Saturday, June 30, 2012

Here's Elise in her glow band.

This was a picture I got of Elise last night at the fireworks display.  If you look up compassionate in the dictionary, Elise's picture is there; she's a sweetheart!  Tonight she is at a slumber party.  We went to church tonight to feed the hungry.  They serve a meal and send the folks home with a box of food.  There were lots of folks there, both servers and participants.  Pretty amazing.

Tonight is get ready for church time.  They drive about 20 minutes to church, so we have to get up and hustle in the morning.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to spend this time here!  More time tomorrow and then I'll head to Gretta's house on Monday; another driving adventure, headed my way!  Then Wednesday Garrett and I will head for home.  Home is always sweet!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Made it to one more destination!

I'm really proud of myself for making it to this destination!  I have never made this trip coming from my sister's house to here.  Even Don and I always came here from other directions.  So, this was totally new to me and I found myself asking me what ever made me think I could do this!  Thankfully, Gina called me in the middle of my trip and gave me some last minute instructions for getting through the traffic issues in Louisville. I had to pull off about 4 times and review the map (maybe more than 4), but I made it.  I have a GPS, but the cigarette lighter in my car doesn't work, or else I don't know how to work it.  Don said I read maps like a monkey doing an algebra problem (He got that from Jeff Foxworthy's description of how his wife read maps.), but I GOT here reminding myself all the way that I promised Don I could do this.  Several times I thought I probably spoke too soon when I made that promise!

It's wonderful to be here, and I find myself thanking God for a safe trip and for finding Gina and the family in great shape!  Their oldest son, Kyle is on a mission trip to Haiti, so I'm missing him, but hearing all about him!  In tonight's picture is their youngest, Ethan and Gina when we went to watch a fireworks display tonight.  Ethan is 9. (For some reason the spell checker isn't working on the blogger, so please pardon any mistakes I'm not catching.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

One last visit in this area.

We went visiting today to see a sweet couple I used to know at church when I lived here.  They always sat right in front of us.  He is still able to come most of the time, but she rarely makes it.  She's 96, so she does really well to sit on the front porch and make sense, in my opinion.  They are really precious people and still so witty and loving.  I count these people as treasures in my life.  God has blessed me to know some awesome people in my lifetime.  I'm blessed, again, to get to visit with them.

I'm getting my 'stuff' ready to leave in the morning.  I'll be heading to visit a few days with Gina and her family in Indiana.  This will be another new trip for me; I've never been in this direction by myself.  I guess I continue to 'grow up.'  I feel like a kid who'd rather stay a kid and not grow up, but life's blessings don't go like that!  God knows best and I trust Him and thank Him for the blessings.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moving is done!

We got the moving done and the picture I meant to post last night posted, so all is good, here.  Ruthie is happy with the moving changes we made and I think it's a ton more user friendly for them.  Woohoo!  This picture is the one I meant to post last night and it went right on today.  I didn't get a picture made this morning while we were moving; totally forgot about pictures.  Maybe I'll get one tonight when we're cleaned up for church.

This pic was at the church building where Suzanne works as the secretary.  She was getting some work done, so I set up in the conference room to catch up on my computing.  I'm behind, again, but I'll catch up one day.  Ruthie doesn't have WIFI, so  I hitchhike  on her computer and can't use mine.

I'm so pleased to be done with the moving.  I had some sewing to do for Ruthie and her son saw my needle and thread and asked me to fix a shirt of his.  I also hemmed my shirt that was about 5 inches too long.  So, today I've gotten some things marked off my 'to do' list.  I'm so happy that the computer is working in it's new location and that the picture would post.  I can relax, now!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sorry; no pic tonight.

I don't know what the deal is with the blogger, but it won't load a pic for me.  I didn't have a great pic to share, but I was going to put one on from when I was at Suzanne's house last week.  It's out of date, anyway because I trimmed my hair the day I got here at Ruthie's.  Maybe I'll get a pic tomorrow of us moving the rest of the furniture around in here.  We took an off day today because we're waiting for the server guys to come and move some wires for the TV and computer.  So, I got to go to the pool today.  Ahhhhhh . . . . love the pool!  Tomorrow we go back to work!  I thank God for the ability to heal over night . . . and for an extra day of extra healing!  Ruthie is doing really well since her fall, too.  I sure thank God for her ability to rebound!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Some bunny . . .

