Monday, April 30, 2007

Life is uncertain.

Well, it’s been a really full day. We had to be at the ballpark for the first game at 8 and the boys obviously weren’t awake, either. They lost, so we were out of the tournament immediately. Bruce did a great job, but it takes the team working together. We’ve never seen Bruce’s team lose their first game, so it was a new experience for us, but it was good for us because we were able to get home in time to greet our guests from Oklahoma City. Our ride home was beautiful as it was on the way down there. Wild flowers were blooming all along the road. I took some pictures on the way home, but I’m not sure how good they’ll be. If they work, I’ll put them on the blog. We see mostly yellow paintbrush around here, but we saw lots of red on this trip, so that was a treat. I’ll put on a picture of Bruce pitching, too.

I had some items listed on ebay that sold over the weekend, so I’ve just packaged them up to get out in the morning. No restaurants are open on Monday, so I’m cooking tomorrow. Our Kozy Diner is usually open, but they’re putting on a new roof, so I’m cooking tomorrow. God will provide! It’s going to be whole-wheat biscuits and gravy; I can do that!

I just read my emails and found that my cousin’s wife passed away early this morning after an extended illness and fight for life. I know that God has a plan, but I’m sure He also knows that we hurt with losses like this. It’s kind of hard to be upbeat, knowing that there is a huge loss in our family. I do thank God that this struggle is over and that He is in control of everything. Our memories we can always treasure and Dot was always a part, so there are lots of great memories.

Life is uncertain. Enjoy it in every way that you can and count the blessings and thank God with me!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

From Wichita Falls . . . win some; lose some . . .

It was a beautiful day for baseball and the guys did a great job. The first game they won 15 - 2. We loved it! Their second game they lost , 1- 0. It was a great game, we just came out on the losing end. We'll see how they do tomorrow. They are a great team and we are so thrilled to be here watching them, again! I love it every year when it's time for baseball. These guys are so serious about it; it's fun to watch them.

Our Mason, who is 6 is playing baseball for the first year and his team won in OKC today, too. He might be playing softball? We haven't seen him play yet, so I stand to be corrected. The important thing to him was that they won today. We're proud of him, too!

Don and I got to have a date tonight. We went to Chedar's to eat. It's one of my favorite places, so that was nice. I didn't bring my computer, so I'm using the one here at the motel. I hope this works for the blog. I just wanted to drop a note, so if you check, you'll know we're having a great weekend. The weather is PERFECT! I'm counting blessings and I'm up higher than I can count!

God is great!

Friday, April 27, 2007

New iris, yarrow, crepe myrtle, deer and bridge . . .

You must be tired of my irises, but I’m not! I’m enjoying a new one, so I’ve pictured it for you. I’m not sure of it’s name, but I’m sure it is beautiful! There is a picture of it with Roney’s Encore right beside it and then one of it all alone. The next picture is of my sweet little deer nestled in the ground cover at the base of the crepe myrtle that is beginning to grow leaves after Don pruned it Tyler, Texas style. I love that deer. Don’s mother had it in the garden here, when she lived here, so it’s special to me. Every now and then the wind blows out it’s antlers, but it always survives, so I know it wants to live here. The last picture is my yarrow just beginning to bloom. It’ll be a beautiful burst of yellow next week when it is in full bloom. The bridge is a thing Don bought for me about 5 years ago just because I wanted it. I couldn’t think of any way at all to justify it, but I loved it and wanted it, so he bought it. He’s my hero for things like that and lots more.

This will be the last blog until Sunday night. That means I’m skipping Saturday. We’re going to Wichita Falls to watch our Grandson, Bruce play in a baseball tournament. I’m not taking the computer, so I’ll take a day off from the blog. I’ll catch up when we get home Sunday night.

We’ve got friends coming to visit with us for a couple of days Sunday. They’re coming from Oklahoma City and will be here when we get here. We believe the boys will play until the end of the tournament, so we’ll see them through it. I’ve got a light sandwich supper in the fridge for our good friends Barbara and Ira. Ira managed the building where we officed when we had our business in Oklahoma City, and Barbara was the one who really ran things in the office. It went something like that. Anyway, they were both there and kept the building great for us. Our office was on the same floor as their offices, just down the hall. We built a great relationship and never gave up the friendship when we all later retired. Anyway, they’re coming and we are very excited to see them . . . second only to seeing Bruce’s team win their tournament!

I’ve got to get our bags packed, but that’s pretty simple. Have a great weekend and count blessings with me! God is so good to us!

New iris, yarrow, crepe myrtle, deer and bridge . . .

Okay, I hit "publish" when I meant to hit something else. Anyway, I can't make this disappear. Sorry; it's just a mistake and I can't fix it. Good night! I love you for letting me make mistakes and still hanging tough with me.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Meet our neighbors, Sasha and Sonia.

