Friday, January 31, 2014


This is how the puzzle looked when I laid down to take my nap this afternoon . . . it's how we work on it.  We get pieces we can work on and take them to where the light is good; then we take big pieces and place them into the main puzzle that is on the table they brought up for us to work the puzzle. This is a pic of Sissy yesterday, doing her magic.  Let me tell you, it's almost like magic, too.  This puzzle has been very difficult!  I got up from my nap and she and Ruthie and Phil had FINISHED it! Phil has gone over to the clubhouse to work on the computer there and Ruthie and Sissy are napping. When everyone is up, I'll get a pic of us with the finished masterpiece.  Too bad Jim is gone because he worked on it a lot, too.  We've missed him and Pat, but they are headed to their son's house in Albuquerque for the super bowl on Sunday.  We'll always think of them when we work this puzzle! Man, oh, man; it's been a doozie!

I did a system restore on my computer and whatever the problem was disappeared. (More magic?) Windows had done an update yesterday and, evidently, it was not a good thing for my computer! Technology is a bugger, sometimes, but it's a way of life, so I hang as tough as I can with it!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


I don't know what has caused it, but my computer will not connect to the WIFI in our unit.  Ruthie's Kindle connects and Sissy's Ipad connects.  My laptop says there is no connection available.  Duh.  So, tonight there is no picture.  Regarding the Internet connection I am :(  , but all other things under consideration we are happy as can be here.

Jim and Pat left today, so it's just the Hodge sisters and Phil and Lee.  Lot's of laughs and fun times!  I'm at the clubhouse using their computer, so I'll close this with thanking God for the awesome time with my sisters! Indeed we are so blessed!  Today it was warmer, so that was a blessing, too!  God is good.  I hope I'll be able to connect and post a pic tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keeter Center Memories

Keeter Center is the restaurant at the College of the Ozarks.  Our waiter took our picture for us. What a yummy meal and fun memory to treasure.  Today we went to old downtown Branson and also the Landing.  We pretty much wore ourselves out walking around.  Then we came home and watched the Thunder beat the Heat, so that was exciting!  Then we worked on the puzzle, which is finally taking shape.  It's been a real challenge, Heather, but we've enjoyed the challenge!  Maybe we'll get a picture of it tomorrow and maybe even finish it.

Pat and Jim are leaving tomorrow, so this was our last day with them.  It's been such a sweet visit! Great friends and family are such treasures in life.  God is surely good to set up our lives in families; He even tells us that there are friends closer than a brother . . . I love God's plan the best I can comprehend it.  Mostly, I'm so grateful that He is in charge of our lives!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Such Fun Times!

In the back it's me, Lee, Pat, Sissy, then Ruthie and Jim.  Phil is sitting in the front.  This is the group of us today before we left for lunch at the College of the Ozarks.  It's a great college where the kids work their way through and graduate debt free.  They grow all their food, process it, prepare it and serve it.  Their design and printing departments do even the menus.  It's an amazing place and we consider it an event to go there.  I thank God that there is a wonderful school like it for the men and women of character that they produce as well as for our pleasure!  I also thank God for the opportunities we have to share it with people we love!  Tomorrow I'll post a pic of us at the restaurant.

We finally got the border done on the puzzle we're working.  Maybe we can finish it tomorrow?  I don't know it's really a difficult one, but it's challenging us.  Heather, it's the one you gave us to do Thanksgiving.  I'll post a pic of it when we get done with it.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Catching Up With Us . . .

We've been staying up too late, so we catch up when we can.  I even got a good nap today, but nobody got my pic.  It's been a restful day for me!  Pat and Jim made our dinner and brought cheese and crackers and salsa and chips for lunch.  Sissy washes the dishes and cleans up the kitchen, so I had it easy.  I got to do about 4 loads of laundry, so I got to catch up on that, too.

We started working on a puzzle and it's a doozy!  I wonder if we'll ever finish it!  We've played some cards and the Thunder is playing right now, so our agenda is full!  I thank God for the wonderful relationships and fun times (and NAPS!)!

