Saturday, November 30, 2013

Whew! The Awesome is Gone and We're Back to Our Normal.

Much of the fun this weekend was Lisa and Rick coming and getting acquainted with Trish and Gretta and the kids.  Their visit was too brief, but it was great.  This pic I got this morning after breakfast when we were sitting around the table still visiting.  Rick and Lisa left shortly after this to head for OKC to visit with more family there.  This is two Thanksgivings in a row that they've spent with us, so we're honored and have enjoyed it so much!

After Rick and Lisa left we played Hand and Foot Canasta until the kids all left around 2:30.  In the midst of our game we nibbled on leftovers from Thursday's turkey and dressing.  After the kids left, Lee was a wonderful help to get the house put back into shape.  The beds are all cleaned and the mirrors shined, so we're ready for more company; any takers?

We're so thankful every day for our family and everyone's health.   We're especially thankful right now for everyone's safe travels over this holiday.  I'm so grateful that they would and could come here, so that we didn't have to travel.  It's wonderful to be at home and to share it with the people we love most.  We look forward to when others can join us!

Our good friends Bob, and Diana Clark came over and visited around the table with us after breakfast today.  They are like family.  They joined us in Branson last spring when Trish and Gretta and the kids were with us there.  They live just about 5 or 6 blocks from here and they're treasured friends from when Bob and I went to school together in Japan.  The Bible speaks of a friend who is closer than a brother and they are that kind of friends; we love them so much and thank God for them in our lives.  I'll post pix of them that I got today with some of the kids, too.  I got lots of good pix this weekend, so I'll be posting them over the next few days.  Hope your holiday was awesome, too.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Lots of Food; Lots of Haircuts; Lots of Fun!

The first pic is one I got yesterday of Lee and Raynie at dinner.  Trish is on the left and Mason, Sadie and Grace to the right of Lee (in the pic).   The second pic I took tonight of Raynie playing cards with Elena (not in the pic) after her haircut.  Behind her is Sadie, sitting in Gracie's lap and they're watching Trish get a haircut.  Sadie and Gracie already had their haircuts.  Raynie's was the hit of the night; it is SO cute!  The others wanted trims, not big haircuts.  Thanks to Gretta for cleaning up everyone's hair!

Thanks to God for this awesome visit and everyone's health and safe traveling!  Lee's daughter, Lisa, and her husband, Rick, got here about noon today; we're so thankful to have them be here, too!  It's been a great gathering!  I'll post a pic of Lisa and Rick tomorrow.

Kids Are Awesome!

This is a pic I got today of Sadie fixing a plate for Raynie.  What sweet sisters; they impress me all the time and make me so proud and grateful!  Today we had a wonderful dinner and played lots of cards.  I even got a nap after dinner, so the day worked well for me.

We stay up too late every night.  It's worth it for all the fun we have, though!  Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!  Sorry I'm so late with this posting!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some are HERE!

We devoured one bowl of banana pudding and a ton of other stuff; now we're ready to play Nertz!  That's Sadie, me, Trish, and Gracie.  Gretta is working.  The little girls are loving playing together, Mason and Garrett and playing pool and card tricks.  Lee is watching the Thunder and reporting to me.  Fun, fun, fun!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Tomorrow we'll eat turkey.  Lisa and Rick (Lee's daughter and her husband) will be here Friday and we'll have roast beef.  Lots of good food happening around here!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Could Hardly Hold up My Head.

I monitored for testing this morning, but school was out at 12:30, so I didn't have to sub for anyone in the afternoon.  It's a good thing because I could hardly hold up my head.  I'm spoiled to sleeping in too much, lately!  Getting up and going to school is a sleepy job for me.  Monitoring for testing is especially sleepy work!  I do it 4 days next week.  I really enjoy it, but I'd better get good sleep before those days!

I came home and took a good nap and then we headed out to the first high school basketball game of the year.  Wow!  Our guys are really great!  The girls struggled and lost, but the guys won by one point.  It was super exciting!  I love watching the kids play; it gives me a whole new respect and love for them for the effort that put into it!  I thank God for these experiences for the kids and for me!

Tomorrow the kids start to come in; we are so excited!  Woo hoo!  Oh, by the way, this pic is one we got today before my nap.  Bet you get tired of the same background, but it's the easiest place to put the camera for a good shot.  I put the camera on the bar and we step into place; it works if I can just remember to do it!

