Friday, April 4, 2014

New Babies on the Way!!!

Lee and I walked to the park today and were rewarded!  This is the tree where the herons hatched last year; the nest at the top is last year's next.  There is a new nest and a mother sitting on eggs in it!  Woo hoo! Below this tree there were three herons sitting on a stump, seeming to guard the nest!  There was another one flying around that end of the lake, so we saw a total of five herons.  I couldn't even count how many turtles we saw sunning.  There were turtles galore.  I hope heron eat turtles because if they do there is plenty of food for them!

I cleaned out my front flower bed today and it wasn't in bad shape at all.  Now, I just have the back flower bed to do.  I think it won't be so bad, either.  I love getting outside in the sunshine!  I thank God for the awesome entertainment with the animals and flowers!  I thank Him for the healing vitamin D3, too!

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