Thursday, February 28, 2013

Missing Max!

This is the cute little guy who helped make our house sitting in Hawaii a great opportunity for us.  He is the sweetest little dog.  I'm scared of dogs, but he's not a bit like a dog.  He was a blast.  Lee and I miss him, but not enough to get a dog!  We'll hope to go back to see this one who can't who can't be imitated!

We made it home from Houston, but I have a fever of 101.  Wonder what that means?  I'll see the doc in the morning and get right on this.

I'm headed straight to bath and bed, now.  Lee is good, so far.  I haven't been around anyone who I knew was sick; I don't get it, but we'll see to it tomorrow. I'm sitting in God's lap, so I know He'll take care of me.

PS; Linda, Tom, Sissy, Steve and Mary, Bob says that Max is missing all of us.  He was a treat; the little rascal and you were all so good to him.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lee is wonderful support!

This pic Doris took Monday night after we came home from our 1st day of tests at MDA.  Notice the white bandage on my neck; that's where they got the evil cancer cells.

Lee is being such a wonderful support.  This would be so difficult to do alone!  I really appreciate his wonderful attitude and strong arms to hold me.

Doris and Jerry are the best, too.  Judy was there with us yesterday when the doctor said the cells were metastatic.  I'm so very grateful for wonderful support.  I know that God has put all of you in my life and I thank Him for that.

We were able to get all my tests finished today, so we can go home tomorrow instead of staying for another day of tests and going home on Friday.  Then we'll come back next Monday night to be here for the Tuesday appointment when we see the doc and work out the treatment plan.  I'll keep you posted and up to date all the way.

We left MDA at 9 p.m. tonight, so it's been a L O N G day!  I'm so ready for bed.  God bless you all and thank you for your wonderful support.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My all time friend, Judy, joined us at MDA today!

 Okay, so here is the news, some not so good, but not so bad, either. The lumps on my neck proved to be malignant from the biopsies done yesterday. That means I now have stage 4 breast cancer. My doctor is treating a lady who is 93 and looks great after having started treating her when she was 64 or 65 with stage 4 breast cancer. So, I could live a long time with this. It's just a matter of finding out the best treatment. There is no cure, but it can be treated. Of course they have lots of tricks in their bag. The first thing we have to do is test everything to see to what extent it has spread so they'll know best how to treat it. I've already done chest X-rays today and more blood work. Tomorrow I will do an MRI of the brain and a bone scan. Thursday I will do a pet scan. With all the results from these tests the doctor will make a plan of attack and we will shift into fighting this cancer mode. I'm 64; I've had a wonderful life and I don't need to be greedy. I will do the best I can do to stay alive and be healthy and productive, but death is not the end of the world even if that's what I'm facing. We are all facing it; most of us just don't know when. I still don't know when, I just have a better idea of what I'm facing. So, that's the report that I can give you all at this point. I appreciate your support and prayers and love you for caring. Lee is doing fantastic and I'm blessed to have him for great support. I completely trust God's plan, so whatever is dealt to me I will play out the best I can.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Testing . . .

So, today I had ultra sounds done of the knots on my neck, again.  Then they did both an FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) biopsy and a skin punch biopsy on them.  You can see the bandage on my neck in the picture.  In the picture I was all decked out to have the bone density test done.  Tomorrow we should have some answers.  I'll see the doctor at 11.  I thank God for folks who know what they're doing and I'm also grateful for the nice touches like the picture on the wall.  I love it!  The scrubs were all they had left at the end of the day, so I'm just glad I didn't have to stand there naked!  I  also thank God for a safe trip into MDA and home tonight.  Man, there is so much traffic here!  This country bumpkin is so out of place here!  It's wonderful to see Doris and Jerry, too.  They are so very hospitable!  Doris even sent us of the MDA with a snack pack!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A mini reunion!

Terri met Lee and I on our way to Houston today and we had a great lunch!  Mike was supposed to come with her, but the TV guy interrupted.  UGH.  We had a great lunch and a great visit.  I thank God for the baby sister; we adopted each other many years ago.  Love, love, love this baby sister!

We made it fine to Doris and Jerry's house.  How nice to have such loving hospitable people in our family!

I'm closing short to go visit and enjoy this time.  I'll report to you as soon as I know anything from my tests.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sorry about the lighting . . .

