Friday, May 31, 2013

Stormy day!

There were storms in the OKC area tonight, and Lee and I spent the whole evening watching it all on TV.  This pic I got last Sunday while I was waiting for Lee to get ready for church.  I'm standing in our kitchen; off to the side is the dining table and the laptop.  If I wasn't watching TV today, then I was on the laptop messaging with Gretta or Trish or Sadie.  As much as possible we've eaten on the screened in balcony over the lake, so the table had pretty much been my 'office.'  Praise God:  all our families are okay!  It's been hair and some of them are still on the road getting home after running from the tornadoes.

I feel like I've been through a washer wringer and I was just watching from afar and attempting to keep in touch with everyone.  I can only imagine how frustrating it's been for all of those who were in it.  Lee's sister is still doing her best to get home with her two grand kids.  She was babysitting and got separated from Lee's brother in another car in the traffic.  I'll feel better when I know she  and the kids are home, safe!  I trust God to handle it, but the devil keeps telling me to sweat; that rascal! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Haygoods was a disappointing show to me.

This is another picture from our hiking the other day.  I won't hike in sandals, again.  I hiked all over the Big Island in sandals, and it was safe there, but I remember that we have poison ivy and snakes to consider, here, and those are not in Hawaii.  Anyway, I made it safely though that hike, but I won't do it, again.

We did go see the  Haygoods last night, but I would not recommend that show.  I'm impressed with the family and like to hear about their history.  There were 2 songs that I really liked and I loved the huge beach balls they had going through the audience at different times, but all the screaming and yelling and running and jumping and flashing lights were way out of my scope of pleasure.  So, on a scale of 1-10 I would give the show a 4.  I'd never go back even at $10 a ticket.  I'd lots rather hike and hiking is free!  It was a fun evening with Lee, though.  I think he liked the show better than I did, but I enjoyed being with him.  Also, we were sitting 12 rows back and I couldn't see much, so that was a bad thing.

I thank God that we've had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii and Branson this year.  We've spent 7 weeks in Hawaii and 6 weeks in Branson, so far.  I'm blessed to be able to compare!  It was not miserable to watch the Haygoods last night, just not great.   I did smile at hearing their history and I'm grateful for what feels like success to them.  I appreciate our peace and quiet tonight and thank God that the stormy weather in OK and around here have not created the same kind of damage that they did a couple of weeks ago!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Still enjoying yesterday's hike.

Lee took this picture as we hiked up above the fish hatchery and across the lake from it.  We love looking back onto it.  Over on the other side of the water, where the hatchery is, there is another trail which we've done before but not this year.  Way in the background and on top of the hill the Chateau can be seen; that always looks so out of place to me in the Ozarks!

I thank God that we can hike around safely.  There was a piece on the news last night about water moccasins being so prevalent here and it reminded me that I'd better wear tennis shoes when we hike, here.  I'm glad I didn't see one yesterday in my sandals!

We're getting ready to go see the Haygoods show tonight.  They are celebrating 20 years in Branson this year, so their tickets were marked down about 70%; no doubt there will be a full house!  We're looking forward to it and I'll report if it's a good show or not.  I'm crushed that my favorite show did not renew their lead singer and his wife, so I'm going to boycott them until I hear from someone I trust that the show is just as good as ever; I can't imagine that!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good treatment and then good hiking!

We got up early this morning and went for my treatment.  It went like clockwork!  I have had no ill effects, so we came back to the condo and changed clothes and went hiking.  We nearly wore ourselves out enjoying hiking around the dam and the lake.  I thank God that we could do it!  It was a wonderful time and the day was gorgeous!  Praise God that I can get my treatments here, too; it makes it possible for us to travel.  In a few days my hips will be sore from the shots I got, but that's a small trade for the benefit I get from the shots!  I'm a happy lady!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Saved from the bear.

The bear looked the other way, so I managed to escape!  No kidding, this huge bear is over at Big Cedar, where we love to just go and be.  

We're headed into town tonight to dinner where some people from the shows will drop in and tempt us to come to their shows.  It'll be a fun night with bits of shows to enjoy.

God has blessed us with wonderful weather!  It's so nice to enjoy the warm weather!  Tomorrow I have my next treatment; I pray that all goes well with that!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A favorite place.

