Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This is the face of a happy lady!  The doctor nearly danced into the room today to tell us the news of all my tests yesterday.  Everything was much improved since the last tests that were done in March. I will have all the reports to quote better after they update my records on the MD Anderson  patient site, but, for now, I can just tell you that everything was greatly improved.  I am so relieved that I'm not facing chemo, again!  I will gratefully keep my hair and gladly take these treatments once a month!  I can do them from either Branson or Lawton, which is an hour from home.  I don't have to go back to see the doctor at MD Anderson for 4 months!  One good thing about that is that it's 4 months; another good thing is that I'll be on Medicare then, so the costs won't be killing me!  Thank you all so much for your prayers and your love and concern for me!  Judy is still in Japan, so she missed this appointment; she really missed a good one!  She would have loved the difference in the doctor since he got to tell me such great news!

I look at this picture, that I just took here as I sit at the laptop in Doris' guest room, and it reminds me so much of my mom.  I see that a lot, but when I look close I can never see that I really look like her; there's something there, though.  It makes me feel good.  I know she'd be happy with today's news, too!  People say that Gretta and I look alike and I can never see that we do, but I'm honored.  I think Gretta really looks like my mom!  No doubt we are all related!

Monday, April 29, 2013

On the sidelines . . .

This is Logan, sitting in Doris' lap at Luke's game yesterday.  Our kids will remember when his daddy, Brett, looked exactly like this!  They will also see a lot of their own daddy in Doris; we all always thought they looked so much alike.  I thank God for precious memories and the opportunity to build more!

We finished up all the testing today at MD Anderson.  Tomorrow we see the doctor and find out the results and the plan for the immediate future.  Maybe I will have a treatment tomorrow; I hope so!

We battled the traffic and won.  We got lost once and Lee kept his cool; he's awesome!  I thank God that we had stopped and gotten a map when we were in Wichita Falls, so we found our way even after we were lost.  It was a good day.  It feels good to be safely back at Doris and Jerry's house; we're looking forward to the Thunder/Rockets game tonight!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Full day;quick post

This is Luke, the 6 year old great nephew who we went to watch play softball today.  What a joy it was to be out in the warm sunshine and enjoy a fun softball game!  His little brother, Logan, was in the stands with us, so we had the joy of playing with him, too.  I thank God for giving me special times with these little guys; I am so blessed!

It was a fun day filled with church and visiting.  I couldn't ask for more.  I thank God for the fun times to share with family and the awesome weather we're seeing here.  Jetty said it's supposed to get down to 42 on Thursday, so I sure hope we'll be home by then!  And, I hope it'll be warmer than that at home!  I'm hooked on warm weather!  What a shame to even let petty things like weather get to me; we have so much for which to be grateful!  I'm so grateful for the fun visit we've had.  I won't complain if it gets cold, again!  I really want God to concentrate on things that matter more, like getting rid of cancer in my body!  I can be grateful for the warmth, though!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Super, super day!

This was our delicious lunch with Mike and Terri Lamb (brother and sister).  We had a great visit!  The last time we met Mike was supposed to come, but something came up and he couldn't.  So, Terri didn't tell me he was coming today and we were really surprised!  Mike is a wonderful, funny guy and it was really a treat to get to visit with him, as well as Terri.  Terri is always full of smiles and she brings out the best in me.  It was a fun, fun lunch!

We came on the rest of the way and at first we thought we weren't going to get to see the Thunder play the Rockets.  That was disappointing, but Jerry figured out how to get the game, so we're sitting here in front of the Thunder game as I type this.   I couldn't ask for a better day!

So many folks are praying for a safe trip for us and for good results from my tests; thank you so much!  I know the power of prayer and I know the power of your love.  Thank you so, so much!  I thank God for all the tremendous support you give!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A day off is a good thing!

It was wonderful to have today off to get ready to leave tomorrow.  We slept in and that was a great start to the day!  We're packed except for the last minute toiletries, so that feels good!  We'll leave early in the morning and meet my good friend (like a sister), Terri, for lunch in Fairfield, Texas.  We're both looking forward to that; she is a bundle of joy!  Then we're looking forward to getting to spend a little time visiting with Doris and Jerry and we'll even get to watch Luke play a softball game on Sunday afternoon.  I really can hardly wait for that.  Luke is a little guy who was just tiny when all this breast cancer business began, so we got to watch him grow into quite a little athlete from the time he was able to walk! Our last two trips to Houston have been so rushed, so we're hoping to get to visit with all of Doris and Jerry's grandkids this time.