I'm Not Very Disciplined.

This is a pic I got this morning before we left for church.  That's Lee in the back with the three of us and Phil in the front.  We had a wonderful day and then Pat and Jim got here this afternoon.  We've visited and played cards all night.  We're just turning in.  It'll be earlier than last night, but we've got to get a handle on this night owl stuff!

Today was a gorgeous day.  It was 68 here!  Tomorrow it's supposed to get brutal, again, though. We've got wonderful company to share the time, so I'm not complaining.  I'm just giving thanks to God for this awesome visit!

Just thinking as I look at this pic:  Phil has had 3 strokes.  Lee had 3 heart attacks, open heart surgery and prostate cancer.  Ruthie lives with MS.  Sissy had 3 stints put in 4 years ago, and I live with stage 4 breast cancer.  We lost Don and Lee's wife, Phyllis, Sissy's husband, Ed, and our brother, Jim. We've had some tough times but we are the survivors and I thank God that we have each other and opportunities to share time.  We are blessed with treasures and I am grateful.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm Not Real Sure . . .

. . . but I think this is the hairy woodpecker.  I bought this suet holder and suet because I thought we might attract some birds while we're here.  Sure enough we had slate colored juncos, a titmouse and these woodpeckers.  The first one came the first day and the second one came the second day.  I was so thrilled to get the pix.  The juncos and titmouse were too skittish for me to get a pic of them.  I believe the first woodpecker is the female and the second one is the male because he has the bright red spot on his head.  Steve and Mary would know and I could look it up, but I haven't had time to do that.  I just thank God for sending them and for their patience with me to get the pix!

We moved today to a different resort.  That's not so bad, but it was time to get groceries, too.  That gets to be a chore, because I have to clean all the veggies, etc.  It's just a lot of standing and walking, but I can do it and I give thanks for that.  We'll all sleep like babies tonight, though!

Ruthie and Phil got here about 7, I think.  It's so fun to be together with them and Sissy!  Phil has fun comparing notes about how the three of us are alike.  It's like when the shuttle driver, yesterday, thought Sissy and I were twins.  That was too cool.  We aren't that much alike, but evidently he thought we were.  We sure get along good and are having a great time.

We have a balcony that's about 3 times the size of the one we had at the last place.  I've hung the suet holder out there and I've got some cornbread I'm going to share, too.  I made a fresh batch tonight, so they get last week's left over cornbread.  The lake is beautiful and I'm looking forward to more birds here.  I'll get pix of all the folks, too.  Tonight we all look pretty haggard; it's been a long day; tomorrow I'll get pix to share.

Friday, January 24, 2014

We Finished ANOTHER One!

Check it out!  This is a puzzle I got from my daughter-in-law and it was MISSING  FIVE pieces.  Not to fear; I made new pieces to fit in where those were missing.  I don't have markers to color them right, but I'll get that done.  It's just another challenge.  None of the pieces were essential, so we went right on and got it done yesterday while we were stuck inside because of the cold.  Jeanette, we thought of you and the girls as we worked the puzzle; I must admit there was an extra piece in the puzzle, too, so one of your other puzzles is missing at least one green piece.  I love it!  We've got another puzzle to work next week that my niece gave us to work over Thanksgiving.  We never got to it, so it has never been opened and all the pieces will be there; it's more birds!

Today we packed because we're moving to a 3 bedroom unit tomorrow.  Then tomorrow night our older sister, Ruthie is coming with her husband, Phil.  Then Sunday Ruthie's good friend (and mine) from years ago in Japan is coming with her husband.  We plan a week of puzzles and card playing. Woo hoo!  I thank God for this time that we can all share!  Watch for more fun pix!

Breaking the Rules.

Here is a 'straight' pic of Sissy and I with the bear yesterday.  I should have posted this earlier, but we're breaking the rules tonight and staying up late, again!  We're hooked on a puzzle and can't leave it alone.  Staying up late is against my rules, so I'd better quit and get to bed.  Sissy will probably stay up until 3 and finish it; she's a real night owl!  I can't ask God to heal me and then not get the rest I need to let it happen, though!  So, as soon as I get this written I'm going to bed.  He is so good to me; the least I can do is work with Him!

