Monday, March 31, 2014

Looking Back to Christmas Day.

This pic was made Christmas morning at breakfast with Lisa and Rick.  It was such a nice time.  Then we spent that evening with a lot more of Lee's family  and spent another night in Oklahoma City.  That was a busy time, but it was wonderful and the memories are precious to recall.

Today was a good day.  Mary came and cleaned house for me for the first time.  I had to do a lot of the work.  This house hadn't been cleaned since around Christmas time, so there was a heavy coat of dust to remove.  I did our bathroom, our bedroom, the laundry room and the kitchen.  Mary did the other three bedrooms, the other two baths and the living room and dining room.  It was a lot to clean, but we got it done.  I was so glad to not have to do it all myself!  It feels good to have the house clean!

I took Mary home and on the way home got sick!  I made it home and straight to the bathroom before I lost lunch, which was over two hours previous to that.  I went back over my journal and noted that this nausea started around the first of February and I've barfed 9 times over the last 6 weeks.  I'll present that information to the doc in Lawton when I go for my treatment tomorrow.  Then I'll present it to the doc in Houston next week.  If my numbers are good, I'm for keeping with this treatment.  I think I'll do better with the nausea if I can get past the allergy season.  I get all choked on the mucous in my sinuses and then gag on it; I think I wouldn't lose it if I could keep from gagging on that mucous.  Sorry if that's TMI  (too much information), but it's how it is for me.  For someone who may be following this blog for a clue as to how they or someone they love may be coping with life with cancer, I think it's important that I be totally honest.  I am as positive as I can be, but facts are facts and I don't want to leave out any that might be helpful to someone.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring is Really Here. I'm so grateful!

We slept late this morning and rushed to get ready and then we had extra time to take a pic before church; surprised us both!  It was a beautiful day in Hobart; windy as all get out, but beautiful, none the less.

Dorothy is down with a cold, so she didn't go to church this morning or tonight, so I guess that gave us the extra time since we weren't going to get her.  We missed her, though!

We came home from church and quickly ate beans and cornbread and then I crashed for a nap before the Thunder game at 2.  After the game (we won) we raced back to church.  Here and there I've been getting the house as picked up as possible because I have a new lady coming to clean house for me tomorrow.  It's been a long time since I had help, so I'm not very organized.  We don't have school tomorrow, so I can work with her and show her how I like things done.

I felt good all day until when I was sitting in church tonight and felt like I was flying without a patch behind my ear.  So far, I've held my supper down, so maybe I'll get away with this feeling and not get gross.  It could be so much worse, so I'm grateful that it just comes in waves.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Japanese Magnolia in Full Bloom!

This tree is supposed to have green leaves on it when it blooms, but it has always been confused.  I guess the leaves will come later.  It usually blooms a couple of times a year and it's only supposed to bloom once.  I just love it and appreciate it's confusion because I'm confused a lot, myself!  I thank God for this tree; it's special to me because Don bought it for me when we moved into this house.

Today was a gorgeous day.  It really feels like spring is here.  I love hearing the birds sing and the weather is so beautiful!  Big winds make it not so fun, but it clears the air.

I'm feeling pretty good.  I talked to a lady today about helping me clean the house about once a month.  I think I can keep it up between those times.  She'll start Monday.  I thank God for her, too!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Technical Issues!

Time out for dinner!  This was in Branson and it was the week the kids came for spring break.  Lee had this chair and it was his 'safe' place.  When we play cards we get rowdy and he was happier in his 'safe' place. This was the room where Mason and Ryan slept, but it was Lee's TV nook during the day.

I had to grab a quick pic and post while the connection is good.  We've had more Internet problems since we've been home!  Every day they cut us off for a couple of hours.  I'm about fed up past my ears with it.  I wish we had some choices!

They called me at 8:15 to be there at 9 this morning, so I raced in and picked up another easy day.  I subbed for the same coach as yesterday and the kids were great.  I got to come home at 1:20, so it was a good day for me.  I got a good nap when I got home, so I'm in good shape.  I'm really grateful for the opportunity to sub.  I really love the teachers and the kids; it's all a treat for me.  God is great in His provisions!  Happy weekend, everyone!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Too Good to Miss.

This pic I got Monday night when we had dinner with Barb, Jim and Cathy.  Bar was sitting by Lee and I got this pic of them, which I so love.  It shows the love they share so well; it's a treasure.