Check out the sign on the ladies' rest room:  A female cardinal!  The men's room has a male cardinal.  I think that's so cool.  Check out the men's room:

I love these details at Big Cedar!

After church this morning we came back to the condo and had lunch.  Then I went to the pool and got some sun and Lee napped on the sofa.  I'm afraid he's going to have trouble sleeping tonight.  He took a couple of antihistamines this morning because his nose was running; they hit him pretty hard, but his nose is not running!  I'm a sweaty mess, so I'm headed to take a bath.  I sure thank God for the warm weather.  I'm so grateful that allergies are all that's bothering us, too.  Ah; I love it that winter is gone until late fall!  Cancer doesn't like hot, so I aim to sweat it out as much as I can; detoxing is a good way to fight cancer and I've done plenty of that today!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Check the details at Big Cedar.

This is a pic we got on our Big Cedar adventure the other day.  Notice the bear rug on the wall and the  owl carving on the rails of the stairs, not to mention the light fixture made out of antlers.  We really like it there; just love looking at all the attention they pay to details.

We moved to the bigger and nicer unit on the lake today.  It's so nice and the lake is beautiful.  We could see it before if we went outside and looked, but from this unit we have a screened in balcony and we see the lake from every room inside the unit.  There has been a ton of activity on the lake today, so it's sure been fun to watch.

We thank God for the opportunity to take this escape.  It's been a really fun time and very relaxing.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Silly, but I love it!

I know it's silly, but I love this grass growing right out of the rock!  (Look at the ledge at my right elbow.)  This is down by the parking lot at the condo where we are staying. Every time we pull into a parking place I see this and it makes me smile.  I guess I'm one of those people who leans toward the underdog.  It surely must be difficult for this grass to grow right out of a rock ledge.

We walked around Branson today and found some books for Lee to read.  He is an avid reader, so it's hard to keep him in books.  It feels good to have a couple of extras to last us until we get home to the library.  I thank God for the energy to walk around town and for the wonderful weather!  This picture Lee took on Tuesday; today was red shirt day, but we didn't take pics.

I didn't get my nap this afternoon, so I'm going to bed early.  Is it time, yet???  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Visit to Big Cedar.

This is a picture I got of Lee and I in the common area of one of the lodges over at Big Cedar.  We love to go there and explore and appreciate all the animals, not to mention the view.  They've built a new chapel that is part of the view from the balcony of this building, so I'm sure lots of people will be getting married there in the future.  Big Cedar is such a cool place!

Today we took it pretty easy.  I did all my walking right here around this resort.  I walked down to the very end and found a huge patch of daisies, so I came back and got scissors to go cut a bouquet.  Ah; love those cut flowers!  God is so good to give me flowers to cut even when we are gone!

Relaxing is great!  Tomorrow we've got some places to go, so we'll catch up from our laziness today.
I wasn't totally lazy; I got some computer work done and scheduled some of our travel time in the future.  God bless!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So, so blessed.

We took it easy around here today, but we checked out the fitness room.  We also went to the family night at the resort.  They had a buffet dinner and a couple of performers from the shows.  They were really good and we enjoyed it.  The couple who were sitting at the table with us won a couple of tickets to Inspiration Tower in a drawing; they gave them to us because they're leaving the day after tomorrow and already have tomorrow full.  So, we weren't lucky enough to have our number drawn, but we were lucky enough to get tickets, anyway!  We'll enjoy going there and we're grateful for the gift!  

I've been working most of the day and evening on plans for a trip this fall.  It's tough to schedule around my treatments, but how blessed are we to keep on traveling in spite of the cancer and the treatments!  I thank God that it's all possible and I can schedule it.  The picture could be so bleak and it's not bleak; it's bright and we are blessed!  God is great!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Glued to the TV . . .

Lee and I have been glued to the TV, watching all the trauma in Moore with that huge tornado!  We did get out for a bit today, but we pretty much rushed back to watch the TV and read all the news on FB.  We can only give thanks over and over again that it wasn't worse than it was.  How thrilled we were this morning when they news told us that they had miscalculated the fatality number at 51 and 24 was more accurate.  24 is still awful, but it's so much better than 51!

I am so grateful that all my family is safe.  It's amazing to watch all the help that people are able to give.  It's good to see that spirit.  God bless!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Horrible storms, but family and friends are fine.