The lighting wasn't good for this picture, but it was a shot I got of Lee and I with Max.  Max is a Maltese, but nobody thinks he is a dog, certainly not him!  He is a smart little guy and very loving, too!  If I was ever going to have a dog, I'd want it to be Max.  He's a great little guy to help us have a house sitting opportunity in Hawi!  Lee spent many hours on this little love seat with Max keeping him warm!  When he wasn't resting Max was usually playing fetch and conquer.  He was an awful lot of fun.

We're working to be ready to leave in the morning for Houston.  I'll be glad when we are out of go mode and into stay home mode.  I thank God for wonderful places to go, people to see and a wonderful home, too.  We are richly blessed!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Home, safe, exhausted!

This pic was from back in December, but it's me in a red shirt.  I'm in a red shirt today.  I should have taken pics today, but I was too tired.  I think Trish got some I'll post when I get them.  We had a great visit and lunch with her and Krissy and Bryce.  Lee and I were so sleepy, we may forget the whole thing, though.  We have hardly slept in over 24 hours, so we're going to bed.  We thank God for the whole trip and safe travels.     I sure look pale in this pic compared to the tan I have, now.  Hope I get a pic before it fades!  Good night, All!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Won't have a chance tomorrow night.

We will be traveling tomorrow night, so I'm going to post for tomorrow.  We'll be home Friday, but this will be Thursday's post.  Deal?  I thank God ahead for safe travels!

This picture was made at the restaurant the night after we'd hiked out to Kiholo Bay, my all time favorite place.  I was totally crashed, but it felt so good!  I sure thank God that wrinkles don't hurt; isn't that a blessing?!

We will be home a couple of nights and then we'll leave for Houston to have my sore head and my neck checked.  I believe more and more that I am just a lumpy sorehead.  Seriously, they checked out the lumps good in October and said they were just swollen lymph nodes but there was no indication of cancer.  I've looked up neuralgia (God put that word in my head; I had no knowledge of it.) and what I read fits me to a T.  I really think that the situation I have going on in my back that pinches the nerves that cause pain in my right hip and leg is the same thing that is causing this pain on the right side of my head.  If I'll go home and spend some serious time on the inversion table, I think it will improve.  I wore my traction belt one night to bed and the next morning my hip was unbelievably better.  I really think this is what they'll tell me; or they'll rule out cancer and direct me to a neurologist.  I'm relaxed about it.  I just need to go get it checked and then go enjoy a great time in Branson before I go home and get back to subbing, which I love.

Aloha to paradise.

This has been home, again, for several weeks.  How wonderful of Bob and Mimi to make this opportunity available to us!  It has been a wonderful stay!  It's always good to go home, though.  It's great that home is that special!  We thank God for richly blessing us no matter where we go and for providing wonderful friends and family everywhere.

We've got our bags packed and weighed.  We've just got to get what we are wearing  and our toiletries into the right bags in the morning.  Then for the long trip home.  It will be good to see folks at home, though, even it we won't like wearing all the heavy winter clothing, again.  Hopefully spring will be at home soon!!

Today is Elena's 6th birthday; wow how time flies!  Happy birthday, Elena!

Reflecting . . .

We went to the beach today and stayed long enough to get real red.  Just hope it turns to tan right quick!  The day was beautiful, but the wind was very high, still.  Nobody was on the beach because the sand was blowing so badly.  We laid on the sandy patch before we got to the sand and still got sand all in our hair and everywhere.  I didn't take out my camera because I didn't want to get sand in it!  So, tonight's picture is one taken from reflecting back to special times.  This was the day we hiked down into Pololu and Lee fell three times. (If you make the picture big you can see the two scrapes on Lee's right leg.  Sissy said, "He has the best legs in our bunch and now he's wrecked them!")  I asked him the other day what have been his favorite things and he said, "Would you believe hiking down into Pololu?  Aside from the falling it was really fun to do and it's a great place to see."

Tomorrow we'll pack our suitcases and weigh them to make sure we can pass the weight limits.  We should be okay, I think.

I thank God for this wonderful trip and praise Him for all the awesome handiwork of His that we've seen and experienced!  We're about to head home!  This has been a wonderful trip, but home is always sweet and we thank God for it and the folks who have taken good care of it for us!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Not a farmer at heart, but he can play the part.

I got this picture of Lee getting the cows fed last week.  This is not the kind of activity that makes his heart beat, but he can sure get the job done.

