Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Dorothy!

I had lots of paper work to do today and had to hang close to the phone to wait on various calls, so I didn't get to get out and see Dorothy.  She's had a great day, though.  I did visit with her on the phone and she sounded awesome!  I got this pic of us on June 1 and 23 had dressed in the same colors without realizing it. She is always so much fun to be with and we've missed her this last week that she was in the City visiting family.  It feels better to have her home even if we didn't see her; just knowing she's here makes life sweeter. I always stand in awe of her.  She doesn't look or act 91 at all, but today was her 91st birthday.  She's one of the best treasures of my life!

We go to OKC tomorrow to follow up with my oncologist.  Then I have an infusion of Zometa, which is to strengthen my bones.  I'm taking Sadie to see her oral surgeon while Lee goes to have the top put on the bed of the truck.  I'll be so glad to have that so we can travel more freely!

When I went to bed last night my feet were swollen and it really shook me; I thought, "Oh, no; it's happening, again!"  When I got up this morning my skinny feet were back.  I guess I sat too long last night sewing and letting my feet hang.  Anyway, when I woke up this morning I felt all bloated and thought, "Uh oh, the swelling is starting!"  I guess I'm paranoid.  I went right back to bed with my feet propped up higher than my heart.  At 1:00 I woke up feeling fine.  I'm sure I'm just paranoid.  I never want to go through all that swelling, again!  I felt like a lazy bum going back to bed, but Lee insisted I should lay down; he said, "You're not lazy, you're sick."  Most of the time I feel so good that I don't consider myself to be sick, but I guess if I have stage 4 breast cancer that makes me sick.  I'm sure glad I've got him to keep me on the straight and narrow!  God is so good to give us who and what we need in our lives!  Have you counted your blessings lately; be careful, if you're writing them down, you'll need a lot of paper!

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