from 40 years ago when I taught. Good grief, that makes me sound old! And, I'm thinking of teaching, now??? I might be crazy. We'll see how complicated it gets. It kind of made my heart beat when I started the process, though. I wonder if I could get excited about teaching, again. I seriously doubt it, but my heart did go pitter-patter for a minute.

Then I talked to the tax people and got all upset. I really believe they tax us just to keep us under their thumbs. The money isn't going to get us out of debt and they just keep spending money we don't have, so robbing us isn't going to make things better. Don't let me get started. Anyway, the tax guy I was talking to was a bozo and didn't know what he was talking about. He got me off the phone, though. I called back later, hoping to get someone else and they gave me the same guy! He admitted he didn't know the answers to my questions so he said he'd talk to his supervisor and call me tomorrow. So, I sobbed. I was just so frustrated. It's really bad when I know more than the tax guy! Don always handled the taxes.

Then I called AT&T and talked to their robot for a while and waited on hold for even longer. After about 2 hours on the phone, mostly waiting, I gave up and went to their web site where the robot says it's easy. Sure. I got onto a chat with a guy there who wanted to make it a great day for me; he admitted he couldn't help me because he has limited access. So, I used my last bit of energy to tell them that I lived 50 years before I had Internet access and I can live the rest of my life without it, too. I was attempting to pay my bill with my credit card and they told me the wrong name was on the card. DUH. It's the same card we've paid our bill with for years and I think I know my own name after 63 years with it. It was nothing to make me sad, but it doesn't take much to bring me to sobs. I had plenty today. If Don were here he'd be handling this stuff and if I was, at least I could whine to him and he would agree with me that they are idiots and scumbags. So, you have to read about it because I have to vent.

So, yes, there is life after breast cancer. Real life, with ups and downs. I'm in the downs right now, but God gives me ups, too. He gives me the strength to make it through the downs. I'm counting on that and I thank Him for it. I thank Him for you, who care; it means so much to me.