Saturday, August 31, 2013

Couple of Old Goats at Ft. Davis.

We were walking toward the commissary at Ft. Davis and ran upon these two.  They were doing their best to get a picture of Lee and I, a couple of old goats!  I fooled them, though, and got a pic of them. Poor Lee.  He would love it if I was a shopping lady who liked to go buy lots of trinkets, but getting a pic of a couple of goats thrills me lots more.

Today we drove all over Phoenix.  On our way out I saw a hillside with a trail going up it and said, "Look at that trail!"  He said, "Have you been on that?"  I said, "No, but I'd love to go on it."  We drove on down into Scottsdale and saw lots of shops.  We passed numerous huge shopping centers and he kept saying, "Don't you see anyplace you'd like to stop and see?"  If I live to be 800 and never have to go shopping I'll be so glad.  I suspect he'd like to spoil me, but I'd way rather he just turn me loose to go hiking.  He's not very agile, so I think hiking is out for him.  I'm thankful that he gives me space to go hike as I like, but hiking around a shopping center is just not a fun thing to me.

I remembered the camera today, but forgot the card for it; left that in the laptop from the last download. That's a shame because I could and should have gotten some good pix today.  If I can pull him away from the TV we can go get some pix around here before it gets dark.  We leave for Vegas in the morning.   This has been a special week; we'd both like to come here, again.  I thank God for special times like this to share with each other and friends!

Friday, August 30, 2013

I Do Not Know.

I don't know what kind of yucca this is, but it's a BIG one and there are lots of them in west Texas! This pic was taken at Fort Davis.  Behind me you can see the officers' quarters at the fort.  There are also the great cliffs behind me; I love those cliffs!  That yucca is like a tree!

This is what they call monsoon season in Phoenix.  It's pretty cool.  I lived in Tucson for a year and they talked about monsoon season, but I thought they were being sarcastic.  I think of monsoons being weather like they have in Asia when it's really rainy.  Well, this is the desert and if they get a thunderstorm they call it a monsoon!  It's pretty awesome to watch the weather.  We are in a great place for watching; we have a balcony off our suite and a great view.  I guess I should take some pix out there.

The weather folks probably get tired of saying it's going to be sunny and hot, so they get all excited when it's a little windy and when they get rain.  We get excited at home over the least little rain, but wind is real common to us.  It's just fun to watch the difference in reporting.

I thank God for the opportunity to see the differences and I thank Him for giving us so much variety. This trip has been really fun in so many ways.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

This is a pic of Lee and I in the parking lot at Fort Davis, when we were there last week.  It was really a cool National Park.  Lee bought one of those National Park passes for seniors when we were at the Volcano National park in Hawaii, so we got in free at this one.  Any of you who are 65, be sure and get one of those passes; it's great deal.  I think it costs $20 and it gets you and your guest in at any National Park for free once you have it.

Carol stayed until late this morning and then we said our goodbyes.  It was SO much fun to spend this time with her.  We had great memories from our 9th grade in Tucson and these couple of days were so much fun to recall those memories and create new memories.  We were scheduled to check out tomorrow, but we've decided to stay a couple more days here; it's a very nice place.  We had built in a couple of 'flex' days and we decided to stay here rather than go someplace else.  We have a great view from our balcony and we're happy to stay here and enjoy it a couple more days.  It's so amazing to us how different the lay of the land is.  I'm eager for Lee to go to Gatlinburg and see how different those mountains are from these.  God is so amazing and His abundance is overwhelming.  Wow!   (Let me count the ways . . . !)  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Fun, More Fun, More Fun!

Lee is such a doll to let Carol and I have so much fun; he's even entertaining us!  Carol came back this afternoon and is spending the night in our extra bedroom!  We've had the best time.  While we were fixing dinner it kept getting hotter and hotter in here.  Finally, when it hit 84 in here I said, "We're supposed to call zero and tell them if we need anything, so we should call zero.  Lee, do you want to call zero or do you want me to call?"  He said he would, so he went over to the phone and dialed zero; when they answered, he said, "Is this Zero?  I was told to call Zero because our unit is too hot."  Carol and I nearly busted a gut laughing!  He's been such a great sport and so much fun.  Carol loves him, and no wonder I do!  We're just hanging out and remembering old times.  I cooked simple eggs and home fried potatoes and onions for supper.  I thank God for great times and great friends and family.  I keep repeating that, but I am so grateful!