Breast cancer is a nasty thing, but it has brought lots of joy into my life.  I thank God for the joy along the way.  I know He has a purpose and a plan for me, so I approach every day with gratitude and pray that I can live it like He wants me to live it.  I pray that the generations of girls behind me won't inherit this cancer, but I pray that my example can help them if they do!  My example is the only gift I can leave for them, so I do my best to make it a good one.  I pray that I can live for years and years even with this cancer; some people do, so why not me?  Only if it's not God's plan; that's the only reason I can imagine.  I won't know anything about my results or plans until Tuesday, but I will report as soon as I know anything.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sweet Gracie!

Today Gracie turned 10!  She has brought so many precious memories to my life!  She is an awesome person and God blesses us with her in our lives!  I thank God for her and look forward to many memories to come in the future!  Love, love, love you, Gracie!

Today was a fun day for me.  We tested a huge group this morning, but they were awesome kids and it was fun to see them do very well.  Then they didn't have an assignment for me this afternoon, so I got to come home early and did some work in the flower beds!  It felt so good to get outside in the warm weather!  I'm thanking God for warm weather, too!  These cold spells are crimping my style, so I'm sure glad to have some warm weather!  Working in the flower beds (pulling weeds) was nice; I just enjoyed it and didn't make a big deal out of it.  I need to get better at that approach to life!

Tomorrow we have no school, so we're packing to get ready to go to Houston on Saturday.  We're looking forward to the trip to visit folks and find out what the status of this treatment is.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sleepy day.

I didn't have to sub after we got through testing this morning.  I got to come home for lunch and the afternoon.  It was great napping time!  I thank God for providing nap times and for the healing of resting!  During the test this morning I had the opportunity to make my list of things to take to Houston this weekend; maybe I won't forget anything this time.

Days seem so full; it's nice to have an afternoon off.  I should have gotten some things done and I did, but I spent it mostly napping.  I'm headed to a bath and to bed for the night as soon as I get this posted.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A day of rest, compared to most days of subbing.

This pic I took AFTER school today, before I fell down for my nap.  It was an easier than normal day.  I was monitoring state tests this morning.  Then this afternoon I subbed for the senior English teacher.  Those seniors know where they're going and they just buckle down and get their work done.  How nice it was not to have a bunch of kids struggling for their place in the pecking order, although I love those kids, too!  They just take a lot more of my energy.  I thank God for the opportunity to have time with all of them; I count it all blessings for me and pray that I can count as a positive experience to them.

Lee had lunch at the Senior Citizens' Center with Bob and Diana Clark today.  Then he rode to Norman with Bob to pick up pecans they had shelled at the nut place over there.  I think they were really at home at the nut place.  :)  No doubt they had fun sharing the afternoon!  I'm glad for Lee to have a good buddy close by, so I'm really glad for Bob to be home!

God Blesses!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Oops; a blurry picture.

Sometimes I just have to settle for a blurry picture.  I have cataracts, so everything looks a lot like this to me!  Notice the teddy bear on Lee's pocket; I think it's his self portrait.  He really is a great guy!  I go set the camera for the timed picture and he holds his arm out for me to run get into place; he always does that, so watch for our poses to always be the same.

I subbed today, so I couldn't go to OKC with Lee.  He had his check up with his cardiologist and he said everything was great.  Lee had quadruple bypasses done in October of 2011, so he has a fine zipper up his chest.  They say he's doing great from blood pressure to cholesterol; whatever he's doing he needs to keep doing it. We thank God for his good health!

I had a good day subbing and will sub Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  There's no school Friday, so we'll be packing to go to Houston on Saturday.  This school year is nearly done; it's been a fun one for me.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A beautiful day in Hobart!

The sun is shining and it's warmer than it has been!  What a relief!  This is a picture the timer on the camera got of Dorothy and Lee and I after lunch.  I dug out turkey and dressing from the freezer and added fresh rolls, fresh gravy, broccoli, green beans and pink salad.  It was easy and we were stuffed!  Lee had m&m's in his mouth when this picture snapped, so he looks like he's having a bite of lemon.   Guilty, I guess?

