Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hind sight is 20-20?

I've been rejoicing all day that I'm moving around and not so sore from yesterday's hike!  But about 20 minutes ago a little spot on my ankle started feeling an awfully lot like poison ivy.  I was on the lookout all day for it, but I may have missed it!  Ugh.  I hate it when I get poison ivy.  If it turns out to be poison ivy, I'm so going to know that I shouldn't have gone on that hike; or I should have worn long pants!  I hate long pants when it's hot, though . . . but poison ivy is worse than long pants!

The rest of the good stuff about yesterday, though!  We saw 3 lizards; one was gorgeous turquoise and the other two were brown.  We saw 3 tarantulas crossing the road.  We saw lots of gorgeous wildflowers and butterflies.  One deer jumped out in front of us, but we managed not to hit her.  We saw all the regular buffalo, long horns and prairie dogs.  The tarantulas were pretty cool; we got pictures of them.  It was a great day for God's handiwork!

Oh, check out this picture.  This hike is on the opposite side of my favorite hike, which is to the 40-foot hole.  That slab over my left shoulder  is  the top of  the 40-foot hole, where we often see people repelling .  I do well to just climb the paths up there. From now on, I will go on the other side; it's shorter!  I thank God for the ability to make yesterday's hike and to get to see this wonderful place out here in the middle of the prairies and flat lands!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

8 rugged miles is too much.

We got this picture about 2 miles into our 8 mile hike.  Both of us think 8 miles is more than we ever want to do, again! It was tough!  We made it, though.  Just about everything I have hurts.  I came right in and got onto the power plate and the Nubax in hopes of putting me back into shape.  Then I got into the tub to wash off all the sweat and dirt.

After our hike we went to Meers for supper.  For the 2nd time in the 16 years I've been here, there was no line waiting to get into Meers!  We loved supper and managed to make it on home.  I've brushed my teeth and I'm ready to fall into bed!  I thank God for the ability to make that hike even if I was dragging!  I thank Him for sending me a hiking buddy, too.  I think we'll take the rest of the week off and go back next week to do some gentle hiking around the heart rock and then go over to Medicine Park to eat.  We'll see how the week develops.

If I invite you here for a hike, I promise not to take you on this one.  We'll do a much simpler one if you're up for a hike.  If you want to do this one, I'll take you, but you may have to carry me out to the car.  Maybe I don't know anyone dumb enough to want to do this hike.  :)  I recalled today that the last time I did this hike I was 15 years younger; at 63, that's a big deal!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yesterday was company day.

I took this picture yesterday when I was waiting for Joan to come bring me some squash out of her garden.  It was nice to have a visit with her and then another when Sue and Vereal surprised us.

Today I went to war with the weeds, again.  It's 99 out there, now, but I got done while it was still 98.  I'm all cleaned up and ready to play cards with Garrett, but he's asleep.  It's tough being 15, you know.  There is something he wants to watch on TV tonight, so I wanted to get cleaned up before I sit down to sew in front of the TV.  We've got to go to bed early tonight because in the morning we'll get up early and go to the refuge to hike.  I'm so ready to do that!

I hope we can get some good pictures tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll see gorgeous lizards and NO  SNAKES!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy day.

Sue had a fit that I was taking this picture, but it's a treasured memory when she and Vereal come by for a visit.  Sue goes to church with me, now.  Vereal used to live here and we were all friends.   Vereal has moved to Biloxi, Mississippi and he comes back to visit every now and then.  I thank God for good friends like them in my life!  I'm sorry the picture is not more clear, but it's a keepsake of a precious memory.

Garrett and I figured out that he's going to be here 2 weeks instead of the one week that we both thought!  So, I went to the grocery store today and got a bunch of food in hopes I can fill up his empty leg.  :)  His favorite is my chocolate chip pie, so I made a couple today.  He likes hash browns, so a made a bunch of those.  Joan brought over some fresh squash so I made a bunch of squash for me (he won't eat it).  We had beans and cornbread out of the freezer for supper, so we're not hurting here!