This is what is left of my great nephew's house in Moore, OK.  He has a wife and 2 sons and they are all fine, but this is all that is left of their home and their car.  Praise God that they are all fine!  All the rest of our families and friends have not suffered any damage; considering how big our family is and how many of them live in this area, we are so blessed.

Lee and I have been glued to the TV all this evening.  We are braced in case that tornado moves up here.  I pray that it will loose it's power and fizzle and cause no more damage.  Count your blessings and be sure all the people you love know it!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Such as It Is.

For some reason my camera was set on a setting for up close pictures.  That makes all my pictures blurry unless I'm taking a picture of something up close.  I think I have it set right, now, but most of the pictures I took today were blurry.  This is one that the camera took before I got into position.  It was fairly clear, so I used it.  I also like it because it shows Lee in his element.  He is at his best when he's helping me.  He is so kind.  When he hears a crash in the kitchen, he'll say, "Do you need some help?"  He says that a lot when there is no crash, too, and he really does love to help.  What a sweetheart he is and how blessed I am to have him and his great help!

Bless his heart, Thursday when I was working in the yard after school, he came home from his trip to OKC to see his dentist.  In a few minutes he was outside with me in his grubby clothes to help me.  I did my best to explain to him that just because I have a wild hair to do some crazy project doesn't mean that he has to join me in it.  "Oh, yes; this is a partnership.  If you've got a project then I've got a project, too."  I'm amazed at him.  I'm going to have to be more thoughtful when I get these wild hairs; I don't want to abuse him!  I do love his help and his attitude is precious.  I thank God for blessing me with this wonderful companion.

This morning I could not rouse him for church.  He was absolutely worn out from yesterday.  We have to remember that we can't do things just because we have the idea; it takes energy, too!  Anyway, I finally decided that he could worship better from the bed than if I drug him out of bed and to church to sleep!  I left his coffee made and breakfast makings out and ready for  him and left him a note telling him where I was.  When I got home he was all rested and ready to attack the day.  We did some simple hiking around our condo, here.  Then we went down to the Landing and walked around a bit.  It was a gorgeous day and we give thanks for it.  There were storms at home last night, but we give thanks that there was no damage and we got over 2 inches of rain.  Our God is awesome!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

This pic was taken March 11 of this year when we were in Branson over at the Surrey Carriage Place.  We are here at Emerald Point, on the lake, this time.  We got here and got checked in around 5:30.  We unloaded and then went to get groceries.  Now we are too tired to even think of pictures.  I promise I'll do current pics tomorrow.

I thank God for a good trip here.  It rained at home and I thank Him for that, too.  There were storms south of Hobart, and some hail and storming in Hobart, but no damage that anyone has reported to me.  We needed the rain so bad, so I'm grateful for rain with no damage!

Off to bath and bed with me!  Tomorrow we'll be rested and the real fun will begin.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Closer and Closer to the Escape!

This pic was taken on the 1st of May.  That's an iris at the top by my hair; I cropped this out of a picture I'd already used with an iris bouquet because I didn't take pictures today; never even bothered with make up today!  Today has been packing day.  I started out with sleeping until 8.  Today was the beginning of my vacation!   Tomorrow we'll head to Branson for a 3 week escape.  I'm packed, but I remembered I've got to get my dress ready to take for Lee's granddaughter's wedding.  We'll go there on our way home.

 Last night I posted a close up and my sister thought it looked like our brother, Jim.  I wonder if she'll see that in tonight's pic.  I sometimes see my mom in me and it's always a surprise.  I really think I look most like our dad, but there is always that mix.  All my life folks said I looked like my brother, but it was kind of hard to fathom because he was 6'2" and had dark brown hair.   I was never taller than 5' and had either blond or dishwater blond hair.  We did both have green eyes.  Anyway, it's fun to play the look alike game.  My sister thinks that our baby sister and I favor and I sometimes see that, too.  I think mostly we both have a lot of teeth for the mouths we were given.  In this picture (and I guess in real life) it looks like I'm dipping snuff!  No snuff for me; just lots of teeth!  My sister used to call me Bugs Bunny because when I lost my baby teeth those two huge front teeth came in in the middle of all those other tiny teeth.  That must have been embarrassing for her because I was always around somewhere giggling!  Thankfully, it didn't last; the others came out and grew back to match those two big ones.  I guess what I missed in height I made up for in teeth?  It's all very interesting to me.  It's what God has given to me, though, and I appreciate it so much.  I thank Him for the opportunity to live and to have family to enjoy favoring.  Wow, when I begin to count my blessings I'm overwhelmed!  Have you counted your blessings lately?  I imagine we could all write a book and most of it would be happy!  Think about your blessings and join me in thanking God.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

School's Out For Me!