This is "Elena's bunny' in Gatlinburg.  She and I were coming home from the playground and we spotted him.  We got this picture and one other one of him, so he's "ours."  I love bunnies and she loves every animal, I think.  Every time I see a bunny I think, "Some bunny loves you."  That's probably silly, but I like to be that silly.

Today Phil and I moved my granddaddy's table into their house from the shed.  We are hoping to make the house more user friendly for Ruthie.  It's a wonderful old table, so I think it's a good move.    We may be moving some more furniture around in here today, so I thought I'd post while I can get online.

I've walked and walked, but there is more walking to do.  I thank God that I can walk.  There was no chance to swim today; maybe tomorrow.  It's probably good to let the sun I got yesterday sink in before I add more.  It's plenty hot out there; perfect pool weather!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daddy would say, "Tilt."

She's okay, but Ruthie fell coming into the house from church tonight.  We've got ice on her arm and hand, both of which were hurting and her arm was swelling.Tomorrow more sore spots will show, I imagine, but for now, she's resting.  I thank God that she didn't break anything.  She skinned both knees, but she falls amazingly gracefully!

I got some good sunshine in the pool today.  I love it.  It was a very restful day.  We had a fellowship dinner after church tonight, so it's been a good day except for the fall.  It was 100 degrees when we left for church; that's pretty hot for here.  It's 7 degrees hotter in Hobart right now than it is here, so it was probably really baking earlier today.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

More of Sweeneyville.

Last night's picture was of me at the gazebo at the pond.  The pond can be seen off in the distance, straight behind the birdbath and those three trees.  This little pond and waterfall is right off their back deck.  This is where we enjoy watching the birds.  The whole place is really beautiful.  Their garage is back to the left behind that big bird feeder.  Their red car can be seen a little to the right; off behind their car is their son's house and his pool.  It's just a wonderful place to be and rest for a few days; lucky me!

Today Ruthie and I played cribbage and I think she's hooked. Phil and I went over and took an afternoon swim and when we came back Ruthie was playing cribbage on the computer!  I think she's hooked!  After we came home I gave Phil a hair cut, so I sure feel right at home.  Haircuts are my comfort zone.

I thank God for this precious time to spend with Ruthie and Phil!  What a blessing!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweeneyville Resort.

This is the pond with the island, gazebo, fountain and waterfall at the Sweeneyville Resort.  That's what I call it because it looks like a resort.  This is out behind Ruthie and Phil's house; an absolutely gorgeous area!

Today was restful.  I got my walking done and took a nap this afternoon.  I never got to go to the pool because I'm afraid of David's dogs and there was nobody to go hold the dogs.  Phil was busy all day, working around the place with his oldest grandson.  Maybe tomorrow we'll get to swim, again.  Ruthie and I played a game of Scrabble and we'll play some hearts if Phil ever comes in from mowing.  Rest is good!

I thank God for a peaceful place to come and enjoy precious time with family!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My new cribbage buddy!

This is Alex (13), my great nephew.  I taught him to play cribbage today and he beat me 2 out of 3 games.  I guess I'm a good teacher?  Anyway, it was great fun.  We went swimming twice today and played cribbage in between games.  Fun, fun, fun!

This picture was taken by his 5 year old brother!  I thank God for generations of great family and fun, fun times!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

She's the champ!

We've played cribbage since I 've been here and she's beat me every single game!  I'm going to be mad and go home!  No, it's been fun just to play!  I'll go teach Ruthie and maybe I'll be able to beat her?  She beats me at Hearts; I don't really care if I win, but I do like playing.  Maybe I'm too reckless.  This has been a great visit with Suzanne.  I'm heading out to brave the drive through Nashville (or around it) and head west for a while.

