Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tree is GONE!

I'm so pleased with my tree GONE!  I didn't realize how much is was hogging my back yard.  I'm hoping the grass will grow better, now.  In this picture I'm watering my basil, which is doing great.  You can peek into the Florida room and see my kiddie pool draped over a chair.  That kiddie pool keeps me alive when I lay in the sun in this horrible heat we're having.  That and a couple of cooler ice packs in the water.make it a doable thing.

Last night I fixed my camera, so I was really pleased to be able to do that.  I was shopping online to replace it and remembered that I had fond the manual online, so I went there to troubleshoot.  I was staring at the camera to figure out what they were telling me and noticed that it looked crooked, somehow.  So I just pushed where it looked like it needed pushing and it clicked right back into place . . . and WORKED!  So, that's been my latest celebration; getting my favorite camera to work!

Tomorrow is a card and lunch day for 4 of us girls!  Woo hoo!  Joan and I are ready for the yard sale, so 4 of us are going to play cards all day and take a break in the middle to go eat lunch.  I hope I remember to take the camera!  I thank God for precious friends and for the energy to do this yard sale.  Actually, it's an estate sale with garage sale prices.  It will be mostly inside, so we'll have AC.  Another good friend is going to run the sale in the shed to sell all the tools.  He must be another angel!  I sure thank God for him.  He has priced all the 'guy' stuff.  I should get a picture of the sale and all our 'staff,' too.  Joan has already sold Floyd's house and over $4,000 worth of the contents, so she's doing a great job.

School is starting soon, so I'm doing my best to get the blog done early so I can get to bed early and be up and ready in case they call me to sub.  I'm not so good at going to bed before dark, but Don used to tell me it was dark whenever I closed my eyes, so I just have to get everything done early.  I can sleep anytime; it's just a matter of getting everything done.  The summer sure has seemed short!  I think maybe it's a good thing I didn't get a full time position!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Angel at work.

This guy is so cool!  I went out to get my mail Saturday and he was across the street working.  He hollered, "Hello, Jo!"  I waved back and remembered that I'd noticed this dead tree in the back yard, so I went over to tell him I needed him to remove it for me.  I told him he could wait until it's cooler in the fall if he wanted, but he said, no, he'd better do it now while he has time, so he came right over as soon as he finished across the street!  I feel so blessed to have found him to take care of the jobs that are way too big for me!

Today I worked with Joan and she really had most everything done for the yard sale.  I thought we'd be working on it all week, but we're done except for a little bit tomorrow.  We've scheduled a girls' day of cards for Wednesday!   Joan, Dorothy and my neighbor across the street, Haze,l will play Hand and Foot Canasta and then go to lunch at the Mexican restaurant.  After lunch we'll go back for another game or two. Then I'll stay at Dorothy's house until church and we'll do midweek Bible study together.  I'm looking forward to a sweet Wednesday.

I'll get some work done around here tomorrow and Thursday.  Then the big sale is Friday and Saturday.  I got some sun today.  It was 111 here, though, so I didn't stay out too long and I iced down the water in the pool while I was out there!  I'm thanking God for power to keep us in AC during this heat wave.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dead tree had to go.

This dead tree was a Norway maple and I would never have taken it out if it hadn't died.  It's much better with it gone, though.  You can see that it was way crowded in that space and it kept the grass from growing out there.  maybe the grass will grow, now.  See my basil plants in the planter on the far right?  Love that basil!

Today was a busy Sunday.  It's Lee's last day here and he's helping me get tables up from the basement and loaded to take to a garage sale we're having on Friday and Saturday for Joan's brother.  I'll be working all this week with Joan getting things ready for that sale.  She's selling all his belongings and his house as he will be unable to leave the nursing home, so he needs all the cash he can get for his care.  He fell a couple of months ago and broke his back; then a couple of weeks ago he fell and broke his pelvis.  Now, they've diagnosed him with pulmonary fibrosis, so there is no hope for him to ever go back to his house.  He is 87.  It's tough getting through these kinds of changes.  Joan has been a real trooper, but this has been really tough on her.  I thank God for her in my life as well as in her brother's.  We are blessed to be put on this earth in families.  Have you ever thought how different it would be if we didn't have families?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

So, I find myself really lucky to be hanging out with woolly faced bald headed guys these days.  This is a picture Bob's wife, Diana, took today when I took Lee over to meet them.  This is Bob on the left, then me, then Lee.  This was taken at Bob and Diana's FOURTH house in Hobart!  They are remodeling all of them! Lee and I had just finished lunch, so that's why he's chewing on a toothpick.  Bob and Di sure have their work cut out on this house, but they do great work, so they can handle it. I went to school with Bob in Japan, so he's a friend who is way like a brother.  He and Diana work a lot in Kazakhstan, so I love it when they are at home!