We are so blessed to have this friendship, and we're really grateful for a warmer day.  The wind is still blowing, so a hairdo is just a figment of our imaginations.  We make the efforts, though!

It's nap time for me!  I toyed with working in the yard, but the nap is winning.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How blessed we are!

I look at this picture from our card game last night and am reminded of how blessed we are!  There is Dorothy, who is such an awesome lady!  She sees so very little, but we put that light there over her shoulder and she amazes us that she does so well.  We tell her everything that has been played, and we treasure the moments that we have to play with her.  She is as sharp as anyone at the table.  I'm sad that Joan doesn't show in the picture between Dorothy and I.  Also, Diana is hidden behind Bob.  These people are all so special in our lives.  Joan looks after our mail and the house when we travel.  Diana came and stayed here at the house a while this winter when Bob was in Kazakhstan and their heater was on the blink.  We were so glad to have her here!  Bob and Diana came to surprise us in Branson; they are so much like family, and we're so blessed to have them living right here in  Hobart.  When I learned that my cancer had returned I called Bob and Di and asked them to go out and be there with Dorothy when I called to tell her.  I knew that she was waiting to hear what the doctors told me and that she would take it hard; I wanted to be sure that someone would be there with her to help her to realize that this is all part of God's plan as is all our friendships. They went the extra mile and went to another friend's house to break the news to them after they left Dorothy in good shape.  These friends are all people who mean so much in our lives and I thank God for them.

I only meant to post this picture, but all that explanation just spilled over from my heart.  I know that I am so tremendously blessed.  Don't worry about me.  I feel really good and if I didn't have the doctors proving that I have cancer I wouldn't even suspect it.  I always wondered when folks learned they have cancer all through their body and die in a couple of weeks, but I can understand how that can happen, now because I feel so good and yet I know there is cancer lurking in my body.  Don't get me wrong; I don't expect to die in a couple of weeks, but I feel really fine.  I will always be honest and keep the information open on this blog.  I feel blessed that I am not suffering.  Every now and then I feel a pain that I can't explain and paranoia goes aflame!  I think that's all it is, though.  When I attempt to explain the pain in my journal to MD Anderson, it is always gone or too vague to describe.  I know I'm looking for issues to correct; God will take care of me, so I'm doing all I can and I'll leave all the rest to Him.  I totally trust Him, so I think that is the best approach.

I'm ready to play cards!  Let's play!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Woo hoo! School is out and it's time to play cards!

This week is done and I am so ready to play some cards!  Woo hoo!  I came home and put the cobbler in the oven and took a nap.  I'm so ready!

I thank God for precious friends to share this time tonight.  I'm hearing the news over my shoulder and the news about Boston is just horrific.  I pray for an end to this terrorism!  We feel blessed to live in Hobart, America!  God bless and happy weekend to you!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More to the great weekend.

I'm not sure who is having the best time here; Raynie or Lee!  Gracie and Mason are in the background busy with something, but the 'tattooed' Raynie is sure having fun in Lee's lap!  We loved getting a quick visit with them over the weekend, too!  We got to take Sadie and a friend to the mall as we left.

They didn't call me to sub today, so I cleaned the house.  YIKES!  I'd rather SUB!  I sure wish I could find someone who would clean my house!  Actually, I'm so spoiled by Angelica, who did it for me when I was doing chemo years ago, that nobody can fill her shoes.  Sure wish she'd come back to do it for me, but that's not going to happen, so I'll just thank God that I CAN do it!  The house is clean and I'm so pleased with that.  I'm headed to bed.  Tomorrow I help with testing in the morning, but I sub in the afternoon.  It's been a great week.  Then after school I'll come home and stick a sugar free peach cobbler in the oven and then fall into bed for my nap.  We'll east some warmed over chili for supper and play cards at 6:30! We're really looking forward to that!  Then it's going to warm up around here!  Woo hoo!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Even a sweet girlfriend!

This is a picture Gretta got of Lee and I with Lindsey and Garrett.  Lindsey is Garrett's sweet girlfriend.  We sure liked having the opportunity to get to know her better at the banquet the other night.  It was sure a night full of memories to treasure!