Today Bob noticed the winds have blown down a branch onto his fence which took out a couple of his transformers.  He's out there fixing that.  I'm sure glad it didn't happen when he was gone because I don't know if Lee knew how to fix that; I sure don't!

This farming business is something else.  Only two cows a cat and a dog, but Bob sure has a lot of work to do around here.  He loves the space he has, though, and I think he loves the work.  We're blessed to get to be a part of it every now and then and our part is easy. I'm glad to have a few days to spend with Bob, too.

Speaking of the other half.

Okay, today I'm technically challenged.  This is the only picture I can get to go on this post.  Sissy took it of Lee and I when we were hiking out at Kiholo Bay.

Today we visited with Bob at church and in his little church there sat Terry Bradshaw and his wife, Tammy!  It was a very good lesson and there were a couple of professional dancers in the congregation, also.  The preacher is a fire dancer with Island Breeze and he asked those guys to come up and do a chant with him.  Wow!  That was awesome!  Sissy, it was like the dancers we saw that night at the Mauna Lani; there were 3 of them chanting and stomping and the whole building vibrated!  It gave us chicken skin, as they say here; goose bumps we call them at home.  Anyway, after the service we stood around and talked with Terry and his wife, Tammy and those chanters were quite the topic!  What a delight to get to meet Terry Bradshaw and his wife!

It has been windy, rainy and even felt cold here, today.  This has been the first day that has been like this all day.  It's God's way of helping us to get more ready to go home, I think!  I sure thank God for a wonderful trip and am grateful that we have a home to where we can return!  We went to watch whales and when we finally found a spot where it wasn't raining, it was too windy to even see a whale if it had breached right in front of us.  I almost got sick just watching the rough water.  So, we opted out of whale watching and came home and took a Sunday afternoon nap.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How the other half lives?

I took this picture of Lee sitting at the picnic table out by the water on the left.  This house is the home of the guy who invented the pacemaker.  It is located at my favorite place on this island, Kiholo Bay.  I have lots of pictures that represent lots of good memories from this trip.  What a blessing that we could come during whale season!  Whale season is my favorite time of year, so it's been a huge blessing.

We're winding down our last week.  We'll leave for home on Thursday and arrive at home on Friday.  It'll be good to see family and friends at home, too.  Home is always sweet, but we are blessed to get to travel like we do.

Today I went to a ladies' luncheon in Waimea and met some really nice women.  It was a connection group and it was just really nice to meet those ladies.  Karen, a lady who we house sat for once before invited me to go.  Blessing after blessing; thank you, God!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bob's house.

This is just a start on the pictures I need to take.  This is Bob's house taken from half way up the driveway and looking over the hedge.  It's really a beautiful place and we are so blessed to be here.
How many people ever get the chance to live in Hawaii rather than just be a tourist?  We are very grateful!

Today Bob went to Waimea to a dental appointment.  Lee and I went to Kapaa to watch whales.  I saw a really good breach pretty close and several way out on the horizon.  Wish I'd had binoculars with me, but I enjoyed it, anyway.  It was very windy and Lee got tired of sitting at the picnic table, so he sat in the car a lot.

Tomorrow is another day in paradise, so we're counting our blessing, but we don't have enough fingers and toes.  I've totally lost count; the blessings are running rampant!

Bob is home!

This is a picture I got of Sissy when we stopped one night to get Hulu pie.  We had stayed too long at Kiholo Bay and she and I had to nearly run back to get to the car to get it out before they locked us in for the night!  Steve and Mary, and of course Lee, were with us.  Sissy and I had walked to the end of the hike and the others had turned back earlier.  We called them and they reminded us that the gates closed at 6.  I'm telling you we hustled!  This trip has been so much fun, but the best part to me was spending 2 weeks with my little sister.  It felt like we've been together for always; we really are a lot alike.  She is like our Aunt Mary come back to life; she looks so much like her.  She brought to mind our Daddy so much.  I know he would have loved seeing us together and the fun that we had.  I thank Lee for giving us the space to have a lot of time together and I thank God for the opportunity.  Bless Lee's heart, I think he was glad to have Sissy to entertain me and give him a rest sometimes!  However, I asked him what has been his favorite part of this trip and he surprised me by saying one of his favorites was hiking down into Pololu!  That's when he fell 3 times, but he thought it was worth it!