So today has been a cooking day.  We also watched some TV tonight.  He likes America's Got Talent.  Earlier today we watched Undercover Boss which I had taped.  It's been a fun day and he is lighting up my life!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday has been restful.

Today has been a restful day.  I forgot to take pictures today when Dorothy was here with Garrett and I for lunch, but we'll get more chances.  We are a great team.  Garrett said, "She's so sweet," when we took her home.  When we got there this morning, she grabbed him and said, "You've been here too long without me seeing you til now!"  (I just got him here Thursday1)  It's great that we all get along and have a good time together!  I thank God for fun times with treasured people and treasured people to build new memories.

Last night Garrett and I were playing cribbage with a cribbage board I'd gotten at a yard sale.  The pegs wouldn't stay in the holes, so I decided it need to be re-drilled.  Well, Garrett drilled holes until both drills went dead.  I charged the drills and I finished them after the drills re-charged.  I broke the drill bit, but managed to finish with half a bit.  He'll never let me live that one down; "How does anyone break a bit?"  I've broken 3 bits; I guess I'm an unhandy rigger, rather than a handy man.  Today I have a blister on my thumb from all that drilling.  I paid a quarter for that cribbage board, but, even at what they pay me to sub, I figure it's worth about $40, now after the hours I've spent on it.  Besides that Garrett and I worked on it and played on it, so it has become  another treasure.  I don't find many people who know how to play cribbage, so it's fun when I get to play.  It brings back memories of playing with my mom over the years, not to mention some other treasured friends, like Mike Buchanan!  Ah, a good game it is!

We had planned to go to the refuge tomorrow, but we've backed off and decided to go Wednesday, instead.  We figure there will be more people there tomorrow because of the holiday.  Tuesday, I think Meers (the restaurant where we want to go) is closed, so we'll go Wednesday.  I'd better check the weather, though.  Anyway, we'll go soon.  Maybe tomorrow we'll walk around the park.  I found more weeds I need to hoe in the back flower bed today.  Weeds!  A never ending challenge!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Phyllis Diller

So, Garrett can go home and tell everyone he went hiking with Phyllis Diller, except he won't know who that is!  This was one we took yesterday when we were hiking at Quartz.  I thank God for the wind that wrecked my hair because I would have melted and run down into a puddle without the wind to cool me.  I had Garrett's water bottle in my pocket and that helped to cool me, too.  (I had it in my pocket to keep it right side up; in my backpack it was leaking when it got sideways.)  We'll get more pics when we go to the Refuge on  Monday.

Today we went to the Arts on the Square, which is a big part of the Celebration of Freedom that is going on in Hobart this weekend.  I got to see several friends and lot so kids who I had in school.  It was fun and Garrett was a great escort.  I even shopped at the library's book sales and got a bag full of books for $1.  That ought to keep me in reading for the next year!

Garrett and I are playing cribbage and Egyptian war every night.  He mostly beats me, but we have fun!  I'm so glad to have him here with me, and I'm grateful to be able to keep up with him in some things.  He's been a big help in some computer tangles, too!  How nice to have a guru sometimes!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Quartz Mountain Resort

They said it would be cloudy today, so there is the one cloud we had.  This is a picture of Garrett and I at the lake.  We watched a great blue heron fishing from this spot.   I can't believe he's my 'little grandson,' who now weighs in at 197 and I'd guess he's about 5'9".  We should measure.  He is 15.   We are both delighted that we figured out he's going to be here with me for TWO weeks; we both thought it was one week, but we got the calendar out and got it straight.  We're loving it.  We can do lots of hiking!  We had a great time today!

Last night we stayed up late playing cards.  We've got to quit that staying up late, but we'll continue playing cards!