Today was pretty exciting at school.  We had some rough weather coming in, so they called our last hour class back over to the main building.  Then I got home and they called to tell me the teacher will be back tomorrow, but not Friday, so I get the day off tomorrow.  They could still call me to sub for someone else, so I'll be ready, but I'll be happy to have a day off!  I'm ready to clean house and it sure needs it.  I thank God that the storms that were headed for us never made it.  It was exciting enough and the rain is appreciated, but storms get complicated around here!

It's Thunder ball on TV tonight, so I'm writing this during half time and my time is done!  God bless!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Check out those red shoes!

I am so known for hating shoes, but I fell in love with those red shoes that Gretta wore!  My heels are about 3 inches high, but hers must be 5 or 6 inches.  They sure looked good on her and she walked in them like a pro.  I would have fallen for sure if I'd been wearing those!  Our shoes got us up to be closer to Garrett's size, though.  I think he's about 5'9" or maybe 10" . . . seems so tall to me because he used be such a little guy, and that doesn't seem all that long ago!  This was in the hotel room just as we were leaving for his banquet.  It was a great night!  (Lee was taking the picture and I said, "Be sure and get Gretta's shoes!"  How crazy is that???)

Today went fine.  I helped with testing all morning and then had 3 classes to teach this afternoon.  Tomorrow and Thursday I will teach all day, grades K-12 and then Friday I'll test in the morning and teach the afternoon classes.  This has been a very interesting week.  It's the most challenging assignment I've had, but it's been fun and I don't regret it.  Again, I thank God for the opportunity to face the challenges and the training and ability to face them.  I feel blessed.   Sometimes I'm frustrated and I am concerned about their futures, but always I'm honored to have an opportunity to make a difference in their lives; it's what I always wanted to do and I have the chance, now.  What a blessing!

Monday, April 15, 2013

A proud, happy mom!

Garrett was embarrassed at all the pictures I was taking, but Gretta couldn't get enough!  It's a difference in the ages as well as the personalities, I suppose.  I was proud to be taking lots of pics!  Garrett was sure pleased to get the award and he was pleased to have all of us there with him, too.  I thank God for the memories to treasure!  (Actually, TWO happy and proud moms:  Gretta and me!)

Today I taught for the music teacher.  I had kindergarten through grade 12 and some pretty big classes.  We all survived.  I was shooting from the hip and I didn't shoot anyone nor myself in the foot, so I call it a good day.  Teaching music is not my calling, but I love these kids!  Tomorrow I'm helping with testing, but when we finish the testing I will take over teaching music, again.  This teacher will be out all week, so it's a busy week for me.  I'm so grateful to be feeling good!  God is great!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Home, proud, pleased and tired.

Here is a picture that Garrett's girlfriend, Lindsey, took of us last night at the end of the banquet.  We were all very tired, but very pleased and proud!  Lee and I went on back to the motel, but Gretta stayed with Garrett and Lindsey for a dance.  Garrett is holding his awards and the ribbons they gave him for his uniform.  I still can't tell you exactly what his award meant, but I know that we were very proud for him to be recognized out of over 200 cadets.  I'll study it more as soon as I have time.  I thank God that Garrett has done so very well and I thank Him for Gretta's safe trip out here and our safe trip to the city.  I also thank God for the opportunity to share special times with Garrett and Gretta!

We got home tonight just a little before 10.  The TV didn't work, so we've been in technical mode for the last hour or so.  I've washed fruit and veggies from our grocery shopping and I'm so ready for bed.  I teach all this week, so I've got to get with the program!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

All is great, but no picture tonight.

I can't get a connection in our room, so I'm doing the blog from the business center in the hotel  We just got in from the banquet with Gretta and Garrett and his girl friend, Lindsey.  It was a wonderful evening and Garrett was even presented with an award.  He was one of 4 to receive the award out of over 200 cadets, so we were very proud of him.  I'll post a picture of him and his award tomorrow.  I have the pictures on my camera, but I can't get the connection in the room.  It's late and this was the fastest way to report.

Thank you for your patience.  I'll get good pics on here as soon as possible.

