Wednesday, March 5, 2014

If Not One Thing, then Another.

This is a pic I got yesterday of Lee clearing off the truck before we left to go for my treatment.  Bless his heart he was in a good humor in spite of all the snow and ice on the truck.  We intended to go to the urgent care yesterday after my treatment, but we were tied up so long with my treatment that we went back today.  Lee has a couple of patches on his face that I thought were shingles and I thought we should see a doc as soon as possible.  I have a few splinters in the side of my right hand that have been there for months and they're just now starting to bother me.  The nurse yesterday who did my treatment said I should have someone at urgent care look at them.  So, we went to urgent care today since it was so late last night when we got finished with my treatment.  They gave me an antibiotic for the inflammation around the splinters and recommend that I see a hand specialist or a surgeon when I get home if the splinters don't work their own way out by then.  Lee?  He has shingles!  He refused to get the shot when I got mine back in January, so he's getting his preference . . . he'd rather have shingles than the shot!  I'm going to do my best to be sympathetic, but I think he won't be complaining much. Only he is very aware of the places, because they are hidden by his beard.  They aren't bothering him too much; I hope they won't.  He has a prescription to take, so I hope he won't have too horrible a case.  He gets the hard head award as far as I'm concerned.  It's hard to beat me in that area, but I think he has, this time.  I thank God that he's keeping a good humor about it all, so far, and pray that he will continue to be able to not be too miserable with them.  If you are reading this and are a senior and haven't had the shingles vaccine, GO  GET  IT  TOMORROW!!!

Today was a very nice day.  It was nice to be out and the roads were perfectly  clear, again.  I'm headed to bath and bed.  It's been another tiring day.

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