Joan brought me some basil she found in Cordell today.  I had just bought some yesterday and I have eaten it at every meal.  I hope it's good for me; I sure do like it!  I've got it planted in the planter right outside the back door, so it should be handy to water and pick.  I thank God for yummy food and wonderful friends and family. The list goes on and on of what and who I'm so blessed to have in my life.  Thank you for reading and checking in with me often.  God bless!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I  took this picture last week on my way home from Tennessee.  I stopped to visit a precious lady in the nursing home in Corn.  I could have taken it, again, today, because I got to stop and see her, again.  Corn is between here and Weatherford and I picked up Garrett in Weatherford., so I stopped to visit with Imogene.  I didn't take the camera today, so I'm glad I got this one last week.

Garrett and I are getting ready to play cribbage.  It's bedtime, but we don't have a train to catch in the morning.  We won't stay up too late.  I thank God for the time he can spend with me.  I thank God that I can visit Imogene from time to time, too.  So many times I stop to see her and she's gone, but it's been fun to catch her these last two times.  So, Garrett is probably about to beat me, and I don't mind a bit!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last week.

This picture was taken a week ago when I was on my way home from Tennessee.  I stopped at Tricia's house and collected this hug from her!  I look like the little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead; when she was good she was really good, but when she was bad she was really, really bad.  Remember that little rhyme we read to the kids.  I always remember it when a curl falls down in the middle of my forehead.  I don't have many curls, anymore, but that chemo hair had some curls for a while!  It was sure good to see Trish and some of the kids.

Tomorrow I go to Weatherford  to pick up Garrett.  I think Dorothy will ride with me.  She enjoys getting out and she'll love to see Garrett, too.  He'll be glad to see her, too.  She's gone with me to pick him up on previous trips.  I'm really looking forward to his being here for a week!  We've got big plans to go adventuring at the Wichita Mountains Refuge!  I thank God that he is close enough to do fun things with me and that we are able to do them.  He had a ROTC adventure at the Refuge during spring break, so I'm looking forward to him showing me what they did when there were there.  I just hope we don't see any snakes and I hope we do see all the poison ivy before it gets us!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A sleepy day.

I have lots of sleepy days, but I was up late last night, so today has been especially sleepy.  I went to the ballgames, so when I got home I had to catch up on some details I needed to cover.

I guess this picture was last Friday because I have on the red shirt.  Sometimes I wear that shirt when it's not Friday, but usually Friday is a good guess if I have on red.

I'm watching Dancing with the Starts tonight.  I'm sewing as I watch; doing some handwork.  I like to have something to do when I watch TV; if I don't I go to sleep.  Sitting still is such an invitation to nap!

I thank God that I can see well enough to do the handwork.  I know that Dorothy is so frustrated because she can't see.  She has the best attitude about it, though!  I hope I can be as graceful as she is with whatever health problems that I face in the future.  For now, I'm so grateful for the measure of vision that I have!  I'm also so grateful for the ability to sleep.  It's the thing I do best and it is a great healer for me.

Monday, May 21, 2012


I just signed into the blog and it tells me that it doesn't exist.  I don't get it.  Here I am writing it, though, so maybe it somehow does???  I'm going to go over to the other computer to add a pic, but I wanted to start it from this one because I've copied a quote I want to use from Joel Osteen: Learn to relax and accept the place where you are. God is in control and directing your footsteps. You are exactly where you are supposed to be."

Well, I came over to this computer and the font has changed, but the blog is still very much here and what I saved was also here.  I can live with the different font.

The last couple of days have been really tough for some reason.  I've done a lot of crying; just couldn't seem to help it.  I found this quote on facebook tonight and I needed the reminder.  I'm okay.  It's just that sometimes I lose my grip.  I appreciate Joel Osteen so much, so this was good coming from him.  I've heard it from others, and I believe it, but I forget.  Reminders are good.

They didn't call me to teach today, but I was up and ready in case they did.  I rarely wear yellow, but Ruthie gave me yellow earrings and I had this yellow top, so it was fun to wear today.  I was altering some clothes today and had the radio on, so I heard them announce that the Hobart Junior High Softball games had been moved from Navajo to Hobart.  That was right up my alley:  softball games right here in town with "MY" junior high girls!  So, I went to both games and LOVED it!  I get more and more attached to these kids all the time.  It's amazing to see their different strengths and skills.  I'm so glad I got to go.  I'll be going to as many of their games as i can when they're right here in town.  So, I spent 4 hours at the ballpark that I didn't have allotted today.  I didn't miss any trains, but I'm late going to bed.  I missed Dancing With the Stars, but it's taped, so I can watch it sometime.