Today was a good day. I got up feeling good, so I did my migraine for the quarter, yesterday. Today I got all the things I messed up yesterday corrected. Tomorrow we’ll get ready to go to Wichita Falls for Saturday and Sunday to watch our grandson’s team play a baseball tournament. We haven’t seen them play this year, so I can hardly wait.

We learned today that Hobart’s boys played a second game yesterday and won it, too, so they won the district finals. Now, they’ll go on to play in regional finals, so we’re really proud of them and will look forward to listening to their games on the radio.

Today’s pictures are of our stand in granddaughters. They live next door and diligently play basketball in our driveway. Sometimes Don goes out and plays with them. One picture is of him playing with Sasha, who will be 4 in August. The other picture is of Sonia, who will be 7 next month. Sonia comes to practice every day, and she’s really very good. Sasha loves to do everything Sonia does. They are a joy to us.

Today was a gorgeous day. We got our walking done and added a couple of blocks, and we got our time in the sun, as well. I also got my jiggling done. I don’t get to do the kangoojumps as often as I’d like, but I’ll do them tomorrow. I’m learning that it’s not as easy to be tall as I always thought.

God bless us all!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Migraine day.

Today was a tougher day because I woke up with a migraine. I take herbs for migraines, so they aren’t so easy to recognize. I kept denying that it was a migraine until this afternoon when I mixed up all the herbs I was packaging. When I do something really crazy, I have to own up to the migraine. I get so foggy that I don’t really know what I’m doing. The pain is not excruciating, though, so that’s good. The aura just makes me pretty dysfunctional.

I did get chili made since it’s cool here, today. I was out of pinto beans, and I eat those every day, so I got a batch of those made and put into the freezer, too. I did three loads of laundry, changed our sheets and got all my herbs done for the next 26 days. I’m going to finish Don’s up and go to bed.

It was too cool to walk today, besides I was feeling yucky. I did get my jiggling done, though. I didn’t do the kangoojumps; I’ve got to be feeling pretty good to hazard those. Ha. I realize now that being tall has its responsibilities. God knew exactly what He was doing when he made me short; it makes the falls easier when I don’t have so far to go.

God is good and I trust Him; He blesses us all and I thank Him! The picture is from one of the tables at the supper last night. Different ladies from our congregation decorated the tables. They were all beautiful, but I especially liked this one.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Irises galore and blessings, too!

Whew! Today was a busy but good day. I got the irises cut, arranged, taken to the church building and brought home after the salad supper was over. Now the house smells great with fresh irises! I would love to have sent them home with people, but they were too big and awkward for them to take.

I did get an hour in the sun, our walk done and my jiggling done today. I didn’t get a thing done around the house, but it won’t crash. I didn’t get the herbs finished. I’ll do that tomorrow.

The pictures in the blog today are the arrangements I made for the ladies’ salad supper tonight. I only did the irises; the screen, trees, bear, etc. was someone else’s doing. I still have lots of buds that will open over the next few days, and there are even several still open in the yard. I went to sleep last night thanking God for all my blessings. I didn’t get anywhere near listing them all, but the irises are on that list. Health and happiness are some more. Loving friends and family are some more. Thank you all for being on my list of blessings!

God bless us all!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy day, but all is well!

Today was too short. We went out to David and Dorothy’s house this morning to do their haircuts and visit. On the way home we did grocery shopping and then walked. After our walk I cleaned all the veggies and cut carrots for jalapeno juice. It’s a staple in my diet these days. Late this afternoon went to Hobart’s last home baseball game and out to eat at the Pizza Hut with David and Dorothy.

The game was GREAT! The weather was perfect, so that we didn’t get hot or cold. The whole game the other team led until the last inning when we were able to tie it and in the last play of the game we won. The game was tied, David’s grandson, Shane, was at bat and there was a runner on third. The pitcher threw the ball; the catcher missed it, and the runner stole home. How cool was that? The best part was that in a previous inning when Shane was up to bat the same thing happened, only both the runners on third and second were able to score while the other team threw the ball around missing it. Shane had gotten a couple of great hits in the game, but he got 3 RBI’s without even swinging the bat. It was really fun to be on the winning side of such a game. Maybe it didn’t go EXACTLY like that, but that’s how I caught it. If Bill Coffin is reading this or Don, I’ll probably get corrected, but the bottom line is that we won and Shane was our hero. (Of course Shane is our hero no matter what happens; he and his brother moved furniture for us this weekend, so they can do no wrong; at this point in life we are so impressed by brute strength and energy!)