I won't post, again, tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow if at all possible.  I'm blessed to get to visit lots of folks.  The house is standing good, with Joan watching over it.  I check in with Dorothy every day and she's doing well.  It will be good to get home, but this running the road is fun, too.  I thank God for this opportunity and for safe travels.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What a wonderful visit Suzanne and I had with our oldest cousin today!  This is Alice between Suzanne and I.  We got there just after her shower, so her hair was wet and down.  I'm sure she would rather have had it gathered up, but she didn't balk at having her picture made.  She has come to the point in life that she knows to count the joys and not complain about anything.  Alice is the oldest of all our cousins and I am the youngest.  Suzanne is the next to the youngest, being a year older than me.  Alice will be 86 this year.  She is not in great health, so she has been unable to make our reunion the last two years.  We were so thrilled to get to visit with her for a bit this morning.

This afternoon Suzanne has been beating me at cribbage!  We're going to eat supper and then get ready to watch the Thunder/Heat game tonight.  Then we're going to bed at a reasonable time; not the 1 a.m. that we've made a bad habit of the last two nights!

I sure thank God for these wonderful visits.  How blessed I am to have these wonderful people in my life and the opportunity to come and safely visit them.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stayed up until 1 a.m.

Suzanne and I used to be a couple of kids, but we got over it.  We stayed up all night last night just like we were still in college studying for a test.  We weren't studying anything, just visiting!  Actually we went to be around 1, but at this age it feels like all night!

We're at the church, now.  She's working (she's the secretary) and I'm catching up on my cyber life.  Tonight we're going to meet Fran Wolf and Charlie Akers for dinner at the Olive Garden; they are friends from school in Japan, so my visiting blessings continue!

I am so thankful for great friends and family!  Suzanne and I grew up being best friends.  We must have done 50 vacation Bible schools in our days, so setting up to work here in the church seems perfect!  It's cold in here, though, so I'm going to go out in the parking lot and walk a few laps to warm up my old bones.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Precious Frieda

This is a picture I got with mine and my mom's sweet friend Frieda, who is 100 years old!  I'm honored to have known her and to get the opportunity to visit with her.  She can no longer see nor hear, but she has all her mind.  She has always been so quick witted and it was sure fun to visit with her.

This trip has been a blessing, as has been my life.  I leave today to go to my cousin Suzanne's house and I think she doesn't have Internet access at home.  I will go to McDonald's to post each day, but I won't get there in time tonight.  I'll get there in time to watch the Thunder/Heat game and then go to bed.

Today will be another good visit with Linda and folks at church, lunch and then a beautiful drive to Nashville.   God is seeing me through this trip and I thank Him for my safety.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

So many good visits!

Yesterday I got to stop on the way here to visit with this lady in purple and her aunt.  This is a lady who taught at the school I attended in Japan, but after I had already come home.  So, she taught some of the kids I knew, but not me.  I did meet her about 15 years ago when I visited her at her home which was about 30 miles from our daughter.  Our daughter has since moved to Indiana, so I never had the chance to visit her, again until yesterday.  The lady in the striped shirt is her aunt, whose husband just passed away about 3 weeks ago.  Cathy and I have been good email friends for the last 15 years.  She's been a dear friend and I was so grateful to get to visit with her and meet her aunt yesterday.

Today I visited with a couple of ladies who were close, close friends of my mom's.  One is 80 and the other is 100!  I had my camera but forgot the memory card when I visited one, but I remembered the card and the camera and got a good picture of the lady who is 100!  I'll post it tomorrow.

Tonight we went to a cook out where Linda goes to church and I found that the preacher and the guy who provided the meat for the cookout were little kids at the church where I worshiped when I was in high school.  That was so cool to meet those guys as grown men.  I really feel blessed with all the visits I've had the last couple of days.  I thank God for the opportunities and safety of this trip.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Today has been tricky.  Lots of traffic coming out of Sevierville, and again coming out of Chattanooga!  My gas mileage will probably be horrible, but gasoline prices are down, so I'll give thanks for that.  The traffic made me glad I live in a little tiny town and don't have to fool with traffic.