I thank God for you people who care enough to read and keep up with me and keep us in your prayers, too.  What a blessing  you are in our lives!  God bless!  Sorry I'm so late posting, but I'm on mountain time these days, so it's just now 9:37 pm, here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Blast from the Past!

This is Carol, my best friend the year we lived in Tucson.  We had just come back from Japan and life was so different!  Carol saved my life, I'm sure!  I'm so thrilled to get to spend an afternoon with her and I thank God for it!  We had so much fun!  Then when I walked her down to her car, it was GONE! We walked over to the front office and asked if they had towed it for some reason (She didn't have a parking permit; I never thought of that until her car was missing!).  Anyway, a lady who came out the same time that we did and knew what was happening went back and found her car on the other side of the building.  This is a beautiful place, but it has several entrances and we were turned around and looking in the wrong place for her car.  We still haven't figured it out, but she found her car and scurried off to babysit for two of her grandkids.  What a wild experience; so typical of Carol and I. We were always wild and crazy and loving every minute of it!

We are blessed to be in a beautiful place with helpful and kind people, plus we get to visit with a lifetime friend!  It's wonderful and I praise God!

Monday, August 26, 2013

In the Lobby at the Indian Lodge.

This pic is in the lobby at the Indian Lodge at Ft. Davis, TX, where we spent a couple of days last week.  It was a great getaway for us. We absolutely loved seeing all the new landscape of way west Texas!

Today we've enjoyed just hanging out here at the condo in Peoria, Arizona.  This is a suburb of Phoenix and I sure love the architecture here; I love how everything blends in so well with the geography.  I talked to my best friend from when I was in the 9th grade in Tucson and she's coming to see us here tomorrow.  We're excited about that.  I plan to get pix of us and I'll post them soon, too.  I sure thank God for the opportunity to visit great places and great people.  We are counting blessings and I've lost count!!!

(Ruthie, here's another shot that looks like Jim, huh?)

Need Some Photography Lessons!

Drat!  I thought I had such a good picture here, but the light was too bright behind us.  Pat and Jim's house is so beautiful and the porch seemed like a lovely spot for a pic; I  should have had us on the other end of the porch, I guess.  Anyway, these are the folks who so graciously welcomed us to their home and showed us all over Las Cruces!   (Pat, then Jim, then me, then Lee)  We had such a wonderful time!

We moved on to tour Tucson today and scouted out the house I lived in when I lived there as a freshman in high school.  Wow; times change!  It was fun, and then we came on to Phoenix, where we checked into a really lovely place in one of the suburbs.  We checked in, went and got groceries for the week and then came back to unpack and do laundry and haircuts.  I've got my haircut yet to go, but I'll do it as soon as I finish this blog.  Then bath and bed.  Ahhhhhhh.  I'm so ready to hit this bed!  I'm really ready for a haircut, too.  Lee and I both had gotten really woolly and he looks so sharp, now that he has his haircut.  I thought he looked sharp already, but a haircut is a great lift!

We've enjoyed so much noting God's handiwork with the different geography.  And, we thank Him for giving us a safe trip as we drive and admire His imagination and work!  We thank God for the health and energy to make this trip, too.  It is so great to visit with friends and family.  Indeed they are the gems that make us wealthy!  Sorry to be so late posting, but it's only 11:11 pm in this time zone where we are living today!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nearly No Pix for a While.

Jim and Pat took us touring all around Las Cruces today, and it was wonderful!  They took us out to lunch at a fantastic Mexican restaurant, and I got pix of them and they took one of us; then I walked off and LEFT my camera!  My dad is somewhere saying, "There she goes, again!"  I used to always leave something behind when we left anyplace.  Jim went back to the restaurant and got it for me while Pat and Lee and I went through some shops in Old Mesilla.  Before lunch we walked through the Las Cruces Farmers' market.  We mostly resisted buying things, but Lee couldn't resist buying a couple of rings for me, which I love.  They are just simple bands and one says love on it and has two hearts; the other says believe.  They fit me and I'm wearing both of them!  I can wear one, but I couldn't decide on one, so I'm wearing both of them.

