Monday, April 30, 2012

Stormy, again.

We have a tornado watch going, again, until about 2 a.m., so I'm going to have to shut this computer down and get to bed soon, I hope. Actually, I'll stay up and watch the storms on TV until I go to bed around 10. I just want to get this done and get it unplugged as soon as possible.

I had a great day at school. I'm showing the kids a movie about the holocaust and it's very good. We'll finish it tomorrow and then the next day we'll have testing and discussion on it. I'm so enjoying this. The kids have found their way into my heart and I'm blessed. Tonight I'm filling out my application to teach full time next year. I don't know that I'll get a job, but I'll do what I can and we'll see what happens. God will take charge and make it happen the way He wants it and I'm good with that, whatever it is.

I sprayed for weeds Sunday afternoon and God chose not to rinse off my spray, so I thank Him for that. Tonight the storms may beat up my yarrow and larkspur, so this may be the last of them that you'll see. I thank God for them, too, and I'm glad to have them however long I can.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Larkspur and yarrow.

I love the larkspur and yarrow! The yarrow leaves yellow dust and the larkspur will drop petals before long, but I still love them. I'm ready for the mess and love the colors.

Dinner was fun today. It turned out that there were only 6 of us, as Dorothy has a sore throat and someone else hurt their ankle and had to keep it elevated all day. I have lots of lasagna left over and I've stashed it in the freezer. I've got several packed to take for my lunch at school, too. So, it was fun visiting and I've got my meals for the week already prepared.

As I was pulling out of the driveway today I noticed that the weeds are returning. Those rascals! As soon as my company left I put on my grubby clothes and went out and sprayed them. I never even thought to check the weather. I'd forgotten that we have scattered thunderstorms in the weather tonight and a 30% chance of rain. Ugh. I sure hope my weed killer doesn't get washed off! If it does, then I bet I'll never spray without checking the weather, again!

We've got warm weather predicted for the next 10 days, so I'm glad I took those flannel sheets off and put on the cool, cotton ones. Ahhhh. I thank God that I'm a good sleeper. A good bed sure helps, but sleeping is the thing I do best. It's a great time of healing for me. A good night's sleep does a lot of repair on my back; what an awesome God we have to build in our own healing and recovery systems. Just a power nap does wonders, but a good night's sleep is way wonderful!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Guess what?

I found my old cell phone! It was the one I lost in the fall and had to switch everything over and start using Don's phone. So, now, I have a back up for when this one crashes, I guess. It was in the pocket of a pair of jeans. At least it is a mystery solved, so I'm happy about that.

I took this picture Thursday morning, I think. There is nothing special about it; it's just another shot of me headed to school.

Today I loved sleeping until I woke up without an alarm. I woke up at 6, like I usually do with the alarm, but I went back to bed until 7. Then I got up and cleaned the house and got done by noon so I could lay out in the sun for a couple of hours. I read and napped, so I'm way rested. I didn't walk today, but I think I got enough exercise around here. I thank God for sunshine and a breeze and the energy to clean the house. Laying in the sun was a real treat today.

I'm all set for company for lasagna after church tomorrow. It's going to be simple and some people couldn't come, so there will only be 8 of us. I love to have people come, though, so I'm looking forward to it. I thank God I'm able to have company and that I have friends who want to join me.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Whew! A week at school!

Friday is red shirt day for me, so here I was ready to go off to school. It was a good day, but I'm glad this week is over. It's time to clean house and start the cycle all over, again. I think it's time to get the t-shirt (flannel type) sheets off the bed, too. I think there will be no more cold nights for a while.

When I get the house all clean I'll go out and cut some larkspur and yarrow to bring inside. They'll make a mess, but I'll enjoy them. I thank God for bits of nature I can bring inside to enjoy. This weekend I'd like to get some exercise, too, but my exercise may consist of driving the vacuum cleaner and mop. That takes me a while and the weekend is only so long. We'll see.

The teachers and kids are counting down the days of school left and it's 19. I probably won't get to teach all those days, so I'll be grateful for the ones I get to teach. There are several openings for teachers, and I'm considering applying for a full time position instead of subbing. The pay is lots better than subbing. It will rob me of my freedom, but it will provide income for a while. I'm able to teach now and I won't always be able. I've been praying about it and I'm leaving it up to God. I'm doing my research to see what I have to do to get hired. If it's too hairy, I'll take that as God's message that He doesn't want me to teach full time. If it all falls into place, I'll take that as His nudge in the direction of teaching. The kids have hooked me; if I don't teach full time, I'll sub, for sure; I can't resist them.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Really the last of the irises.