When we got home from the Pizza Hut I remembered that today we used our last packets of herbs, so I had to throw herbs for the next 28 days. Ugh. I got them thrown, but I’ll have to put them into the packets tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the day that the ladies at church have invited ladies from the area for a salad supper and special speaker. I am helping register visitors and also taking all the irises from the yard to decorate. I’ll cut them in the morning and take them over and make arrangements. Other ladies have decorated the tables and the rooms in general, but I’m just adding the irises for a live touch. I’ll get some pictures for tomorrow’s blog. Today is non-picture. Please pardon! The irises are doing great, so tomorrows pictures will be good. I just didn’t have time to snap today.

God bless us all!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today has been busy, as always. It seems like Sundays fly! We did get to walk, and it was the perfect day for it. We have to take advantage of perfect weather when we can get it because it’ll be way too hot very soon. Too hot is okay; too cold is not good. We’ll work with too hot. We can get up early and walk when it’s too hot. When it’s too cold, it’s too cold and that’s it.

I was able to catch up a little on my emails today, but I’m always behind. Be patient with me if I owe you email or drop me a reminder.

In my meds protocol I take Sunday off of everything except the Essiac Tea, so that’s kind of nice. I don’t have to watch the clock so much. Then on Monday I go back to the Carnivora, but I take a day off from Essiac Tea. That gives me kind of a treat on both of those days. This is my last week on this protocol. After this week I will go back onto the full protocol of the 16-week aggressive push. It’s certainly a doable thing, but I’m going to have to learn to work my alarm watch and wear it or carry the phone with me all the time, again, so that I don’t miss any doses. It’s not all that demanding, just a discipline.

The pictures today are just a couple more from the flower garden in the back yard. I’m liking it now that the flowers are blooming, the weeds are under control and the stepping-stones are back in order. The skinny sticks sticking up are the crepe myrtles that Don pruned for me. I’ll have to get pictures of them when they bloom; I promise they’ll look good! His sister says they call that crepe murder in Houston, but it’s the way they prune in Tyler, Texas, so we’re comfortable with it. Tyler is one of the prettiest cities in Texas, in my opinion.

God bless us all.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Explanation . . . de-stressing!

Today has been another good day. I need to explain the comment I made in the blog yesterday: “If we sell this house . . . “ We want to scale down a bunch and we want to live where it is warm year round. We believe scaling down will make life simpler for me because I won’t have the stress of always needing to clean and always needing to weed and harvest flowers and veggies in the yard. I’ve decided to have no vegetables this summer. We’ll do baseball with the grandkids and not sweat the veggies. We are not likely to sell this house, so we are looking to make it simpler to live here for the 8 months that are warm. The other months we will go to where it is warm. IF we SHOULD sell this house, then it will be simpler if we have already gotten rid of all the extra stuff we have. We don’t have the house on the market, but we are doing the scaling down part. We love it here except for the cold months. Our plan right now is to go to South Texas for the winter months. We’ll see how that works next winter. We don’t have any plan to move, though. If the house should sell, we’d probably just buy something smaller here in town. (If someone comes up and asks if we’d sell the house, we’d talk; otherwise, we’re keeping it.)

Now to tell you how today went. Dorothy and David mentioned a couple of weeks ago that they wanted to buy a new sofa. I said, “Don’t buy a new sofa; take one of ours!” So, they came shopping at our house today and bought the sofa that was in our bedroom and a chair from a guest bedroom. We rearranged a bit and love the extra space and don’t even miss the furniture. We were at their house playing cards tonight and it looks great in their house. We’re all happy!

I got pictures of the ‘new’ stones in the garden and Roney’s Encore in full bloom. Those are the pictures on the blog tonight. We had a great time playing cards tonight; my team won all but one game, so we did much better than last night!

Ruthie and Phil made it home in one day! I found email from them the first thing this morning telling me they had driven all the way. They’re tougher than I thought! We don’t even do that, anymore! Thank God for their safe trip and for their visit!

God bless us all!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunshiny day and irises blooming!

The pictures are from yesterday at the Wildlife Reserve. The first one is a prairie dog showing us how he does spring cleaning. The second one is Phil behind and leaning on the heart rock. The last one is Ruthie and Phil contemplating and deciding against a climb on the rocks. It was a great day of adventure!

Today was beautiful! We hated to see Ruthie and Phil leave, but we rejoice with such a wonderful visit. We played cards tonight, and everyone in the group was sad to miss them. The men won all 4 games, so we’re out to get them tomorrow night. We played here tonight; we’ll play at David and Dorothy’s tonight. We’re all meeting for breakfast in the morning. We’re a tight group and can’t get too much of each other.