Today I had my good friend who cuts down trees for me come and cut down another tree.  This one was in the back yard and really close to the house.  It was a nice Norway maple, but it couldn't take the drought, I guess.  It leaves a nice place in the back yard; I really think I'll be glad that it's gone.  Sometimes we plant things that get out of hand and I think this was really one of those things, so I won't miss it.

So, I'm getting more and more chores handled around here.  I sure thank God for Rene Hernandez who is so good to take care of my dead trees and my yard.  He's an angel in my life!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Only in Hobart? Think so?

Can you believe this S T R E T C H limo???  Actually, there are two limos in this picture.  There is a smaller one behind this way long one!  They are sitting right here on a car lot in Hobart, America.  I am in awe of them every time I go past them.  I'm thinking someone could buy one and move their family into it?  I just had to share this picture.

Today has been another busy one.  We went to General Tommy Franks' museum and hope to go back to it tomorrow.  We went and visited with the best Realtor in town and that was very interesting and informative for Lee.  He is interested in building some homes in this area and she suggested that her son wants to build and is looking for a builder!  So, we went tonight and visited with he and his wife about a potential building job.  That's pretty cool.  Somewhere in there I cooked the fresh vegetables that Joan has showered on us:  okra, quash and home grown tomatoes  (not cooked tomatoes!) and made some gravy to go with roast I had in the freezer.  I'll have all that left over for dinner with Dorothy after church on Sunday.  I'm making a pie; the pineapple is draining right now.  That pie will complete our Sunday dinner.

I'm plenty tired and give thanks for good people to meet and know, good beds for resting and a great pie I can make on the fly.  Tomorrow will be another busy day.  I hope we can go back to the General Franks museum and then go over to the Kiowa County museum, too.  

Fun day.

This is Brandon and Angela and their daughter, Chloe.  Brandon's great uncle was buried yesterday and I was so thrilled to see him.  Don was also his great uncle, on his mom's side.  This guy was the youngest of all the cousins of our kids generation, I think.  Anyway, when we all gathered here at this house for Thanksgiving he was the youngest and a precious little kid.  Now, look at him!  I know my kids are going to be so pleased to see this picture of Brandon, Angela and Chloe.

Today Lee and I toured the Quartz Mountain Lodge and the little hikes around there.  Then we rushed back to the house and cleaned up to go to Clinton and have dinner and a wonderful visit with some good friends of his.  He had built their home 7 years ago and it was a gorgeous home.  We went out to a restaurant where I had never been, but it was a real event!  It's the White Dog Hill; what an experience!  The food was delicious and the atmosphere and company were just wonderful.  It was a really fun day.

I thank God for great times with family and friends.  I'm surely blessed and I give thanks and praise.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holy cow, it's late!

You know, as funerals go, the one today was really great.  It was so wonderful to have Brent and Zelma stay here last night.  We stayed up until midnight talking and catching up!  Then today both their boys were at the funeral, so I got to see them,   Then Brent's sister and her husband were there as well as their two boys.  I loved seeing all of them.  Brent and Celia are Don's sister's children.  We used to work with Brent and Zelma, so we were very close for many years.  I meant to take pics at breakfast this morning, but I was scurrying around getting it on the table and getting ready and didn't get pics done.  I got this one after the funeral today, though.  This is Lee, who is a first cousin to Cotton's (the widow of my brother-in-law's brother, the 'honoree' at the funeral) first husband.  I know that sounds complicated, but it was so interesting to be at the funeral with 2 sides of the family.  Brent is in the blue shirt, then his wife, Zelma, and then Junior, Celia's husband.  Chloe is Brent and Zelma's granddaughter; she's in the front.  Now, I know all that was complicated, but I did my best to explain how everyone fits and is important to me.

