Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring is Really Here. I'm so grateful!

We slept late this morning and rushed to get ready and then we had extra time to take a pic before church; surprised us both!  It was a beautiful day in Hobart; windy as all get out, but beautiful, none the less.

Dorothy is down with a cold, so she didn't go to church this morning or tonight, so I guess that gave us the extra time since we weren't going to get her.  We missed her, though!

We came home from church and quickly ate beans and cornbread and then I crashed for a nap before the Thunder game at 2.  After the game (we won) we raced back to church.  Here and there I've been getting the house as picked up as possible because I have a new lady coming to clean house for me tomorrow.  It's been a long time since I had help, so I'm not very organized.  We don't have school tomorrow, so I can work with her and show her how I like things done.

I felt good all day until when I was sitting in church tonight and felt like I was flying without a patch behind my ear.  So far, I've held my supper down, so maybe I'll get away with this feeling and not get gross.  It could be so much worse, so I'm grateful that it just comes in waves.

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