Monday, November 25, 2013

We Still Have Snow!

This is the view from our back door and to the right of the view I posted last night.  It still looks like this, only there are tracks in the alley.  Maybe it will warm up some tomorrow and some will melt.  The roads are mostly clear, so that's good.

They didn't call me to sub today, so I got lots of baking done.  I made more chex because I had eaten a bunch of what I made the other day, and we need plenty of those when the kids get here.  I made the chocolate chip pies today and a cherry pie.  I also made fudge.  We bought sugar free pumpkin and pecan pies at the grocery store.  Lee took a nap and woke up saying, "It smells like Thanksgiving in here!"

I'm scheduled to monitor testing tomorrow.  If they need me to stay after the tests are over at noon, I'll sub in the afternoon.  If not, I've got plenty to do at home.  Tomorrow night is the high school's first basketball game and it's in Cordell.  I can hardly wait to see them play!  They are 'my kids' and they do a fantastic job! I love to watch them play.  The middle school has had a few games to get me primed; I love watching them, too!  I'm so hooked on these kids and I especially love their ballgames!

I am thankful for a warm home and plenty of food to welcome the family who is coming for Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful for their safe travels and for THEM!  God blesses so richly.  Oh how I miss Don, especially as I get ready for times he would have loved, but I'm thankful for Lee and for his understanding and love.  I know this season is hard for him sometimes, too.  It's complicated, but God gets us through complications and I thank Him for that, too!  We miss those who were such a big part of our lives; it's a treasure that we can understand those feelings that we each have and support each other.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


This is looking out the back door of our bedroom this morning.  This is the exact spot where I lay in the sun in warm months.  Man, what a difference!  In fact it was 70 here on Friday and then dropped 40 degrees when a cold front came, and this snow eventually followed.  What a change in temperatures!  I suspect we got about 9 inches, but some say it may be over a foot.  It's enough to cancel most everything that was supposed to happen today and it sure kept me inside!

It's been a nice day of rest for me.  I thank God for a warm place to be and for the beauty of this snow. Gretta and Elena made it to OKC yesterday afternoon and are enjoying visiting around with friends and family there.  Thankfully, they don't have much snow.  They had some sleet and it will freeze tonight, so it may get treacherous there tonight.  She and Trish and the kids are coming on Wednesday, so we're hoping the roads will be clear by then.

Hope you are all safe and warm as you read this.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankful for the Fun and the Energy.

Ava is such an independent little doll; I wasn't helping her do anything.  Heaven forbid!  I was tickling her in an attempt to get her to smile.  Those ringlets are completely HER.  She comes in the room on springs and the springs in her feet go clear up to her hair.  She's just such a doll!  She's just two but she acts and looks like she's about 4.  She has no idea that her brother and her cousins are older than her.  She's as big as any of them in her book.  I treasure the memories of this past visit (and all of them) to Houston!  By the way, she surprised us all by letting Lee help her into the high chair; then she wouldn't let anyone BUT help her get down or back up into it.  She's a hoot and she can pick a winning helper, too!

I've vacuumed the house today.  I made cornbread for the dressing and biscuits to eat next week.  I'm so grateful to have enough energy to get this stuff done.  There was a time when I couldn't do it, but I'm able to do it and I thank God.  I mostly thank God for the kids who are coming next week!  Gretta and Elena have made it to Oklahoma City and they're visiting Trish and friends until Wednesday when they'll come here. Yahoo!  Thanksgiving is coming to Hobart!

Friday, November 22, 2013

And Precious Girls in My Life, Too!

I put pix on here all the time of my granddaughters and daughters.  Here's one of my sister-in-law and her only granddaughter.  I attempted to fix Ava's eyes, but her powers are just too strong!  :)  Doris is Don's sister and the angel who opens her house and arms to us every time I have to go down to MD Anderson! Ava is the darling who came into their lives after two sons and three grandsons.  We had so much fun on this last visit because we got to spend some time with all the kids!  We sure thank God for awesome girls in our lives!

I had a great day subbing today.  It's always a joy to go back to the middle school.  I think that's my favorite spot, until I go to the high school and then I think that's my favorite.  I just know I'm at home subbing for some weird reason!  After school we went out to find about a quarter inch of ice on our windows!  YIKES! Thankfully, I had TWO scrapers in my van because I broke the first one I used!

