Monday, August 4, 2014

A Wonderful Birthday. Thank You for Your Contribution to it!

My good friend, Joan, who house sits for us, brought over these flowers yesterday.  The zinnias are all from her garden.  I mixed them in with some artemisia and daisies from my garden and made this arrangement. She also brought me 3 tomatoes from her yard!  We used to live across the street from her and we made these arrangements and took them to everyone we could think of.  It was fun.  Now, we enjoy them, ourselves and enjoy recalling our old days of adventures.

My feet have been so much better today!  Last night I could hardly walk on them, but they are way better than I thought they could get in one day.  I sure thank God for the quick relief.  It's a fun week to get to take 7 days off from the Xeloda!

It's been a sweet day started by a beautiful card from Lee and then lots of cards and facebook messages and phone calls to wish me a happy birthday.  Before we make our next trip we're going to get a cover for the bed of the pickup, so we don't have to cram everything into the back seat.  That's going to be my birthday present!

The bad thing about today is that Lee chipped one of his very front teeth.  The good thing is that he can get in to see a dentist to fix it tomorrow.  So, off we go to OKC, again, tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll get to see one of his daughters and her family who we haven't seen since Christmas.


  1. Happy Birthday to my favorite best friend! You look terrific!
    Love you, Judy

  2. Thanks, Judy! It's so good to hear from you! Love you!

  3. What have you been feeding Lee that he's been having trouble with his teeth? LOL. So glad your feet are feeling better and you made it through this cycle without any additional problems. You look great, by the way! God bless and take care. Love ya, Donna

  4. Donna, he was eating an illegal cookie when he chipped his tooth. (As a diabetic he wasn't supposed to be eating a cookie.) I think maybe he's put his teeth through a lot over the years? I only give him mashed potatoes. :) He's fixed, now, so we hope he can go awhile before he needs more emergency care to his teeth! Thanks for the compliment! Love you!