Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Newest Driver in the Family.

Sadie is in the middle of this pic.  She just passed her driver's license test this week, so we're very happy for her.  The guy on the right is Ryan, her boyfriend.  We're enjoying having him here with us this week so we can get to know him better.  That's Gracie on the left and Trish in the background in the kitchen.  We've played lots of cards and have lots more to play.  The weather people are saying we may get 3 inches of rain tomorrow, so we're braced to be in for tomorrow.  We'll do puzzles and cards and lots of good eating!

Lee and I stayed home today while the kids went to the Landing.  I know Lee would like to have gone, but he didn't want to leave me.  I was absolutely bushed and had to take that time for my nap. He's a dear, but I would have been fine if he'd gone.  I thank God for a sweetheart who really takes such good care of me.  I also thank God for the precious memories we're making this week.  We're recalling last year when Gretta and Elena and Garrett could be here with us, too.  Timeshares have provided opportunities for many blessings and precious memories for our family.  We've 'timeshared' with Gina and David and Jeff a little over the years, too; just not as much as I'd like.  I thank God for all our rich blessings and family and friends are sure the best ones!

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