I thank God for folks to dig me out of my hole when I get into it.  I thank Him for leading me and holding me.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Off Sunday.

I worked hard yesterday, so I treated myself to and off Sunday.  It was cloudy, so I didn't get any sunshine.  I just lounged around the house.  I finished my book and took a nice long nap.  Lucky me!

My life long friend, Pam, sent me this dress last year; I had to add the ribbons to hold it up since I don't have the equipment needed.  I love lounging in this dress.  I need to come up with a jacket for it and it would be perfect to take on a cruise.  I'd have to come up with a cruise, too.  Ha!  Dreaming is better than nightmaring!

Dorothy had an upset stomach today, so I did a whole Sunday without my buddy.  I missed her, but she says she's feeling better.  I thank God for her usual health and mine; I hope she's able to keep food down tomorrow.  She's only had a piece of toast today, but that stayed.   I feel fine and sure thank God for that.  I was afraid that being around kids at school, I'd pick up something.  And, there was so much sniffing going on I'm surprised I didn't.  I guess it's allergy season, though.  Anyway, I'm thriving and grateful!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweat hog or drowned rat?

I don't know; no doubt it's the sweat hog, because it's still alive, and although it's sprayed with water it's also sweaty!  But, the house and the vans are both power washed!  It's DONE!  Don power washed the house two years ago when we bought that washer, but neither of us felt like doing it last year. I'm surprised I could figure out how to do it, and for a while I was thinking I'd have to hire somebody to do it because I couldn't make the connections work.  I kept fooling with it until it worked, so then I didn't dare stop until I was done.  Whew!  Nobody but me would post a picture that looks like this, but I'm really proud that I did it!  I thank God for helping me through it.  I thank Him for helping me to clean up, too.  I've cooled down enough that I think it won't be counter productive to take a bath, now!  Then I'm going to reward myself with a night of reading.

When my friend, Dale, was here, he suggested I read the book:  "Same Kind of Different as Me."  It's really a good one, and I recommend it, too!  Thanks Dale!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lucky, again!

I was getting ready to leave Tricia's house the other day and she said, "Sadie will be here in about 10 minutes." So I gladly waited for a hug and a smile that big.  I don't remember every coming home from school with a smile that big; I can only imagine what a blessing she is to her teachers and classmates!   Look how much taller she is than me,  (The story of my life.)

They didn't call me to teach today, either, so it looks like I'm retired for this year.  I ran some errands and did some little things around here.  It's funny how I can piddle away the time!  I did lay in the sun on the deck.  I even got the kiddie pool out, so it wasn't so hot.  I didn't ever see the temperature today, but it was 95 yesterday, so I didn't want any part of that without the pool!  I imagine it was every bit that hot, but it wasn't bad with the pool and the wind.  God knows we need that wind with the heat we get here; I thank Him for it!

I'm enjoying winding down some.  I've caught up on the TV I missed while I was gone (both shows) and the mail, and I'm getting ready to read some on my current book.  I'm grateful for the time to relax.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Great to see Nate!

I got lucky yesterday and Nate was at Tricia's house with his girlfriend, Megan, when I got there!  I hadn't seen them in 8 months, so I was thrilled to see them.  Check out Raynie in her new glasses!  Actually, she's had them for about a month, but they're pretty new to me.  Raynie will be 5 in July and Nate and Megan are 20.  If you look over my head in the background is hanging the mistle toad that Nate loved as a baby.  That seems like yesterday!  Time sure flies!  I'm grateful for precious memories!  I'm grateful for new ones that we can build all the time, too.  God is so good to us.