I came home and baked the turkey for TG.  I'm going to go take all the meat off the bones and freeze it until next week.  That'll get a big job behind me.  I'll do a little each day, so it will be not too much work and lots of fun for me!  Woo hoo!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Awesome Guys Come in All Sizes!

This is a pic I got of Jerry and his grandson, Colter.  Jerry is so good with the guys; he plays hard with them and is always teaching them some concept.  The guys love it and it's so fun to watch the love growing.  God blesses us to arrange us in families and I'm so pleased to share family with awesome people, young and young at heart!

Today the high school changed their mind and had me sub for the math/chemistry teacher and had all the Ag kids go to the library.  I think I got lucky.  The kids were much better today, so it was a great day.  Then after school we went to a nearby town, Cordell, to watch our Junior High kids play basketball.  The Junior Varsity guys won their game and the other games were close and fun to watch.  We love watching them play.  We're going to miss their games when we spend much of the winter in Branson, so we want to see as many as we can before we leave.  We just got home as the Thunder was finishing their win against the Clippers, so that was good, too.  I missed my nap, so I'll be crashing soon so I can get up early to sub for an English teacher tomorrow.    Good night and God bless!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wonderful Men in My Life.

I go through my pix and wonderful men keep appearing.  Here are two of them.  Brett and Lee got to sit down and visit a bit the other night when he brought his boys over to Doris and Jerry's house.  The kids were all so thrilled to be together, and Jerry is a wonder at playing with them.  It was a great time and Lee really enjoyed getting so spend some time with Brett.  How blessed am I to have great men in my life, and I thank God for them!

I subbed today for the chemistry teacher and then the computer teacher the last two hours.  The kids all know what they're supposed to do in the computer class, so that was a breeze.  Chemistry was okay except for one class and there was no excuse for them.  I sent 3 to the office and should have sent more.  I'm subbing for the Ag. teacher tomorrow; think maybe I'll take a shovel in case they get out of hand.  It's no wonder they have trouble getting subs; these kids can really be trying.  I love them, though, and they pull me to them like a magnet.  Thankfully, one was at church tonight and I could hug him; I couldn't hug him at school or he'd have been embarrassed.  It's so nice to look up and see a civil face amongst them when they are acting like animals!  I really like the teachers I work with, and the kids really steal my heart.  I love it when we can go watch them play basketball and that season is right upon us.  Woo hoo!  Friday I sub for the 6th grade English teacher and she has one class of 7th grade literature.  I'll be right at home with that bunch; it will feel like a vacation.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mostly Good News.

This is cousins, Ava and Logan by the garden where their magic Nana grows Tootsie Roll Pops from jelly beans!  That Nana is something else!  They plant the jelly beans and the next time the come over there are Tootsie Roll Pops in the garden!

Okay, the news today was good enough that we could come home.  We stopped in Lawton and got groceries for Thanksgiving, so we just got home and got it all unloaded and put where it belongs.  I have a couple of messages that they want me to sub tomorrow and Thursday, so unless they found someone else I'll be working the rest of the week.  I'm already scheduled for Friday.  I love it!

Now, all my numbers looked good, except my cancer markers were elevated just a tad.  In August they were 52 and today they were 74.  That's not alarming, but it is worthy of our attention.  Also the nodes on my neck are multiplying; not a lot, but just enough that we notice it and one of them is changing colors.  That tells us that there is activity there and it's like if you slap a fly and he still wiggles, you slap him until he quits. So, we're changing one of the medications that I take.  We're stopping the one that is a shot in each hip, but continuing the one that is an infusion every 28 days to strengthen my bones.  Also I will be taking a pill every day.  I will see the doc, again, in 2 months so that he can see if this change is heading me back in the right direction.  They did a heart scan to see if my heart was tolerating the treatments and it looked good.  They did lung X-rays and the lungs look good.  So, the doc was very pleased with everything except the nodes in my neck and the elevated cancer markers.  After all, they told me there is no cure; we're just treating this, so I see this as an over all good report.  It messes with my plans for January, but I can work with that and I'll get to see more ballgames here, so that's a good thing.  Sorry to be so late, but it's as quick as I could do it!

Monday, November 18, 2013

What Fun!