I had a good day today.  The teacher's last hour was her planning hour, so I got to come home at 2:30!  I knew I wouldn't be working tomorrow, so I scratched the nap and went right to work in the yard.  Lee pulled in from OKC about 3:30, and he jumped out and helped me.  We got the flower beds done!  Whew; it feels good to know that's done, but we are both sore, now!  We'll go to bed early.  The Thunder got beat out of the play offs last night, so we don't have any reason to stay up late.  Tomorrow we'll pack and leave for Branson on Saturday.  Woo hoo!

Lee's dentist was able to fill his tooth, so we're rejoicing over that.  The seniors don't have to come to school tomorrow, so if any teacher isn't able to be in school one of the senior teachers can cover for them.  That means they're not calling me (Well, not from the high school; and if anyone else calls I just won't go; subs can DO that!)  So, I'm DONE with this school year.  It's been fun and I've loved it and learned a lot, but I'm ready to be done!  The kids have school next week; Thursday is their last day, but they'll be able to do it without me.  I thank God for the opportunity to work this year; it's been a real joy.  Now, I'm ready to spend some fun time with Lee!  Summer is here and we're ready to enjoy it!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Miniature Roses.

I have planted some sweet basil out in the planter box in back of the house.  In that planter is also the little miniature rose bush that Don's mother planted.  Of course, I love those roses and think of her as I enjoy them!  One was fully open today and another was just a little bud; naturally, I cut them and brought them in to enjoy with the last of the irises.  I thank God for these awesome pieces of His handiwork!  I'm afraid I'm going to miss my magnolia tree blooming while we're gone; maybe it will hold on for me; we'll see. I'm remembering why I like to leave in the winter and stay home in the spring, summer and fall; I love when my yard work 'talks back to me.'  I will miss something, but we will enjoy our escape to Branson!

We didn't get to go to the city to see Lee's dentist today.  They couldn't work him in until tomorrow.  I was already committed to sub tomorrow, so he'll be going by himself.  We spent today working in the yard together, though.  It was nice!  There are still weeds out there attempting to win, but I'll get them before it's over.  We made a dent in the job today.  I am so grateful to be able to work in the yard.  God blesses me with strength and flowers that 'talk' to me.  I love it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Looks like a wedding dress to me!

This is one of the last irises of spring.  I can't get over it's beauty and thank God for it and all the many beautiful things in my life.  Wow!  It was in the 90's here, again, today.  I love this weather!

Lee just went to the dentist in OKC, yesterday, with a tooth he broke last Friday.  Then tonight he broke another tooth!  Looks like we may be going to the city to see his dentist, again, tomorrow!  I'm not scheduled to sub, so I may get to go with him.  If they call me to sub, I'll probably do it, though, because that will pay for his gas to make the trip.  I'm scheduled to sub on Thursday, so maybe I'll get an off day tomorrow.  If they offer me something I don't want to do I'll just take an off day.  We're all counting down the days, now, so the kids are harder than ever to handle. I don't like just being a kid police; it's more fun to sub when all our hearts are in it!

I'm feeling really good, if you're wondering about that.  I am so grateful for the treatments they have found for me.  They seem to be working to keep the cancer on the run and keep me feeling good.  Wow; God is good to us!  I have the treatment once every 4 weeks and I am taking no drugs in the meantime.  I really feel so blessed and thank God for this extra time and comfort.  Thank you for caring to keep up with us!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Treat! One More Cutting!

Wow!   I was blessed with a day in the 90's plus when I came home I saw these beauties in the front flower bed!  One more cutting, so I'm a happy lady!  God blesses me so much!

I also planted some sweet basil today.  Yum!  I already put some onto a pizza for supper tonight.  Now, I'm headed to the bath, so I can stay up to watch the Thunder tackle the Grizzlies tonight.  Yes, I mean tackle; it's basketball, but these guys sure play rough!