Sissy is really kind of shy and she hates to have her picture made.  I kept telling her to just give me the Cory look; she looks just like her beautiful granddaughter, so she'd open up her eyes wide and give me that beautiful smile.  I love it!  Sissy, thanks so much for letting me have these great memories and even the great pictures to remind me!

We picked up Bob at the airport this morning and he was more tired than I've ever seen him.  He even let Lee drive home.  I fixed grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and then he crashed for the afternoon. Lee and I sat in front of the TV and crashed with the dog, too.  I guess we were all worn out.  It's a wonderful place to be, but I love it when Bob comes home and everything is in good shape.  I worry the whole time he's gone that one of the animals will get sick or worse.  What a relief when he gets home!  Bob's wife, Mimi, will stay in Taiwan for a couple more months, so he'll be batching it after we leave.  Even after a 3 hour nap, I'm ready to go to bed for the night.  Hope you rest well if you're seeing this tonight; if it's in the morning, I hope you had a good night's rest.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today was our last day before we pick up Bob in the morning.  It's been a full 6 weeks.  We'll leave a week from tomorrow for home.  This trip has flown past!  We look forward to spending a week with Bob before we go home.

The picture is one the waitress took of the four of us Saturday night at the Bamboo restaurant, here in town.  We all clean up pretty good and we had a wonderful evening on the town!

Today Lee and I washed the car, carried the garbage to the dump and swept out the garage.  We picked up sticks under the fruit trees because I'm betting one of the first things Bob will want to do is mow under them.  We're ready to help him do whatever is on his to do list.  He'll have another surgery next month, so we want to help him be as ready as possible for that.

Over the last 3 years Bob has had several surgeries and he is looking forward to having a knee replaced as soon as possible.  This next surgery is to remove a cancer on his ankle.  I pray that all will go well for him with all these surgeries.  The good thing about the knee replacement is that he'll go to Vancouver, Washington and be with his daughter and her husband and 3 kids while he goes through that.  That will be a blessed time for him, plus he'll come home with a new knee!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whew! A work day in Paradise.

So, it's mostly fun to house sit, here, but there are days when we have to work.  Daily we feed the dog and the cat.  Daily I give the cat an insulin shot twice.  We feed the cows a couple of times a week and spray them to keep the flies off them.  We pick up fruit and either juice it or throw it to the cows.  All that is pretty simple.  But, there are a few chores that have to be done weekly, just like at home;  mow the grass, dust vacuum and mop.  Today was that day.

I goofed up and let the dog out before Lee had put back his fence, so he made a game of running from us  He ran through every pile of dirt he could fine.  So when I caught him I had to give him a bath.  He's white, so he needed it, plus there was no way I was letting him in the clean house all dirty.  So it became bathe the dog day.  Now, I know another reason why I don't have a dog!  :)  He really was easy for a dog, but I'm much rather bathe a baby.

Our trip is winding down.  We're thinking more in terms of going home, now.  Another one of Bob's friends called today to ask if we could stay and house sit for them, but obviously we've got plans and can't stay.  It was an honor to be asked, though!  Even on cleaning day, Hawaii is sure a great place to be cleaning.  I thank God and Bob for the opportunity we've had to be here during whale season!  I thank God for the health we've had to get the job done.  I thank Him for seeing me through the next few challenges.  I think it's all a matter of ruling out bad things and then treating whatever is the issue.  The lymph nodes that are swollen you can see if you blow up this picture.  The are just under the skin about where my necklace is at my neck and above my collar bone.  This is a picture that Mary took last week when we made a run to the Hilo area; we usually eat at Ken's Pancake House, so here we were after a hard day of play!

A delicious dinner at the Bamboo!

The Bamboo is a wonderful restaurant in Hawi.  Steve and Mary took us there to eat Saturday night.  It was a wonderful celebration of a fun week with them. I got a note from Mary saying they're home, safely.  We miss them, but we're glad they had a good trip home.

Today Lee and I went and watched whales for four hours.  They were awesome!  We saw more breaches than I could count and lots of fin and tail slapping.  I just love watching the whales at this time of year!  I thank God for the opportunity to get to come and see them and for the opportunity to share this time with great friends and family.