I took this picture yesterday of the last of my irises, but it was Gracie's birthday, so I put her picture on the blog yesterday. I've really enjoyed the irises this year and I thank God for the blessing they've been to me. I hate that the hail battered them so badly, but I think the re-bloomers will still be able to perform this fall. My little miniature roses are still looking good, too. I love having some cut flowers in the house. Outside the larkspur are starting to bloom, so I'm hoping some hummingbirds will come to them, soon. I'm not bent out of shape over hummingbirds enough to put out food for them, but I will provide flowers that they like. It's sure fun to have one visit sometimes! I thank God for nature's beauty!

I have taught all this week and I'm really enjoying it. I will teach for the same teacher tomorrow. She is in the hospital and hopes to go home on Saturday. I hate to think that she would go back to teaching on Monday, and they've asked me to be prepared to sub through Wednesday. I'd love to, so I hope I can. I'm getting into sync with the kids and the lessons, so it's working pretty well. I hope for her that her recovery is quick, though.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy birthday, Gracie!

Today is sweet Grace's 9th birthday. What a joy she has always been! This picture I took of her on March 31st when I was in OKC to see her play a soccer game. She has provided me with endless precious memories since she was born!

Today it was 103 when I got home from school. They promise us that we'll get a cool spell this weekend, so that's a good thing. I'm not excited about running the AC from now until October, but I'm glad to have it when I need it!

I am scheduled to teach tomorrow and I will likely stay for Friday, too, as the teacher I'm replacing is in the hospital. I can't imagine that she'll want to come back Friday even if she gets to go home from the hospital. We'll see.

Today, I'm thanking God for Gracie and all the grandkids. I'm a rich grammy in memories and joys!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Got lucky.

This picture I took on Sunday morning before I went out to get Dorothy and got the pictures of both of us. These roses are little miniatures from Don's mother's little bush in the back flower planter. I'm so glad it has survived; I enjoy the roses and they remind me of the precious lady that she was. I got lucky to have such a wonderful mother-in-law!

I got lucky today, too. I got up at 6 and got ready for school, in case they called. They DID! It was 10 minutes to 8 and I was ready, so I got in the car and left in time to get there for the first hour. I had 7th and 8th graders for reading and computer literature. It was a great day. I'll be there for the rest of the week, so I feel blessed to have the work and to have these kids. I am really enjoying the kids. They are challenging, but they are really bright and precious. I know that as a sub I'm not doing what their teacher could do, but I ask God to show me how to have a positive impact on their lives.

It was 92 here this afternoon! Wow; I'm loving the sunshine! If that's an indication of how the summer will go, it's scary! Cancer doesn't like heat, so I get as much as I can of it and thank God for the sunshine and pray that I'll keep kicking cancer to the curb!

Monday, April 23, 2012

We are Blessed!

This is who the kids met at school this morning.  It's my last day that I'm scheduled for this month.  I was already scheduled for the high school today and the middle school called me  Certainly they could call me at the last minute, again.  I'll get up and be ready, just in case they call.

When I first sat down to this page to do the blog it said, "This page is not available."  It set me back for a second.  I hit reload and it came up fine, but it reminded me that we are blessed to have the Internet available and uncensored.  I get so irritated with the computer sometimes, and I threaten to throw it into the trash, but I know the world would be much different in ways I wouldn't like if I didn't have this blessing.  I thank God for people who care in my life and for the opportunity to easily communicate with them.  Oh, how different it was in the days of snail mail!  Thanks for reading this and being some of the people in my life who care.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A busy Sunday.

I got up in time to get out to Dorothy's house to help her get her outfit coordinated for church.  I thought she was going to wear another suit, but she wanted to wear this new jacket.  It's fun to help her.  She's such a joy.  When her sister was here a couple of weeks ago she took her shopping and she got some new pants, this jacket and a couple of shirts.  She's short, like me, so all of it needed cutting off and hemming, so I did that for her.  I love to be the person that can make it work for her.

After church we had our fellowship dinner and then after that we went to the nursing home to sing for the devotional.  I'm so glad that Dorothy will go with me to that, too.  The folks there love it when we come there and it feels so good to be appreciated.  I thank God that we have a really good nursing home here in Hobart and that the church wants to be active with it.

