Monday, July 21, 2014

Felt Like Going Somewhere I Didn't Have to Go!

We went over to see what Bob and his sons have accomplished on the house.  Check out the new flooring and the walls, light fixtures and even the washer and dryer!  Things are moving right along and they'll be in that house soon!

I am so grateful to be feeling so good!  Garrett had to go home today, so our visit came to an end, but it's full of great memories.  I changed his sheets and washed a load of laundry.  That required time to lay down, but at least I could do it!  I don't have any swelling that I see.  Today was my first day of rest from the chemo, so it's been a nice day.  I got through this cycle with no problems; just sore feet that feel like I've been walking on hot coals.  I'm so grateful!  God is seeing me through this crisis and has me headed back in the right direction!  Praise Him!


  1. Love the pic of Bob working...the house sure is coming along. Can't wait till they get to move in, Diana can't wait either.

  2. I'm so excited for them. This little house is going to be so cute!