Enjoy all the pix!  We had so much fun tonight when Brett came over with his two boys and Stephanie came with their son and daughter!  Brett's wife, Heather was working and couldn't get anyone to cover for her tonight and Stephanie's husband, Gregg, is in San Francisco working.  It's always hard to get everyone right when we're here, but we were so glad this many of the family could be here and we sure missed Heather and Gregg.  Heather, even sent a puzzle that the kids and I will work over Thanksgiving, so they'll all be with us in spirit and we'll be enjoying that!

My tests went fine today.  I don't know any results.  We see the doc in the morning at 9:40.  If he's content to let us go home and we can get out of here by noon, we'll head for home.  I'm praying we can do that.  We love being here, but there's a lot to do at home to get ready for Thanksgiving.  We're really looking forward to having a house full of kids!

I'll post tomorrow as soon as I can about my results.  If it's really late, you know it's good because we're on our way home!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Trips Are Tiring!

Okay, I'm tired, but the visits are worth it!  This pic Lee took of Terri and I when we stopped for lunch today.  What a blessing to get to see her and she's so happy with her retirement plans.  I'm excited for her even though it means we won't be meeting for lunch on our way to Houston anymore. I thank God for the visit and for a safe trip the rest of the way down to Houston.

Our visit with Doris and Jerry has been sweet, as always, too.  It's so nice to have home to come to instead of just coming down here for medical reasons.  Lee and I will get up and go into MDA early in the morning as my tests start at 7:30.  We hope to be done by noon and 'home' for a nap early in the afternoon.  Then more visiting with Doris and Jerry tomorrow night.  My appointment with the doc is at 9:40 Tuesday morning, so if all goes well we might even go on home from there.  That's just a thought, but it would be good to get home a day early.  We'll see how that works.  Thanks for keeping up with me.  I'll post as soon as I know results and can get to the computer on Tuesday.  I'll post tomorrow night, too.  God bless!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Technology is So Wild!

We were headed out to Walmart this morning and the wind was blowing something fierce, so I took this pic before we got all blown to pieces.  Then I forgot to do the blog until I was about to get into bed.  For some reason I thought I'd already done it???  Then when I went to the blog it says, the page you are looking for does not exist.  Right.  It's MY page!  I clicked on yesterday's post and went from there.  I just don't get it.

Earlier in the evening I was doing my journal (That's when I thought I did my blog, too because I usually do them at the same time.), suddenly I got some kind of IP Diagnostics page, which wouldn't let me go anywhere online.  So I went to the laptop and it would let me go just fine.  I messed around with it for longer than I had time to do and finally was calling in to ATT when it came back on.  I just don't get it.  I really depend so much on my Internet connection; I feel lost when it's not secure!

Anyway, my day has been a little mixed here and there, but we're packed and ready to go to Houston tomorrow.  I'll have tests Monday and see the doctor on Tuesday.  I hope he tells me I'm fat and sassy and can go right home on Wednesday.  That's my hope, prayer and plan.  I'll post all my results on Tuesday.  I'm really so thankful to be able to get the care I get at MDA.  It's not handy, but I really do feel that I get the best care there, so it's worth the drive.  I love getting to see Doris and Jerry and their kids when we go, too. We always meet my dear friend, Terri on the way for lunch, too.  She's moving to Florida in January, so this will probably be our last lunch on the with her on the way to Houston.    We'll always find other ways to meet, though; she's like a sister to me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Does She Ever Hunt!

This is a pic I got today in my email of Gretta and the huge buck she got today.  (So sorry I can't make it bigger so you could get a good look at that big smile on her face!  She was so excited and proud and I am, too!  I got home from school and Lee said, "You need to call Gretta; she called and she's all excited about a huge box she got.  Did you send her something?  You need to look at an email she sent you, too.:"  He doesn't know how to check my email, so he no idea what was happening.  I looked at the email and knew right away that she'd said "HUGE  BUCK"  and he heard it as "huge box."  I finally got her on the phone and she was so glad when I told her he misunderstood.  She couldn't figure out why he wasn't congratulating her! That's a lot of meat for her, so it's a really good thing.  She had helped to dress 3 deer this morning that others had gotten and didn't have time to dress and she was feeling a little melancholy because she hadn't gotten one, yet.  She went this afternoon, then and got this one; he's bigger than any of the 3 she helped to dress.  When my baby's happy, I'm happy!