I came home and laid out in the sun for a nap and got my bath done before church tonight.  I'm ready for bed and just waiting for dark, now.  I'm going to be braced and rested for the kids tomorrow.  I have tomorrow scheduled, but I don't have any other days scheduled this week, so far.  Maybe I'll get some more time off to get some more projects done around here.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekends are great when I work!

It's kind of fun knowing the difference in the days.  When I don't work, I don't know one day from another unless it's Sunday.  It's kind of nice really appreciating Saturday.  Before I really appreciated every day, but I didn't know one from another.  I know it's a great day when I don't have to get up by the alarm!

This picture was taken one day last week. I didn't think to take one today while I still had on my make up, so this is the one you get.  I'll get one in the morning before church.  Maybe I'll get one of Dorothy and I if I can get going early enough.  I like this picture because my eyes look blue.  Usually, I think they look green at best and usually gray, so blue is kind of fun.  Maybe that says something about my personality?  Maybe I'm fickle?

Today went great.  I slept until 6:50 after going to bed at 10:30, so that was over 8 hours.  I woke up way rested.  I did all my exercises and stretches and then went to town to do some grocery shopping.  When I got back I walked a couple of miles outside.  It was great!  Then I came home and laid on the deck for an hour and a half and got a nap and some sunshine!  I got a load of clothes washed and hung to dry and I caught up on some correspondence.  I also got my pie made; I make a pie once a week so I can have a piece every day.  It's sugar free, so it's a big deal for me.  I'm good for a week on pie, now.  If I can just keep up with my rest this week, I'll be in good shape.  I thank God for rest, exercise and sunshine!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Not so tired in the morning.

I got up in time to take this picture this morning.  I wanted to get a shot of the last of this year's irises and a shot of me before I get so weary with the day.  I got one last cutting in last night and the house smells wonderfully of irises!  There should be re-bloomers in the late summer, but I'm afraid this is the last of the spring irises.  The hail was tough on them, but these few survived.  There are a couple of buds out there, so maybe I'll get a couple more.  We'll see.

Today was a good day at school.  The best part was I got through early and got to take the car in to get a new battery.  I'd been teaching all week and didn't have a chance to get this done until today.  It's the van I will use for travel this summer, so I needed to get a dependable battery.  It was the original battery, and it was weak, so it was time to bit the bullet.  I will take the same van in next week and have the oil changed and ask the mechanic to check everything to make sure it's road ready.

I am only scheduled to teach one day next week.  Of course they could call me at the last minute, but they've been really good to call me in advance so far.  I'm enjoying teaching.  I thank God for the opportunity to use my training.  I also thank Him for the delightful kids and great fellow teachers.  I'm blessed.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

She looks tired!

She looks tired, because she IS tired!  This teaching is fun, but that and everything else is making me come up short on sleep.  I've got to get a better plan going.  I guess school will be out before too long and that will help me!  I'm really enjoying teaching.  I can't help loving these kids; even the rowdy ones.  I have high hopes for all of them.

I went out to see if the irises needed deadheading and there were folks from church over at the preacher's house working in the yard.  I had complained that they were letting it get really out of hand over there, so the least I could do was go help.  So I spent a couple of hours working with 4 other folks and we got it looking really good!  Some angel had come and cut the big stuff, so we did the trimming and cleaning up of leaves and junk.  We don't know who the angel was, but we all thanked God for whoever it was!

Now, I'm headed to wash my hair, get a bath and get to bed.  When do people who work eat, not to mention other chores?  I guess I'll clean house on the weekend?  It's going to be gorgeous this weekend; sure wish I had a hiking buddy, but Garrett can't come.  My mind is racing; maybe I'll find a kid at church who wants to go with me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fading fast.

Today was another good day, but I'm fading fast.  I get up at 6, so I need to go to bed at 10, but it doesn't get dark until 9, so it feels like I'm rushing to bed every night.  Here I am getting ready to rush.  I just got home from church and realized I needed a new pic.  Here it is, right before I crash.

I had the 6th grade today and I love them.  They are inspirational to me.  I pray that I can inspire them, some.  Tomorrow I go back to the high school.  It will be interesting, I'm sure.  I go there, again Friday.  This is a full week, but that's exactly what I need, so I thank God for it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Before I dropped . . .