I made it to visit with a teacher friend from years in Japan; we had a wonderful visit and lunch at her sweet aunt's home.  Then I made it to Linda's home and she served me my favorite: quiche for supper! (This is the Linda who comments lots on this blog; my friend since high school.)  We've had a good time visiting, as you see in the picture.  Lucky me!  Linda's mom is recuperating from a recent fall, but she is precious as ever!  Linda's dog Prissy has accepted me for the time being.  She may scare me to death if I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom; we'll see.  I'll bet I survive; she's all bark, I think.

I sure thank God for safe travels today.  This was a bunch of firsts for me.  I have never been this route without Don and we lived for years in Chattanooga, so it was kind of emotional.  I guess that's just how this goes.  God got me through it and I give thanks.  It's been a good day and safe; what more could I ask?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A pack rat win.

'They say' if you haven't used something in 6 months you should get rid of it.  I can't believe that.  I ran across these body charms that I've had for 25 years.  I doubt if I've used them in 20 years, but they've been a real hit on this trip!  Elena gets up every morning and is ready to have them put on her hands and arms.  You'll have to blow up this picture (right click on the pic; click 'open link in new window'; then click on the pic in that window and is should get bigger) up to see the charms.  There is one on each arm just above the elbow, one just above each wrist;  one on the back of each hand  and one on each cheek.  They're just little metal things that look like branding irons and you dip them into some sparkly dust and then touch them to her.  It's been so much fun.  I'm so glad I've never gotten rid of them.  I'm a solid pack rat; no hope for rehabilitation when I have wins like this.  :)

Gretta, Garrett and Elena have gone off to some amusement park tonight.  I've loaded a lot of things into the car and packed up everything else.  I've had my bath and I'm all ready to watch the Thunder take on the Heat, again.  I really, really enjoy these NBA finals, especially when our Thunder is playing to win it all.

We check out tomorrow and I'll be going visiting.  I'm happy to have this opportunity to visit folks I don't get to see enough, so I thank God and ask Him to keep me safe as I set of by myself.  I can do it; I promised Don I could, so I will and I know God will help me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The bird show.

Here's the picture of Gretta and Elena holding birds.  Gretta was holding this on one her shoulder and Elena was holding hers on top of her head.  Fun times in Gatlinburg!  (That kid in the Nike shirt was just waiting to hold a bird; we don't know him.)

Elena and I are headed to the playground.  Fun times in Gatlinburg!  I thank God for the precious times!   That pulled chest muscle is nearly all better.  I thank Him for that, too!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On the deck.

The problem is that the light is behind Gretta and Elena, so you don't see the  mountains in the background.  I'm just not much of a photographer.  Maybe if I take the picture in the morning instead of the afternoon.  I'll see if I can do better another day.  You see the smiles, though, and that's the best part.

We had sunshine today, so we went to the pool and colored up a bit.  We also went to a bird show.  I got pictures of that and will post one tomorrow.

The first day I came I pulled a muscle in my chest, but it's been getting better each day.  Today it's about 50% better and I sure give thanks for that!  It's a great reminder to me that some folks have pain every day and I'm so blessed that this will get better and better!

Tonight is the beginning of the series with the OKC Thunder and the Miami Heat.  Woohoo!  I'm so looking forward to these games.  Let the Thunder ROLL!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fantastic family.

This is a picture I took of Ruthie (my sister) and her husband, Phil, at the reunion on Saturday.  They are such a  great couple and I'm so blessed that they love me.  I'm going to spend a few nights with them next week and I'm so looking forward to it.  Maybe they'll let me win one game of hearts, again.  :)

Today has been a fun day.  Gretta took Garrett into Gatlinburg just doing the touristy thing; walking around town.  Elena and I stayed here and went to the pool for a couple of hours; it was cloudy and I nearly froze!  She loved every minute of it and she's swimming better and better.  Just yesterday she learned to swim without her floaties.  Today she never wore them at all.  I'm sure hoping to get some sunshine later this week!  The best part of this trip is being with family, so the weather really doesn't matter.

Garrett is wanting to learn how to cook, so every night he and Gretta are making dinner.  It's almost like being on a cruise.  I just show up for dinner!  Very nice.