Besides, I'm so tired after two days of running hard on top of subbing both days and staying up late.  Man, I love the kids, though!  It's frustrating to not be able to do more for them, but some of them are dealing with so much stress in their young lives.  I got home from school this afternoon and had an appointment with Lee's brother to get me signed up for my part D Medicare policy.  He had to turn me over to some lady on the phone and that was so frustrating.  She spoke English, but she read every fine print to me and mixed up a bunch of it.  I had to keep correcting her.  Anyway, that ate up my nap time, so I'm flat bushed.  I'm going to go take a bath and go to bed as soon as I make a couple of phone calls.  I need a good night's sleep.  We leave Sunday for Houston, so this is a busy few days coming up, too.  I'm so ready for bed.

I thank God for a wonderful bed in a wonderful home.  I thank Him that I don't sleep in it alone.  I thank Him for great news for Gretta.  I thank Him for precious kids and my opportunity to work with them. I thank Him for Trish and her ability to work with kids, too; and I'm thankful for the weekend with some rest that I'm sure she needs!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am overwhelmed with blessings and thanks to God.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

So Tired, but I Can SEE!

This is a pic I just took right here at the computer with my new glasses.  I just crammed them on from their position on top of my head.  I can't walk with them on my nose; I think there are stairs where there are no stairs, etc.  I'll have to get used to using these effectively!  Those are way tired eyes; they've been working hard all day seeing so much I've been missing for years!

We were up watching the Thunder play last night (they lost; ugh) until about midnight thirty.  Then I had to wake up at 5 to get Lee up so he could shower and fix his own breakfast and dress to go to OKC.  He woke me up at 7 as he was leaving and I rushed to school.  The coach I was subbing for had athletics the first hour, so I didn't have to be there until 9 to cover his history and Social Studies classes.  When I got home this afternoon I called and my glasses were ready, so I called to see if Lee was close to home and he was.  I ran to the bank and Walmart and met him back at the house.  Then we both went to Altus to get my glasses.  I only have to wear them when I'm looking into the distance, like driving, ballgames, etc.  It is SOOOOO cool to be able to see so well!  I never dreamed I would see this good, again.  I loved wearing them home in the car (looking off into the distance) and at the ballgames tonight.

We came straight back to watch 4 basketball games in Hobart.  I absolutely love watching the kids play who I've had in class all day.  It gives me a whole different perspective on them and I love it!  Now we just got home and the Thunder is playing another late game.  I sub in the morning for the same coach, so I don't have to be there until 9.  I am so zonked, though.  I think he's going to have the kids watch videos tomorrow; I'll have a really hard time staying awake through the same video over and over all day.  God will help me; He always does!  He got me to this point in a fuzzy world and now I can see clearly!

Wow!  Now, I just have to learn how to adjust to putting them off and on all the time;  I suspect I will wear them either on top of my head or else on my nose.  I don't think I'd like a chain around my neck; I did that before and never liked it. We'll see.  I didn't think I wanted glasses nor that I'd wear these much, but I'm sure rethinking that when I can see SO much better with them!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Eye Doc Releases Me!

The doc says these eyes are good!  The implants look perfect and I'm seeing super.  He prescribed glasses for me to wear when I drive, so that I can see signs ahead in time to read them.  I can also wear them if I'm watching a ballgame or a movie, something in the distance like that.  He says I don't have to wear them, but they'll come in handy if I need a little help.  I'll be happy to wear them under those circumstances.  For everyday living I don't have to wear them at all.  I'll have to keep them in my purse, I guess or they'll be lost since I think it sounds like I won't wear them that much.  I picked out a pair and they should be ready tomorrow or the next day.  I thank God and praise Him for vision and the opportunity to be glasses free for the most part!

Tomorrow I sub and Lee will go get his tooth checked in OKC.  I sub again on Friday, so the week is finishing really busy for us.  Tonight and tomorrow night the Thunder have ballgames at 9:30, so it'll be late nights for us; hope I can stay awake in class!  I'll be ready for naps as soon as school is finished for the day!

Brrrrrrr; it's cold here; happy fall!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Month Passes!