Today was a good day for me.  The coach had the kids well prepared for the sub.  They worked just like they should and nobody gave me any trouble at all.  I didn't have to do his hours in athletics, so I only had a half day.  That means I only get half the pay, but it also means I got to come home early and take a good nap.  That was a gentle way to break me back into the world of school.  Unless they call me for tomorrow I don't have a plan to sub, but I did put lots of days on the calendar for next month.

It was 84 here this afternoon when I got up from my nap!  So, I went outside and cut some new jonquils and hyacinths to bring inside.  I love to bring those touches of God inside!  After supper the girls next door came over and were shooting balls in our basketball goal.  That felt so right.  I love it when they use the goal! What a great day to be alive!  Praise the Lord!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back to Work!

We got one good day at home.  The high school attendance clerk called me to sub tomorrow, so I'm back to work.  I love it!  I just hope I can stay awake and stay a step ahead of the kids!  I've been off for so long and I'm taking antihistamines to fight off the spring allergies.  I'll do the best I can and the best is all I can do.  I'm subbing for one of the coaches; they like to leave videos to watch and the kids and I hate that, so I hope he doesn't do that.  If he does, I'll probably ad lib and do something else to keep us all awake!

I thank God for a job that I love.  I absolutely love the kids and feel so blessed to have them in my life. I still haven't unpacked my suitcase.  I guess I'll get to that this weekend.

This picture is one that Lee's daughter-in-law took of us Monday night when we ate with them and Lee's daughter at Hollie's in OKC.  It was sure a fun evening and I'm glad we stumbled into it.  We didn't plan it, but it just fell into place and it's lots of memories to treasure.  Glad we got it done before they called me back to sub!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Home Again!

How cool is this shower head?  Our good friend in Sacramento sent it and Bob Clark installed it for us before we got home from Branson.  Lee calls it the psychedelic shower.  It think it's too cool; I think the kids will love it when they are here next, too.

We got home from OKC in time to watch the Thunder play Dallas tonight.  I'm doing laundry as we watch the game.  When it's over I'm so ready for bath and bed.  Lee's visit with his oncologist was good. He doesn't have to go back for 6 months.  He saw his dentist and is scheduled to have the root canal done on April 15.  He has 3 other teeth that need to be pulled, so he'll get around to that this summer, I guess; no rush.  After that he should be in good shape with his teeth.

I thank God for his good dentist.  He's gone to him for about 25 years and he's really good with Lee. Lee is very comfortable with him and going to his office is almost like a family reunion.  They all know and love him.  I also thank God for more safe traveling.  We seem to be on the road a lot and I sure appreciate God's hand in keeping us safe.

Monday, March 24, 2014

On the Road, AGAIN!

We had to come to OKC today for Lee's check up with his oncologist.  He's in good shape, so that went well.  We were supposed to come back tomorrow for an appointment with his dentist, but I said, "Let's just stay the night."  I'm really tired of riding!  Besides, it's cheaper to pay for the room overnight than to pay for gas back and forth!  It turned out great because we got to have dinner with two of Lee's 'kids.'  The second pic above is us with his son, Jim, and his daughter, Barb.  Jim's wife took this pic; she is in the pic at the top with Jim.  These appointments were supposed to be on the same day, but we got the scheduling confused, so it was at the last minute that we decided to spend the night.  It was supposed to be one trip up and back home.  It's been fun, but I'm tired.  I DID get a nap this afternoon, though!  Once again, I thank God for awesome family and the chance to spend time with them.

All the work is waiting for me.  It'll be there whenever we get home.  I still haven't unpacked my suitcase!  I do have the kitchen in order.  Like I said, it will all be there when we get home.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Still Cold, Here.

We thought it was going to be in the 50's today and it did finally hit that, but while we were out it was in the 30's.  I thought I'd freeze; I should have work a coat, but I thought this big sweater would work. So much for thinking.  My thinking is faulty, it seems!  Actually, I think the cool will help me as far as my allergies go.  With everything starting to bloom, my eyes, nose, throat and ears itch so much!  It'll be awesome if I can skip as much of that as possible!

After church I sang at the devotional at the nursing home.  It was so good to see the people I love there, again!  Then I came home, heated my rice buddies and had a great nap before going back to church this evening.  I haven't gotten to go over and check on the herons, yet, but I'll do that soon and report.

We go to OKC tomorrow for a checkup with Lee's oncologist (he had prostate cancer a few years ago and has to go back for regular check ups; so far all is good).  Then we'll see his dentist to see what has to be done about the abscess he had in Branson.  We're both a little confused about these appointments, so I hope they are really both tomorrow; that's how we meant to schedule them; we'll call in the morning before we leave to be sure.  I've got lots still to do here, so it'll be a busy day no matter what we do.