After school I usually drop.  Today I remembered to take a picture before I dropped because I went by these beautiful roses and was reminded of one of the nice people in my life.  My good friend, Dale, who came here last weekend, brought these roses 'from Don.'  He knew that I'd made it through our anniversary last week and he said he knew that Don would have wanted me to have them.  Isn't that an act of kindness?  Thanks, again, Dale, for your thoughtfulness!  Actually, Don would have just been sure that we had peanut butter in the house to share.  I told Dale that, and he said it was a story I should repeat, so I will.  It is a treasure to me.

When Don and I married we took a trip to Panama City for a honeymoon, but our financial situation gave new meaning to the word 'broke.'  So we had a hotel on the beach and we went out to eat one meal a day.  We bought a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and we shared peanut butter for the other meals.  I don't think we suffered any for it and it was always our anniversary celebration:  to share a spoon of peanut butter.  In fact we celebrated it nearly every single day, and it was special to both of us.  Whenever we went to the grocery store, Don would say, "Do we need peanut butter?"  I love the memories!  Thanks, Dale, for encouraging me to repeat the story.

Two days at school down for this week; three more to to.  Tomorrow is at the middle school, so it will be a treat.  I'm getting to know the high school kids better and I'm enjoying my time with them more and more.  I'll be back at the high school for Thursday and Friday.  The tax people are still working on my return, so it looks like I will go with the extension.  Ugh.  I so wanted to be done with it by today.  All we can do is all we can do.  I just thank God that I've had great help from Jerry and the tax people have been very kind with me and considerate of my ignorance and my situation.

After school today I went by to see Dorothy and picked up some clothes that need altering.  Her sister took her shopping last week and she has several things that need hemming.  I can do that tonight while I catch up on the weeks of Survivor that I've forgotten to watch.  I'd like to be able to watch the current show tomorrow night as I do some more of her alterations.  I'm sure glad for the DVR because I forget to ever turn on the TV!  Oh, I guess I should be watching the results of DWTS, but I think I'll DVR it and catch up on it later, too.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Grace is the real jewel.

If you look closely there are gems in Gracie's hair (look close to her ear).  She loves everything like this!  I'm here to tell you that SHE is the real jewel in this picture, though!  She will turn 9 soon and she has always been such a real jewel in my life!  Love you, Gracie!

I 'taught' today, but actually it was just policing.  I had said I would teach English for one teacher, and then I got there and they had me teaching biology, botany and Algebra 3!  Then they sent me home after lunch because the teachers came back.  I think it's no wonder they have a hard time getting subs at the high school when besides the kids' attitude, the administration treats the subs like that.  They booked me for a whole day, so I missed a whole day somewhere else, then they sent me home.  I had plenty to do at home, so I was okay with it, but the principle of it stinks, in my opinion.  So, there.  I got that off my chest.  Don would say that I'm pretty good at getting everything off my chest.  :)  God love him; I miss him, but I remember his lines.  :)

My Internet has been down all afternoon and evening, but it's finally on so I'm glad I could get this post done.  I thank God that I normally have Internet.  I really would be so lost without it!  It feels like my connection to everyone!  Since my phone is connected to my Internet, it really IS my connection to the world.  Isn't it great that we don't have to have the Internet to be connected to God.  Wow!  We've just had the Internet for the last 15 or so years, but God has always been there for everyone; now THAT'S a concept and a GIFT!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Always something.

This picture I took a couple of weeks ago after church.  Today there wasn't time for pictures.  The radio station wasn't on the air this morning, then when we went to get into the car it wouldn't start.  I had the other one and it started fine, but it was just how the day started.  Dale and I went and picked up Dorothy for church and then she came home with us for dinner.  Then I took her home while Dale worked on getting the white van to start.  He and I worked all afternoon getting it going and then he finally left with the charger on it.  I went out and started it awhile ago, so I guess something he did worked.  I didn't have jumper cables, so we went and got those, plus he needed something else that we got.  I already forgot what that was.  It was a blessing to have him here to get me going with that car.  I teach all this week, so I'll be using the other van, but I want this one to work when I need it!

My problems are minor, though.  We were blessed the last two nights to have been spared a tornado hit.  Friday night Norman was hit hard and last night Woodward was hit really hard.  We had them all around us, but we were spared.  Last night my irises really took a beating from wind and hail and rain.  I went out to cut some fresh ones this morning and they are all hanging like rags. I dead headed them this afternoon; I hope there will be some more pretty ones to cut later this week.  I'm sure glad I cut some last week and brought them in to enjoy!  I'm fooling with a car that won't start and some people totally lost their cars or even people they know and love.  I had a good friend her with me all weekend, plus Dorothy  for much of the weekend.  She spent the night Friday night because of the storm and then Sundays are always great with her.  God sure blesses me with great people in my life.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great refuge day!