They didn't call me to teach today, so I went to war with the weeds in the flower beds.  Those rascals keep me on my toes, but today I'm winning.  I also went through the mail from the last week, so I'm catching up a bit.  I'm going to watch the last of Survivor that I missed while I was gone and go to bed.

If you need a gut check, watch this video.  It's worth waiting for the commercial to play.  Then enjoy every moment with the ones you love.  Everything is relative and those weeds 'ain't nothin.'

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A fun Mothers' Day evening!

I got this picture Sunday night when Deanna, Ruthie's daughter came over with her 3 sons to celebrate Mothers' Day with us.  It was a really special evening!  Deanna is in the back, right, and her oldest son, Phillip is in the back, also.  I am on the far left, and then Alex, Ruthie, Phil and the little one, Blake.  Phillip graduates this week and he and Blake took me to meet Steve and Mary yesterday.  This trip was full of special moments and Sunday evening with this bunch was some of those special moments.  Again and again I thank God for wonderful family.

I made it home tonight in time to get to church, but I haven't unpacked, yet.  I'll do that tomorrow.  I'm going to wash my hair and trim it, and then dive into bed.  I've slept good the whole trip, but today has been a long one.  We got to Oklahoma City around 2 and I went over and got to see Nate and his girlfriend, Megan with Raynie.  Then Trish and Sadie came home, so I got in some more good visiting.  I got good pics of all of them, but I haven't downloaded them to the computer yet.  Soon, I'll do that!  I've just got to get to bed.  I'll get some details taken care of tomorrow if they don't call me to teach.  (Yikes!  It would be good to get in another couple of days before school is out, but chances are I'm done for the year.  I'm good with whatever happens.  God provides and I thank Him and praise Him!)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ruthie and Phil had to go to a doctor's appointment today, so I was escorted to meet Steve and Mary by two of their grandsons.  Phillip, who graduates from high school this week and his little brother Blake.  This is a picture I got of a snuggle with Blake before we left.  This trip has really been good for me!  I'm so grateful that God worked it out for me!

Steve and Mary and I saw some more cool birds on our way today.  We've stopped for the night, but we'll be home tomorrow.  Home is always sweet, no matter how good the trip.  I should have called some folks sooner, but it's too late to call, now.  I'll check in with folks tomorrow, I guess.  (By the way, Blake is 5.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

More great visiting!

This is a picture I got today when we went to see Tom and Linda Rose, our good friends who are just like family.  Linda and Tom are on the left and Ruthie and Phil are on the right.  Tom and I dated back in high school and the three of us were in the same graduating class.  Tom and Linda joined us twice in Hawaii.  Ruthie and Linda correspond a lot and have often talked on the phone.  We all share lots of memories and it's like a cousin reunion when we can share some time.  This was a wonderful visit.  Linda's 96 year old mother lives with them, but I wasn't quick enough to get pictures before she went down for her nap.  I sure thank God for precious people in my life and for the opportunity to spend some time with them!

Ruthie and Phil and I are getting ready to play one last night of cards.  Deanna and her sons are coming over here soon, so we'll get in some more visiting!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A happy mothers' day!

It was a great day.  We started out with a trip to church, where I got to see lots of friends from when we lived here.  Then we went back tonight and saw even more.  This picture was taken before church this morning.  Thankfully, I found my real camera this morning, so I could do the timer shots.  I had my back up camera, but his one is better.

Today was cool.  Both of Ruthie and Phil's kids came over today to wish us a happy mothers' day, so it was a fun day of visiting with friends and family.

This evening I was dumb enough to play hearts with them and they beat me, again!  I loved it, anyway.  This has been such a sweet trip.  I sure thank God for it!

Oh!  We picked up another bird sighting today, too.  I think it was the Carolina wren.  We had heard it, but today it parked right on the banister of the back porch and serenaded us!  I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a picture, but I got a good view!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some more favorite birds.