It was freezing cold here today.  I think 15 was the high and it's 7 now.  Actually, I just looked at and it said the high today was 29.  We never knew it was that warm!  We stayed in all day and stayed warm!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Caught Clowning!

We went touring around Big Cedar today and got caught clowning at the huge bear.  We're having a great time.  I sure thank God for this time with Sissy!  It'll be so fun when Ruthie gets here!

It's really cold here and will be bitter cold tomorrow.  We're planning on staying inside and working on a puzzle, I think.  It's going to be 11 or something ridiculous like that tomorrow.  Maybe Sissy and I will go work out if we get that brave.  She's pretty brave, but I'm kind of a weenie about cold air. Staying in sounds good to me, but I need to keep these bones and muscles on the move!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

She's Here!

Here's a shot Lee got of Sissy and I.  She got here just in time for dinner and we've been visiting ever since!  What a great time, already.  I thank God for her and for her safe trip here!  Now, when Ruthie gets here on Saturday the Hodge sisters will have a full Hodge sister reunion!

We've got to behave and get to bed before it's late.  She's a night owl and I would be if I didn't refuse. So, we've got to behave.  Stick to naps, etc.  It'll be challenging, but it'll be fun!

God bless and enjoy your sister if you get a chance!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Another Really Tired Day; no Nap!

We slept late, so I shouldn't be complaining, but we went out to get some groceries, a prescription for Lee and a shingles shot for me.  It's amazing how tiring it is to wait on things.  I'm so ready to fall into that bed, but I'm going to have a good bath, first.   See the chair beside the bed and the little green wall behind it?  That's where my jet tub is.  The vanity is across from there.  I really can hardly wait to climb into that bed!

I'm so glad to get the shingles shot behind me.  I didn't get it before the end of the year because insurance wouldn't cover it until this year.  (I don't get it, but I accept it; it cost me $35 today and it would have been over $200 if I'd had it in December, so I jump through the hoops the best I can. Thankfully, I didn't get the shingles before I got the shot!)  I thank God for getting me to this point. Lee is scared of the shot; I'm more scared of the shingles.  He said if I don't have any trouble, then he'll get the shot.  We'll see.  God will take care of us, but I think we should do all we can to help Him along the way.  Off to bed I go!  Sweet dreams to all my readers.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

From the Amish Bridge, Looking Down to the Walking Bridge.

I love this spot at Big Cedar.  I have lots of good memories from times in the past walking across that walking bridge and watching wildlife.  The new one lane Amish Bridge is a beautiful addition, too. The bridge is done, but the landscaping is still in process.  I thank God for the place and for the folks who strive to keep it natural and beautiful.  I thank Him also for the opportunity to come here and spend good time and the ability to walk around and enjoy it all.

Today I caught up from yesterday's sleepy day.  After church I got a nice long nap.  Then I went to walk at the fitness center.  I've been catching up on laundry tonight as we watched the Thunder beat the Kings.  It's been a beautiful day, too.  Happy times, escaping at Big Cedar!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sleepy, Sleepy.

This is the one lane Amish bridge that is new to Big Cedar.  The bridge is finished, and being used, but the landscaping around it is not done, yet.  There is a patio below that fence on the left and there will be a waterfall coming off those rocks to the left of the bridge.  For those of you who have bee here, the walking bridge above Devil's pool is just beyond that red pickup.  I was standing on the porch of the Devil's Pool restaurant.  The fitness center is just around the corner, behind the restaurant.  I did my work out today.  In fact I had to go to the registration area at Big Cedar to get my keys updated for this week's use, so I just walked from there over to the fitness center.  It was a beautiful day, but brisk because of the wind.  It made good exercise for me.  Lee was waiting in the room, so I didn't drag him along for that walk.  After I got back to the condo, he wanted to get out, though, so he drug me out shopping.  Thankfully, we didn't buy anything.  He loves to drag around looking at everything; I'd lots rather be outside looking at all the stuff God mad.  Anyway, we had a big day and I'm exhausted.  I'm so ready to take a nice hot bath and go to bed early.  I'm grateful for a great place to be, the ability to enjoy it, and someone to share the enjoyment.  God is GREAT!