I thank God for home sweet home.  I'll get it into good order as soon as possible.  God is good to give us a wonderful home as well as a wonderful getaway and safety through all those snow storms.  We give Him praise and thanks!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Love Spring Flowers!

Coming home was extra sweet because we got here in time for the jonquils and hyacinths.  Usually when we get home from spring break they are already through blooming.  Especially the hyacinths finish early.  However if you look closely you'll see the purple of a hyacinth in the middle of these jonquils.

The bradford pears around town just started opening into bloom today.  It's driving my allergies crazy, but they are beautiful!  I thank God for these beauties of spring.  God keeps our environment beautiful with His handiwork and I so thank Him for that!

I'm still working to get everything put where it belongs.  We had our first class mailed to us, but I've got to go through all the 2nd class mail.  Sometimes there is something in there that I need, but it's mostly trash.

I missed my nap today, so I'm really tired.  We did go out to see Dorothy and we stopped by and visited with Bob Clark at one of his houses that he is remodeling.  It's good to be home and find good friends! I'm going to do my best to be in bed by 10 tonight.  I feel really sleep deprived, although I slept until 10:15 this morning.  I think I need to catch up from yesterday's long day of travel, loading, unloading and unpacking.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Goodbye Branson, Hello Home!

This is Lee telling the kids good bye yesterday, but it's serving for him telling Branson good bye today. We had a great time, but it's so good to be home.  We're unpacking and finding our way around the house, again.  It's great to be here!

We got here in time to watch the Thunder play in TWO overtimes and come away with a fantastic win against the Toronto Raptors.  How exciting!

I'm coughing my head off because we came in when it was cool outside and that cool night air never sets well with my lungs.  I'm going to take a bath and head to bed with a whisky and lemon toddy if I can't stop coughing without it.  I'm so ready to be in our bed!  I thank God for a safe trip and many wonderful memories with friends, family and each other!  Our God is an awesome God and I am so grateful!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Spring Break Comes to an End.

This is Gracie, Ryan (Sadie's boyfriend) and Sadie loading their van this morning as they got ready to go.  They were going to do some last minute shopping around Branson this morning and then head to Eureka Springs to catch the feeding of the big cats at Turpentine Creek this afternoon.  Then they were headed for home tonight.

Lee and I have been packing to head for home tomorrow.  I'm putting everything I can in double or triple plastic so we can put it into the bed of the truck and rain won't hurt it.  We want to not be so loaded in the cab.  We're headed to OKC for Lee to have some lab work done tomorrow for appointments he has (check up sort of stuff) for appointments on Monday back in OKC.  We'll be home tomorrow night and we'll spend all weekend getting settled back into home.  That will be good. We love home, especially after we've been gone for nearly 3 months.  God is good to give us health and opportunities to spend with family and friends.  It's been an awesome winter.  Cold, but wonderful. We're so ready for a good hot summer!  Cancer doesn't like hot, so I'm bracing for all the hot I can stand to help me knock this cancer as flat as possible.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Technical Coach is the Best!

This is Gracie in the front and Mason, waiting for his food.  Mason is my technical coach these days. He's helped me with the phone a bunch!  It's amazing how kids in this generation automatically know this stuff!  (Mason is 13.)

Mason can out play me in all the cards we play.  In my book he's pretty awesome.  Actually, Gracie can beat me, too!  They are good card players and I think that teaches them lots in the way of multitasking skills.  These kids are good at everything they do; they amaze me!  Grammies all say that, I guess, huh? Anyway, I thank God for them in my life, and for these opportunities to have special times with each other.

I got my nap today while they were out adventuring, so I'm doing pretty good today.  I thank God for nap opportunities, too!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No Nap, Again!

Gracie's first name is Aurora, and she likes to use it sometimes.  Yesterday at the Keeter Center they gave her a chef's hat and some crayons, so she is modeling her chef's hat for this pic.

Raynie was on the other side of the table modeling her hat; they both got a kick out of the hats.  They brought them ice cream cones decorated like clowns, but I didn't get the pix;  I was using my phone and was pushing the wrong button.  I'm glad I got some pix, at least.

Today has been exhausting.  We spent most of the afternoon meeting with the yahoos who want to sell us more time.  Once you buy a timeshare, they are always after you to 'grow with the company.'  Yeah, right; it always costs so much to 'grow with the company.'  Timeshares are great if you can use them a lot (we do), but they can sure be a pain, too.