My blue irises were blooming this morning before Ruthie left, so she got to see them. She sees plenty in Tennessee, but I wanted her to see I’ve got a bit of Tennessee here with me. The Roney’s Encore is in full bloom in the back yard. I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t get that done today. Phil had taken me up on my offer of some cool rocks I had in the flower garden, so I spent today putting the walkways back in shape before the ground gets hard or more rain comes. The ground was just perfect for working out there, so I got with the program. I had a huge rock shaped like a heart and a few shaped like states. I loved them, but if we sell this house, nobody but me would love them. I thought Phil and Ruthie might love them in their garden, and I was right. I had plenty more good stepping stone sort of rocks, so I just filled in the spaces. I loved being in the garden. I hoed weeds that were sneaking back, so I’m ahead of them right now. Whew! It was a great day even if Ruthie and Phil did leave. They couldn’t have left if they’d never come, so I’m thanking God that they came and asking Him to give them a safe trip home.

God bless us all!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last day of Ruthie visit.

Today was our last day of adventure for this visit. We went to Oklahoma’s best-kept secret, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve. It was very windy, but it was still nice. The first picture is Ruthie and I with a windy hair day; we’re grateful for hair! The next picture is Ruthie and Phil sitting on a rock with the HEART ROCK behind them and to the left. The last picture is of Don, Ruthie and Phil at the Prairie Dog Town. Tomorrow I’ll show you a picture of one of the prairie dogs that put on a show for us. In the last picture look at the mountains behind and between Don and Ruthie and see if you can tell why they call that Mount Lincoln . . . turn your head to the side and see if you don’t see Lincoln’s profile.

Ruthie and Phil loved the Reserve; we do, too! We love to climb around on those rocks, and we feel so blessed to have them out here in this flat country. Come to see us and we’ll be sure to take you to see it. Bring your hiking clothes and we’ll have a great picnic and fun day!

Ruthie and Phil are leaving in the morning, so we hate that. We love so much that we’ve had this visit, though! I’ve been lucky that it’s during this month that my meds are real simple; no under the tongue stuff, so I could talk the whole time. Ha!

Pray with me that they will have a safe trip home! God blesses us all and we give thanks! I love you for looking in on us.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Pantry has great food and fun!

Today’s pictures are on the stairs up to Diana and Bob’s front porch and at The Pantry, but they don't seem to be going onto the blog. For some reason I'm not seeing pictures, but only little boxes with red x's in them. That frustrates me, but I can't fix it, so I'm going to bed. SORRY! It was a beautiful day to visit and travel!

We toured Bob and Diana Clark’s home first, and then Diana went with us for lunch. I went to school in Japan with Bob and we feel like we all went to school with Diana because she’s so easy to know and love. I think it was 3 years ago that they came here and bought a beautiful old house, and they are restoring it themselves. Bob is in Russia working right now, so we missed him, but it was great to tour their house and see the progress they’ve made. Then lunch with Diana was a hoot. I can’t tell the trick that Phil pulled on Diana, because it will ruin it for his future antics for his friends and family who read this. I will say, just beware when you eat with him and be ready for some fun.

Ruthie and Phil are going home Friday morning, so we’re already dreading missing them. We can’t talk them into staying longer, but they do say they will come again, so that gives us hope for another fun visit even though this one seems so short. We thank God for this visit and ask Him to keep them safe as they travel home. God bless us all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big sister!

I wore the Kangoojumps around while I fixed dinner tonight and got to be the BIG sister for the first time in my life! Phil thought it was so funny! He said, “Do you wear those out in public?” I think he’s embarrassed! He wanted to know how many wrecks I’ve caused. We didn’t have any wrecks in the kitchen.

It rained most of the day today, so we did good to get out and go to the museum in Hobart. Ruthie and Phil were really impressed. We’re really proud of the museum; it’s a really good one. After the museum we went to Roy’s for lunch since we were already out in the rain. They liked Roy’s, too. It really can’t be beat in Oklahoma.

Ruthie and I spent hours listing a pair of Earth shoes on ebay! I hadn’t listed anything in months and they have changed a lot, so it was a new experience for me. My goal was to teach her how to get set up to sell some things for Phil. I’m afraid I discouraged her more than I helped her! I hope she’ll be able to figure it out when she gets home.

Tomorrow we’re going to Altus to have lunch at the Pantry and really cool tearoom sort of place. Don will have a glass of tea with us and then we’ll stop and get a burger for him because he doesn’t like that girly food. I hope I remember to get pictures tomorrow!

Gretta called today to tell me that Elena broke 7 pounds! I think she weighs 7lbs. 4 oz. and she’s 20.25 inches long. She’s a big girl, now! Ha! We love her and are very, very proud of her.

God bless us all!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Here’s our baby darling (Elena) in the picture we got today. She’s still so tiny; Gretta has to stuff a blanket into the multipurpose walker with her to fit her in there. She looks a little overwhelmed with it all!

The other picture is the picture I have on the bar from right after she was born with my new irises that opened today. The peach colored ones are the ones that opened before and this is the second stalk. Linda, they are called Roney’s Encore. The pink colored one just opened for the first time this year and it is called October Splendor. I love to bring them inside and put them beside Elena! Today was a warm and very nice day.