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Done! It's Done!

I finished the puzzle!  Woo hoo!  Now, I'm going to sort the other puzzles, so we'll have that done when folks get here to help me do them.  Maybe they'll want to do this one, again, too.  It was really fun to do, so I hope they'll want to do it, again.  I'll have to do this one with Steve and Mary sometime; they love birds and puzzling, so it really has their names all over it!  I thank God for all the birds I love to watch and for our friends Steve and Mary who share that love with me.  Steve and I share our birthday, as well as love for birds and puzzling.  Good friends are great blessings.

I did my walk at the fitness center today.  We didn't go anywhere except down to the front desk to talk to them about staying in the same unit tomorrow.   I made my original reservations back in June. But, when the doctor wanted to see me in January, I had to cancel the original reservations and rebook because we were scheduled to be here when I needed to be in Houston.  Anyway, when I made the reservations the last time, they were not to be in the same unit for the whole time.  I did it online, so the numbers didn't show up and I didn't know that until I got here.  Anyway, the manager at the front desk really had his hands tied with they way the system works, but he was somehow able to work a miracle, so we don't have to move tomorrow.  That was worth the trip down there and I sure appreciate his work to get our problem solved.  (Besides, I didn't want to have to move everything else!)  I was scurrying to get this puzzle finished so I wouldn't have to move it before it was done.  He called about 3:30 to let me know that all was clear. I just finished it before I sat down to write this. Ahhhhh.  I'll sleep good tonight; I didn't get a nap . . . I puzzled right through the nap time.  I'll have to get good rest tonight.  Puzzling is rather restful, too, though.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Progress on the Puzzle.

This puzzle is so cool!  I'm really enjoying it.  We went to town today and I had 3 color copies made of it so that we can work it, again, and 4 of us will have a picture to use.  I never dare get out a puzzle at home because I'd never get anything else done.  I thank God for the opportunity to escape and have some fun puzzling!

Today was another beautiful day, but it was windy and pretty cold.  I did my walking at the fitness center early today because Lee didn't want me to go out late last night.  I paced around her until my fitbit said I had met my minimum goal.  I like the fitness center better, so I got it done early.  Lee's not as excited about walking as I am, but I know I have to keep it up to keep mobile.  Cancer in my bones is not a good thing.  A day will come that I can't walk, so I have to  do it while I can.  I also have to do it to keep my bones as strong as possible; I don't need them getting soft on me.  God will take care of me but I intend to do all I can to work with Him.

The Thunder is working to survive the Rockets and we're getting the game, so I'm headed to watch them and cheer them.  We miss most of the games here, so I'm glad to get to see one.  Go, Thunder!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Devil's Pool

This picture is taken from a bridge close to the fitness center.  A few years ago we watched a blue heron from here as well as a ground hog.  I'm keeping my eye out for both of them!  They've built a one lane Amish bridge behind the one where we walk.  I'll have to get a pic of it and post it soon.  It's pretty awesome as everything here is.

Today it turned cold, again, so I happily dug out the chili I already had made.  It's been a yummy day. So glad we didn't have to go anywhere.  I've yet to go to the fitness center, but it's on my agenda for tonight.  I've decided that dark is a good time to go there to save the daylight hours for doing other things.  Although, it's beautiful to walk on the treadmill there.  I read while I'm walking, though, so I figure I might as well go at night.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So Enjoying This Puzzle!

