Sunday, April 20, 2014

Able to Revive the Desktop!

Dorothy came home from church with us today and shared Easter chicken pot pie with us.  I took her home and came home to Lee 'test driving' his recliner.  He was sound asleep, so I wasn't about to wake him up to get in the pic.  So, this is all you get; just me, again.

I am still having no side effects from the chemo pills and I think they may be working on my liver because I haven't had pain in my side for the last 24 hours.  I thank God!  Of course I may be jumping to conclusions, but I feel better than I have for the last 3 or 4 months, so, I'm thinking this chemo is as least easier on me than the last pill they had me on.

There is no school tomorrow, so I get another day off.  That's fun!  Then I work the rest of the week monitoring testing.  That means I only work from 8-noon unless they need me to stay and finish the day for someone who gets sick or who has to go home with a sick child.  Thursday afternoon I go to Lawton for an MRI of the head; they want to keep a close eye there since they know I have mets (metastasis) in the bone (skull) of my head.  I'm glad for them to keep a close eye on that.

Oh, I managed to revive the desktop last night, but it crashed, again, today.  I've revived it, again, but I think it's probably on it's last leg.  I'll be gentle with it and hope it lasts a while longer.  I'm not much of a computer guru . . . I just fumbled into reviving it, but I'm grateful that I could!

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