I thank God for all the time we've shared with family at our timeshares.  We have lots of great memories, that we would not have had if we hadn't had the timeshares.  I just hope the kids will use them when I am gone; what a waste if they don't!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Day of Sunshine, and Poof! The Snow is Gone!

This is Sadie and her boyfriend, Ryan, at the Keeter Center at the College of the Ozarks today.  It was a treat to go there for lunch.  I missed my nap, though, so I'm barely awake right now!  It's the season where I have to take lots of antihistamines to keep my sinuses clear and they make me so sleepy.  The ones that don't make me sleepy don't work for me.  Sadie's birthday is this month and she'll be 17. I wanted her to have an introduction to the College of the Ozarks; maybe she will want to go there.  I thank God for Sadie in our lives.  She's one of the nicest people I've ever known and I'm sure proud to be her Grammy.

We've played a lot of cards today, too.  I don't think we're going to have time to work a puzzle.  We have them and we want to work them, but there just isn't time to do all we want to do!
I've felt good and haven't lost a meal since they kids have been here, so that's good.  I've felt the 'notion' but always managed to keep it.  I don't mean to be gross by bringing up such a thing, but in case someone who has some form of cancer is reading this blog, I want to be straight with them. Everyday is not pretty, but every day is a blessing and there is something pretty in each day.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Spring Break SNOW!

This pic is taken off our balcony on the back of our unit.  It overlooks the golf course.  This weather is something else.  The high today was 57 at noon with rain and then the temperature dropped and we got 4.3 inches of SNOW!  It's going to warm up the rest of the week and should be nice, and this was beautiful.  The roads were warm, so it didn't stick on the roads; I think it will melt quickly tomorrow and the next day.  It's wild to me to have snow in March.  It snowed last year when we were here for spring break, too,  so I guess it's a thing I'd better be prepared to accept and enjoy it.  The kids are loving it!

The kids went to the pool while I got a nap today, so that was good.  We're enjoying playing cards and eating more than we should.  Today is Nate's 22nd birthday and this is the first spring break he has missed.  We miss him, but we're celebrating, even if he's not here to join us!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Newest Driver in the Family.

Sadie is in the middle of this pic.  She just passed her driver's license test this week, so we're very happy for her.  The guy on the right is Ryan, her boyfriend.  We're enjoying having him here with us this week so we can get to know him better.  That's Gracie on the left and Trish in the background in the kitchen.  We've played lots of cards and have lots more to play.  The weather people are saying we may get 3 inches of rain tomorrow, so we're braced to be in for tomorrow.  We'll do puzzles and cards and lots of good eating!

Lee and I stayed home today while the kids went to the Landing.  I know Lee would like to have gone, but he didn't want to leave me.  I was absolutely bushed and had to take that time for my nap. He's a dear, but I would have been fine if he'd gone.  I thank God for a sweetheart who really takes such good care of me.  I also thank God for the precious memories we're making this week.  We're recalling last year when Gretta and Elena and Garrett could be here with us, too.  Timeshares have provided opportunities for many blessings and precious memories for our family.  We've 'timeshared' with Gina and David and Jeff a little over the years, too; just not as much as I'd like.  I thank God for all our rich blessings and family and friends are sure the best ones!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Last Stop Before Home.

This is a pic of the Surrey Grand Crowne, which is the resort where we will spend this week.  We are on the 3rd floor of this building, just about 1/4 of the way from the left end.  It's really pretty looking over the woods where there is a walking trail, as well as over the golf course.  (That's probably a golf cart trail, rather than a walking trail?)  I hung the suet out for the birds on the balcony.  I hope they'll find us here.  This morning before we left, the cardinal pair were out on the table chirping and hoping to figure out where their food went!  We got a kick out of watching them, so I sure hope we'll get to watch some here, too.

We were lucky today and got to check in a couple of hours early.  That gave us time to get settled before Trish and the kids got here.  We're exhausted, though.  They are, too, from a busy day at home before a 5 hour drive to get here.  We had supper ready when they got here (pot of chili I had frozen, so all I had to do was heat it).  Lee and I did some grocery shopping before they came.  Trish will go get more groceries tomorrow.  I love spring break with the kids, so this is a great time.  I thank God for the ability to carry on this tradition that we started many years ago.  It's special time.

I'll get pix tomorrow, but we were all too tired tonight.  I was even too tired to play cards when Mason wanted to play.  We'll get around to cards and a puzzle tomorrow, I hope!  Happy spring break, everyone!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Done Deal!