This puzzle was a gift I took to Joan, who keeps the house and forwards our mail when we're gone. She said, "Oh, you keep it and we'll work it at your house."  Well, we never did, so I brought it with us to work this time.  I separated all the pieces according to edge pieces, color, etc.  Then yesterday I got all the outside edge done and the part that says, "Birds of the Back Yard."  Today I finished all that rim around the edge that has a white background and lists all the different birds.  Now, I'm working on the fence and birdbath.  This is why I can't work puzzles at home.  I can sit for hours working on a puzzle that is fun.  This one has so many different things to find that is is really fun.  We haven't seen any wildlife since we've been here.  I expect we'll see various birds, turtles and a groundhog before we go home.  I'm keeping my eye out for them.  I hope to see deer, to.  We saw deer when we were here in the fall.  We have seen squirrels and we'll see plenty more of them.  I really enjoy watching God's handiwork.  I know His handiwork is everywhere and I'm a walking example of it, but it seems like we clutter His handiwork and it's not so obvious at home.  I'm grateful for this opportunity to escape.  I'm so grateful for a great friend like Joan, too!  When we get home I'm going to insist that she come work this puzzle with me.  I think she'll enjoy it, but it is always more fun to puzzle when there is someone to share it.

I went back to the fitness center and walked tonight.  Lee Is sticking to a plan of every other day, so I went without him.  It wasn't nearly so grim to go alone when I had him waiting for me in the condo. I'm grateful for him in my life.  God works in mysterious ways and I thank Him for taking care of me and using me in His plan.  It's a blessing to be here where we can use the fitness center at Big Cedar, too; it's really a nice place and a great atmosphere.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Big Fish!

After our work out at the fitness center today, we walked back to the big fish for a photo op.  The day was gorgeous; cool, but not too much.  I had my workout clothes on under the sweats and fleece jacket, so I was plenty warm.  Thankfully the wind was easy on us today.  I thank God that we are able to walk, even if it's not so easy for us.  From the fish we walked down to the registration and called for the shuttle to take us back to our building.  We had plenty of opportunities to rest in rocking chairs along the way.  This taking it easy is such a wonderful gift!

I came back and cooked chicken and chili to put into the freezer for next week.  Now, I can relax a lot because all the cooking is done.  I opened a puzzle yesterday and I'm busy working on it.  It's a great one of birds.  Where are Steve and Mary when I need them?  Sissy, are you almost here?  I know Ruthie and Phil are coming in a couple of weeks, but we'll do this one over or do another one when they get here.  Puzzling is a favorite activity when we are all sharing time!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Favorite View at Big Cedar.

This is one of my favorite views looking down from the Falls Lodge at Big Cedar.  Notice the new wedding chapel they've built on the right.  This place is really special.  I thank God for some nice warm days to enjoy the beauty.  The cold days are great, too, but I'm so busy shivering that I forget to take pix and fully enjoy!

We enjoyed getting to see folks at church that we always see when we come here.  They make this feel like home away from home.  I even met a lady from Clinton who knows friends of ours there.  I also met a lady from Mangum, which is also near Hobart (as Clinton is).  It felt like old home week.

After church we came home and napped instead of going out and enjoying the warmth.  It was in the 60's but the wind was brutal like at home, so we enjoyed a good nap.  I insist that God made naps for healing, and I don't intend to leave any healing on the table if I can help it!  :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Some Progress with the Phone.

I've managed to take some pix with the phone and also managed to get them onto the computer. Hmmmm . . . hope I can do it, again!  The first pic is the view from our bedroom.  The second pic is the view from our balcony off the living room.  With the leaves off the trees we  can see through to the lake.  We're on the ground level, so I'm glad the leaves are gone so that we can see the lake.  It's nice not to have to wait on the elevator whenever we go anywhere, and especially when we're loading and unloading!  When we got here there was snow everywhere, but I was too cold and tired to take pix!  I imagine it will snow again, but if it doesn't I'll be sorry I didn't get pix when I had the chance.  I just thank God for this really beautiful place.  It's really so nice to be here!

It has warmed up enough to melt all the snow; in fact, I think it was in the 50's today.  Lee and I went to the fitness center at Big Cedar and it was so great.  Then we went up to the Falls Lodge and checked out the views from there.  I'll post some pix I got from there in future posts.  It's really beautiful here!  Then from there we walked down to the Registration building and caught the shuttle back to our building.  It was great to be able to be outside and enjoy some walking and beautiful outdoors without me coughing due to cold air.  My lungs are really wimpy and hate cold air!  (That's just me and my wiring.  They check out my lungs really good at MDA and there are no cancer issues there.  PTL!)