After the funeral in Roosevelt, we came back to Hobart for the interment.  Then we all went back to Roosevelt for a wonderful dinner that the church provided for the family.  After all that, Lee and I came back to the house and got into hiking garb and headed to the Refuge.  Well, that was a great idea.  We thought it would be a good time to see the lights from the city from the top of Mount Scott.  I've never seen them because I can't drive in the dark, plus I don't go hiking by myself.  But, Nate had been camping at the refuge a few weeks ago and he got pics of the lights from the top of Mount Scott at night, and I thought it would be a great adventure  Well, it was!  They ran us off Mount Scott at 9, but we did get to see the lights first.  We headed back toward Hobart and the road was blocked because of wildfires.  So we ended up driving about 40 miles out of the way to get back to Hobart.  We saw herds of buffalo in the road as well as deer.  I don't think I ever want to go there at night, again.  That was kind of scary.  The fires were pretty scary, too.  We did make it home, but it's way later than I meant to be.  It was a great adventure, though.  I'm sure glad I didn't have to drive it.

I thank God for the opportunity to see lots of great family and friends, today.  I even saw one of my favorite students; I guess we're just nearly related and I had no clue when I had him in class.  It was a great day to honor James and celebrate his life.  We'll miss him, but I'll treasure the memories of today..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oops! Forgot!

I got so carried away enjoying the company that I forgot to take any pics!  I'll have to get some in the morning.  I'll put the camera on the table so I don't forget!  It's great to have everyone here.  The visitation at the funeral home was so nice tonight.  It's wonderful that even at heart breaking times we can enjoy sharing time with each other.

This picture is one I took today when I was waiting for folks to arrive.  These flowers are some Joan let me cut from her garden, again.  The echinacea and the daisy and the artemisia (filler) are from my flower beds, but she has the great ones.  She's such a sweetheart to share everything from flowers to veggies from her garden besides keeping an eye on the house and my mail when I travel.  What a great friend she is!  I thank God for Joan in my life.  I have other great friends and family, but she is a great, great friend.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy times.

This picture was made last week on a hike in Branson.  This was a new hike for me and this tower was a new task.  I think it was 40 feet high.  Anyway, it was fun to climb; it had stairs and rails, so it was an easy climb and a beautiful day for it.  Wouldn't this be pretty in the fall!

So, I'm home and back to reality.  I hit the weed attack this morning, but I'm going to give them a break for a while.  My brother-in-law's brother passed away on Sunday, so lots of family is coming in this week.  I'm sorry it takes a death for the family to gather, but the family gathering is a good thing.  Some will be staying here, so I'm so glad to have this house full of people, again!  I hope I can get unpacked before everyone arrives!  I thank God for wonderful family and friends, and I'm sure glad to have a place to welcome them.  Don's mom and dad built this house to hold lots of people, so I love it when I can put it to it's intended use.

I think I've broken my camera.  I can't get it to take pics.  So, I've figured out how to work the timer on my old camera, but I can't find the cord to use to transfer the pics to the computer.  It's always some challenge.  God will help me find it; He always pulls me through the tight spots.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I got a picture of this lizard when we went on a hike the other day.  It was fun to chase him; my grand kids would have caught him if they'd been with me.  I was thinking of them and missing them, but the hike was great.

I made it to pick up Dorothy today and got here home and settled, then got me home . . . not to get me settled.  I guess I'll get that done over the next couple of days.  I'm going to bed early tonight so I can get up early in the morning and go out and attack some weeks in the back yard.  There's the mail to go get and sort, too.  Ugh.  I hate the settling in part of coming home.  Home is sweet, though, and I thank God for it.  I also thank Him for safe travels and a wonderful week in Branson.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This is a picture that is on Facebook of the 60's group who were at our reunion in DC two years ago.  We congregate on that page every day and keep up with each other.  I'm the one having the most fun; you can tell by the biggest smile in the group.  I hope to smile like that some more at our next reunion in October in San Antonio.  This group brings out the smiles in me!  I'm so blessed to be a part of this group.  I thank God for my opportunity to be a military brat and spend 6 years in Japan.  The last 2 1/2 were with this group!