Last night I wrote  to MD Anderson to see if I could get an appointment with them when we get home.  The lymph nodes on my neck that we've been watching have multiplied (from 3 to 7) and I've had a tender spot on my temple (about the size of a baseball) for a month, now.  If anything is still there after 3 weeks I'm supposed to have it checked out.  So, I have appointments at MD Anderson on the 25th and 26th of February.  We get home the 22nd, so we'll be making a quick trip to Houston.  I'm sure everything will be okay, but we'll all feel better if they check all this out and tell me that it looks funny but it's not cancer.  I've looked funny all my life, so I can look funny really well.  I appreciate MD Anderson for responding quickly and working with me to get these appointments set.  If it is cancer, I can deal with that, too; I just need to know what hand I've been dealt so I can play it the best way I know how.  Thanks for your prayers, as always!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This builder thinks it ugly.

Lee is pictured here in front of the Bali House; he thinks it's ugly.  I can't see enough of it to condemn it, but what I see looks interesting..  The guy who runs the Paul Mitchell company built this house.  He had it built in Bali and then disassembled, moved here and reassembled.  It's amazing what people who have plenty do with their money.  He did at least one smart thing:  put it here in Kiholo Bay, one of the most awesome places in Hawaii, in my opinion.  I thank God that I got to see this place twice in my life.  I really love Kiholo Bay.  I'd be content to live in even an ugly house out there!

Today we went to church and then came home to have a restful Sunday afternoon.  I'm hoping we can get the Thunder game on TV, but it's hard to keep up with mainland sports since we are 4 hours behind.  I'd sure like to see them play a good game!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kiholo Bay.

This is one of my favorite places on the island.  It's difficult to get to, so few people have seen it.  Also few people know about it.  Lee hiked with Sissy and I as far as the Bali house and Sissy and I left him there.  We went on to see this awesome sight.  Steve and Mary were off watching birds and didn't make it as far as we did, either.  If you make this picture bigger you can see 4 huge turtles sunning on the sand of the island.  That's Sissy on the right.  The guy in the picture is taking a picture of the turtles.  Soon I'll post a picture of Lee in front of the Bali House.  They close the gate to this beach at 6 and Sissy and I barely made it back to the car in time.  Steve and Mary and Lee were back at the car, ready to drive it out and Sissy and I would have walked out if we didn't get there in time.  Precious memories!  I thank God that we made it back, and for the ability to hustle in the deep sand.

Today we went to the Farmers' Market in Hawi and I got a couple of pounds of dried bananas to take home.  I love those!  We also went birding and whale watching.  We saw good whales, but I'm glad we've got nearly 2 more weeks to watch whales!

Tonight we are going to the Bamboo Restaurant for supper, Steve and Mary's treat, so I'm doing the blog early so I won't be so late doing it when we get home.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Happy Face.

I love the spirit some farmer has near Waimea!  Check out the happy face he has on his hill side!  This was here the last time we were here, so it's been there for at least two years.  Bravo for his spirit.

Steve and Mary went birding without us today.  Lee and I were tired and thought it was a good time to stay home and get some rest.  I did several loads of laundry, so that was good to get behind us.  I took a nap this afternoon and so did Lee, so we're boosted a bit.

I love this happy face and wanted to share it with everyone.  I'd like to meet the guy who did it, but I can imagine him and I thank God for his spirit of sharing happiness!

Before church on Sunday.

We remembered to take a minute to take a picture before we left for church last Sunday.  This is us in the bedroom we are using.  I need to take some pictures of the house to post.  I'll do that soon.

Today we went with Steve and Mary birding on Saddle Road, which is not known to be a very good road.  It is vastly improved over the last few years, though.  We took it all the way to Hilo, watching birds all the way.  From Hilo we did some touring around that end of the island, had supper in Hilo and then came on home.  We are so tired, as usual.  We wear ourselves out, but we sure sleep good!  I logged over 4 miles on my Fitbit today, so, we go, go, go!  That's a great thing!  I'm so grateful to be able to go, go, go!  God sure blesses us!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A night wandering around the Prince Hotel and Resort.

This was a picture a nice lady took of us the night that Sissy arrived.  We were strolling around the Prince Hotel, enjoying the place, and this little lady offered to take our picture.  It was dark, so it was hard to make it come out good, but you see that we have done some relaxing.  The Prince is a beautiful resort and it's nice to go there in the evenings and just walk around and listen to the entertainment.