It's really beautiful up here in these mountains.  Even being cloudy, it's still gorgeous.  The trees are lush and we're just nestled in the mountains here.  It's very peaceful and the patio is a wonderful, quiet place to go.  Ahhhhh; lucky me.  I thank God for the opportunity to share this with family.  We haven't seen bears, yet, but we have seen wild turkeys and a bunny.  Most important we are seeing each other!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Precious Girls!

I love seeing all the 'old folks' who I remember from my whole life at the reunions, but the babies are so precious, too!  This is Elena, who is 5 and has come to the reunion every year of her life.  Next is sweet little Willow, my nephew's daughter, who has also come to the reunion every year of her life (3).  A couple of years ago she was the absolute hit and we were all taking turns holding her.  This year, she was so sweet to walk around with the last little girl, who is a distant cousin to all of us.  They were just so sweet to watch as they walked around holding hands!  They give me great hope for the future!

Gretta and Garrett have gone off to the grocery store and Elena is taking a nap.  She learned to swim without floaties today, so this has been a big day for all of us!  I thank God for the opportunities to share time; indeed it is full of precious memories.  God is great and His gifts to us are so awesome!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reunion done; now more fun!

The reunion was wonderful, as always.  We managed to make it to Gatlinburg before dark, so made that drive just fine.  We're all checked in to our condo and everyone is in bed but me.  I'm doing a quick catch up on my emails and facebook.

This picture is Elena, riding on the luggage cart.  She's having a great time.  When they pulled up here, she said to Gretta, "This is Grammy and Poppy's house.  Is Poppy here?"  Gretta told her, "No, Poppy is in heaven."  Elena said, "Is he coming?"  It's so hard to explain to little kids; it's hard to get even for us grown ups!  We come here every year and Elena is only 5.  She's been here more than she's been to our house and to her, this is our house.  Okay, so we've had lots of fun, but there have been tears, too.  I guess there will always be these times and one day I'll be tough enough to meet them without tears.

Today I got so lost driving through Nashville to the reunion.  Nashville is my hometown, but I haven't lived there since I was in college in the late 60's.  Needless to say, they have made lots of changes.  For the last many years Don did all the driving through Nashville.  So, today, as I was so lost I kept reminding myself that I promised Don I could do this and I'd be fine.  (When he was in the hospital and  unconscious, but I kept talking to him and hoping that he could hear me.)  I promised him that I needed him, but if he needed to go I'd make it.  The memory that I had promised him I could make it got me through today, plus Garrett was in the car with me.  I was real tempted to pull off and just cry, but that would never have pleased Don.  Finally, after I got going the right direction I looked at the mile marker and it said 212.  I thought I was supposed to take the 279 exit, so I thought I was surely on the wrong road because I knew it wasn't that far out of Nashville.  I called Gretta and she set me straight that I was supposed to take exit 239B, so I was on the right road after all.  Numbers; they mess with me!  But, I made it . . . a little later than I meant to be, but I made it in plenty of time.  I thank God for an awesome family and the opportunity to see them.  This week will be good and then next week I get to go visit even more family and friends.  God is so good!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Some things are so hard, but all is good.

This is a picture Garrett took when we climbed all around this heart rock Wednesday.  This rock is one of my all time favorite things and places.  That red thing under my left arm is the tag on my car keys.  I wear them like a bracelet to keep from losing them.

Today Garrett and I have driven all day on our way to the reunion tomorrow.  We made it in time to post.  I'm addicted to this blog; I have to talk to you guys; I hope it means something to you, but it's sure therapy for me.

So many things in my life are tough because I always did them with Don.  Now, I'm learning to do them by myself.  Garrett has been such a gift!  He's helping me to build new memories so that it helps me to get the past in the past and get it all sorted.  He's so good to be compassionate and helpful.  God is great and so is Garrett! Driving through Little Rock was a first for me, today.  Now, I've done it.  I've always been a passenger before today.  Driving to Gatlinburg will be another first.  Garrett and God see me through these things.

