Saturday, August 16, 2014


Okay.  I've taken all of this cycle I can stand.  I'm not taking tonight's dose or either of tomorrow's doses.  So I was supposed to have 42 pills this week and I've taken 33.  These pix don't show the pain I have,  You can see the red on my hands and feet.  My feet also look like they have blisters on them; especially at the heal.  It all feels blistered.  I can barely walk and I can't do much of anything with my hands.  Zipping and buttoning are horribly painful and take forever.  I didn't even comb my hair this morning.  I took the pic of me in the parking lot while Lee went in to get me some Boost.  He was saving me the steps.  I'm fine except for the pain in my hands and feet.  It sure helped to have all our stuff in the bed of the truck so I could sit in the back seat and keep my feet up on the console.

We made it to where we had a hotel reservation, so I'm grateful for that.  We had no problems with anything except my pain.  I'm taking it as a clue that we need to either reduce the dose, again, or look for another drug.  God will direct us.  I thank Him that I'm not retaining any fluids.  That was absolutely horrible.

I'm getting a message that this post isn't going to post, so if it does, hallelujah!  I'm going to take as hot a bath as I can stand and go to bed.  Tomorrow is a new day!  It'll take a few days for these feet and hands to recover, I'm afraid, but we're going to get started on it!


  1. Oh MaryJo....I know I can't even begin to feel the pain you are going through but my heart hurts for you. I'm so glad you have Lee by your side.

  2. Thank you, Dana! Yes, Lee is such a tremendous support! See you soon! I'm doing lots beetter today!