Friday, January 10, 2014

I'll Wear My Red Shirt Tomorrow.

Lee and I fell into bed last night.  I reasoned with him that last Friday and Saturday we spent packing and loading the truck for 3 months.  Then Sunday we drove to Houston.  Monday morning we got up at 4 to get to MDA at 6 and then went through tests all morning and drove back to Doris and Jerry's house.  Tuesday we drove back into Houston for the great results and then we drove to Marshall, TX.  Wednesday we drove in rain all day except for the last hour which was in ice and snow to get to Big Cedar.  That was all pretty stressful.  Then Thursday we rested and then went out to get more groceries.  Today was Friday and I didn't even realize it was Friday.  I wore my Thunder tee-shirt for the second day in a row instead of a red shirt to support the troops.  I'm a loyal Thunder fan to wear their shirt around even though they're on a losing streak.  I'm on a forgetting streak and folks still love me!  I'll wear my red shirt to support the troops tomorrow; they're glad to get support any and every day, I think.

I set the camera on the lamp at my desk and got this shot today.  Notice Lee in the background, asleep in his chair.  Bless his heart; it just takes a while to catch up from the agenda we've had for the last week!  Notice the deer over the fireplace and the fish on the walls.  This place is so consistent with the wilderness theme.  It's not my style at all, but it sure is a great get away!  I'll get more pix as we spend more time here.  I'm not knocking him for napping.  I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon.  I'm such a believer in naps and rest of all kinds; I believe it's healing time, so I'm all about it!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Guess You Can Tell When I'm Really Tired?

I was just looking back to see what pix I've used on the blog and realized that I used the pic of Lee and Terri and I twice with just a day between them.  Duh.  I get tired, and really can't be trusted!  I love this pic of Lee and I taken pretty recently; I didn't see it in the recent posts so maybe you won't mind if it's a repeat.  I haven't had the energy to take pix since we've been here; too busy settling.  I thank God for a wonderful place to unwind and relax and heal!  I'll get new pix soon!

We are both pretty tired from the travels of this week.  We took it easy today and the weather got warm enough (34) to clear off the roads, so we went into town and got the rest of our groceries. We've got to go back tomorrow, though.  I keep forgetting stuff.  Thank goodness we don't have any trains to catch!  If we did we'd miss them!

We're really enjoying the relaxing here.  I was so cold yesterday with all the ice and snow,  that I bought rice at the store last night.  I swiped a couple of Lee's old socks today and made us new buddies.  I am hooked on buddies in the winter.  I didn't bring my buddies from home because I thought they were heavy and I surely wouldn't need them; wrong!  I missed them, already!  I'm so glad to have an easy fix.  Rice buddies are great winter warmers!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Found the Pic from Yesterday.

I finally found the camera.  I have a camera on my new phone, but I don't know how to use it.  Duh! Don't be mislead by the reflection of my hair in Judy's hair; she has NO gray in her hair!  We always have the most fun when we get to visit.  I love it that she goes with me to as many appointments as possible, too.  We've hung together through thick and thin for over 50 years, now!  What a blessing that God gives us great, lifelong friends!

We drove last night until just about dark.  Then we watched the Thunder lose another game and then a movie.  So, we slept later than we should have this morning.  It would have been fine except it was snowing and icy up here!  From Little Rock on we had ice on our antennae and on the rear view mirrors.  When we got about 40 miles south of Big Cedar (where we're staying) we decided we'd better stop and get my prescription filled and some groceries in case we got snowed in; sure enough when we came out with groceries it was SLIPPERY.  So, the last 40 miles were scary, but we slid in here, safely.  God is so good!  We unloaded and had a quick dinner.  Lee has all his things where they belong and I have the kitchen straight.  I'll likely live out of my suitcase for a day or two.  I am totally exhausted.  It's hard to backseat drive in ice, you know!  :)

Sorry to be so late; I'll do my best to be earlier in the coming days.  Thank you so much for  your love and prayers!  PS:  Isn't Lee the best to take a pic so that Judy and I have to look up, which makes our double chins disappear!  He's pretty awesome!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Report is Great, AGAIN! PTL!!!