Today I was listening to a talk radio show and some guy reminded me to read Jeremiah 29:11, which says "I have a plan for you."  The translation in the motel reads a little differently, but it's good for me, too.  It was another blessing in a hard day.  Part of what was hard was driving 11 1/2 hours.  I think I'll get some driving gloves; it looks like I'm going to have blisters on my hands!  Checking out these pictures of me climbing all over the mountains; now blisters on my hand?  It's just hard for me to be very lady like!  But, God has a plan for me!  Maybe I'll grow up and be a tomboy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plans change.

Another shot from our climbing around on the mountain behind the heart rock yesterday.  We were really blessed with the perfect day for hiking.

Our plan was to leave at 6 in the morning to pick up Gabe in OKC to take off for Jackson, TN.  So, Gabe has to work until 2!  That means we won't get to leave until 2:30 at the very best.  That means it will be midnight when we go rolling into Jackson.  That is so not a good plan.  I do not drive at night.  I start turning into a pumpkin around 10.  I've got to get a good night's sleep tonight and then put my best foot forward tomorrow.  I will never do this, again!  I know the road and it's a doable thing, but it's not smart.  I'd rather be smart.  Instead I'm being emotional.  My first reaction was, "Then Gabe can't go."  I think that was harsh and I want him to go, so I'm caving.  I just pray that we won't crash!

We are all packed and ready to go.  I've got the car mostly loaded.  I am working to get my old laptop set up for Gretta to use.  That's a whole new project, so maybe it's a good thing I don't have to leave early in the morning.  All things work out and I'm trusting God to level it all out and make this trip a success.  I've just got to remember to trust Him and not expect to do it all myself.  I won't post tomorrow night because I will be on the road and as soon as I get to Jackson I've got to go to sleep.  Take a day off from this blog.  I hope to be back online when I check into the condo in Gatlinburg, so watch for an update on Saturday night.  God blesses and I thank Him for that!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great hiking day!

Who knew we had mountains like this in Oklahoma?  I love them!  It was cloudy and nice today; perfect for hiking.  There wasn't even much wind.  It was just perfect.  We spent most of our time climbing around the heart rock.  This shot I got using the timer on the camera.  It doesn't give me much time to get back to get in the picture; the first picture is always of my back as I head back to Garrett.  We walked just under 2 miles and climbed 13 floors in height.  Then we ate lunch at the Riverside Cafe in Medicine Park.  The food was delicious.  After we ate, we went down to the creek (river) and fed the carp and turtles.  It was a really fun day and we aren't so worn out as we were this time last week.  I thank God for a safe day of climbing around His awesome handiwork!

Time is really getting short before we leave Friday morning, so tomorrow we've got to get serious about loading the car.  Woo hoo!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Going back to the refuge.

This is the brave grammy who is going back to the refuge tomorrow.  We're NOT going to do any 8 mile hikes, though.  Garrett is probably even more emphatic about that than I am!  We're going to do some easy stuff and go eat lunch on the river in Medicine Park.  I've never done that.  We're not even going to take a picnic.  We'll take some snacks, and plenty of water, but tomorrow's going to be an easy day, I hope!

Yesterday the taxes came in the mail and I got them all signed and ready to go in tomorrow's mail today.  Whew!  FINALLY.  It feels so good to be DONE with them.  What an experience.  Profuse thanks to Jerry, my brother-in-law for holding my hand all the way through it and for doing days of work toward getting all the figuring done.  I thank God that it done and a thing of the past.

I'm starting to pack the car.  I've been brewing colloidal silver water for the last 3 days to take to some family.  I've got it all packed.and in the car.  My suitcase is packed except for the last minute toiletries.  All my meds and vitamins and herbs are packaged.  Ah.  It feels good to be as ready as possible  Lucky me to have a couple of grandsons to travel with me!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day to day, with thanks.

This was Sunday morning.  Each day is a new day and a gift from God.  I am so blessed to have Garrett here.  What a fun couple of weeks for us.  I know I will treasure it and remember it with joy as long as I have memory.

Today I've done some work toward getting the car ready to make the trip this week.  If I do a little bit here and there, then it won't be such a big job the day before we go.  I also did some planning for other trips in the future.