We brought Dorothy with us to OKC and dropped her off to spend the night with her sister, Ada.  We'll pick her up tomorrow and take her home as we go.  We're blessed to be able to share the trip with her.  She loves Gretta and Garrett, too, so she'll be so proud to know that he was recognized for a job well done!  I thank God for the opportunity to be here to share this time with him!  I thank God for Lee, who is so patient to bring me and sit proudly with us through the whole thing.  Then he walked me down here to the business center to do this blog.  We're both so ready to fall into bed, so he's really going the extra mile.  He's sure a keeper!

Friday, April 12, 2013

My hiking buddy.

This picture was taken a year and a half ago when Garrett and I explored the refuge.  I was holding the camera to keep the wind from blowing it off the rock, but I wanted a picture of us having this great time.  Garrett is in ROTC and has a big banquet tomorrow night.  Lee and I are going to go to the banquet with him and his mother, Gretta.  She flew in last night and is in the City, so we're looking forward to more special time with the two of them.  I thank God for Garrett and Gretta in my life.  They always come through when the going is really tough as it was a year and a half ago for sure!  I love Garrett and I love the refuge; I look forward to when he has time to come back and we can hike some more!

I was blessed with another day off today.  I've been surprised to get 3 days off this week.  I guess they're hoping to get some strength built up for me since I'm teaching all next week.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend of some special time.

Lee and I have enjoyed some time at home this week.  The Thunder played late last night and will, again, tonight.  I made sure I got a nap, so I could stay up for this game tonight and then leave early in the morning.  I find those naps are critical!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

She came from this.

When I was in college, studying to teach elementary school, we were told the following:  By the time a child is 3 their character is 60% developed; by the time they are 6 their character is 90% developed; the last 10% of their character is developed in their puberty and teenage years.  I've thought of that so much as I sub.  I see these kids in middle school and know that they are deciding, right now, about the last 10% of their character.  The last couple of days I've taken pics of me to post and realize that I even look so much like I did as a senior in high school; right down to my haircut!  Pardon me for reminiscing, but I couldn't resist noticing since it's so much on my mind with the kids these days.  It's just too bad that the wrinkles have to come and stay, but I repeat that I am so grateful that wrinkles don't hurt!

I didn't get a call to teach today, so I'm going to get some things accomplished around here.  I started out with sleeping late!  I'm going to run out and give Dorothy a hair cut in a while and it's haircut day for Lee, too.  I'll get a trim.  We're going to Garrett's ROTC banquet on Saturday and we're not going grubby.

I thank God that I'm feeling good.  I know that I am so blessed.  I experienced a little pain back around the first of the year, and it was getting old.  What a blessing to have the pain disappear!  I pray that it's a sign that the cancer is backing up at the treatments we're throwing at it, but I'm grateful for the relief regardless of what it really means.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The good thing about wrinkles?

The good thing about wrinkles is that they don't hurt.  I have lots of wrinkles, so I can be so very grateful that they don't hurt!

They didn't call me to sub today, so I got to take care of some details around here.  Man, it was COLD here, so I was sure glad I didn't have to go anywhere.  It was nice to get to sleep late, too.  There are always so many blessings to count!

Gretta's son, Garrett, has an ROTC banquet Saturday night and he has invited Lee and I to go.  I had time today to try on a couple of dresses to be sure I have the right thing to wear.  I guess they are very particular about these dress military events and I don't want to embarrass Garrett; we're honored to get to go!  So, we're looking forward to a special weekend with Garrett and Gretta and I'm sure we'll see lots more family, too.  It's always fun to go to Oklahoma City because we have so much family in the area.  Saturday should be full of great photo opportunities!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Can she? Will she? She can and she will!

This is the little old lady sub that some kids are facing these days.  Yesterday was my toughest day in subbing and they asked me today to teach for that teacher all next week.  I hope we got the law laid down good, yesterday.  Next week will be a challenge, but I will love it.

Today went well.  The cold front hit while I was on the playground, but it was still a fun day.  I have no doubt that subbing is where I belong right now.  It's good for me and I think I'm good for some of the kids, at least.  I know I can be good for the teacher I'm subbing for, too; it will help her to know that school is under control.  She's learning to do dialysis at home on her husband, so she needs to have a clear head about school.  I thank God for the opportunity to be good in the lives of some other people.  Even when the kids turn me into an 800 pound gorilla I love them.  They have me so hooked.