One of our good friends at church posted the first pic of 6 of the 7 herons that were in the tree at the park today!  (One of the 7 flew away and missed the pic.)  Then another good friend from church posted the MANY who were there a few nights ago!  Can you believe all these herons?  I'm so tickled to see these pix!  I was ready to go home as soon as I saw the 6, but then the next pic and I'm so homesick!  We just have one more week and then I'll be on the hunt for these herons every day! Woo hoo!  I can hardly wait!  Thanks to Misti and Jennifer for posting these pix on FB!  These herons are one of my favorite presents from God, but Misti and Jennifer are even better gifts in my life.  We have so many good friends in Hobart; we're blessed to live there.  This trip has been good rest for me, but I'm ready to go back to work with the kids and chase these herons!  It's a done deal; the herons are calling me!

We're watching the Thunder play the Lakers tonight.  We won't miss any games when we get home, so that'll be good, too!

Lee continues to do very well with his shingles.  I've kept all my meals today.  We're packed and pretty much ready to move in the morning.  This time next week we'll be packing to go HOME! Traveling is a blessing, but home is the very best.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quick Post; Internet so Sketchy!

Everything I've learned in my whole life tells me that this is a squirrel, but he sure is making a PIG of himself!  My son-in-law, Brian, says that squirrels don't eat until they're full; they eat until the food is gone!  This food is almost gone and this little guy is eating like he knows we're leaving with the food on Friday!  It's been so fun to watch him, though.  He makes a huge mess on the table (see where he's standing in crumbs), and the birds like to come and clean up after him.  We get cardinals, tufted titmice, and slate colored juncos.  That one time we had the hairy woodpecker, but he's never been to see us since we've been in this building.  Anyway, the bird feeder has brought fun to our balcony.  I hope we'll get some birds at the next place, too.  The kids will enjoy watching them.  I think it's a good thing we're leaving before this little guy gets a crick in his neck!  Again, I thank God for all the treats He puts in our lives!

I've had a good day.  I've kept all my food.  Lee's doing great with his shingles.  He has very little pain so far and I think that is so unusual and such a blessing.  I talked to Dorothy just a few minutes ago and she'd been to church tonight.  She's back to her spunky self, but she's a little gun shy about eating; I understand that!  Her stomach remembers the food that caused it so much trouble this time last week.  I thank God that we're all mending so well!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Awesome Day!

It was 80 degrees when we went to walk at the Taneycomo State Park today.  What a great day!  So far I haven't been sick, so I'm rejoicing from all angles.  Lee got this picture of me climbing around this huge rock beside the path.

His shingles are just about dried, the best we can tell.  He only has two lesions and they are both under his beard, so it's hard to tell.  They aren't bothering him at all, so we know we are so blessed! In fact a couple of days ago I posted a picture of him cleaning off the windshield and his lesions were in full bloom then and they were still not visible in the picture.  We are so thankful that this has not been as bad as it is for lots of people.  Of course, it's not over; he could have nerve pain that often comes after the lesions heal.  We're thinking that we caught it early and the meds are really working for him.

Speaking of better; Dorothy is all better from her stomach bug, too.  She sounds like herself on the phone.  She's still regaining her strength, but she's about back to her normal spunky self.  Praise God for good health!  Thank you for your prayers for us and for Dorothy!

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Good Day and Some Wandering Thoughts.

This is a pic I got today in the living room, here in our unit at Big Cedar. The window behind me is over the couch and goes into the bedroom.  Behind the lamp on the right you can see my laptop; I spend a lot of time there.  Notice the deer above the laptop.  There is another deer over the fireplace.

Today was a great day.  It was gorgeous outside and 73 degrees!  I sat out on the balcony and read some on my book.  I managed to keep all my meals down, so that was a relief.  It has become a good day if I don't 'lose my cookies all day!'  It's kind of funny, because I remember when I was little I was sick so much.  Any kind of motion made me sick.  I'd gag eating lots of foods.  When we went to Japan the first time it was on a ship and I threw up the whole way.  It's funny how my memory can go right back to when I was 6 years old and realize that I'm feeling exactly the same, now 60 years later!

I also remember when my niece was in labor with her first son, she got nauseated and I was so worried, but her dad said, "When she's stressed, this is how she reacts."  Hmmmmm.  I wonder if it's not similar for me; when I'm stressed I get sick.  I'm sure the pills have something to do with it, but I know the allergies that are producing so much sinus drainage is part of the problem, too.  It's just really easy to gag and lose it.  Being cold really stresses me, too; I do my best to stay toasty warm and I'll be so glad when the hot summer is here!  This is probably TMI (too much information) for this blog, but it's my thought process at this stage.  This blog is about the realities of life with breast cancer.  This is one of the realities for me.  The great thing is that I'm alive and well after a diagnosis 7 and a half years ago. Granted I still have cancer, but I'm still alive and I mostly do very well.  I give thanks for that!  Today was a great day and I seem to be able to control the sickness to some degree. I work hard to keep the allergies dried up so that's one less thing to choke me and I do my best to stay plenty warm.  I thank God for this life and it's joys.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Hero.

