Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A House for Peyton.

Peyton had asked Papa Lee if he could build her a house.  We found one at a sale and bought it for her and she was really tickled to get it today.  They had fun putting the furniture in it.  It was great to see Peyton and Bryce and their mother, Krissy today.  We hadn't seen them since Christmas so it seemed like forever. Bryce has really grown a bunch and really started talking.  I'll post a pic of him tomorrow.  His all have red eyes that I can't always fix so it's hard to get a good one of him.  He's always on the move, too, but I'll post what I can.

We had a good trip to the dentist and Lee's in good shape, again, until he has another tooth give out on him. This aging is a whole new trip, but I thank God that we are repairable.  I thank Him for another safe trip for us, too.  It was a good test trip for me.  I did fine; no swelling anywhere!


  1. That is so good about your swelling as it is hard not to swell riding with your legs hanging down for an extended period. So glad Lee got his tooth fixed, floss, floss, floss! Love you both! Linda

  2. Yes; I'm so scared of the swelling returning! I get up every morning and look at my feet and ankles to see if they're still mine! Cant wait to see you!