This picture is one I got today when Dale and I went to the reserve.  It was hazy and WINDY, but we had a great adventure.  Between these two buffaloes is a longhorn cow and her calf.  This was just beside the prairie dog town.  It was so windy the prairie dogs were hardly coming out of their holes.  There were Canadian geese hanging around, so they may have intimidated the dogs, too.  We also saw a deer and a wild turkey.  We went to Mount Scott and in the 16 years I've lived here I've never seen it closed, but it was closed!  They had a gate across the road!  We went to Meers and ate and went back to Mount Scott and it was open!   So, we got to go up there, but it was so windy that it was hard to stand!  It's always windy up there, but that's the strongest wind I've ever seen up there.  On the way home we stopped by Dorothy's house, and as we left we saw a huge rat snake in the road.  What a great day for wildlife!  I took this picture from the car.  Half of the pictures I took when I was outside were blurry because I couldn't stand still!

We dodged the weather bullet last night, and it looks like we will, again, tonight.  God is so good to us.  Even when we went to Meers today there was NOBODY in line.  I have never been there and been the only one waiting to eat.  Wow!  We've been under a tornado watch all day, so maybe that's why not too many people were at Meers.  The circumstances were right for tornadoes, but none managed to appear.  I thank God!  This is life in Oklahoma.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I love her so much!

This is a picture that I got the first Sunday that I was back from Branson.  Dorothy and I were at my house for lunch after church and I didn't have the camera up high enough, so it cut my head off.  I still love it because of the way Dorothy is looking at me; how could I not love her so much?  She is my best buddy!

Tonight she came out to spend the night because it's been storming here.  I have the basement and we really have fun sharing these times.  I had called her to see if she wanted me to come and get her and she said, "No, let's wait a while."  Well, I waited about 5 minutes and then thought, "That storm is going right toward her house; I need to go get her NOW!  So, I called her back and the line kept being busy, so I thought she'd left it off the hook.  I just took off to her house and called her from my cell phone.  It rang that time and when she answered, I said, "I'm on my way to get you."  She said, "No, Jo, Jeff is here and he's bringing me to your house and he might bring his family, too."  Well, she was here in about 5 minutes, but Jeff didn't bring his family.  He lives pretty close, so he was keeping an eye on the storms and he'd have brought them if he thought it was wise.  I talked to him later and we decided it was best for her to stay the night because we've got storms all around us.  I absolutely love having her stay!  We always build great memories!

My friend, Dale, is here from California and she and he are having a great time.  Tomorrow Dale and I are going adventuring at the refuge.  We are supposed to have good weather until about 3, so we'll have to hustle.  Jeff is coming back to get Dorothy and take her home at 7 in the morning, so we'll head to the refuge shortly after that.  God is showing us some of his power tonight.  I sure hope we can see some more of His handiwork at the refuge tomorrow, but no storms until we get home.

I taught today and Dale worked his business from the house.  It was a great day for me; I picked up 6 more days of teaching!  I love that!  I'll teach every day next week!  Lucky that I had this week mostly off, but I'm ready to work, now.  I'm really getting so hooked on the kids.  I had high school algebra and English today; thankfully, they don't expect much out of me with that Algebra!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

God's Message.

There is an app on Facebook called God's Message.  Every time I go there they want to get more information than I want to give them, so I never get the whole thing.  I really get a lot from just the beginning that some friends post.  Today's part that posted said:

"Today, God’s message for you is to see the goodness and value of every relationship. Those people dropped in our path are there for a reason."

I find that so interesting because I have a friend coming this weekend, and I have friends all around me.  A good friend and neighbor has just had a double mastectomy.  She has been such a strength to me, and now we're even closer.  As she says, "We're in the same sisterhood."  Dorothy's sister has been here all week, and it's been such a joy to get to know her better and better.  I've known her over the years, but each visit makes me know her and lover her even more.  I was at the grocery store today and one of the kids from school smiled and said, "Hi, Mrs. Shnell."  I was so pleased that she was friendly instead of cutting my tires (like I might imagine some would like to do).  I just know that I am so blessed with the people in my life who I never really expected to be there.  Of course family is precious and long time friends are precious, but it's amazing to me the new people God brings to my life.  I know that I am blessed and I thank Him and you for being someone in my life!