Jim and Pat play hand and foot canasta, so we're going to have a great game tonight.  How cool is that to come clear over to Las Cruces and find hand and foot canasta players.  I'm sure the rules will differ from ours, so we'll be learning a different twist tonight. We feel so blessed to have this time with wonderful friends!  God is sure good to us!  We believe, we love and we give thanks; I'll have to find one more ring that says thanks!  Pix promised tomorrow, thanks to Jim saving the camera!

Friday, August 23, 2013

No Picture Tonight.

Don't look for a picture tonight because I'm not on my computer. I'm visiting with friends and none of us can figure out how to get my computer to come to life on their WIFI.  Technologically challenged, again!  So, I'm using their computer and can't download a pic from my camera or computer.  No sweat; you all know we look the same.  I'll get pix of us with these friends tomorrow and post them when we get to where we can use our computer.

We are in Las Cruces, New Mexico visiting with one of Ruthie's best friends from the time we were in Japan.  It's wonderful to be here with Jim and Pat.  Good friends are the gems in life that make us wealthy; what a blessing to be here with them!

The Davis Mountains, where we've been for the last two days were so beautiful to drive from today.  Lee has enjoyed so much seeing new areas and I have, too.  I'm glad he appreciates all of God's handiwork, as I do.  We are so blessed and so grateful to have seen so much.  I'll post pix Sunday.  Tomorrow I'll likely be using this computer, again, as I don't want to spend all my visiting time working on the computer!  Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Same Clothes, Different Day and Place.

This is a picture we got some other day at Doris and Jerry's house.  What wonderful hosts they are; they make coming to MDA for a checkup a reunion and it sure relieves the tension!  I thank God for such great family!

We got a good night's sleep last night and slept in this morning.  I got up and saw the beautiful sunrise, but Lee was sleeping peacefully, so I didn't bother him with it.  I went back to bed and waited for full sunshine to get up.  I'm doing the blog early today, so I won't have to come back up here to mess with the computer tonight.  The access is sketchy, but I'm glad to have it.  It's 3 flights of stairs up here, carrying the laptop, so it's not so simple.  Off I go for a free day in the wild west!  Woo hoo!  I thank God for the health and freedom to do this!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Road Trips Sure Zap Energy!

This is one tired body and Lee's is another one!  We got up at 5 this morning to leave Doris and Jerry's house at 6.  We drove 10 hours and got to Ft. Davis, TX in time to do a little walking and have an awesome dinner at the restaurant, here.  We thank God for a wonderful trip and for folks at home who take care of our place!  We listened to (and sang along with) many cds and several of them were gospel hymns on the way.  It was great!

I'm too tired to report much.  I feel like a zombie.  We're going to get a good night's sleep and hope to be able to  enjoy touring around a bit tomorrow.  We're mostly here to rest, so we'll do that for sure. Thanks for keeping up with us and for keeping us in your prayers.  I know that prayer works!  I feel great; just road weary!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Praise, Praise, Praise!

This is me with my 'entourage' at MD Anderson. We all got to be there for the awesome news today! The doctor came in and said, "How are you?" I said, "I think I'm doing great, what do YOU think?" He said, "I think you're doing great, too!" He had prepared for me a graph that showed how my cancer markers continue to go down. In March my cancer markers were at 278.4; in April, they were 110.8; now they are 52.2. We think that is awesome and I thank God and all of you who prayed for me! We will continue with my treatments and I will come back for a check up in 3 months! PTL!!!

I should tell you who all the entourage is!  Of course that is Lee, then me, then Judy Izumi, my friend since 7th grade in Japan, and then Doris, my sister-in-law.  What an awesome cheer group and Lee called them!  I was so glad to have them with me to share the great news!  Praise, God!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tests Done.

Woo hoo!  I got the pix to download; simple as restarting the computer.  Duh.  This is a pic Doris got of Lee and I last night after church.  We love being here and sure thank God for all the love they show us as well as all the people at church.  It makes this a real comfort zone instead of the horrible time that it could be.

All the testing today is complete!  Yay!  We got through it with no glitches, so I thank God for that!  It feels good to have the tests behind me.  Now, it will really feel good to get good results tomorrow!  We don't have to start until 9 in the morning; that is leave the house at 9!  So, that's a better way to start the day!  If all goes well tomorrow we'll be leaving early in the morning on Wednesday, so it will be good to get to sleep a little later tomorrow.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.  It's a whole lot better to know there is a lot of love going with us!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bigger than Life?