Here is the female and male cardinal with the indigo bunting.  The bluebird was really Don's all time favorite bird, but this indigo bunting was one that ran a close second.  We'd see them a lot when we lived here, as well as the bluebirds.  He loved them both.  I can't get the bluebirds to be still long enough to get a picture, yet, but I'm working on it.  There is a family in a bluebird house out back, but they hurry and get into it and out of it and I don't get a very good chance to get a picture.  I'll keep watching and hope I can get one before I leave.  Watching the birds was our favorite pass time when we lived here.  There were 29 species that we watched and it was a big sacrifice when we left here, to give up the birds.  Things change and we loved living in Oklahoma, but we missed the birds.  It's been a joy to get to watch them this week.  I thank God for the treasured memories and for the opportunity to relive some of those memories.

It's awesome to spend time with Ruthie and Phil.  Phil has been in my life since I was 12 years old, so he's really part of my family.  Ruthie is 5 years older than me, so she taught me a lot of what I know.  As her grandson says, she is the matriarch of our family, now.  It's been fun to look at pictures from way back when with her.  I'll probably post one of those old pictures soon.  This trip is a blessing.  I thank Steve and Mary for making it possible for me and I sure thank God for it!

Today Ruthie's son and his wife, daughter, and grandson came over to visit.   This visit is an awesome blessing!

Friday, May 11, 2012

He came to visit!

The rufous sided towhee is my favorite bird.  I learned about him when he used to come and visit us all the time when Don and I lived here.  He always reminded me of Don; he was big and handsome and a hard worker.  I was thrilled today, when he came to visit while we sat out on the back porch at Ruthie and Phil's house.   I like to think that somehow Don sent him today.

We met Ruthie and Phil a little after noon today.  Then Steve and Mary went on to their son's home and we came back to Ruthie and Phil's house.  I loved the afternoon on their back porch watching lots and lots of great birds.  This towhee was my very favorite!  Tonight we went to their little grandson's t-ball game and it was so much fun!  We got to see his two older brothers and his mommy, too, so it was a real treat.

I thank God for safe travels and wonderful family and friends!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

We are on the road to Tennessee.  We're just past Little Rock and headed to a hotel in Forrest City, Arkansas for the night.  We have the room reserved; now, we just have to get there.  We've had an awesome day of birding!  We left OKC this morning around 9.  We've stopped at 3 different wildlife reserves along the way and saw lots of beautiful country.  We saw everything from a raccoon and a groundhog to an owl, a bob white and a flock of bobolinks.  There were lots of other great sitings, but those are the ones that come to mind right quickly.  Oh, there were 3 little deer at the last, too; they weren't fawns, but they were little.  I thank God for a wonderful day and many examples of His handiwork.  Oh!  There were lots of indigo buntings, too; love those!

I'm writing this in the car.  When we check in at the hotel I'll go online and paste this into the blog with a picture from some time in the past; probably last Sunday morning.

We should be able to meet Ruthie and Phil around noon tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  I'm having a great time and it's only going to get better.  God is so good!  Thanks for keeping up with me!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

At Steve and Mary's house.

Yeehaw!  I'm on my way!  I left right after school today.  I stopped to see a friend in the nursing home on the way, but she was gone with her daughter, so I missed her.  I left a note and some pictures for her, and maybe I'll catch her on my way home if I have enough daylight.  I came on and visited with Trish and the kids who were home, so that was a good visit.  I have my camera buried somewhere in my belongings, so I didn't get pics, yet.  I can't get my computer online, here, so I'm using Mary's desktop.  She provided this picture that was taken of us when they took me for my checkup at MD Anderson in January.  We are great 'playmates,' so I have really been looking forward to this trip.

We wandered around out in their great yard when I got here and it was fun to explore the pond, and all the flowers.  We found several caterpillars on some of their flowers, so it was kind of like hunting Easter eggs for old folks.  That's the kind of thing we enjoy.  I'm looking forward to tomorrows drive toward Tennessee.

I had a good day at school today.  I had 6th graders all day except for one class of 7th graders.  The kids are really great and I thank God for them and the opportunity to work with them.  I really thank God for this opportunity to get away, too, though!  It's good to count my blessings.  I'll keep in touch as we travel.  Thanks for caring and keeping up with me.  Ruthie, here we come!  Woo hoo!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No school; a date with Dorothy!