Today we just enjoyed being around her together except for when Don and I went to our friend’s funeral. I can’t believe how time flies when we’re just having a good time with each other! Oh, we DID go to the library and Ruthie fell in love with the centennial quilt. They were having a used book sale and Ruthie and I both bought a sack full. We’re not so good at getting RID of stuff, but we’re great at attracting stuff!

Tomorrow we’re going to the museum in town and we’re going to list some things on ebay. We’re planning to go to Roy’s Backyard Barbeque for supper. We think Roy’s is the best barbeque place in Oklahoma, so we’re really proud to have it here.

Enjoy whoever is near and dear to you! God bless us all!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beautiful Sunday!

Today was a great day. It was sure fun to introduce all our friends at church to Ruthie and Phil and vice versa. Ruthie and I were floored that so many people think we look alike. We’ve NEVER been accused of looking alike; it’s a complement, so we’re content with it whether we see it or not. After church we ate at the Mexican restaurant like we usually do with good friends from church. We came home and got into comfortable clothes and drove around the town and the county. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. We came home and sat on the back deck awhile where I got today’s picture of Ruthie and Phil. There is another picture of Quartz Mountain State Park Lodge about 15 minutes from here on the lake. Notice not a cloud in the sky! Ruthie and I meant to play Scrabble today, but never got to it. We’ve shared some good reading, though.

A dear friend’s husband, who shared a room in the nursing home with Don’s Dad, passed away this weekend. We’ll go to his funeral tomorrow. The stages of life are sometimes so difficult for us to accept. We loved Clarence and we love his wife; she’s taught us a lot about love and giving in the years that we’ve lived here and known them.

Another good friend in Tennessee lost her mother on Friday. Life is so uncertain, but always remember that God has a plan.

“ . . . how long does a man live? Is it as long as you can touch him or is it as long as he touches you? . . . ” This unknown author has given me lots of comfort as treasured people have passed from this life as we know it. I thank God for treasured people and their influence and love in our lives. God bless us all; we need Him every moment.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Home again!

We had the best time in OKC! Of course it was wonderful to have Ruthie and Phil get there safe and sound! We visited with Trish and Rob and their kids. Then, we took Sadie to a slumber party and Nate kept the other kids while we all went out to eat at Bricktown Brewery, my favorite restaurant in OKC. There are pictures on the blog of Tricia’s family and Ruthie and Phil with Gabe, Mason and Grace and then the bunch of us at Bricktown Brewery. You can tell we were having great fun. The picture I took of Tricia’s family is kind of blurry; I have no clue what I did wrong, but at least I got them all in one place at a time. That’s hard to do!

After our fun night out we had a good night at the Extended Stay America hotel. Phil and Don keep Ruthie and I giggling all the time! Don and Phil got up early and went to breakfast and then to a car show. They nearly froze, so Ruthie and I were glad we missed that! We met Trish and Sadie and Grace at a garage sale, instead. I’m supposed to be getting rid of stuff, but I relapsed today. Surely I need all the stuff I got. I’m a hopeless packrat.

We met Don and Phil and headed back to Hobart. After getting settled in and having dinner we drove around Hobart to show off our little town. They’re all in bed and I’m up washing and drying all the yard sale stuff and our clothes from the trip. I’m headed to bed as soon as I finish this blog and read our emails. We’re so grateful for a safe trip for all of us and it’s wonderful to have Ruthie and Phil here.

God blesses us all and we give thanks!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th - Yikes! A note from the former blogmaster.

Hi guys!

Mom doesn't have internet access tonight and didn't get a chance to sit at my computer, so I'm posting a quick note for her. Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Phil made it here just fine, everyone is checked into the hotel and we all had a nice dinner in Bricktown tonight. The weather is Oklahoma weird, but not severe so we are all surviving it just fine. The plan for tomorrow is to check out the car show and then mom and dad and Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Phil will head to Hobart.

Hope everyone had a 'lucky' Friday the 13th! No tragedies here.... yet......


Thursday, April 12, 2007

They're almost here!!!

This picture is Ruthie and Phil at our high school reunion in Dover last summer.

Today was our last day to wait for Ruthie and Phil to be here. I did a quick spoof up of the house, and then I got all the stuff ready to get out for 2006 Christmas that we missed. Some will go home with Ruthie and Phil for their family and the rest is ready to go into the mail when they leave. I got it all sorted; I just have to get it into the mail. We’ll take the Oglesby stuff tomorrow when we go to OKC. How terrible is it to have Christmas in April? Everyone has been so wonderful to be patient. We’ll leave first thing in the morning. I can hardly wait to have Ruthie and Phil be here!!!