This pic is so big; it looks like I'm looking in one of those concave (or is it convex?) mirrors.  I would look it up, but I've spent too much time attempting to load pix I took today.  Nothing is working, so I'm using yesterday's pic of a fun lunch with Terri.

Today was wonderful, we enjoyed church services and lots of visiting with great Christian friends from all the times I've been here for treatments.  They are really wonderful.  Also Doris and Jerry's younger son and his wife and boys were able to come over and spend the afternoon with us.  That was awesome!  I got pix, but I can't get them to download for some reason.  Ugh.  I'll keep snapping and keep working with it, but not tonight.  I thank God for the precious time!

Testing starts in the morning at 7:30, so we'll get up at 5 to get in there on time.  God is in control and I'm so grateful for that knowledge!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Treasured Moments!

Today we were able to meet our dear friend, Terri, on our way to Doris' house.  What a fun lunch. Now we've visited with Doris and Jerry for several hours.  I'm worn to a frazzle, but loving every minute of it!  I thank God for precious family and friends who are as close as family!  I thank Him for a safe trip, too.

I will post on this blog as soon as I have access to the computer after my appointment with the doctor on Tuesday.  I do tests all day on Monday.  I feel good about all this and I trust God's plan.

Friday, August 16, 2013

One Daisy Hangs With Me.

There are a few more daisies in the garden, but I was letting everything finish up before we leave.  This daisy wanted to stay bright to the end for me.  There are 4 more magnolia blooms on the tree, but they aren't open, yet.  I hope Olya will keep an eye on them and cut them and enjoy them when they are ready.  It's time for me to wash the vases.  When we come back it'll be time to fix my eyes and then I can really see whatever is left to bloom.  I'm hoping there will be some re-blooming irises this fall and I also hope the 'live forever' will be blooming.  I don't cut it and bring it in, but I'll bring in the irises if they perform for me.  Weather has been so different this year; it'll be interesting to see how the re-bloomers do.

We've got the truck loaded.  Only our last minute toiletries and cold things (drinks for the trip and my medicine) are left to take with us as we go in the morning.  I've got plenty of reading to do, bookwork to do and mending to do, so I'm looking forward to the drive.  We're stopping just south of Dallas for lunch with my good friend, who is like a sister to me; that will be a big treat, too.  Then we'll be at our home away from home with Doris and Jerry tomorrow night. We're looking forward to seeing lots of friends and family on this trip.  I won't have any results to report until Tuesday night, but I will report right here just as soon as I know anything.  Thank you for your support and prayers on this whole breast cancer journey.  It's a good feeling to know there are so many good people in this foxhole with me!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Okay, Let's Do This!

I got up this morning and got ready to go to school.  I checked my email and there was 'God's Daily Message for me.'  It hit me right in the face!  " . . .  whatever situation you find yourself in, ask, “Who has it worse than I?”  Then pray for that person(s) and even consider how you might help their situation or lend some encouragement.  It’ll make your plight seem much more bearable." It was so perfect!  The teacher who couldn't be in school today was with her husband, who was having surgery.  They do kidney dialysis on him at home; I don't know what his surgery was, but I know it was a big deal.  I'm sure their situation was much more serious than mine.  I was concerned with packing; they're concerned with survival.  It helped me to be happy to head off to school and it was a wonderful day! The teacher had left a great sheet of expectations for me to go over with the kids, as well as an information sheet for them to complete.  It made my work easy today to encourage the kids to help themselves to helping this teacher make it through a tough year and in the process it would help their problems to be smaller.  We talked about how everyone has problems and music can be a good release or relaxer.  I made it through the day, but I'm worn out!  I believe it's a good thing I'm subbing and not teaching full time.  God knows what we need and what we can do and He guides us.  We are so blessed!

Tomorrow is get the truck loaded day.  I think we can make it just fine.  Joan is all set to take care of the house with the help of Bill and Olya, next door (and their vicious beast) and Hazel across the street.  It will be in the best of hands. This back is ready to take a night of rest!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Batteries Died on the Camera.

I didn't get to take enough pix today to get a really good one.  (My camera batteries went dead on me!)  Bryce moves really fast and I get more of the back of his head than anything.    He loves walking around this trunk and if he gets that tongue just right he'll let go and take off walking alone, any moment!  We sure had fun seeing him today.