I'm in OKC today running around seeing old places I used to know and how they've changed.  I'm going to a reunion event with a friend tonight and I'll see some folks I knew 20 years ago, I imagine.  I drove by to make sure I know where to pick up Dorothy tomorrow.  We'll head home in the middle of the afternoon tomorrow.  This vacation has been interesting and fun.  Back to the weeds, tomorrow!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Berry Picking!

Not me!  I'm not berry picking, but I'm borrowing this picture that I swiped from Tricia's facebook page and THEY were berry picking.  It was Raynie's birthday and they went to this great place and picked a ton of blackberries.  I'm living the joy through them!  I got to visit with them a bit today, minus Sadie.  Sadie is on a vacation with a friend, so I missed her.  Robert is in the back at the left; then Sadie; then Trish; then Mason; in the front is Grace and then Raynie in the glasses.  What a fun bunch they are!

I'm spending the night with a friend and my laptop doesn't work here, so I'm on a computer that is very strange to me.  We had a good trip home from Branson and I've got to visit the kids and got to meet lots of new people today.  I've talked to Dorothy and we're all set to go home on Sunday after church.  I almost forgot I had the blog yet to do!  It's way past my bedtime and it's been a long, but good day.  I thank God for a safe trip and wonderful people to know and love. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Found another great hike!

There is so much fun in Branson besides the shows and shopping.  Check out this switchback hike!  I love this!  This was on the way up to a 40 foot tall lookout tower!  tomorrow I'll post a picture from up there.  It was a great hike!

I'm getting ready to load up and go home in the morning.  Actually, I think I'll stay in the City for a couple more nights.  Dorothy is there visiting with a sister-in-law and she wants to stay until Sunday.  I can do that.  I have just enough pills to do that.  So, I'll pick her up and take her home on Sunday.  A week in Branson has been fun.  Now, I head back to the weeds, so I'm not so eager to face them.  Oh, well, I've had a good week of rest and fun, so I'm braced for it.  I thank God for opportunities to R&R!  This has been a really good week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Christmas light stop sign?

Yep, right here in Branson; lighted stop lights!  They are solar powered; I wonder if they work on nights that the days were cloudy?  No problem this week; it's been sunny and hot all week.  It's great for hiking and I love it.  I love this sign, too.  It doesn't take much to entertain me!

Tonight we're going to Branson Landing to watch the fountain show.  Maybe it will be cooler tonight.  We went shopping at my favorite card shop today and also to Mel's Hard Luck Diner for lunch.  That's where the wait staff takes turn singing and it's like going to another show.  It was great!

I've got to go do some stepping (I ride the elevator down and then come back up the stairs, so I can get in at least 10 flights of stairs a day.)  I'd like to do 20, but I may melt if I do that, so I'll settle for 10 flights.  I thank God for great weather and a fitbit to help me track my stairs and my steps for walking.  Yesterday I did 4.5 miles.  Today, I may not do so many.  I remind myself more and more of my mom; she walked and walked and I'm following in her footsteps, it appears.  I thank God for my mom, too!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More hiking today!

This was a shot from a hike we took this morning.  It was the beginning of our 4.3 miles today.  If you can make this be bigger, you'll see the great heron on the log in the water over my right shoulder.  It was a beautiful hike.  Tonight we're headed to see Pierce Arrow, my favorite show.  I'm really tired; I hope I don't fall asleep in the show.  We've got front row seats!

I thank God for a beautiful place to be and enjoy His handiwork and for good friends and family.  I am so blessed!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another great hike.

This picture we got today at a new hike we discovered.  The kids will love this hike; wish they could have come this week, but we'll be back here and this will be a great new hike to take!  It's so nice to have a buddy with me who can take pics for me and who can go hiking with me.  I cold never come here alone because if I fell I'd be in big trouble without someone to go get help.  Maybe the phone would work?  Maybe I can hike alone!  I've got my bottle of water in my pocket; I thank God for bottled water!  I guess in the old days we would take canteens?  Anyway the water sure saves my life when I'm hiking ans sweating like a pig.  I could have never gotten this picture without a helper.  It looks like I'm standing in the water but I was just standing on the edge of this little pool.