Time really does fly!  This pic was taken a month ago when Dorothy went with us to get my lab work done a month ago.  Today we did the lab work and the treatment on the same day.  Lee doesn't prefer to do it that way because we have to wait until the lab work is done before I can have the treatment.  I don't like to use two days to get it done, though, because it causes me to lose two days of work that way, plus we have to make two trips to Lawton.  We didn't have to wait too long today, so that was good.  The treatment went like clockwork and we got to get home at a reasonable hour.

A lot has happened for Dorothy in the last month, too!  Her sister Ada nearly died, but she's home and getting stronger these days.  Thank God and praise Him for letting us keep Ada a little longer!

Tomorrow is my final visit with the eye doctor.  He'll determine if I need to wear glasses or contacts or not. I'll really be surprised if he thinks I need either; I'm seeing really well.  It's wonderful!  It's another thing that has happened in the last month since this pic was taken!  I've had both cataracts removed and I'm seeing great.  I was counting down for this and I love it and thank God!

Another thing to notice is that we were wearing short sleeves a month ago.  Today it was freezing cold!  No kidding; I think it was 34 when we got there and the wind was bitterly blowing.  Everyone was wearing their winter gear for sure!  Brrrr; this cold spell is supposed to last a couple more days and then it will warm up, again.  I'm looking forward to the warm spell!

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Protector.

Bless his heart; see that arm around me?  He's serious about that.  He called his dentist this morning and they were going to see him at 7:40 in the morning.  We were getting all set to get things done around her and go to bed early so we could leave for OKC at 5 in the morning, when they called from the cancer clinic in Lawton to remind me that I have a treatment tomorrow!  YIKES!  I had forgotten all about it!  I told Lee I could drive myself there, but he was having no part of that.  So, he called his dentist back and has an appointment for Thursday.  I'm already scheduled to sub Thursday, so he'll be going by himself.  Of course we're both grown ups and both of us can drive, so it'll work.  It's just that it's not his style to let me do anything like that by myself!  Like he wouldn't let me sit by myself and wait for the roadside service to come change my tire on Friday.  He's just that kind of guy; I appreciate it!  It's wonderful to have a keeper; he's awesome and I am blessed!

Tomorrow will be like a date for us.  We go for the treatment and always go out to eat after it.  It's not a terrible experience at all.  I'm so grateful for that.  Again, I am so blessed.  It sure could be a lot worse, and I am blessed to have a treatment that is doable and it seems to be working.  PTL!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Good Day.

Lee managed to smile big even though his tooth is still aching.  It's not getting worse and is sometimes better, so he's hanging tough.  His beard is looking really good, don't you think?  It looks like him to me.

We were happy to watch the Thunder pull back from behind and win tonight.  Whew.  It was a good game and they won it in overtime.  Whew!

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day.  I'll wear red to support the troops, past and current.  I thank God to have been a military brat.  My Mom and Dad provided a wonderful life for me.  They had lots of problems (because military life isn't easy when you're dragging around 3 kids), but I was blessed.  I spent some time tonight looking through some old pix and it brought back lots of good memories.  It was fun to share those memories with Lee.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lee's Toothache is on Hold.

This is a pic of deer we saw at Quartz Mountain State Park last week when we went by there on our way to Lee's appointment with his doctor, following up on his neck pain.  His neck pain is minor, now, and his toothache is on hold.  He's been very careful what he ate as we're hoping to make it until his dentist's office opens probably on Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday.

The deer are always plentiful at Quartz Mountain, and if you go early in the morning they're easy to see. They're pretty tame to let me get this close to take a pic.  Actually, we were that close in the truck!  It's always fun to find them!

Lee and I slept in this morning, so we really didn't accomplish much today.  It was a gorgeous day, though.  I went out to Dorothy's and gave her a haircut.  It was so nice we were able to do it on her screened in porch! She got to talk to her sister, Ada, on the phone today and she is getting stronger every day.  She's even going to go out to her daughter's house for a couple of hours tomorrow.  She's had cabin fever and is ready to get out a little bit.  We are so grateful that she is alive and getting stronger.  Two weeks ago we were amazed that she was still alive after they'd nearly pronounced her dead on Wednesday.  Here she is at home and planning a little outing tomorrow.  God works in mysterious ways and I so thank Him for all His gifts. It's so wonderful that we can trust Him to take care of everything; no doubt we would mess things up so royally if He left it all to us!  What a relief to know that we can trust it all to Him.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Flat Tire Day.

