Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bags are Getting too Full!

It's so fun to be able to fit into anything I have.  I've read about ascites (the fluid that collects in the abdomen) today and learned that they eventually return.  Ugh.  I'm going to hate when that happens.  I didn't have any 'tents' packed, but I just went and stuck in one in case I have to go someplace and buy another tent in the event that they come back while we're gone. This pic was taken the day before I turned 66 and I've felt good ever since.  That was the last day of my last cycle of Xeloda and I could hardly walk because my feet hurt so badly.  This cycle my feet are no worse than they were when I started this cycle, but my fingers and hands are really sore.  That's okay; I don't have to walk on my hands.  We're leaving town, so I won't be cooking until we get to the condo. It's amazing that I'm able to type, but I'm glad I can.  This Xeloda is a weird thing.  I guess it's different for everyone and it's even different each time for me.  As long as it's working on the cancer, I can cope with it.

Lee washed the truck today and it's all ready to pack tomorrow.  I'm excited to have the bed cover on it, so that I can have the back seat if I want to lay down or if I want to sit back there and prop my feet up on the console.  We're excited about this trip.  We'll be seeing friends and family along the way as well as enjoying my Itazuke High School reunion. I thank God that I'm so much better and can make this trip.  We serve an awesome God!


  1. You look great. Enjoy your trip and stay healthy.

    Love ya, Donna

  2. Thanks so much, Donna. I played travel agent today and booked all our time for this winter in Branson; Christmas through spring break. That's a tiresome job, but I got it done.