This blogger is working so funny.  I'm going to post it and hope it's okay.  Like, it won't let me preview it and the font's look crazy to me, but I can't seem to get it right, so I give up and will post and hope it works.

Francis Chan

‎"God, help me overcome my selfishness. I want to love the way you asked me to.
I don't want to say another insulting word to or about another person, not even jokingly.
I want to shock my enemies with Christian love.
I want to joyfully sacrifice for the poor, and to see You when I see them.
I don't want to fit in anymore.
Holy Spirit, save me. Set me apart. Make me worthy."
- Francis Chan

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good, good friends!

Now, THESE are awesome friends!  This is Bob and Diana Clark, who live, here, in Hobart.  However, they've been working for the past year (+ some weeks) in Kazakhstan!  They both came home for a couple of weeks in July and Diana was home another couple of weeks in October, but all the rest of the time they've been gone.  Bob and I went to school together in Japan in the 8th grade, and Diana has been married to him long enough to be as goofy as we are.  We ate at the Mexican restaurant tonight where Don and David and Dorothy and I used to go every Sunday.  That was tricky, as I haven't been there in 8 months.  I survived it and enjoyed the time with Bob and Diana.  I needed them to help me get over that hurdle.  I have a gift certificate for there and haven't gotten around to using it; maybe I can do that, now.

The high school called to ask me to teach ALGEBRA this Friday!  I told them there was no way I could teach Algebra, but I could keep the kids from starting fires; they said that's all they really wanted as many of the kids will be out for a track meet, anyway.  This ought to be a trip, but I'm braced for it.  I 'babysat' this teacher's class for an hour the first day I subbed, so at least I know my way to her room.  Education is really a different animal than it was back in 'the day.'  I'm glad to have the work, so I give thanks and ask God to help me to have some kind of positive impact on these kids.  If they give me any heartache, I'll make them do the multiplication tables; THAT I can do, and I'm finding that they really need the practice.  I guess they all have calculators on their phones, but I think they should still know them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Only light storms.

This is a picture I took one day after pulling a ton of weeds.  I am so pleased with the irises this year! They are happy to have the rain we've had.  I'm so happy that they didn't get hail or even bad wind last night.  We had thunder, lightning and rain, but all that was good for them and nice for sleeping.  Those deep purple irises just look like velvet in real life.  Last year was such a drab year since we had so little rain, but this year looks like it will be delightful.  I thank God for that.  He knew I needed it!

I got all the vacuuming and dusting done today!  It feels good to take a deep breath and go to bed knowing the yard and the house are decent.  Only decent, mind you.  I still need to do some deep cleaning and cut down some trees, but we'll get those miracles accomplished when my brother-in-law comes.  Well, the deep cleaning may wait for a cleaning fairy.  I got the main stuff done, though.  I have company coming this weekend, so that's a good thing; perfect timing.  Now's a good time to visit, with the house clean and the irises blooming.  My friend, Dale, is coming and we're going to memorize the wildlife refuge.  Well, that's my goal; I hope he'll like it and that I'll be able to show him all God's wonders there.

They didn't call me to teach today and they haven't called, yet, for tomorrow.  They did call and schedule me for next Wednesday, though.  It's good to have work from time to time, but I was sure glad to have today free to finish the house.  God is good to me and He provides.

Monday, April 9, 2012

How it really was.

So, I threw on my jacket and I was ready to go.  I always need to wear some kind of cover because folks like to freeze me, it seems.

We have storms coming toward us, so Dorothy and her sister, Vel,  came over to hang out in case we need to go to the basement.  Dorothy's sister is here for the week and they are using my white van, so I went over and had supper with them and they brought me home,  They came in for a piece of pie and they'll take the car back with them.  I won't need it this week.  Right now it's parked in the garage.  One of these storms has GRAPEFRUIT size hail!  I sure don't need that connecting with my car!  It may wreck havoc with my irises, not to mention the roof!  I thank God for the basement!

Everyone, take cover!  God bless!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

24 hour antihistamine knocked me out!

I FOUND the dress!  The more I try to look like her the more I look like my dad.  At least we both could wear the same dress.  I'm destined to be a pack rat.  They say if you haven't used something in 6 months, toss it.  I haven't worn this dress in 10 years!  I went shopping with Mom when she bought it when I was 17!  That makes it 46 years old and it worked fine for my Easter dress.  I may not look like her, but sure think like her and she'd be proud that I still have the dress and will be happy to wear it.  I think there are times that my expression is enough like her that it reminds me of her, but I think I look more like my dad.  I have very few pics of him and I have none of his clothes.  :)  I have vivid and precious memories of both of them, though.  I thank God for the memories.