I talked to Ruthie as we sat down to eat supper and they were just approaching Fort Smith, so they are nearly to Oklahoma. They’ll spend the night near there and then we’ll meet in OKC around noon tomorrow. On our way to OKC we’re stopping to see a friend in the hospital, so that’s another thing to make tomorrow special. For a Friday 13th, it has a lot of promise and hope. Every day is a good day. The day your family comes is a spectacular day!

God bless us all!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lake is full!

I almost went to bed forgetting to write in the blog! I’ve been brewing Essiac tea to get us through until Monday or so, so that I won’t have to do it right away after Ruthie and Phil get here. I’m so excited about them coming I could just dance if I knew how! I was headed to jiggle and then fall into bed and remembered the blog!

We had a nice day today, so Don and I walked around the park. I took a couple of pictures of the park and lake for the blog. If you look closely you can see the dam at the back of the lake; there is a walking trail up on top of the dam, so we can walk all around the park. This park is just a couple of blocks from our house, so the kids from this family for the last two generations have loved to go there and play. Us big kids love to go there and walk! I took a couple of shots so that I could get the playground as well as the lake with the ducks and geese. Notice that the lake is so full that the water is right up to the bottom of the bridge. We’ve had a good bit of rain since we’ve been home, so the farmers are happy and the lake is full.

I still have 30 minutes of jiggling to do, so I’m going to post this and get with the jiggling and then to bed. I’ll do the blog tomorrow, but Friday I may take off since we’ll be in OKC with Ruthie and Phil. I doubt if I’ll have Internet connection. If I can, I’ll post on Friday, but I don’t know if I’ll get to or not. Hang tough with us while we goof off and enjoy each other!

God Bless us all!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Warm, cold, warm; it's OK!

It did finally warm up! We actually took off for a walk with me in my kangoojumps. They weren’t tight enough and there was nowhere to sit down and adjust them. It’s the first time I’d been out of the house in them, so I was fumbling. We made it to the park and I sat on a bench to tighten them. We decided to come back home, though, because I was afraid they’d rub blisters on my ankles. I never wear any kind of boots, so these were rubbing me where I’d never been rubbed before! We got home and I put on tennis shoes for walking and we went back out for a real walk. By then a storm was brewing, so we just went around the block and came back home.

We enjoyed a while just sitting out on the back deck watching the birds and enjoying the warm. We heard the phone ring and I came in to answer it and it was David and Dorothy telling us Hobart was playing their first home baseball game. They were there and wondered if we wanted to join them. We’re pretty hooked on watching their grandson play, so off we went. It was great for about 30 minutes and then Oklahoma’s weather took a change and blew in cold weather again. It was still fun! David’s daughter, Stephanie brought a bunch of blankets and we survived. The team lost, but they saved face, and it was still fun to watch. After the game we went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant and had dinner with David and Dorothy. I had my camera in my pocket, but forgot to take a picture. I should have asked the waitress to take one, but flat forgot. It would have been a good shot of real fun and love. We love David and Dorothy like family. Today’s picture is one of them at our house one time in the past.

Yesterday I told you about my exercise efforts. I didn’t mention what I do about meds. One thing I do is brew the Essiac Tea. I’ve learned how to do it so that it doesn’t stink up the whole house (use the exhaust fan). I have to brew it every 3 days and it keeps the refrigerator pretty full of icky tea. It’s not all that bad to drink, but it’s no joy. I’ve gotten used to it. I just pretend I’m playing mud pies and get to really drink the stuff. It makes water taste absolutely delicious! This week I only have to take medicine 4 times a day, not within 30 minutes of having food. The tea I have to drink an hour before eating and 2 hours after eating, but only twice a day. The timing of the whole thing is the hardest thing.

I’m taking my regular handful of herbs, plus another two specifically for cancer. Those are just taken twice a day; they don’t have to be at any certain time. It took me two days to sort out all the herbs and vitamins that Don and I will take for the next 2 weeks. Every couple of weeks I have to get those sorted and bagged so that I don’t have to do it every day. So, if you wonder what I’m doing, it’s probably some sort of exercise or sorting herbs (I call it throwing herbs). I’m about to go take my de-tox bath to get the chill from the baseball game out of my bones, not to mention whatever toxins are brave enough to still be in my body!