This is a pic we got the camera/timer to get of us Sunday on when we met Terri for lunch.  Lee got pix of Judy and I at MDA today, but I left the camera in the room so I haven't downloaded the pix to the computer, yet.  We're staying in a hotel in Marshall, TX, and the WIFI won't work in the room, so I brought the laptop to the lobby to post the blog.  I'll catch up tomorrow with pix of Judy and I.  We had a wonderful visit, too!

Once again, the doc came dancing into the room.  He was very pleased with all the results of all the test I had yesterday.  My cancer marker number was not down, but he said it was well within the range he liked it to be.  It had gone up just a tad, but not much.  I only saw the graph, not the number. The reports will be on my page in a few days and I'll have more details then.  All that matters to me is that he doesn't want to see me for another 3 or 4 months!  Woo hoo!  I was so thrilled to hear that. He's pleased that the knots on my neck seem to be shrinking and not multiplying, too.  We're sticking with the same treatment as long as it seems to be working.  It's amazing how different he is when he's pleased!  I guess I react about the same.  Judy and Lee and I were pretty much dancing out of his office, too!

Thank you all so much for caring, for praying and for loving me!  I need it all and I believe it all works.  God bless you all!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sisters by Choice.

Terri and I were both in Japan, but not at the same time.  We've come to know and love each other just through reunions and reunions that we create just for us!  We call each other sisters and we cherish every moment we can share.  The smiles tell a lot, don't they?

She is retiring this month and she and her brother are moving to Orlando.  We'll miss getting to see them from time to time because they live in Texas, but Lee has determined that there is a road to Orlando, too.  Woo hoo!  We have lots of other friends in Orlando, so we'll be making a path to Orlando from time to time.

We managed to get up at 4 this morning and leave for MDA at 5.  We got there a few minutes before 6 and were there when 'Dracula' opened up shop to draw my blood.  We raced then up to the 7th floor where I was to have a cat scan at 8:20; the prep started at 6:20.  They were so nice up there that they said, we can do all your x-rays up here while you're drinking your 'stuff.'  They did that and by the time they finished my cat scan I was done for the day.  We got back to Doris and Jerry's house by 10 this morning.  They were gone to meetings they had, so we just went right back to bed.  I think we're caught up on sleep and I'm all tested.  I see the doctor in the morning at 9 to see what the results of cat scan, blood work and x-rays are.  From those results we will determine the treatments for the next few months.  I'm due for a treatment tomorrow, so that should happen around noon.  I'm hoping, then, that we'll be free to go to Branson!  We're supposed to check in there on Wednesday.

Thanks so much for all your support and prayers.  God has a plan and I'm so pleased to be a part of it.  I pray that I can do my part in a way that is pleasing to Him.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Precious, Precious Times.

We had a fantastic lunch with Terri today on our way to Houston.  It was such a good time and a great break in our trip.  The day was great for travel; so clear and beautiful.  It was awfully cold, but we were mostly in the car, so the cold didn't bother us so much.  We got here in plenty of time for a good visit with Doris and Jerry.  I thank God for a safe trip!

We're headed to bed.  We have to BE at MD Anderson in the morning at 6, so we'll get up at 4 to be ready to leave at 5.  Needless to say we'll be napping in the waiting rooms!  Sweet dreams to all and God bless!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


I pushed the publish button too soon, so I'm sorry if you got here and there was nobody at home!  This pic is Peyton holding Bryce on Christmas day.  How lucky he is to have two awesome big sisters.  I have an awesome big sister and an awesome baby sister.  Both are going to meet us in Branson, so I'm so excited about the time we will get to share!  I promise to get pix and share them on this blog!   I thank God for the two best sisters in the world; what treasures they are to me!