I also had to do some repairs on the net on my basketball goal.  Garrett was a big help.  He brought the ladder out for me and held it while I climbed up there.  Then he put the ladder away for me.  Dragging that ladder around is much easier for him than it is for me, so he was a big help!  I thank God for this time with him and his great help.

I don't usually watch America's Got Talent, but Garrett watches it, so we're watching it.  Some guy just touched me; will I ever get past these tears?  A song like "If Tomorrow Never Comes" will do it every time; throw in a precious Veteran and it's just time for the tissues!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

This is not a very good picture, but you get the idea.  We were at Dorothy's house, visiting after lunch.  I couldn't get it to take a wide enough picture to get me in it, where I was sitting, so I sat with Dorothy for the pic.  After church tonight we came to my house and candled out Dorothy's ears.  (Tom, we thought of you!)  Never a dull moment around here!

Sunday's seem to go by really quickly since we have the evening service at 5.  I did get in about a 20 minute nap today, though.  I thank God for the many rich blessings in my life.  At the top of the list of blessings are family and friends and close behind are health and safety!  Have you counted your blessings lately?  I can't count that high!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Check out this guy!

Garrett got this great picture of this little guy.  I think he's so gorgeous.  He must be about my age because he's got lots of wrinkles, too.  I thank God that the wrinkles don't hurt!  I thank Him that we could make that hike and recover, too!  On my computer I can right click on the picture and a little menu comes up; if I click on open link in new window, then the picture will come up in a separate window and when I click on the picture it gets huge.  If you do that you'll see really well the color in the lichen on the rocks.  No wonder these guys slip around on the rocks and hide so well; of course they are really fast, too!  I'm amazed that Garrett not only spotted him, but he was the one that got up close enough to get several good shots.  I'm thrilled to have this picture.  We saw two other lizards, but they weren't this variety.  This was the prized 'catch' of the day.

Today we went out and spent some time visiting with Dorothy.  I trimmed her hair, so she'll be good until I get back from Tennessee.  Tomorrow she's buying our lunch at the Subway after church and we'll go out there and eat it with her.  She wouldn't have it any other way.  She said, "If you don't let me buy lunch then you'll just have to bring me home and I'll eat by myself."  She reminds me of my Aunt Maie, who used to say, "There's nothing any better than helping a little old lady across the street, unless the little old lady doesn't want to go!"  Dorothy is precious, but I sure don't want to make her mad.  If she wants to buy lunch, I'm going to let her!  Garrett thinks it's great, too.  He's a pretty cool kid to hang out with a couple of little old ladies so peacefully!  I must remember to get pics of all of us tomorrow!  We get to having such a good time that I forget.

How about that Thunder!  I'm so pleased they have come back and won the last two games!  Now, I just hope they'll win it all!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Crazy? Probably.

This is a picture I got of Garret early into the 8 mile hike.  Notice that he's up on a rock.  I didn't realize how much we went UP until my pedometer, which measures stairs by elevation said we went up 84 floors, which is 9 floor higher than the golden gate bridge.  Going up is easier for me than the going down.  I just thank God that we were able to do it, safely.  I also thank Him that we didn't see any rattle snakes!

Actually, we're doing pretty well after doing the 8 miles.  Neither of us is very eager to do any walking, though. I managed to do my 2 miles every day, but my hip and leg and back are still mad about the big hike!  I  think that it's only a bite on my ankle rather than poison ivy.  If it were poison ivy it would be driving me crazy.  It's not spreading and I'm no closer to crazy than I was.  What a relief that it's not poison ivy, AND that I'm not any crazier than I was!  (I know, you think I'm crazy for going on an 8 mile hike; probably you're right!)

I've been doing laundry today.  Laundry is a bigger deal when there is a 15 year old in the house.   I'm willing to do the laundry, though.  It's sure a blessing to have Garrett be here for a couple of weeks.  The emptiness will hit hard when I come home to only 4 walls, again.  I'll cross that bridge when I get to it and thank God that the walls are standing and belong to me.