They called this morning to ask me to sub for the science teacher at the middle school.  Her planning period is the first hour, so I didn't have to be there until 9, and  didn't have to rush to get there.  That was nice for me.  Lee woke up with a toothache, so he's been nursing that all day.  His dentist is closed on Friday, so he can't call until Monday.  We're keeping it sprayed with colloidal silver water; hope that will kill the infection and give him some relief.

School went well until I left and found I had a flat tire.  Ugh.  I'm thankful there was a nail in the tire; I thought maybe one of my 'fans' decided to stab my tire, but it just looks like I ran over my problem.  Road service came to fix the tire and Lee came to sit with me and see me through getting it repaired.  We got home in time to fix a good breakfast for dinner, so it has turned out to be a good day.  Yay!  I thank God and ask Him to send relief for Lee to make it through the weekend.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Snuggles are Precious!

Lee was so happy to get this sweet snuggle from Bryce on Monday!  There's just no resisting  a sweet hug from him.  He's sweet to give kisses and way goodbye, too!  Such a precious little guy!  We're blessed to have him in our lives!

Speaking of blessings!  Today was a gorgeous day and they didn't call me to teach.  So, we got some things accomplished around here.  We've had a rough plank on our back deck and intended to turn it over all summer, but it was either too hot or something.  Today, we got to do it and the weather was perfect.  I'm so grateful that the board was smooth on the other side, too, so we didn't have to replace it!  Then I divided a bunch of irises and replanted them all over the place.  I have lots more that need to be divided, but they can wait until next year, I think.  I think they'll have to because I'm not going to do them this year!  My rebloomers aren't even offering to bloom, so they had to be divided.  I'm thankful to be able to do it!

I hoed a bunch of weeds that just keep pestering me.  Folks tell me that the frost will get them and I'm crazy to spray them, but I can't stand to see them growing.  I have a feeling they'll even survive the frost!  Lee cleaned the AC filters, so that's a good thing to get done, too.  We are blessed to be able to get around and do the things that need to be done.  We might be behind, but we're getting things done.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Siblings are just the best, aren't they?  Peyton comes in from school and Bryce runs to meet her; she grabs him and swings him around before she lets him go to follow her everywhere she goes. They're so sweet to watch!  I got this pic Monday when we were there.

Today was a great day at school.  I subbed for one of the best teachers we've got.  She expects a lot from the kids and they deliver.   She was prepared for me to sub and it made my job so easy.  I love it when I don't have to bear down so hard on the kids.  It was a fun day.  I thank God for days like this and the opportunities I get to be at school and have great days.

Today is Ruthie's birthday and I thank God for her, too.  I was blessed to have a wonderful big sister all my life!  She's doing much better after having a tough time with the shingles, and I thank God for that, too! Siblings are some of the best blessings in life!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Blondy Fluff.

This was taken when we were at Gretta's around Oct. 11, I think.  Today is her birthday and my baby is 41. She's still my 'blondy fluff.'  That's what I called her when she was a baby and she'll always be that in my mind.  Happy birthday, Jilly!  (He middle name is Jill and I called her Jilly when she played basketball and a million times since then!  Sometimes Gretta seems like a hard name, but Jilly seems softer.  She likes it and all the nieces and nephews call her Aunt Jilly.)

Today I subbed for the home ec teacher.  It was depressing, but I won't go into it.  All I can say is that I had 6 years of home ec and never had anything like what I saw or didn't see today.  I'm grateful for the 6 years I had!  Tomorrow I'll sub for a wonderful English teacher who will have good classes.  I look forward to that experience and hope it will refresh me after today.

I thank God for my Jilly and all the other kids as well as all the grandkids.  I'm a blessed mom/grammy!

NOTE:  Dorothy's sweet sister, Ada, got to go home from the hospital today!  What a miracle!  She's not well, but she's alive and at home.  God sure blesses and I trust His timing.  I just can't get over her going home.  I know she's so glad to be in her own bed tonight!  He husband has spent every night in the hospital with her; they took her 2 weeks ago today, I think.  So, I know he's so happy to be at home with her and both of them are glad to be in their own bed.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun Visit!