I was supposed to sub for the attendance secretary today, but the Algebra/Geometry/Calculus teacher was sick, so they put me in there.  For sure I was subbing; just holding the peace and making sure there were no fires.  Those kids know a lot more about numbers than I do!  We all survived!  Tomorrow I monitor testing in the morning and then in the afternoon I sub for the Algebra teacher; only one high school class and 2 middle school classes.  I'll have fun and THEY will do the numbers and have some fun, too, I hope!  :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers' Day!

These are pics we got when we were in Branson back in March with Trish and Gretta and their kids.  We didn't get everyone in these pics and I wish we'd gotten one of just Trish and Gretta and I, but we did really good to get these AND the puzzle finished!  My dream would be to get us all together with Jeff, Davy and Gina and their kids, but that's a huge dream and close to impossible to get so many together at the same time.  It's been a happy mothers' day and it's been fun to look back to precious times like those in March!  I thank the kids for making the special effort to get there and I thank God for making it all possible!  In the top pic is Garrett, Gretta, holding Raynie, then Mason holding Elena, Me, and then Lee holding Gracie.  In the second picture is Sadie, Megan (Nate's girlfriend), Trish holding Raynie, me and then Garrett.  Garrett and Elena belong to Gretta and the rest all belong to Trish.  God is so good to give me so much precious family!

Lee and I are getting ready to go back to Branson this next Saturday.  We'll miss all the kids, but we'll have a good time just hiking and seeing things on our own.  I'm hoping Lee will be feeling much better by then and that I won't be showing any signs of coming down with whatever he has.  He seems better this afternoon for the first time in a couple of days.  Maybe the rest and meds are kicking in for him.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

You may be tired of irises, but I'm not!

I can't get enough of the irises; can you tell?  It was warm today and I laid on the deck and enjoyed 86 degrees!  It was great to come into a cool kitchen that smelled of irises, too!  These are my Mothers' Day flowers and I thank God for them!  These white ones look like a wedding dress to me and the dark ones look so royal.  I think their name is midnight caller.  I'm just so thrilled to have these after two late freezes.  This may be my last cutting until the fall when some of them will bloom, again.

Today has been a nice day.  I loved sleeping late!  Lee has spent most of the day sleeping in his recliner.  The pills he's taking really wipe him out.  His throat is not as sore, so maybe they are working.  I think he shouldn't go to church tomorrow because I'd hate for him to pass it around to someone.  Besides, I don't think he can stay awake and I know he doesn't feel like getting out.  So, tomorrow will be a short day for me at church.  They're having a big Mothers' Day meal, but I'm skipping that to come home and eat with Lee.  I'm going to pick up Dorothy for Sunday School and then her grandson and his family are coming to meet her for church and the dinner afterwards.  I'll come on home and they'll take her home.  Tomorrow will be another off day for me, but I sub on Monday and Tuesday; I don't know about any other days.  We leave for Branson next Saturday, so I hope I'll have some time to get ready to go.  I'd better do laundry tomorrow since I didn't today!

I wish beautiful flowers to you to represent a beautiful year for all you mothers out there!  Take time to 'smell the roses.'

Friday, May 10, 2013

So much beauty in one day!

Wow, I couldn't resist cutting these irises today.  I absolutely love them!  Those white ones smell so good, too.  They all do, but the white ones are something else!  I sure thank God for giving me irises every spring.  In the fall I get re-bloomers, too!  I must thank God for my good friend, Joan, who gave me most of the starts for these beauties and my mother in law who planted the original ones out front.  When I moved into this house there was about a 6 foot patch of irises out front.  Now I have them all over the front and back; just love them!

Tonight is prom night in Hobart.  Every year they have a promenade, where all the kids who are going to the prom parade across the courthouse yard and up into the gazebo to be introduced to the crowd.  I've lived here 17 years and never have been until tonight.  Most of the kids who were there tonight have been born since I moved here!  Most of them I've had in class from time to time over the last couple of years.  I was awestruck by them!  They clean up so good and smile so beautifully!  It really did thrill me to see them.  Guess I'll have to go every year, now!  I thank God for the opportunity to get to know these kids; they are treasures in my life.  I pray that their prom adventure will be happy and safe.  Dorothy's great grandson was in the promenade tonight, so she went with me and we had a great time admiring all the folks!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Absolutely love the irises!