I don't remember where we're going, but it's some kind of meeting where there will be a drawing and Dorothy is feeling lucky.  It's at the lodge out at Quartz Mountain, so it will be a nice drive for us.  I'm thinking we'll be done by dark, so I won't be out driving in the dark.  I'm all set to leave tomorrow, so I can go and enjoy a night with her.

A good thing about these pictures is it reminds me when I forget my necklace.  That necklace that I wear all the time is supposed to protect me from magnetic fields, like electrical lights, cell phones, etc.  I've had it for years, but I've worn it faithfully since I was faced with cancer; sometimes I forget, though, and the pictures help to remind me.

I didn't teach today, so it was nice to have the time to get ready to go.  It's amazing how many last minute things there are to a trip.  I'm ready for a break and a visit with Ruthie and Phil at their house will be so sweet!  Lucky, me!  Tonight, when I get home, I'll wash my hair and pack all the toiletries.  There's always that last minute hair washing, too.  Bald was really simple, but so drab.  I thank God for hair and health.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A cooler day in Hobart!

I got a day off today, so I got lots of work done in the yard!  I FINISHED cutting the tops off all the irises!  It was a great day for working in the yard.  It was in the high 60's when I was out there working.  The wind was blowing like I was in the mountains, so I was almost cold out there.  The best thing is that I got the irises all cleared out and pulled a bunch of weeds that were hiding in them, too.

I'm all packed to go to Tennessee on Thursday!  My good friends, Steve and Mary (who took me to Houston, picked me up in Bartlesville, etc., etc., etc.) are going to Tennessee to see there son and I'm riding with them.  They'll drop me off to visit with Ruthie and Phil for a week, so I'm so excited to be able to make this trip!  I teach Wednesday, so I'm going to school all packed and I'll leave from school to go straight to OKC.  I'll spend the night with Mary and Steve and we'll leave early Thursday morning.  I really can hardly wait!

I need the boost this trip will give me.  I thank God for great friends like Steve and Mary, who will let me be their side kick for a few days.  On the way there and back we will take some side trips to do some birding.  I love birding with them, so this is really going to be a treat.  I'm so grateful for Joan and Hazel, who will look after the house while I'm gone, too.  Lucky me!

Oh, tonight's picture is one I took Sunday before church.  I posted one last night of Dorothy and I after church, but this was before Sunday's wind got me.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday lunch.

Dorothy and I were having left over lunch from last Sunday's lasagna.  I stuck it in the freezer and we had it with a salad today.  Then, of course, we finished off with a piece of sugar free pie.

This afternoon I treated myself to a nap.  Than after church tonight (we finish at 6) I cut another 80 pounds of iris greens.  I got all the irises done at the parsonage next door and about half of mine in the front yard done.  So, there are probably another 60-80 pounds out there.  If I don't teach tomorrow, I'll get them done tomorrow.  So far they haven't called me, so maybe I'll get to get the irises done.  I thank God that I'm able to do it; I also thank Him for the work, so either way, I'm content.  I especially thank Him for my precious friend, Dorothy.  She understands and shares my loss and she supports me in all I do.  What a gift she is to me!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Got it!

I got the picture of our card players today.  It was the first time this group has played since David and Don died and we were all able to play with a straight face and even lots of laughs.  In the picture from the left is my dear friend, Dorothy, who you see on here a lot.  These are all dear friends, though.  Next is Jo Ann, who is my breast cancer sister.  They say 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer; well, 2 out of this group did!  Next is my good friend, Joan, who looks after the house, the mail, and the yard when I'm gone.  We were celebrating her birthday today.  Joan and I played Jo Ann and Dorothy and we both won one game each; we'll have to play again before too long; it was sure fun.