They didn't call me to sub today, so we packed up a table and chairs today and took it to Trish.  While we were there we went by to see Krissy and Bryce, Peyton and Maddy.  Maddy was sick, so I didn't take any pix of her.  My batteries died, so I didn't get any of Trish and her kids, either.  Ugh.  I've got new batteries ordered and on their way, so I'll be in good shape for pix, soon.  I did get this one of Lee and Bryce.  I got one of Peyton and Bryce that I'll post soon.

It was a great trip and we loved seeing everyone that we got to see!  It was so cool to me to see details I haven't seen for years!  I loved riding tonight and not being bludgeoned by the lights.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have those cataracts remove and these permanent lenses put in so that I can see so well.  It was fun to wear eye makeup, too!  I thank God for another safe day on the road and all the blessings the day held!

Lee's beard is coming right along, isn't it?  I think it looks really good on him.  I love it when he takes off his glasses, too!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Dear Friends!

This is a pic I got when we visited my mom's great friends, Earl and Mary Hall, when we were visiting Tom and Linda in Tennessee.  Mary and Mom used to walk together every day, for years.  Mary was a good, good friend when Mom was going through lots of tough times and through lots of good times, too.  Our family has several quotes we attribute to her, my favorite being, "It'll all be here when we get back." (Referring to the things around the house that need doing and tend to stop us from going on with life, but not Mary!)  Lee and I got to visit with them on their anniversary.  I wish I'd gotten a better picture, but I'm glad to have this one.  Earl built this awesome house for her several years ago.  I think it has 5 bedrooms and that staircase goes up two sides and joins in the middle to go upstairs.  It's really a beautiful place.  It was such a joy to visit with them and I thank God for great examples like these folks in my life!

Today is my last day to go without eye make up.  It's been so good to see!  Now, it'll be good to see the me I have become accustomed to being for the last many years.  Mascara should be my middle name, I guess. Anyway, it'll be good to see what I really look like with eye makeup tomorrow.  :)

The Thunder showed up to play tonight, so I'm enjoying watching them on TV.  They'd better pull up a notch or two if they want to secure this game against Phoenix, though!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sweet Dorothy and her Sister, Ada.

My sweet sister, Ruthie, said last night on the phone she wished I had a pic of Ada.  That struck a familiar note in my head and I remembered taking this pic.  I DIDN'T remember that it was on October 2, 2011!  I looked back through all my pix and was about to give up; I had no idea it was so far back.  David had just died on Sept. 1 and Don on Sept. 15.  It's a wonder Dorothy and I were even functioning!  Thank God for people like Ada, who gave us the sparks we needed to keep going.  Thank God for Dorothy, who has been 'joined with me at the hip' since we lost those precious guys in our lives.  My sister must have just gone home when I took this pic, because she and Phil stayed to hold my hand after Don's service.  God sends who we need when we need them!  Anyway, I wanted to share this pic of precious Ada.  She is still in the hospital and in critical condition, but she is alive!  This is 10 days after they gave her up for gone and she's able to eat, drink and even get up and walk.  She's weak, but she's alive!  God bless her!  Thank you for your prayers for Dorothy and Ada.  Dorothy is 90 and I think Ada is about 83.

I am 10 days from my first cataract surgery and 4 days from the 2nd one.  I am so loving seeing.  I see VERY well.  I see just like I have my contacts in only everything is clear and crisp and not blurry with cataracts!  What a blessing and I praise God and give Him thanks!  Don't forget to set your clocks back if you live in a state that does that!  I do, so I'd better go do it before I forget!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sorry About Last Night! Guess We Were Tricked!

I so apologize for not posting last night.  I guess it was too big a day for me.  I wrote the blog and thought I posted it, but sat down to post tonight and there was no post from last night!  It was in my drafts.  DUH.  I went ahead and posted it.  I'll keep this one short.  This is a precious pic to me.  It's one Tom got of Lee and I at the cross up on Sewanee Mountain.  I always loved that cross when we lived there and I love it still.  It's a treasured memory to share this with Lee as well and Tom and Linda.  I thank God for the precious times and the ability to store them and recall them as memories!

I see better and better each day.  I wish I could see the Thunder win a ballgame tonight, but it seems I'm going to have to see them take a beating unless they can pull a Thunder STORM out of their pockets!  I'm off to suffer through it with them.  Everyone have a good weekend and wonderful November!

Note:  We saw Lee's doc who is treating his neck today and he was pleased.  We're praying that Lee can keep up the happy neck!