I love, love, love the irises!  I so thank God for letting me have some beautiful ones this year.  Last year there were some beautiful ones, but they were shredded by a hail storm.  This year several out front got frozen in the two late freezes we had, but I got all these from the back yard where they were protected from the freeze by the house.  There are some pretty ones still out front, but not so many as there should be.  The year before last we had precious few irises because of the drought, so it's been 4 years since I had a great crop.  This is enough to make me smile really big!  I came home from school today and it looked like a wedding in the back yard.  I couldn't resist cutting them and they smell so good, too!  I read on Facebook where a guy doesn't like cut flowers because they seem dead to him.  They're going to die in the yard, too!  I just love to enjoy them in the house!  I put 10 drops of bleach into each vase with the water and it makes them last longer.

Lee went to OKC to do a walk through on the house his daughter is building.  He had a good day, but he forgot to take his phone, so he felt undressed all day; thankfully, he didn't have any emergency and need a phone!  Then he came in with a sore throat; yikes!  I sure hope I don't catch it; I'm just now getting over the cough I had from the last bug I got from him last December.  I'm going to be hitting the remedies really hard!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More testing; more tutoring, but to bed early!

Today was another great day.  I did test monitoring in the morning and then more tutoring in the afternoon.  I'm really enjoying the tutoring.  I kind of feel like I'm discovering a gold mine when this kid who normally slides through the cracks feels like he's coming to life.  I love it!

I was sleepy today, though.  I stayed up until after midnight watching the Thunder let the Memphis Grizzlies beat them and that was bad for today.  I'm going to bed early tonight!  We just got home from church and I'm going to get a bath and get to bed to be bright eyed in the morning.  I thank God for good sleep and the healing that it does!

(Ruthie, do you recognize those earrings?  Thanks!  I'm enjoying them!)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's another Thunder game tonight!

I monitored testing today in the morning.  In the afternoon I did some clerical work at the high school and then some tutoring with one of the kids.  I enjoyed that and may get to do some more later this week after test monitoring in the morning.  It's been an interesting day!  I had a brief nap after school.  Now it's supper time and then bath time, so I can watch the Thunder play at 8:30 and then fall into bed.  I want to thank God for another beautiful day!  Wow, I love it when the temperature is in the 80's and there is just a tad of wind.  Now, this is finally spring!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Just couldn't beat this yellow iris.

This yellow iris says today for me.  It was warm and not windy today!  I loved it.  I took a nap on the back deck and actually got a sunburn on my face!  I think it will soak in and be healthy, though.  My face was just in shock to have so much sun right here at home.  This is what it's supposed to be like in OK, so maybe we're getting back on target.  I hope so.  I trust God to know what He's doing, though, so I'm enjoying it while I can!  It was so perfect to just lay out there and not have the beating heat or the whipping wind!

Today was a day of rest for me.  The next 3 days I will work monitoring for tests.  I'm grateful for these days of work.  I love to be around the kids.  Testing has been a real challenge this year because the computers have failed.  We're doing paper and pencil testing tomorrow, I think.  I just love being a part of anything with these kids.  They have so wrapped themselves around my heart!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Irises, still. :)

I am so pleased that most of the irises in the back yard survived the two late freezes we had.  I cut these today and they put a huge smile on my face!

Today has been a beautiful day.  It was brisk this morning, but it warmed up to be very nice.  Dorothy came home from church with us and the Thunder was playing the Memphis Grizzlies, so we got all caught up in the game and I forgot to get pictures of all of us.  I hate when I do that.  But, the Thunder won by one point, and it was nip and tuck all the way, so I couldn't think about pictures!  I took Dorothy home and then came back home for a great nap.  I love easy Sundays!  After church tonight I cut these irises.  Man, what a great day for giving thanks.  Everyday is a good day to thank God and give Him the glory, but gorgeous days like today I just ooze thanks; I know I got a multiple dose of blessings, and I'm so grateful!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

On our way to buy a door.