Today I walked 3.08 miles and climbed 20 flights of stairs.  My friend who went on the cruise with me introduced me to the fitbit and it tells me exactly how far I've walked and how many flights (or equivalent to) of stairs I've climbed.  It's wonderful to encourage me to keep on chugging.  I had a great detox session today because I was sweating so much.

Then tonight we went to the hospitality party the resort had and had a good dinner and saw lots of Branson entertainers.  Tomorrow night we're going to see Pierce Arrow.  The weather is great and I'm having a great time.  It's nice to be able to share this time.  I'll go back home next week and get to work at home, so this is a nice time for me.  I thank God for nice times, the ability to take the hard times and handle the big jobs, and for good friends and great family.  I'm richly blessed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Relax! That's the ticket!

This is a picture I took of Gretta when I was at her house on July 2.  She wasn't too keen on me taking a picture without her make up on, but I think she looks awesome.  She was so pleased the stone Gina had sent to her with the dragonfly on it.  I love the message:  Relax!  That's what I'm doing this week and I thank God for the opportunity.  I'll go home and get back to work on the weeds in the back yard.  They'll wait on me, I'm sure.  There's plenty to do in the house, too.  God's giving me this time to relax, though, so I thank Him for it.

It was fun to go to church in Hollister this morning.  When I'm here I always go there to church and it was great to see folks I love there.  This is good times for me.  I hope you all are finding time to relax, too.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

So proud.

Yesterday before I left for Branson I went to Imogene's funeral and celebration of life.  Those ceremonies are always so difficult.  However, the joy of it was seeing so many folks I love so much and to participate in all the precious memories provided by such a dear lady in all our lives.  I was thoroughly pleased and proud to get to see Jeff and Davy (above) and Davy's wife, Susan and son and daughter, Bruce and Erica.  We certainly made more memories to treasure.

Today I've had trouble connecting, in fact couldn't connect at all until just now.  I get so frustrated with the world of technology.  What matters is that I'm online now, and it's been a great day other than that.  It rained here today and has been cool!  I wasn't prepared for either, but I was blessed to see and feel both.  Thanks for keeping up with me.  I'm fine and heading to bed.  God is great to provide for all my needs.  (Even the Internet comes on just in time.)

Precious Imogene rests in peace.

This picture was made May 17 (I think; that's how I have it filed, so that could be right or could be off a day or two.)  This is my dear friend and awesome example in life, Imogene.  This past Saturday morning, God brought her home and today we celebrated her life.  I went to that celebration before coming to Branson.  I thank God for this awesome lady in my life.

I'm checked in and ready to crash.  It's been a long day.  I'm looking forward to a fun week.  The connection here is pathetic, but it looks like I might get a quick post made.  I'm grateful if I can make it from the unit and not have to drive out to McDonald's!  PTL!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back to my comfort zone: packing!

I've been packing all day and I'm about ready to leave in the morning for a week in Branson.  This was a week I forgot to bank.   I have to use it or lose it, so off I go!  The good thing is that a friend is going with me, so I don't have to worry about driving after dark and I won't be there all by myself.  I don't think I've ever done just one week in Branson, so I really don't know how to even pack.  If I pack wrong, I'll only have to get by a week with whatever is wrong!  It will be nice to share the week.

This is a picture I took last Saturday with the flowers that Joan saved for me.  I finally had to throw them out today.  There will be more when I get home next week, I'll bet.  She brought me squash and tomatoes that I'm taking to Branson.  She's such a dear!  My uncle used to call me Miss Tomato because I ate so many tomatoes when I went to their house.  Home grown tomatoes are so, so good!  I thank God for the tomatoes and for someone who can grow them and will share with me!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

May not impress you.

This may not impress you, but I'm the only person I've got to impress around here, anymore, and I'm impressed!  That grass did grow up to the concrete divider, and came right on into my flower bed.  I started at the fence and was digging it out with a trowel, but I could see that was going to take forever.  So I went with digging it out with a shovel and that took long enough.  Now, this may not look like a big deal to you, but it's a big deal to me.  It feels so good to be done with it!  I'm sure my irises will be happier without those weeks choking them!  I'll get the back yard and the flower bed over in front of the front windows when I get home from Branson .  (Leave Friday for Branson.)