I took these pix on March 4th.  We were on our way to my treatment and hadn't been anywhere in the truck since it had snowed 6.5 inches.  So Lee went out and faithfully scraped off all the snow and Ice that he could reach.  As we came down to the bottom of this hill, he warned me, "I'm going to stop kind of intensely so that some of this that I couldn't get will slide off."  Right!  The 6.5 inches on top of the cab came barrelling down to the windshield so we could hardly see!  He had to jump out and rake all that off while the cars behind us waited or went around us.  He did it all with a smile, just as he waited for hours with me for the treatment.  We had also intended to go to the urgent care that day to figure out what his rash was (shingles!) and see if we could get some help getting the splinters out of my hand.  By the time we got through with my treatment it was too late to go to the urgent care, so we went the next day.  He did this all with a wonderful attitude and big smile.

He lost his wife to complications of breast cancer 5 years ago, and then a year ago we learn that my breast cancer has metastasized.  He has never backed up the least little bit.  He puts his arm around me and says, "You're gonna beat this."  I got up this morning and barfed before breakfast!  I felt like I was pregnant, only there is no prize like a baby; my prize is my life, so this heaving is a trade I'm willing to make.  I was fine after a few minutes, but he is so supportive!  Bless his heart he doesn't run from the heaving.  He's right there rubbing my back or holding me up if I need him.  He brings me a wet rag and cleans up any mess.  I had nothing to make a mess this morning; just dry heaves.  We went on to Sunday School and church and he was so attentive; constantly checking to see if I was okay, etc.  He's a sweetheart and I'm blessed to have him in my life.  I thank God for him.

After church I got a quick nap and then got up to watch the Thunder let the Lakers beat them.  What a disappointment; they just couldn't get their teamwork going and one on one will never work.  Now, it's time for supper and I'll hope to not lose it!  We didn't have Internet access until after noon, so I figured I'd better get this posted while I can.  Look around and see who your hero is in life, then be sure to tell them how much they mean to you and thank God for them.  That's my 2 cents for today. Thank you for supporting me, too!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mr. Cardinal Brought His Wife Today!

We've really enjoyed the birds and the squirrel.  The squirrel couldn't waddle back today.  He ate so much yesterday that there is only a triangle left of the suet block!  He left lots of crumbs on the table, so the birds have enjoyed picking up his mess on the table and floor today.  I was especially pleased to see Mrs. Cardinal today.  I love how God gives me these bird and squirrel treats.

It was cooler today, so we stayed here, but it's been a good day.  The Internet access has been so sketchy, I thought I'd better post on the blog while I can.  Dorothy and Lee continue to do very well. I'm doing fine, too; haven't lost a meal in a couple of days, so I like that.

The bad thing about today is we lose an hour of sleep when we move the clocks up tonight.  I'd sure like to pick one time or the other and stick with it!  Tomorrow afternoon ABC is carrying the Thunder's game with the Lakers.  I'm looking forward to actually seeing a game instead of just watching the stats online.

Friday, March 7, 2014

One More Good Note.

I forgot to report that I talked to sweet Dorothy today and she is feeling much better.  She still sounds weak, but she sounded so much stronger than yesterday.  Thanks for your love and prayers.  She is so dear to us!  This pic was taken on my birthday; we were celebrating mine and hers; mine is the 4th of August and hers is the 11th so we usually celebrate all month.  :)

Snow is Gone Except for the Piles.

I got this pic of us on our balcony today.  I really didn't need the vest because it was 61 outside, but I hate to get cold, so I wore it just in case.  Wow, it was a beautiful day and we got to watch lots of birds eating at our feeder; I thought the squirrel would pop eating so much!

Last night turned sour after I posted the blog.  The Thunder lost to the Suns after leading the whole game.  Then I got sick and lost my dinner when I brushed my teeth before bed.  That happens every now and then, so I'm kind of gun shy about eating and about brushing my teeth.  It's not affecting me adversely, though.  It sure could be lots worse.  If I were on chemo I'd likely be losing lots and lots of meals.  I am not on chemo. My treatment plan is an infusion to strengthen my bones every 28 days. They do that because they know the cancer has spread to my bones, so my bones need to be as strong as possible.  I have no ill effects from that infusion.  Over long term it will be hard on my teeth, so I do the very best dental care that I can.