Lee saw his oncologist (He had prostate cancer in 2010.) for a follow up visit today.  His PSA was nearly nonexistent, so everyone was gleeful!  Praise God!  Now, if I can just get a good report next week, we'll be dancing the happy dance, again!

Tomorrow is the first day of school here, and they need me to sub for the vocal teacher at the middle school.  Really?  Really!  The teacher's husband is very sick and has to have a procedure tomorrow.  I told them I didn't want to do it because I've got to get ready to hit the road, but if they couldn't find anyone else I would. When I got home I found a message that nobody else could do it, so school starts for me tomorrow.  Since it's the first day of school I only have to go over rules and the handbook with the kids; otherwise known as reading them the riot act.  :)  

So, here we go.  Happy 2013 - 14 school year.  I'll be glad to get back from our trip and get in some subbing this fall.  It won't hurt me to start tomorrow.  I'll just miss catching any vitamin D tomorrow, but I'll catch up on that when we go to Phoenix!  God will provide plenty of Vitamin D; I can help another teacher in need.  God is leaving me here for some reason and that might be it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Road Ready

We spent the day in Lawton; we went to have the brakes and tires checked.  Sure enough we needed and bought two new tires and new brakes.  So, we're ready to hit the road.  We'll do just that tomorrow and go see Lee's oncologist in OKC.   Hopefully, we'll connect with some grandkids and I won't forget to take pix!

The first day of school here is Thursday and I had a message on the phone that they need a sub already for Thursday!  I've got to get ready to go to Houston and all parts west, so I'll call tomorrow and tell them I won't be available.  I'm really in shock.  It's nice to be needed and I thank God for the opportunity to work.  I really love the kids, too, so I'll look forward to subbing later in the fall.

Time to hit the bed so we can get up early in the morning.  Happy back to school, everyone!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Always Hope!

Lee and I just drove around the park this morning and didn't see any sign of the herons.  (He has a sore foot, so he's not walking.) We haven't seen the herons for a week or more, so I really thought they had abandoned the nest.  I walked this evening by myself and there was a heron in the nest!  I walked around the lake and there was another one in a tree across from the nest; when I was scrambling to get my camera he flew back toward the nest! Then a third one flew from another direction, as if to say, "Don't give up on us!"  I was so excited, I couldn't get home quick enough to tell Lee. Of course he doesn't care so much about the birds, but he likes to see me all excited.  Now, I'm a sweaty mess and I'm headed to the tub. Hopefully, I'll put on my favorite lounging garb and do some laundry before bed.  Woo hoo!  I'm all excited about seeing the herons, again!

I've been working on bookwork and details today.  I hate that kind of stuff, but I did manage to make some headway.  It feels better to get some things organized.  There are medical bills coming in from Houston, Lawton and Branson, all places where I get treatments, so I have to deal with all of them.  I'm so relieved to be on Medicare and know that I'm not going to build up anymore huge bills.  Whew! It feels so good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I mean I paid and paid, but the bills kept getting bigger; now, I can pay them down and off!  Whew!  I thank God for getting me through this and giving me the brain power to do it and the health to make it worth it!  God is great!

I feel like that pic above; if I can get cleaned up I'll look like it.  I took it the other night talking to Dorothy.  By the way, Dorothy turned 90 yesterday!  We had a huge thunderstorm last night in the middle of the night and lightning struck her house! Everything went dead; no lights no phone, no nothing and she can't see, anyway! She's so wise, though.  She wears a lifeline and she just punched the button and they answered.  She told them what happened and asked them to call her grandson and the fire department.  She was afraid a fire would start on that old house where the lightning hit.  Her grandson was there before the fire department was.  There was nothing burning and they got her power back on within a couple of hours.  She's just fine and everything is back working in her house. She doesn't think she lost anything!  Praise God!  What a birthday to remember!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Missed a Photo Op!

I missed a great opportunity to take a picture of Lee and I this morning.  He cleans up so great!  We had our fellowship meal after church today, though, so when we got home we were both racing in to get into comfortable clothes.  Lee got into shorts and a T-shirt before I thought about pix.  Ugh!  So, I had to be satisfied to get this one.  Every time I wear pink I think of my Aunt Maie, who called us "Pinky Prim" whenever we wore pink.  She was such a blessing in the lives of everyone who knew her; it always makes me smile to think of her.  I thank God for the precious memories of all my precious aunts and uncles!