Today I got some bookkeeping done and sort of wished I was out digging in the yard.  My hip and back like the brain work better, though.  I thank God I can get all the jobs done.  He blesses me. Yesterday one of my Neighbors, who helps keep an eye on the house when I'm gone came by and visited a bit while I was out there working.  I love it when she does that.  She's so uplifting.  She told me once before to be bold, and I think of that real often.   I tend to revert back into my 5 year old mousy mode that my folks worked so hard to pull me out of, but I remember her telling me to be bold.  That simple statement has meant so much to me.  I doubt if she realizes it, but she lurks on here, so maybe she'll see this and realize what a difference she's made.  I thank God for Gayle, too.  (My sister might be thinking she'd like to see the mousy mode, again!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rayne!

Five years ago today after a night of storms and rain (Really all of June there was lots of rain that year; our basement got wet!) this precious baby girl was born.  Trish and Rob were really expecting a boy, and had a boys name chosen.  Rob said,  "Trish, let's name her Summer Rain."  The world has never been the same.  This picture is Raynie in the front, Grace, Mason,, and Sadie.  They are at the zoo visiting this huge turtle and I think this picture is about a month old or less.  Raynie is very proud to be 5 today, and I thank God for the blessing she is in my life, as all the grand kids are.

I finished the weeds today.  Actually, there are more weeds in the very front flower bed and more in the back flower bed, but I got the bed done where the trees were removed and it was the one that was so out of control.  I worked out there ALL DAY!  God gave me a cool day, so I refused to quit.  I knew I didn't want to be out there in 100 degrees and the high today was 86.  It was windy, so I hardly even broke a sweat!  I thank God for a cool day and the ability to get it done.  I also thank Him for the machines to jerk me back into shape!  I'm so going to bed early tonight!

Monday, July 9, 2012

How blessed am I?

Look at these beautiful flowers that my good friend, Joan, saved for me to cut when I got home.  The daisies, artemisia, and echinacea came from  my flower garden, but the zenias were all from Joan.  Then here is Dorothy after church on Sunday.  Bless her heart, she had on a suit that she wanted to get out of, so she's wearing one of Don's shirts.  She loved that!  She loved Don so much, so she loved wearing his shirt.  We have the best times!  I am surely blessed!

Today I pulled weeds out of half the flower beds and I am paying for it!  OUCH!  I've done all the exercises I could to get some relief; hopefully a good night's sleep with fix me so I can finish it tomorrow.  Those weeds will not win!

I thank God for wonderful friends.  I thank God for the ability to work in the yard.  God takes care of me and you!  PTL!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gone trees! Thanks Rene!

Here is the finished product pic.  The dead trees are gone.  Now, I've got to get out there in the morning and attack those weeds in that flower bed between my property and the parsonage on the left.  Hopefully, it will be a little cooler tomorrow.

Today was a great Sunday.  Dorothy came home with me after church and we finished up left over squash and okra from last night's supper.  I added some turkey and dressing I had in the freezer and made some new gravy.  Oh, there were left over tomatoes, too.  If it gets any better for dinner, we couldn't imagine it.  We finished off with sugar free pie.  Yum.

Then I took Dorothy home and came home and took a 2 hour nap before going back to church tonight.  Now, I'm going to watch some TV I've saved on the DVR while I was gone.  Tomorrow I'll tackle the weeds and other chores.  I thank God for naps, gone trees, precious friends, fresh veggies and Rene, who took down the trees!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

In process . . .

Oh, man!  Wait until you see the finished look without the trees!  (I'll post that pic tomorrow;.)  It's a little bare, but not nearly so scary!  Do you see Rene on the ladder?  Man, he's a great guy!  I'm so proud of the job he did and I sure appreciate it.

Alyssa's mom and dad were next door (borrowing the parsonage) doing their yard sale nearly all day.  I went over and bought a couple of things that I did NOT need, but could not resist.  I could have bought more if I could have stood the heat longer, so I guess the heat saved me from collecting more 'stuff.'

Rene got some good tool bargains before he started on my trees, I think.  Then he worked on finishing up the trees until after 1.  I had company come around 10 and then we toured around Hobart and Roosevelt (a neighboring town, where my friend had come to check on a tombstone he had had placed at his mom, dad and brother's graves.)  It was a good day for me to see some areas around here with which I really was not familiar and make some more connections.  Everybody around here is related somehow and the longer I live here the more connections I get.