I take a tiny little pill once a day with a meal.  It is supposed to be taken at the same general time each day.  I was taking it in the morning with breakfast, but it made my ankles and feet swell badly, so I started taking it with supper about a month ago.  That works  great to alleviate the swelling issue. One of it's side effects is nausea, though.  I don't get really sick, I just feel like I did when I was pregnant (I never lost a single meal through my pregnancies.):  sick enough to notice and feel the need of a cracker, but not sick enough to actually lose it.  Well, lately I seem to lose it when I brush my teeth. It just happens 2 or 3 times a week.  I can live with that as long as this pill works to keep me ahead of the cancer.  Bless his heart, Lee is such a champ.  It scares him to death and he is so super supportive.

Speaking of Lee, he is doing great with his shingles.  He even suspects that he doesn't have them because he's not suffering like lots of people do.  We are very grateful and thank God for His care of us as we journey through these issues.  With His provisions we will live and be as healthy as possible and very grateful.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sketchy Internet, so I Must Hurry!

This little rascal is going to pop by the time we leave.  We have fun watching him, though.  The birds are better, but they won't stay for me to get pix like this guy does!

Lee is doing very well with his shingles.  I'm really proud of how well he's taking it.  I think he must have a mild case and I pray that it doesn't get any worse!

Today was beautiful.  I sat out on the balcony and read for about a half hour.  It was so nice!  The snow is just about all gone.  God has treated us to a beautiful winter.  I'm looking forward to a touch of spring before too long.

Our Hobart boys won their game tonight, so I'm really proud of them.  The Thunder is ahead of the Phoenix Suns, so basketball is going my way tonight.  I'm so, so proud of our Hobart kids!

Please say a prayer for Dorothy; she's had a stomach bug all week and she's really weak and sick. Her grandson, Jeff, and his wife, Jana, take good care of her, but I hate for her to be so sick.  I'll keep you updated on her.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

If Not One Thing, then Another.

This is a pic I got yesterday of Lee clearing off the truck before we left to go for my treatment.  Bless his heart he was in a good humor in spite of all the snow and ice on the truck.  We intended to go to the urgent care yesterday after my treatment, but we were tied up so long with my treatment that we went back today.  Lee has a couple of patches on his face that I thought were shingles and I thought we should see a doc as soon as possible.  I have a few splinters in the side of my right hand that have been there for months and they're just now starting to bother me.  The nurse yesterday who did my treatment said I should have someone at urgent care look at them.  So, we went to urgent care today since it was so late last night when we got finished with my treatment.  They gave me an antibiotic for the inflammation around the splinters and recommend that I see a hand specialist or a surgeon when I get home if the splinters don't work their own way out by then.  Lee?  He has shingles!  He refused to get the shot when I got mine back in January, so he's getting his preference . . . he'd rather have shingles than the shot!  I'm going to do my best to be sympathetic, but I think he won't be complaining much. Only he is very aware of the places, because they are hidden by his beard.  They aren't bothering him too much; I hope they won't.  He has a prescription to take, so I hope he won't have too horrible a case.  He gets the hard head award as far as I'm concerned.  It's hard to beat me in that area, but I think he has, this time.  I thank God that he's keeping a good humor about it all, so far, and pray that he will continue to be able to not be too miserable with them.  If you are reading this and are a senior and haven't had the shingles vaccine, GO  GET  IT  TOMORROW!!!

Today was a very nice day.  It was nice to be out and the roads were perfectly  clear, again.  I'm headed to bath and bed.  It's been another tiring day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What a Day!

This was our balcony when we had gotten so much snow.  The sun was out and it actually melted off our table.  I couldn't believe we got so much snow on a covered balcony!

We were able to make our trip into the hospital just fine today.  The roads were perfectly cleared, so there as no problem there.  My appointment was at 2 and we got there and 1:50.   They were initiating a new computer system, so we stayed there to do a 30 minute treatment and finally got out at 7!  We were worn out from waiting!  They profusely apologized and gave us vouchers to buy $20 worth of food in the hospital cafeteria.  The thought is nice, but somehow I'm not looking forward to going back there to eat.  Thankfully, there was no problem with my treatment.  When we finally got around to it everything went very smoothly.  It was good for us to see how fortunate we are because all the other folks in there were way sicker than me; God bless them all!  It gave me plenty of opportunity to remember how very blessed I am!  I so thank God that I can get the treatments here, so we can still travel this far, at least!