I didn't walk until 5 today, so it was HOT.  98 degrees is hot, but cancer doesn't like hot, so I just got right after that walk!  Lee isn't crazy about hot, so he stayed home.  He attempted to talk me out of it, but he might as well have been talking to a post.  I told him I'd call him if I needed help.  Really it wasn't all that bad. I really like the walk around the park.

There were no herons, but I did see one of my special students.  I thank God for special students who kept subbing special instead of ho hum or horrible!  Some kids taught me more than I taught them and I was blessed!  School starts this week.  I don't really expect to be called, but they called me last year before I expected them to call, so I'd better be ready to go or say, "No."  You have a good week!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Early Morning Walk.

Roll out of bed, put in the contacts, pull on the shoes and some walking clothes, grab the walking sticks, and off we go!  It's a lot better than walking in the heat of the day.  Of course, we didn't get up until 9 this morning, so it was getting warm.  By the time we got home and cooled down it was nearly 11 when we had brunch.  It works for us and I've been over 3 miles today.  I love summers!   We've had fun watching the heron family this summer, but there have been several days now that we haven't seen them at all.  They must be adventuring.  In all the years I've lived here, I've always seen herons, so I think some of them will be back; I just don't know when.  I think they think I'm one of them because I have the same skinny legs as them (the walking sticks).  :)  We've seen folks fishing at the lake, so we're hoping there are still fish in there.  We do see lots of turtles.  The herons were on the side hunting something, so there's something alive in there besides turtles.  I thank God for a wonderful opportunity to watch nature as we get some exercise.  Walking to the park is sure better than walking on the treadmill!  (Note:  We did see the white egret today, which I've learned is a part of the heron family.  I'm happy that someone in the heron family is still in our midst.)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Special Memories; Here's Your 'History' Lesson.

These pix tonight are special to me.  The first one is a collared lizard that we chased all around the cemetery when Lee's son and daughter-in-law were here a couple of weeks ago.  This cemetery is where Lee's mom, dad, and older brother are buried, so it's not far from here.  We see these lizards at the reserve, but I was surprised to see this one at the cemetery.  You can look at the next picture and see the mountains in the background that are part of the chain of mountains where the reserve is.  We really aren't that far from the reserve; I guess we're just too civilized to see them in town; they probably hang out around the countryside around here. Anyway, those lizards always intrigue me.  This picture was not at Lee's family's grave site, but it wasn't far; in fact I think it was the one pictured the second row behind their family's site.

Lee's dad died when Lee was 7 and his older brother, Joe, was 14 and his younger brother, Dan, was 4.  His dad died in January and his mom knew there was no way she could raise 3 boys on the money she made at her job at an insurance office in the little town of Roosevelt.  She moved to OKC and went to business school, leaving the boys with family in Roosevelt for the rest of that school year.  By the start of the next school year she had managed to get a job and assume the loan on a little house, so she brought the boys to OKC with her. They were a tight little family.  She never remarried. The older brother passed away at the age of 56 after a series of strokes.  Lee and Dan had always really looked up to their older brother, so that was a blow to them.  They took care of their mom until her death 12 years ago.  (She only needed their help for the last few years; she'd lived on her own all those years and did fine until she got Alzheimer's toward the end of her life.)

Lee and Dan were just able to buy this stone for their parents' and their brother's graves a couple of years ago.  When Lee and I first met, he was eager to come here to meet me as well as to check on this stone to make sure it wasn't shifting, was settling straight, etc. It means a lot to him to be close to their final burying place as well as where he lived when he was a child.  Over the years, he and Dan came back and spent the summers in Hobart and Roosevelt with family because they were really to young to leave at home all day while their mom and older brother worked.  Lee has lots of memories from this area, so he feels like he has moved 'back home' in many ways.  I  thank God for bringing Lee and Dan and the rest of his family to my life.  They are all really good people and, again, we are blessed!  God is so good!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

On the Phone.

I realized I still hadn't taken pix, so I got this one while talking to Dorothy a few minutes ago.  She always makes me smile!  That dress is one Pamela sent to me probably 5 year (or more?) ago.  I LOVE this dress. I lounge around in it so much of the time.  Lee probably thinks it's my birthday suit!  Thank you, Pamela!!!