We're all packed and ready to go except for our toiletries that we'll load when we get done with them in the morning.  We'll eat breakfast and be out of here.  I'm exhausted, so I'm glad we got all that done. A cold front is blowing in right now, so I'm glad we don't have to load  much in the morning and I'm glad we're headed SOUTH.  It'll be north back to Branson, but as long as the roads are clear we don't care how cold it gets there.  We're going to work puzzles, read and enjoy the fireplace and company!  One of my treasured memories is one year when my 'adopted' baby sister (we're just close as sisters and claim each other as sisters) came up to spend a week with us at Big Cedar.  She got stuck in the snow on the way up from Texas and had to spend a night in a hotel on the way.  I hope we don't have that kind of weather.  I love remembering that special week, though!  Precious memories!  We'll see that precious 'sister' for lunch on our way to Houston tomorrow!  Woo hoo!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Details Get Hairy.

This is a pic I got of Lee with Peyton when we were there on Christmas Day.  It's hard to measure those smiles, but I can see that they are both happy to share some time!

Today has been kind of hectic, fine tuning details for our trip.  Direct TV says you can watch whatever you've subscribed to even when you're away from home.  Well, they take a lot of license with that promise. In fact, it's no promise at all; just a lure.  The truth is that we'll miss a lot of Thunder games while we're gone. I guess it's a good thing they gave away the last two games they played because it helps me to not be so devastated top miss their games.  I don't mind missing it if they're going to squander the games.  By the time the finals are played the major stations will be carrying them and we'll see those games.

There have been other details to cover and we've gotten most of it done.  Tomorrow I'll go give Dorothy a haircut and she'll be good for a while; maybe she can make it until we get home.  We'll also to to see a good friend whose husband passed yesterday.  That's a sad detail; Lee and I will miss the funeral because it's Monday and we'll be testing at MD Anderson that day.  As we get older we lose more and more people we know and love; I never get used to that!  I thank God for precious people in our lives, though.  The time we have is a gift and I thank Him for it.

Wonder Who is Having the Best time?

It's ME!  I love it when these two are together.  They are both happy and I'm happy to catch the pix!  I love the hugs, too, but Bryce is getting too heavy for me to hold long.  He'll have to carry me!  I love these big smiles and thank God for opportunities to catch them with the camera.

Today we got some loose ends tied up before our winter adventure.  Taxes paid on the house and tag bought for the Astro for starters.  It feels good to get some stuff behind me.  I did 3 loads of clothes today. We'll be ready to go soon.  Mentally, I'm ready, now.  We only have 2 more days to get ready, so we do a little each day.  There are so many details!  I'm so grateful that we are able to make this trip.  It's good to be home, but it's so fun to escape, too!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The New Year Begins!

This is a good pic I got of Chris, Bryce's Daddy.  Bryce's cousin, Julia (and another of Lee's granddaughters) is holding him.  He's such a good little guy; he's everybody's buddy!

I tried on clothes and altered a bunch today and tonight.  I've gained about 10 pounds this year, so lots of things that did fit, don't.  I had a bunch of things I'd never taken down to that size, so I took them down to the current size today.  Some things just needed hemming.  I've always got a bunch of stuff that needs altering.  It was cool tonight to be able to see to thread the machine!  I love this having no cataracts!  Trish had given me a bag of hand me downs when we were in the city and I tried them to see if I could wear anything.  Of course everything was too long.  So, while I was in the mood to alter, I got busy and did a bunch.  Hand me downs are great; I've been wearing them my whole life, and nothing ever fits right that I buy, so I'm always altering whatever I wear.  I wonder what people who don't sew do?

Anyway, I thank God to be able to see!  I also thank Him that the peripheral neuropathy that I had with chemo reversed, so I can use my hands!  (Also I don't have the horrible pains that I had in my legs and feet!) I feel so much better now than I did when I was going through chemo!  It was 7 years ago that I was diagnosed with breast cancer and there have been some tough times, but I've lived 7 years.  That's a lot and I thank God for those 7 years.  I thank Him for the good times and the memories I treasure.  God blesses with abundance!