I FINISHED the weeds tonight after church.  I even dug up a tree that died from the drought last year.  It was just a little cottonwood that had volunteered.  I'm really glad that it's gone because they are not strong trees and it could have become a problem if it got bigger.  I had to do all that because I felt guilty about taking a 3 hour nap this afternoon!  I had to take an antihistamine for these allergies and I was so sleepy.  The only answer was to go to bed, so I did.

The irises are putting on a great show for me!  I cut some midnight caller tonight and it is absolutely regal looking.  I'll post pics over the next few days.

Tomorrow there is no school, so it's the day I know I'll have time to clean the house.  It feels good to be moving forward with some chores.  I thank God that I'm able to do them.

Today is mine and Don's 35th wedding anniversary.  It's good that I slept 3 hours of it because it was difficult to handle the emptiness and the memories of times that are gone.  I treasure the memories, though, and thank God for some time outside and the ability to work and get through the day.  I also thank Him for the precious memories.  I knew a love that was something to treasure and I know it was a gift.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Underneath the growth . . .

Underneath this growth is an awesome looking guy and he has a heart the size of Texas.  See the earplug cord? He's using that because I asked him to use it.  There was so much going on, my mind couldn't handle another sound.  See the smile?  That's because I was taking a picture.  I wanted to get a picture of him climbing the walls in Branson, but I never got out there in time to do it.  There were some rock walls that I bet only he climbed that week we were there.  He can do anything physical.  He can play anything on the guitar.  He melts everyone's heart.  He's amazing.  That's not the end of the list; it's just the beginning, but this is not about him; it's just his turn to be pictured.  I'm so glad he joined us for spring break; he's growing up and probably this will be our last spring break with him because he'll be 18 next year.  Sigh; Gabe is awesome.

I got to go to Lawton today to see the rest of Bruce's tournament, which they won.  A cold front moved in and we nearly froze in the stands, but it was worth it!  I nearly froze Thursday for those games, so I took sweats and a jacket and a blanket today, which helped.  It's been a big day and I'm going to take a bath and go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I still can't get a handle on this time change.  It never seems like bedtime and I get started with the winding down process way too late.  I'll catch on about the time it's time to change the time, again, I guess.

I thank God for awesome grand-kids.  What a blessed way to crown old age with awesome people in my life.  I thank God for Bruce and Gabe and all the others, too.  Bruce and Gabe will both turn 18 this year.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Really tired!

I took this picture one morning before school; the night before I'd stayed up until after 1 for some reason (probably taxes) and the tired was showing.  I got a good night's sleep last night, but I'm worn out today from pulling those dreadful weeds!  Man, those things are nasty!  I pulled another 30 pounds our of the front and the yard next door.  (The parsonage is next door and nobody lives there, so it's a mess.  Those huge weeds send their seeds over to my yard, so I pulled a bunch of them today.  Ugh.)  I got the irises deadheaded.  I still have the last of the weeds in the back flower bed to do.  Then I'm DONE with those weeds . . . for a couple of weeks until they return.

I went out to dinner at Dorothy's house.  She had beans and I took cornbread and pie.  I made that !pie 3 days ago and haven't had time to eat it.  That's why I leave home.  At home there is too much to do.  I can never get caught up around here.  When I'm gone it all still needs to be done, but I don't see it, so it doesn't bother me.  I guess that's it.  Anyway, I thank God that I CAN bend over and pull the weeds.  I thank him that I can get away sometimes.

There is so much for which to be thankful.  God is awesome and blesses so generously.  Thank you for being blessings in my life.  I love that people care and keep up with me; you have no idea how much you encourage me.  God bless you!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm up late, again, but there's no school tomorrow.  I drove in the dark, but nobody was on the road but me and I knew the way.  Now, I'm done confessing; let me explain.