God bless us all!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Grace's haircut

Ha! Today my cousin wrote that I should bring my energy for cleaning to her house and get to work, or something like that. It dawned on me that I’m giving the wrong impression. I don’t have the energy for this cleaning; I’m just using the energy I can muster for that purpose. We left for Tijuana in such a rush, that I didn’t leave things in the order that I would have liked. Even if I had cleaned before I left, there would still have been 4 months of dust lying around inside, and 4 months of whatever the wind blew up and weeds outside! Doing the taxes was such a burden, I was really glad to escape to cleaning. I don’t like cleaning, but relative to taxes, cleaning is like a trip to Disney Land! Also, having it hanging over my head motivates me to get it done. I don’t know why that is, because then it just needs to be done AGAIN. We’ve decided that we want to snowbird to somewhere that is warm next winter, so we’ll do it again. I want to have a better plan next year! If we have an opportunity to sell this house and move to something smaller, we need to scale down, so I’m challenged to get rid of lots of clutter as I go with the cleaning. That makes it more interesting than just plain old cleaning.

Another cousin thought maybe I had quit writing the blog since she had trouble finding it. I wonder sometimes if I should quit writing it because it sounds kind of boring with my report of cleaning. I thought maybe I should be telling about the exercises that I do.

We walk 2-3 miles if the weather is good. Everyday I do an hour on my jiggling machine. It’s a machine that sits on the floor, and I lie down and put my ankles into a padded cradle on the jiggler. I turn it on and just lie there and read. It is my salvation as far as my back is concerned; I don’t know what I ever did without it. It is also very good for lymph drainage, which is important to my situation right now. Circulation and lymph drainage are very important all the time, but particularly when I am aiming to get healing medicines into all parts of my body.

I do a HOT bath for 30-45 minutes 3 times a week. That’s good for de-toxing. (I also LOVE it!)

I have those Kangoojumps, and I wear those around the house as often as possible. I’d like to do 15 minutes a day in them, but I forget sometimes. They are very good for lymph drainage, too. They are too much fun; I tend to think of them as a fun thing, and put them off and don’t get around to them. I’m going to use them for our outside walks as soon as it warms up a bit; maybe tomorrow.

The excitement of today was that Grace cut her hair. Grace will be 4 in a couple of weeks. So, Trish had to take her to the beauty shop to let them give her the bob she wanted. We’ll get to see her Friday when we go to OKC. We’re meeting Ruthie and Phil in OKC, so that’s the big deal of this week! We’re staying the night in OKC to go to a car show on Saturday; then we’ll come to Hobart Saturday afternoon. I can hardly wait!

Everyone have a great week; I hope it warms up everywhere and spring will really be here! God keep us all safe and healthy!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Dogwood

” . . . the blossoms shall be in the form of a cross; two long petals and two short. In the center of each petal there will be nail prints, crown with rust and stained with red. In the center of the flower will be a crown of thorns. And all who pass and see the Dogwood tree and will remember our Jesus and what he means to us." Author Unknown

Here is my macro shot of Hazel’s dogwood across the street.

We didn’t get the freeze that was predicted last night, but it’s been really chilly for Easter Sunday. That’s okay; we’re so grateful for the farmers that their wheat wasn’t ruined. I’m really happy that my irises didn’t freeze; I look forward to a beautiful spring.

Jo Ann and Frank invited us to their home for dinner after church with both their family. Jack and Tillie of the canasta group joined us, as well. It was a beautiful and delicious dinner. After we cleaned up, we all played canasta; we’re so hooked! Tonight I am packing herbs for our next several days.

We are healthy and happy. Praise God! Our wish and prayers for you is the same gift!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Everyone! Tomorrow is the day, but it’s not too early to thank our Lord for all He has done for us. I am especially thanking Him that “ . . . by His stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5 More important is the beginning of that verse: “ But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him . . .” What an awesome gift! Salvation and healing all in one verse.

Tonight we played canasta, again at our house. Before we started I ran over to our neighbor across the street’s house to get a picture of her dogwood before tonight’s predicted freeze gets it. She is Hazel and she plays canasta with us when we have someone out sick or someone extra. She was Don’s sister’s best friend from high school years and she and her husband used to keep an eye on Don’s mom and dad when they were growing older and feebler. She’s a treasured friend! This weekend she played with us because Kristy was here. Kristy is Jo Ann and Frank’s daughter. She LOVES to play canasta as much as the rest of us do. She lives near Oklahoma City, so we don’t get to play with her too much, but love it when she can come. We even go there sometimes.

This weekend was sort of like a canasta reunion because we all got to play together. There are some others who play with us from time to time, but there’s no telling when we can get us all together. We just do the best we can. The first picture is Joan, who knows every iris by name; Dorothy, who has known Don since he was Donnie, and Hazel who has the dogwood and brought those awesome cookies. The next picture is Tillie, who brought the other awesome cookies, Jo Ann, and her daughter, Kristy. These are all such great friends. Next time I’ll get the men who go with them. The last picture is Hazel’s dogwood.

Have a wonderful Easter, but celebrate it every day!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Iris in full bloom.

