Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

What a wonderful anniversary it's been.  We had a great visit with great food all day; even homemade peach ice cream.  We played 2 games of canasta and the guys won one and we won one.  It was way fun!

I'm exhausted, but I'm not swelling anywhere.  The burning in my hands and feet is very tolerable.  I feel blessed and thank God for this great trip.

Sorry to be so late posting; having too much fun to post!  Love you all!


  1. Oh good grief!!! My dining area is NOT that color!! LOL LOL! Can you see little Prissy in all that color? Linda

  2. Whew Linda, that is a relief that you cleared up the color scheme. I was worried. I can tell the camera color is slightly off in this picture. The wall color leaped right out and slapped me in the face.