I went to school today and the teacher I was supposed to sub for was there!  She's the high school girls' softball coach and they had a tournament, but it was cancelled because the field was too wet from our recent rains.  I was disappointed because I love teaching for that teacher, but I was thrilled because it freed me to go to Lawton to watch Bruce play in a tournament!  He pitched the whole first game and they won it 10-1.  Then I went over to Don's niece's house and spent the afternoon visiting her, so that was a really good time, too.  I went back to watch the second game and it didn't start until 6:30.  I couldn't resist staying until dark because I know the way home from Lawton.  I know it's not wise to drive after dark, but I didn't have any trouble, so I thank God for that.  It was a really good day and I'm thrilled to have gotten to live it.  I'm headed for a bath and then I get to sleep with no alarm set tonight.  YES!  Tomorrow I hope to get the rest of the weeds pulled out of the flower beds and deadhead the irises.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New irises every day!

I think this was Monday.  I'm so sleepy, I'm not sure, but it wasn't today or yesterday, so that works. Today's picture looked like I was asleep, standing.  I'm headed to bed as soon as I post this.

Today was an easy day.  The kids knew what to do and they did it.  I was there to call 911 if we had a fire, I guess.  Anyway, I'll get paid, so that's a good thing.  I thank God for an easy day, too.  The schedule had a 2 hour gap for me at lunch time, so I was able to leave campus and make some copies and get everything I needed to send in to the tax people in the mail!  They'll get it and work on it and then I can get it done in time, I hope.  If not, we'll file for an extension.  Anyway, I've got the hairy stuff done for the most part, I think.  Next year will be much easier, I think.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I go back to the middle school and I'm already attached to those kids.  I was afraid I'd get hooked on the kids.  It's good to enjoy them, though.  I like looking forward to seeing them.  Even the rowdy kids are good kids and I love them all.  I thank God for the opportunity to work with them.  My mom would be so proud that I'm using my degree!  It meant the world to her for me to get it and she went to school, herself, to be a nurse to assure the money was there for me to go.  She was such a treasure!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Irises welcome me home after school!

I stayed up until 1 this morning working on taxes, so I have that 'lights on but nobody at home' look.  The irises brighten my day, though.  I loved my day at school today.  There are rough spots, but all in all, I think it's where I'm supposed to be.  Tomorrow I go to the high school and sub for the computer teacher.  I have a feeling that will be something like teaching math.  I can work my computer, but probably not like they teach it.  I can get the answers to math problems, but nothing like they teach it these days.  In fact the kids think I'm some kind of magic because I can figure 20% of 35 in my head and when I show them how I get it, it only takes one little multiplication problem.  They have to take a half sheet of paper and solve for p and who knows what all else, just to come up with a simple answer.  I guess it prepares them for algebra or something crazy like that.  Anyway, I'll survive tomorrow, and maybe I'll learn something!  Thursday I'm subbing at the middle school, again.  It's beginning to feel like home.  I thank God for a degree that makes me feel comfortable in the classroom and that qualifies me to be there.

I'm waiting on the tax people to return my call.  I stay up until all hours to get stuff ready for them and then they don't have time to return my call.  I'm going to bed.  I'm not going to wait up on them, again.  I think I've done all I can do; I just have questions about how they want the information submitted.  I thank God for my brother-in-law, Jerry, for so many reasons, but this week for doing days and days of work on the tax information for Don's stock trades.  What a blessing he has been to me!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Storms; hurrying to shut down.

So, the sky is exploding.  I've got to shut down the computer.  I already shut down the one with pics.  Maybe I can find a quick one on here.  I taught MATH all day today.  Those kids were sure short changed, but I held the fort.  I taught one class of social studies.  We all survived.  I thank God for the opportunity to work.

I've been working on taxes ever since I got home from school.  Now, I'm about to lose it when I shut down.  UGH!  I feel an extension coming on for sure!

This is sweet Gracie on spring break.  They found those ear muffs on sale somewhere and she loved them!  I had to get a picture of her in her bikini and her 'ear buffs,' as Raynie called them!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Peach and purple irises are open!

Here's the picture I promised on last night's blog.  This is Jessie and Bruce.  if Bruce stood up I couldn't get him in the picture, so I grabbed this one and was pleased to get it.  These two are serious ball players and they cut up and have a lot of fun!  If Bruce stood up Jessie would probably come up about to his elbow; he's 6'6".  I hope to get to see him play this coming weekend.

They just called me to teach in the morning at the middle school.  I love that, but I meant to do taxes tomorrow; maybe I can get them done after school tomorrow.  I've got to wash my hair and get to bed tonight.

Before I do that I've got to go out and cut irises.  I'm so thrilled that the peach ones and the purple ones started to open today!  God is blessing this spring!