Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're Settled and Ready to Crash.

This pic was taken today right in the middle of our move.  We got a late check out from the Suites at Fall Creek and loaded the truck and came out to Big Cedar.  Of course we were 4 hours early for check in and our room wasn't ready, so we went to the Devil's Pool Restaurant and had lunch.  (I thought we were at the Buzzard Bar, but that's downstairs and we were upstairs; what do I know?  I always drink water with lemon.)   Just as we finished lunch the registration desk called to tell us that our unit was ready.  We got it all unloaded and unpacked, went to the grocery store and, now, we're ready to fall into bed.  Lee's watching OSU play a barn burner game on TV and I've been keeping up the best I can with our High School team at home as they played a tight game for the regional title. They tied the game and lost it in overtime, but they're still winners to me.  They proved to me that my hear is in good shape!  I survived that game and this OSU one, too!

I thank God for a great team of guys in Hobart, and for my opportunity to know them.  I know them and love them and am very proud of them.  I'm sure somebody knows these OSU Cowboys, too; I hope they can win.  Right now they're in the lead.  Being in the lead helps a lot in all the statistics, but really all these guys are winners to me; they give so much of themselves to play this well!

We stocked up on food today because they're predicting ice and freezing rain tomorrow and Monday; then later in the week they say we'll have snow.  I was hoping to get a room here for friends, but they've got all the rooms held for employees because of the weather. (Found that out when we checked in today.)  When it's bad the employees stay here instead of going home and returning.  I guess that's a good plan, but I sure was hoping to get a room for Tom and Linda to join us while we're here.

Happy March, Folks . . . I guess spring is coming.  I see some buds on some trees, so there is hope.


  1. Thanks so much for trying to get us a room!!! Maybe next year! I was really looking forward to playing Hand & Foot Canasta!!!! Y'all stay warm! After Tom had shingles a couple years ago, we made sure to get our shingles shots!!! Praise the Lord for all the medical advancements that protect us and keep you healthy!!! Love you Jo, Linda

  2. Well, the room finally came through. Hope you guys can drop everything and make a quick trip. The cards and Lee and I are ready! Love you!