Friday, August 1, 2014

More Good News; PTL!

We got up at 5 to be in OKC in time for my angiogram at 10 today.  They delayed it until 1:00, then. Typical hurry up and wait kind of deal.  But the angiogram went smoothly. They found no blockages, and they determined that my heart is strong. The doc said to go home and take a couple of off days and then have some fun.  For a couple of days I'm not supposed to bend over to pick up anything, nor push, pull, or pick up anything that weighs more that 5 pounds.  That means I get to spend a couple of days at real rest.  I'm getting pretty good at it.

The chaplain of the hospital came by my room before surgery and said as he left, "You're in good hands; God's"  I so love that and appreciate God for taking good care of me!  Thanks for all your support, too!  Life is good!


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  2. I had responded by your great news with a Thumbs Up, but I remembered you don't see emoticons so here is the written version. Than you for the good news !!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm thrilled to have good news; God is so good and very generous!

  3. Great news...keep on keeping on...and rest up!

    Love ya, Donna

  4. Donna, I'm getting pretty good at these off days. Naps are the best! Maybe I should have learned this years ago and might have avoided some of these problems. I'll do the best I can! Love you!