It's been a very relaxing day.  I'm sure my company saved my life.  If he hadn't been here I would have gone out and done something with the weeds that are overtaking my flower beds.  I won't do that tomorrow because I don't want to ruin my makeup and have to do it over for church tomorrow night.  So, I'll work on taking care of the mail.  I sorted out all the trash last night, but there are some things that need attention and I'll do that tomorrow.  Then, Monday I'll attack the weeds; they really have got to go, heat or no heat.  I won't lay in the sun; I'll work in the sun.  I thank God for a day of rest today and good company to help me enjoy it..

Friday, July 6, 2012

These two trees are so near dead and I am concerned that a huge wind (we get lots of those) will come and blow them over onto either my house or the parsonage, which is to the left in this picture.  The guy who cuts my grass said he could cut them down for me; my brother-in-law and my sister also said they could cut them down, but there is more to it than cutting them down; it all has to be hauled off to somewhere.  So, today the guy who cuts my grass started on the tree removal.  I should have gotten a true 'before' picture, but he had already started when I  thought to take a picture.  I'll post pictures of the finished look tomorrow, probably.  He has the first one all down and gone.  I'm so glad he is doing it; when my sister and my brother-in-law come I want to visit and not be doing a killing job like cutting down and hauling off trees.  I have enough hard work to do with putting away all the travel paraphernalia, getting rid of the weeds and cleaning house and going through the mail from the past month; I'm glad I don't have to sweat about these trees anymore!

I just ignored all the chores today.  Well, I did unpack and put away a few things.  I also did laundry.  I also changed the sheets in the guest room because Garrett had stayed there before we left.  That room is ready for company, now.  I went to Dorothy's house the first thing this morning and spent the morning visiting with her.  The guys came to put the furniture back into her room where the AC unit had leaked and I helped to direct them where everything went.  Since she can't see it's really hard for her, but it was an easy task for me.  We got her room all in order and she was so pleased.  Then I gave her a good haircut and rolled her hair for her.  Then she took me out to lunch at the Mexican restaurant.  That was a fun morning.  I picked up my mail and then came home and spent an hour and a half napping in the sunshine.  When the water in my little pool started to steam I thought it was time to come inside before i was the cooked goose.  I'm headed to bed early since I was up until 2 last night.  There is always so much to do when I get home, but I don't have any trains to catch, so I'm taking it easy.

I really thank God for Rene Hernandez; he's the guy who cuts my grass and is removing my trees.  I fully intended to cut the grass, but I couldn't begin to start the mowers.  Rene ran an ad on the dial an ad radio show just when I needed him.  He does a great job; he's reasonable; and he's a perfect gentleman.  I really think he is an angel God sent to me, and I sure thank God for him.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Miss the music, but home is sweet!

I forgot to take pictures at Tricia's house today.  What a shame, because even Nate was there!  All the kids were there, so it was great to get to see all of them.  I took Garrett to his Dad at his work and then stopped and got me some more night vision glasses and some day vision ones, too.  The ones I had were so scratched and I thought it was a good investment; maybe I can drive better at night.  I won't do much driving at night, but sometimes I get caught out in the dark.  Especially in the winter; I hope these glasses will help me see to get to and from church in the dark.  Just 13 more months to deal with these cataracts!

It was a great trip for visiting, but I am so weary with driving.  Today wasn't so bad because I didn't have any 9 hour stretches of driving.  I'm learning how to better pace myself.  I've got the car all unloaded; now, I have to put away everything.  That can happen tomorrow.  I'm going to get a bath and go to sleep in my own bed.  Ah!  In the morning I'm going to go help Dorothy get her furniture moved back into her house and then we'll go to lunch.  Then I'll come home and put away all my trip things and start cleaning my house.  I'm happy to be home and it'll be good to 'recall' all my things as I dust.  I'll nearly enjoy it.  :)  While I was gone Dorothy had a leak in her house where the AC unit was installed wrong.  The installer has been working for weeks to dry it all out, replace carpet and paint.  It's all done but moving the furniture back into the room and I'll go be eyes for her and tell them where to put it.  I don't think I'll have to work hard.  I need to see her, anyway; I've trimmed my own hair twice since I've been gone, so I know she needs a trim, too!  I hate to be gone from her a month, so we'll have a good visit tomorrow.  I thank God for a wonderful trip with no problems!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mommy, pleeeeease?