We got this picture Thursday before we headed out to Lawton to buy a new side door for the garage.  The door out there is so rickety.  It has needed to be replaced for about 5 years and with each year it gets more desperate.  About 5 years ago I put a new lock on it (of course one of my rigging jobs), and it takes a hammer to get it unlocked or locked, now.  So, we rarely use that door and it's a real inconvenience.  So, Lee has found a guy to put a new door in, so we thought we'd better have the door.  Folks around here come right when they get ready, so we'd better be ready when he gets here!  So, we had a day off to Lawton and had lunch at the Olive Garden.  We bought the deal where you buy an entree and get one to take home.  So, we've eaten 3 times on those dinners and we've got one left to share with Dorothy after church tomorrow.  It's a great deal!

Today the warm weather was a huge temptation.  I had to go work in the flowers!  Lee is such a dear, he came out and insisted that we work side by side!  We worked until we both felt like falling.  I'm so sore, now, but I'm hoping a good night's sleep will fix that.  The back yard looks awesome!  We'll do the front yard when it's not so windy.  We started out there, but it was cold, so we went to the back where the house protected us from the wind.  I'm still in awe of Lee working out there with me the  whole time; what huge help and even more of an honor.  I thank God for him and his 'total partnering' attitude.  By the way, the freeze got lots of irises, but there are still going to be lots.  Woohoo!

Friday, May 3, 2013

That crazy lady loves irises!

So, here are the irises that I cut to keep from freezing.  There are some out in the garden that did freeze, but I think there are lots that will still bloom.  What a treat! I just love cutting them and bringing them inside.

They didn't call me to sub, again, so I got up and got ready in case they called.  When they didn't I went back to bed.  I do really good when I can sleep until 10!  I don't need a nap, then!  I guess I tag my nap onto my night's sleep.  I'm blessed that Lee can sleep with me.

I got some more loose ends tied up around here today.  Man, there always seem to be so many loose ends.  I got the laundry done that I had started yesterday.  It's nice when I don't sub, but when I sub the paycheck is better.  :)  We did get a freeze last night; it was 29 when I got up this morning.  It hit 69 this afternoon, though, so it warmed up nicely.  I am so grateful for the warmth!  I have so much for which to be grateful!  I'm already scheduled to work 2 days next week, so I know I'll have that much.  I'm so proud of all the kids.  They're really doing well in sports.  The girls and the guys both took regionals in track!  The guys won their softball tournament last week.  It really warms my heart to see these kids be able to excel even in extracurricular activities.  I am so hooked on these kids; I thank God for them in my life, too!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Doris and Jerry.

This is the pic I got of Doris and Jerry at Gringo's.   It's always fun to go to Gringo's!  Really, anyplace with Doris and Jerry is fun and I'm so grateful for the opportunities to share fun times with them.  They are the best to share tough times, too!  I am so blessed to have such gracious people in my life and close (not close in miles, but in heart)!

Today they didn't call me to sub, so Lee and I slept late!  That was a great way to start the day!  Then we went to Lawton and bought a new back door, which we will have installed as soon as the guy who does it gets around to it.  We wanted to go today so that we'll have it in case he can do it tomorrow.  In this little town we've got to be prepared for whenever the workmen appear.

I've cut all my irises that are blooming and I cut some from Joan's yard, too.  She thinks the freeze we've got coming tonight will finish off the irises for this year.  I sure hope she's wrong!  I absolutely love the irises.  Last year they were cut short by a hail storm that shredded them.  The year before that they were cut short by the drought.  I was so hoping for a great year this year.  It's a blessing I count to have ANY, and I got a great answer to my cancer treatment prayer, so I'm going to love whatever irises I get and not complain.  God gives us what we need!  I'll get pictures of these to post later.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Home, sweet home!

We went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Houston, last night and Doris got this picture of Lee and I.  We've been smiling ever since we got the report from the doctor yesterday!  We sure thank God for giving us this great response to the treatments!  We also thank Him for giving us a safe trip home today.

We are very tired, but we're ready to fall into bed as soon as the Thunder game is over.  I got a good picture of Doris and Jerry last night, too; I'll post it soon.  How wonderful it is to have family to visit when we go for the check ups.  It sure helps to lower the stress level when we have a warm and wonderful place to stay with lots of support as opposed to the four walls of a motel room.  Having folks to visit makes it such a pleasant trip, too, as opposed to all business and medical stuff!