Today we thought would be an easy day, but we got away from birding and ended up hiking over 5 miles around the Kohala Coast!  Lee did about 3 miles and then read on the beach while waiting for Steve and Mary and I to hike.  It's been another wonderful day in Paradise.  I sure thank God for the ability to do the hiking and the opportunity to do it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

They just don't come any better than these!

This is Sissy and Lee at the green sand beach.  See the green down beside the water?  The green sand against that blue water is so beautiful.  Sissy is such an awesome sister and Lee is so awesome, too.  Bless his heart he was very generous with letting me and Sissy run off and do lots of things together.  He was also very gracious about letting us drag him up and down into the green sand beach and Pololu, which ere both pretty tough to do.  None of it was easy for him, but he was really a great trooper.  Sissy was awesome; she and I scurried all over the place and she was gracious to wait on me when I was 'limping.'  She's just really a doll and Lee and I, both enjoyed having her here with us for 2 weeks. Now, we're both missing her already.  She's on her way to the airport; it's going to be different without her.  It's been so fun to get closer and closer over these last two weeks.

Steve and Mary came Sunday night, so we've all had fun for the last 3 days.  I think we've had moments that we will all treasure.  Again, I thank God for precious family and friends!

We spent Sissy's last day juicing oranges and grapefruit and watching whales.  We got to see lots of blows and humps and tails, but we didn't see any breaches today.  We did get a great sunset and a great rainbow.  Wow, it's been awesome!


We went to Kiholo Bay today; it's my favorite place on the island.  Sissy and I walked to both ends of it and it was absolutely awesome!  Lee hung back with Steve and Mary who were taking pics of birds.  I walked over 5 miles and Lee did over 3.  Sissy and I had to race back to the car because they lock the gate to Kiholo Bay at 6 and we barely made it.  We did make it, though.  I don't have the words to express my joy at doing all that with Sissy!  We have laughed and laughed!  She's a great running mate for me in my adventures!  I thank God so much for her in my life and for the time we've gotten to play so hard!

I put those ZZZzzzzzzz's in the title because I'm so sleepy and tired.  I know I'm going to sleep well tonight.  I just hope I make it to the bed before I fall asleep.

We intended to go to the grocery store on the way home but we were all so tired and hungry, we just drove to on of our favorite places and ate dinner.  We decided to do grocery shopping tomorrow.  Surely we won't starve.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What a treat!

After church today, Sissy and I left Lee here to watch the super bowl.  We went to Waipio Valley and did some EEE riding of our own!  Sissy negotiated the rough road beautifully and we drove through the river 8 different times!  Then we drove through some honking big puddles to get to the beach.  She was awesome!  While we were driving around down there we saw several wild horses.  Then we drove up to these three; isn't that little one precious!?  I love everything about Waipio Valley, but the horses are the best and we don't always see them.  This little tiny foal was just so sweet laying there!  I thank God for letting me eavesdrop on this special moment in time in Hawaii!

Steve and Mary have arrived at the airport and will be here in about an hour.  They'll be here for a week.  Sissy will be here until Tuesday night when she has to go home.  It's been so wonderful to have her and to spend this precious time with her.  I surely thank God for these moments to treasure!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sissy took this pic of Lee and I at Akaka Falls yesterday.  Lee wasn't real happy about all the stairs we had to climb there, but he handled it fine.  We pretty much took today off, though, because yesterday was so hard.  I did laundry, so I'm caught up on that.

The day we go to the volcano we have to take warm clothes because it's cold and windy up there.  In this picture we were way warm.  I had one layer tied around my waist and two layers on.  I got my shorts wet when we went hunting for sea glass (a wave always gets me), so I was glad I had my jeans to wear at the volcano!

Man, it is so interesting to see all of God's handiwork all over this island.  From the beauty of this waterfall to the power of the volcano; it's just one thing after another that is so awesome!  I thank God for the opportunity to share this with Lee and Sissy.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What does this smile tell you?

When I talk to the kids they say, "Is Lee having fun?"  What does this smile say?  Bless his heart, he's getting a run for his money, but he's having fun!  He says I'm wearing him out, but look at that smile.  He's loving this!  This was when he was about to zip on one of the lines the other day.

Today we went to the volcano and many places before that.  It's always a long day to go to the volcano, but full of fun things!  I'll have more pictures to share from today, but I haven't had time to download and edit them  It's way past bedtime, so I will sign off.  I thank God for that smile and the wonderful time we are having.