Gina sent so many fun things for Elena, handed down from Elise, Ethan and Kyle.  I think her favorite might have been the tea set.  It's hard to tell because she has enjoyed all of it so much.  But, this picture is her wringing her hands and begging her mom to pleeeeease let's have a tea party before we go to bed.  No lie, I think we had 30 tea parties yesterday.  After the fever was down, she was raring and ready to play!  The tea set has a special place for each plate, cup, etc., so we set it all up, had tea and cookies and put it all back more times than I could count.  What fun it was!  Gina, I wish you could have been a fly on the wall and seen the joy you all sent to Midway!  The tea set was perfect for a day of gentle play, too.  Of course, the Leap Frog was a great thing for gentle play, too!  She's a busy girl and very blessed!

Garrett and I made it to Joplin today.  We went to Cheddars for dinner and I'm ready to crash  (We ate in the car all day, so we were ready for a treat.).  I thank God for a safe trip. We'll be in OKC around noon tomorrow if all goes well!  Yahoo!  I'll be home before dark and sleep in my own bed.  I can hear it calling me!  I've been blessed with lots of great visiting, but I admit I'm road weary!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This is Elena last night, 'before the fall.'  Actually, she didn't fall, but she got up this morning with a blazing fever.  We took her to the Urgent Care and they offered to stick her finger to test for mono.  When Gretta looked at her fingers, thinking of sticking one, she noticed they looked like they were melted!  That was the next clue!  They did the test and it was immediately positive.  We were shocked.  She has responded very well to Acetaminophen; when the fever is gone she feels fine.  It will be tricky to keep her resting, I think!

Garrett and I are leaving in the morning.  I have a room reserved for us on they way and we'll roll into home on the 5th.  It's been wonderful to see everyone, but I am rather road weary.  It's a wonder I don't have mono!  They told us that he was highly contagious 4-6 weeks ago, but once the symptoms present not so much.  I sure hope Gretta doesn't get it!  I thank God that it's nothing worse that she has and that she's the only one of us who has it . . . so far!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Looks like some music coming!

This is a picture I got tonight as Elena opened a present Gina and her family sent to her.  She was so excited!  They sent this guitar and some hand me down special toys and she was delighted!  You can see the delight in this picture and I'll post more later that will convince you how happy she was to be the recipient of great treats!

I got up early this morning and walked 3 miles at the park with Gina and Elise and Ethan.  Then I helped then clean out their 3 bay garage.  They have the cleanest garage in the world, so that wasn't such a big deal, but it was about 100 degrees, so that made it a pretty big deal.  They are hosting a corn boil this weekend for their whole church, and they serve the food out of the garage, so they want it to be especially clean.  I left around 3 and drove to meet Gretta and then followed her to her house, which was new to me.  So, it's been a big day.  It's been good, but I'm ready for bed!  This is the last leg of this summer trip.  I've got our room booked for when Garrett and I head for Oklahoma on the 4th.  I thank God for all the great visits I've had and the safe travels.  He's blessed me so richly and I praise Him with thanks!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


We got rain tonight!  The storm radio went off and Gina ran and listened to it; she ran back and said, "It's coming right for us!"  I said, "Do we need to go to the cellar?"  She said, "Oh, no; it's just a storm with wind, rain and hail."  I was relieved it wasn't a tornado!  Anyway, we ran out and tied down the trampoline and then she ran over and secured what she could in the greenhouse.  Then the rains came!  We never got any hail.  It was plenty windy, but I don't think we had any damage.  We never lost power, so that was a good thing.  We were thanking God for the rain!  The farmers around her sure need it.  They're having a corn boil here (at Gina's farm)  next Saturday and they announced at church this morning that they need to find some corn for the corn boil or else they're going to have to have just a boil.  Maybe this rain will help the corn harvest!

This picture of Gina I took night before last when we went to the fireworks display.  In the morning we're going for a walk at the local park and then I'm leaving for Gretta's house.  It's only a couple of hours to her house unless I get into big traffic in Louisville.