We got up this morning and it was cooler than common (72) so we took off walking even before breakfast! It was the perfect temperature for walking!  It made it up to plenty hot today; I didn't look to see how hot it got, but it was plenty hot.  We ran some errands and I got some paperwork done.

The kids around here are enrolling in school and all excited about their schedules.  I'm excited, too.  I have no schedule, but they may call me to sub any day after Monday, so I'd better get braced and ready to go. I'll love to see everyone, but I'm happy to not be tied to it.  I thank God for the opportunity to be with the kids but to not have to be tied to it.  The freedom to go is nice.  The health to go is wonderful.  I am blessed and thank God!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nearly a Repeat.

It's a slightly different shot; I need to take some more pix!  We went to OKC today and I totally forgot to take any pix!  DUH; I guess I took an off day!  It was a great day, but I just forgot all about taking any pix! We got to see Sadie and Mason and Gracie, which was fun.  Then we stopped by and visited with Lee's brother, Dan, and his wife, Sandy.  Sweet visits!  I thank God for a safe trip and for great visits.

For those of you who paid attention to the knots on my neck, you get a good shot in tonight's pic and last night's of how improved they are.  They never showed up too much in pix, but those of you who saw me in person in February, March and April will see that they are minimal compared to how they were.  Something is working.  Whatever is working, I thank God for making it happen.  I pray that this is an indication of how the cancer is being defeated all through my body.  God bless!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Love Cut Flowers!

This was Sunday morning as I admired my cuttings from my front flower bed.  The gray is artemesia, which I got a start from a little neighbor lady when we first moved to Hobart 17 years ago.  I love it for a filler with my other flowers.  The pink ones are echinacea or purple coneflowers  they've been in my garden since the first year I lived in this house 14 years ago, as well as the little daisies.  They all come back every year and I love them!  I thank God for these simple treasures in my life.

Today we went for the evaluation of my cataracts.  They will schedule my surgery for one eye on the 17th of October and the other one on the 24th; woo hoo!  I got to use my medicare card and my supplement for the first time!

Then we stopped and I was able to get some sweet potato vine to put into my front planter box.  I hope I can get it to live and survive in there.  That box has looked pathetic for most of the 14 years we've lived here.  We'll see.  Everywhere I've looked for the vine it was all sold out, but I found this today and got a tray on sale, even. We'll see how I do with it.  I've got milk jugs 'planted' in there to fill with water and hope to keep them moist when we're gone.  Of course Joan will water, too, but I don't want her to have to water every day.

Monday, August 5, 2013

65 and One Day is Pretty Good!

The camera on timer got this one of Lee and I yesterday.  It was a happy birthday!  I thank God for 65 good years and pray for many more. 

Today was a regular day.  I celebrated by changing the sheets and doing laundry.  I got to work a little in my flowers before it got too hot and then got to get some sun on the deck in the kiddie pool.  I finished the book I was reading this afternoon and had a nap, so that was relaxing.  I'm liking this 65 thing!

Tomorrow I go to see the eye doctor to be evaluated for the cataract surgery and set the date for the surgery.  It won't be until October, because I can't travel more than 3 hours away after the surgery.  So, October it should be.   It will be the first time I get to use my Medicare card!  Woo hoo!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

65 is a Wonderful Birthday!

I had made a roast beef dinner a couple of weeks ago when Lee's son and daughter-in-law were here.  The leftovers I put into the freezer, so today we had all that for mine and Dorothy's birthday dinner.  Today was my 65th birthday and next Sunday is Dorothy's 90th birthday.  That was close enough for the two of us to celebrate!  I forgot to make our favorite pie, so this morning I mixed up a batch of what we call pink salad and we were going to call that desert.  (Dorothy and I are EASY!)  At church, one of my dear, dear, friends handed me a card and that little loaf of zucchini bread that you see in the picture.  I said, "Perfect!  Now, we'll have birthday cake!"  Indeed we did; we had zucchini bread with pink salad on the side and it thrilled both of us and Lee, too.  I told you we are EASY!  If I live to be 90 I sure hope I can look as great as Dorothy does and, oh, to be as sharp as she is!  Notice the candle is a 5; all that means is that it's a candle; Dorothy can't see and I don't care, so we were tickled pink and Lee thought it was funny!  Yep; EASY!

I thank God for giving me 65 wonderful years and lots of wonderful family and friends to brighten my life. It's been a wonderful birthday!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Big Trip.