It’s cold here! We’re ready to go back to Hawaii! We thank God that we have a warm place to live and plenty of warm clothes to wear when we go out of the house! We have great friends who make life cheerful, too. We played canasta at our house tonight and will again tomorrow night. Tomorrow many of us will meet for breakfast. We enjoy the fellowship!

It’s hard to get in our walking when it’s this cold. That means I have to do more exercise in the house. I did get my bathroom de-cluttered today. Don was surprised to see that I have a counter on my side, too!

My iris that I cut yesterday opened all the way today. I got a picture of it to share today. I know this isn’t as exciting for you as it is for me, but this is the kind of thing that entertains me, so I’m sharing the best I have with you: my cut flower and a picture of the latest grandbaby.

God bless us all!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Winter is back?

The cold is catching up with us! We managed to escape for the winter, but it's BACK! I went out to check on my iris and decided to cut it and bring it inside; I can't stand for it to freeze. There are lots of other spikes, but I hope the cold won't get them. Iris are pretty tough. Even if it does, there will surely be more.

One of my big iris beds is right under the basketball goal, so it's taken a beating, but I think we'll have plenty. Our precious neighbor girls practice ball diligently every single day; that's way more important than a handful of flowers, and we have gobs of other flowers. Those girls are just 6 and 3 and they're going to play basketball for years. I love it when I hear their ball bouncing out there and see them practicing. I'm amazed at that kind of diligence at their ages.

I was headed for my bathroom counter to clear off the clutter in there, but ended up in the bathroom off the laundry room. That is really the room that catches everything. When we built on our bathroom we swiped the stool out of the bathroom in the laundry room, so there is only a sink and cabinet and drawers and shelves in there. I have that all crammed full and then 'stuff' sitting in the floor, too. UGH! Well, it's a lot better tonight. Tomorrow I will get to the counter in my bathroom. It's been fun to get rid of a lot of clutter around here. It feels good to have a cut flower on my bar, too. That always feels good to me. I'll share it with you; that's sweet Elena by the flower.

God bless us all!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Remember Betsy Clark?

A cold front came through, so my iris didn’t open today. I only got out to go to the dentist so he could fix a tooth that broke a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t bothering me, but I figured it needed to be fixed before it caused me pain and agony when I was up to my ears in something fun. I didn’t run across anything worthy of taking a picture at his office.

Then I came home and spent the rest of the day going around cleaning up little stashes of stuff that I have EVERYWHERE! I even cleaned out my pantry. Don is amazed and afraid to hinder me while I’m on a roll. I just hope he doesn’t ask for anything because there is no telling what I’m throwing away and what new stashes I’m creating. I’m such a pack rat; I can’t even believe some of the stuff I have!

Anyone remember Betsy Clark? I’ve loved her forever and when Trish was little she made a card for me and put that it was from Besty Clark, so around here, we call her Besty Clark. Anyway, most of my collection is hanging on the walls going down to the basement. Betsy was the forerunner to Precious Moments.

Everything about Betsy is based on the simple things in life and love. One time I was visiting my sister, Ruthie in California and we found a Betsy Clark doll! I think she bought her for me because I’d spent every cent I had to get out there for the visit. For a long time we shared her. When I came to her house I’d bring Betsy to her and leave her until the next time I came and then I’d take her home with me for a few months. Anyway, she’s been at my house for a long, long time and I still love her; she’s a tie and a reminder to me of all the people I love and cherish, starting with my sister. I guess I was thinking of that today because Ruthie is coming to visit here in less than 2 weeks! I’m so excited about that visit that I could just dance! Anyway, today I hung up two of my most recent additions to the Betsy collection; they’d been leaning against the wall for months, and I wanted them to be hung before Ruthie came. Ruthie, take a look at these walls, so you’ll feel at home when we go to the basement.

God bless us all!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In God We Still Trust

Things are looking good around here. My Japanese magnolia still has a few blooms and I had time to get a close up shot of one today.

The irises have spikes on them; one is showing color, so I got a shot of it. Maybe it will be open tomorrow and I’ll get a shot of it, then. The Irises really make me happy.

Don vacuumed the house and I did the wood and vinyl floors today and dusted. I’ve taken three more bags of clothes out to the van. Tomorrow I’ll take them to the thrift store. We even ate supper out in the Florida room tonight. It’s supposed to turn cool here tonight, but if it’s not too cool in the morning we’ll have breakfast out there.

Now, I’m ready to have some company. I sure hope someone will come so that we didn’t do all this cleaning just for us! You love us enough to watch the blog; why don’t you come and see us? We’d love to have you!

A special friend sent me this address today. If you have high speed, it won’t take long to download. Dial up will take longer, but when you have some time, listen to this song and the video that goes with it is very good, too. This song has never been released to the public because it was considered politically incorrect. UGH! It’s a GREAT SONG!

We’re watching the Lady Vols tonight! Go Vols!!!

In GOD we still trust!