We played this morning at 9 and then we went to lunch at the Mexican Restaurant.  After lunch they all went home and I got a little while in the sun.  It was way too hot, though: 103, and I didn't have my kiddie pool out, so I was out there for less than an hour.  After I cooled down I went back out and tackled the iris greens in the back flower bed.  I won, because there are now 80 pounds of greens in the dumpster.  Soon I will tackle the ones out front; maybe tomorrow night after church if it cools down enough.  Man, 103 is HOT!  I thank God for the irises, though, and for the ability to work in the flower beds.  I sure thank Him for friends and good times to share!  (Joan and I met in the yard.  We used to live across the street from her and she and I worked in out yards constantly.  I got about half my irises from her.  All the ones with color besides purple and white, I got from her!)

Friday, May 4, 2012

I can't even tell you why.

This picture I took on April 30th, I think.  I have to use it because I forgot to take one this morning.  It just never came to me.  At least I did remember that it was Friday and wore a red shirt today.  All I know is that I'm sure glad it's Friday!  I'm tired.  This teaching may be a bigger bit than I really want to take.  We'll see.  All I know for sure is that I'm tired and I'm glad it's Friday.  Right now I only have one day scheduled to work next week and that sounds great to me!  I'm still in love with the kids, but I'm sure glad to have this weekend to get some things done around here.

I'm starting with a card game with 'the girls' tomorrow morning!  My good friend Joan's birthday was the 30th and we're going to celebrate with a card game in the morning and then lunch at the Mexican Restaurant.  I think we're all looking forward to it.

I took the white van to the shop today to have the oil changed and have him check all the hoses, tires, etc. to make sure it's trip ready for my family reunion in June.  It's ready!  Woohoo!  I'm ready to hit the road, again!  I also went out to Dorothy's house and gave her a haircut, so she's trim for Sunday and a couple of weeks.  I hope this weekend to get all the iris greens trimmed.  That will get me out in the sunshine, plus get that part of the yard work done.  So, this weekend is filling with fun and projects.  I hope to remember to get good pics this weekend.  Tomorrow should be a good opportunity with the girls her to play cards!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's almost dark!

I stayed up last night grading papers and working on lesson plans, so I'm sleepy as can be tonight.  I'm just waiting for dark to get here so I can crash.  it's almost dark, too!  I am so blessed to be a great sleeper.  I hear people talk of insomnia and I never have that issue.  Sleep is a good healer for me.  I always wake up better than when I went to bed, so I thank God for the awesome gift of healing sleep!

My day at school was great today.  I really enjoy the kids.  I never dreamed it would be this much fun to go back to teaching!  I guess I forgot how awesome kids are even if they aren't my grandkids.

This picture I took this morning before school.  I'm not that bright eyed right now.  My eyes are begging to go dump these contacts and my body is so ready to crawl into bed.  Hope you all have a good night's rest, too!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The teacher, whose job I have been filling for the last two weeks was hoping to come back tomorrow, but she's decided to take the rest of the week to regain her strength. That means I'm working for the next two days. It also means that I have lesson plans to do tonight. I gave the kids a test today, so I've got a stack of papers to grade, too. So, tonight is a busy night. I'm headed to church and then I'll come home and finish up and get to bed. I wanted to get this blog posted to let you know what's happening here. Lots of work; that's a good thing. I thank God that I can handle the job and that the work is available!

Thanks for your love. It means a lot to know that people care. God bless!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So sleepy!

I was up until 1 this morning. My neighbor, Hazel, came over to go to the basement with me if the siren sounded and we watched the weather for an hour or two. Then I had to work on my application, so I'd be sure and have it ready to turn in today. I did turn it in and had an interview. I think I can go to work if they just have an opening in something I want to teach. Right now there are no such openings, but it's early; there will be more openings as we approach summer. We'll see what happens. I'm happy to sub and be free if that's the best I can do. Teaching will tie me down, so that's the negative to teaching full time.

But, I am way sleepy. I'm just waiting for dark to get here so I can crash. I'm ready and watching DWTS. I thank God that rest works so well for me and I'm a good sleeper, so I'm ready for a healing session of sleep. Ahhhhhh.