Here is the last picture that I got at the card game Thursday night. You can see Lee, with his clean shaved face (I love it!), then Joan (who takes care of our house and mail when we're gone) and Bob Clark, who I've known since I was 13 and living in Japan.  These are some special people in my life.  In fact everyone at this game were really special people in my life.  How blessed am I?  

Then today my friend, Bob Dwyer, who I've also known since he and I went to school with Bob Clark in Japan, called me from Hawaii.  He's the guy we house sit for whenever we can in Hawaii. He had met another friend in his town who needed a house sitter for 4 MONTHS and he wondered if we were interested.  Holy cow! Were we interested?  We were all over it like white on rice.  I called and talked to them and Lee and I started to get excited and began to figure out if we could do it.  

I kept running into brick walls, though.  The final brick wall was I'd have to postpone my cataract surgery until April of next year.  I just can't stand to look through this saran wrap for 9 more months.  Not even for 4 months in Hawaii!  So that's the big trip in the title.  I took it all around the house today, doing my best to figure out how to make this happen.  I was willing to cancel a lot of plans, and we were re-arranging a quick trip to Tennessee to see Lee's aunt, but I just couldn't make the cataract thing happen and I refuse to wait another 9 months.  I had my tongue hanging out over all the hustle to make it happen; probably also over the greed of wanting to go spend another 4 months in Hawaii, too.  But, it wouldn't work.  I thank God for giving us the opportunity to dream of it and for connecting us to people who can help us to dream like this.  He'll provide a way and a time that it will work if it's in His plan.  I really know that He wants me to see, though.  I'm so done with not driving at night and missing half of what's out there in the day time!

My heart is beating from all the dreaming, but it's time to put me to bed.  God took me on a fun trip right here in the house today. Tomorrow is my birthday and I thought for a bit my birthday present would be a 4 month trip to Hawaii, but it turns out that my birthday present is to SEE.  I go this Tuesday for my evaluation and to schedule the surgery in October.  I am grateful; Dorothy has no hope of seeing better, but it can happen for me and it will this October!  (I thank God that Lee understands and agrees completely with me.  He enjoyed the wild ride with me, today, but we came to the same conclusion.)

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Other Side of the Table.

I am reveling in the joy of friendship.  These are such good friends at the card table last night.  That's Bob and Diana Clark and our neighbor, Bill.  Precious times to treasure.

Today I sprayed weeds, again.  Those weeds keep aiming to come back, and they'll keep doing it, but I'll keep spraying them!  My daisies are starting to bloom, now, so I have another flower to cut and bring inside.  I love this time of year.  It's hot, but hot is good.  I thank God for air conditioning, but I love the heat.  It's great for detoxing and cancer doesn't like heat, so I like to get in it as much as I can!  Cancer may be giving me a run for my money, but I'm not going to lay down and take it; I'm up for the fight and we'll see who has the most spunk!

We're watching the rest of the Return to Lonesome Dove tonight. It's date night right here at home!  I love it!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Settled: She's a Vicious Beast!

It looks like we had to wake Olya to play, but I just didn't get her at the right time.  That's Dorothy in the center and you can see that she's doing really well.  Bill and Olya are the couple who live next door and own the vicious beast that I fed for a week.  It was so much fun to play; we haven't played in a long time, so we were all ready to play.  It was the most fun for the women because we won both games.  It looked like the men were going to beat us on the last one, but we snuck up and went around them; we even surprised ourselves!  We are so very, very grateful to have out great neighbors back at home after being gone for 4 years!  Tomorrow night I'll post a pic of the other side of the table with our great friends Bob and Diana; Bob I've known since we were in the 8th grade together in Japan and they've lived here about 10 years.    I thank God for great friends!

When they were all leaving, their daughters brought the vicious beast over because Bob thought he could make friends.  She almost ate him.  I'm telling you she is a vicious beast.  I'm still thanking my good friend, Debbie, for suggesting that I use treats; she got me through the week!

Tonight was sure fun.  I'm loving this Medicare celebration!

NOTE:  My birthday is Sunday; Dorothy's is the 11th; Bob's is the 21st, so we were also celebrating our birthdays.  Bob and I will be 65; can you believe Dorothy will be 90???  She's no vicious beast; she's a precious angel and gift from God.  We all love her!