Sunday, August 3, 2014

Last Day of this Chemo Cycle.

Note to self:  Xeloda is TOUGH on the feet.  Don't plan to be on them much until the off Xeloda weeks. My feet already peeled completely clean in earlier cycles, but my baby soft feet feel blistered.  It feels like I've been walking on hot coals.  But, I give thanks that I HAVE two feet and I CAN walk on them.  (Barely)  If today wasn't my last day of the ON week, I'd have to quit or at least give in to the wheel chair.  It's hard to believe they hurt so bad.  The great thing is they are NOT swelling.  This is a side effect I can live with. More good news is that Ibuprofen helps.

We had lunch with Dorothy at the Mexican restaurant after church today, so she and I are already celebrating our birthdays.  Hers is the 11th and she'll be 91!  Now, that's worth a celebration.  Mine is tomorrow and I'll be 66, but considering that I've had breast cancer since 2006, I think it's pretty worthy of celebration, too!  I thank God for giving us both life and a friendship to treasure!

I take one more dose of Xeloda tonight and then I get a week of rest from it.  Yahoo!  Now, THAT is a great birthday present (to take off Xeloda for a week!).


  1. You look so pretty in this outfit MJ...beautiful colors on you.

  2. Thank you, Dana! I love wearing this color.

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO!!!!!!!!!! And many more! So looking forward to later this month!! We love you, Linda & Tom

  4. Thank you, Tom and Linda! We can hardly wait to see you, too. I'm celebrating every day!