We had errands to run after the treatment; mail to get out and grocery shopping.  We stopped at Bob Evans and had supper because we were starved!  The waitress was a real gem, so that was another treat for us.  God bless a wonderful waitress!

Oops! Late! Sorry!

We had 6.5 inches of snow here after about an inch of ice.  We didn't go anywhere today, but we have to go into town for my treatment tomorrow.  We don't have to be there until 2 p.m so I'm hoping the roads will be plenty clear by then.  We'll do the best we can and trust God to provide  clear enough roads and skill for Lee to drive.

This little rascally squirrel discovered the bird suet today and made himself right at home.  If I were at home I'd be irritated, but since I'm here and have the food, I'm happy for anyone who wants to entertain us to have it.  As you can see, he was really serious about a good feed.  This is the snow that's on the table on our balcony, which has a roof!  This snow looks beautiful and it's our favorite place to be when it snows, so we give thanks for it.

I'm up late tonight because Lee and I have been playing cards and the time got away from me!  He won the first game and I won the second one.  We were going to play the third game to see who could win and realized what time it was; we'll play it tomorrow!  It's way past our bedtime.  Sorry to anyone who was waiting for my post.  Thanks for keeping up with us, even when I'm late!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Storm, Again!

Look who stopped by for several visits, today!  The first visitor was a tufted titmouse, but he doesn't show up as well as this cardinal does, so I posted the cardinal pic.  I was so thrilled to have the birds visit right on our balcony! Then two huge crows came in and scared off the beautiful birds.  I let them stay a bit and then I went to the door to take a picture, but they flew off and never returned.  I hope I scared them enough that they never come back and the cardinals and the titmouse family will return. I thank God for these beautiful birds; even the crows.  They add such a zest to my life.

We got up to freezing rain and sleet and it's done that all day except for a few times when beautiful snow fell.  The ice has accumulated more than the snow has.  Thankfully, we didn't have to go anywhere.  They cancelled church services for today because of the weather, so we stayed right here and enjoyed watching the weather and the birds.  My treatment is due on Tuesday; I hope the roads will be clear so we can make it.  We were right in the middle of another storm for my last treatment; I really didn't think we'd have this weather stress the first week in March.  So much for my thinking!  I just trust God to provide; it's the way I roll and it has worked for over 65 years, now.  I thank my Mom and Daddy for teaching me to trust in God.

It's wonderful to be at Big Cedar when it snows.  They take the best care of the roads, and they have a shuttle that will take us anywhere we want to go on this property.   We don't need to go anywhere, but I might go to the fitness center if I get a wild hair notion.  :)  It's a great time to eat winter kinds of food.  We had beans and cornbread for supper tonight and I'm making chili for tomorrow with the leftover beans.  Hope you are all snug and warm.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're Settled and Ready to Crash.

This pic was taken today right in the middle of our move.  We got a late check out from the Suites at Fall Creek and loaded the truck and came out to Big Cedar.  Of course we were 4 hours early for check in and our room wasn't ready, so we went to the Devil's Pool Restaurant and had lunch.  (I thought we were at the Buzzard Bar, but that's downstairs and we were upstairs; what do I know?  I always drink water with lemon.)   Just as we finished lunch the registration desk called to tell us that our unit was ready.  We got it all unloaded and unpacked, went to the grocery store and, now, we're ready to fall into bed.  Lee's watching OSU play a barn burner game on TV and I've been keeping up the best I can with our High School team at home as they played a tight game for the regional title. They tied the game and lost it in overtime, but they're still winners to me.  They proved to me that my hear is in good shape!  I survived that game and this OSU one, too!

I thank God for a great team of guys in Hobart, and for my opportunity to know them.  I know them and love them and am very proud of them.  I'm sure somebody knows these OSU Cowboys, too; I hope they can win.  Right now they're in the lead.  Being in the lead helps a lot in all the statistics, but really all these guys are winners to me; they give so much of themselves to play this well!

We stocked up on food today because they're predicting ice and freezing rain tomorrow and Monday; then later in the week they say we'll have snow.  I was hoping to get a room here for friends, but they've got all the rooms held for employees because of the weather. (Found that out when we checked in today.)  When it's bad the employees stay here instead of going home and returning.  I guess that's a good plan, but I sure was hoping to get a room for Tom and Linda to join us while we're here.

Happy March, Folks . . . I guess spring is coming.  I see some buds on some trees, so there is hope.