I'm not scheduled to sub tomorrow, but I imagine they will call me.  We've got tricky weather happening here and I can just imagine some teacher will have a hard time getting in to school tomorrow.  I'll be ready and willing if they call.  I consider it my honor and joy to get to sub.  The greatest thing about subbing is that I get to see so many different kids.  I really feel blessed.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Counting blessings.

This picture we got on the 25th of September last fall.  We had so many boxes to pack and move and unpack, but we were still smiling.  I thank God that we've got all that moving DONE!  I still have a lot of settling to do around here, but, for the most part we live here in comfort.

I had a tough day at school today.  It was just the logistics; the kids are still great.  I marched several of them to the office, though, to let them know that they don't want to see  me turn into a gorilla.  I'm just thinking that today was tough, but it's nothing like having to pack a million boxes, move them, and unpack them, again.  I came home, took a nap and was good to go, again.  It's great to not have that move to face, again!   I really love the kids and facing them, again, is no problem.  I think it will be a piece of cake after today!

I thank God that we got all the moving DONE.  What a relief that is.  Lee is such a great companion!  We are blessed to have each other and time to enjoy and share our lives.  God is good!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Friday in Branson.

This was a pic I got the first Friday we were in Branson.  This was the first day I felt pretty good after my first treatment.  It was before any of the kids got there, so we were just relaxing.  I know it was a Friday because I remember wearing that shirt and calling it red.  It did have a red stripe in it and a red bow at the neck.  Lee sometimes shakes his head at the slack I cut for myself.  :)

We went to Clinton (about 40 miles from here) to help a long time friend celebrate his 70th birthday.  I remember when 70 was old, but it doesn't seem so old, anymore, now that I'm so close to it!  I thank God for health of friends and the depth of health that I have.  I am so blessed that the treatments have been easy since that first one.  I am blessed that the pain in my head has been gone for weeks.  I thank God for the docs who have a clue how to help me.  I also thank Him for the natural remedies about which I've learned.  I'm enjoying using shaved frozen lemons on most everything (it's supposed to be 10 times stronger than chemo against cancer).  I'm also enjoying a bite of honey and cinnamon 3 times a day; I've learned that, indeed, cinnamon is a bitter herb, but honey is a wonderful thing.  (It's supposed to fight bone cancer, which I don't have.  I have breast cancer in the bones and that is a different thing.  However, I'm going after it with all I can!)  There are many more things to help me fight.  I won't go into them all, but I thank God for giving me things that I can do to fight as well as the docs who are trained to help me gain strength and live longer.  I've lived a wonderful life and I intend to live all the rest of my life with all the zest possible.  I am so grateful for family and friends.  Man, oh man, I am richly blessed!  Thank you for being among those blessings!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Memories, memories!

This was a picture Gretta got of Lee and Elena and I at the lookout over Branson.  Fun, fun times that we treasure!  Lee just looked over from his chair and said, "Who is that?"  I said it must be Minnie Mouse because she's got on her shoes!  Love those shoes!

I sure thank God for the ability to remember all the memories we treasure.  The memories are awesome, but if we were unable to recall them, it would be such a shame.  There is so much for which to be grateful!

Today I got my nap on the back deck in the sun.  What an awesome nap!  I love it when warm weather gets here.  Today was nice.  Soon it will be hot and I'll love that, too, but today was absolutely perfect!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Looks like a perfect head to me!

I got this picture of Bryce last Saturday after he finished his lunch.  That head looks perfect to me!  Don't you just want to grab him up and squeeze him?  That's what I did!  I could hardly wait to hold him and hug him.  bless he heart, he looks like he's always wondering, "What's the big deal?"  Obviously he's doing just great and hasn't missed a single meal.

I stayed home, again, today.  I finally got to the bottom of my desk.  It's still not perfect, but it's visible.  I got through the junk mail and recovered the 2 pieces of good mail that were in there.  The worst part of being gone for 3 months is catching up when we get home.  Mail is one of the worst things!  Dust and weeds are the next worst things.  UGH!  All that work outside with the weeds made me come right in to the tub and a haircut followed.  I feel much better with a haircut; when it's got to go it's got to go!

I got a 5 minute power nap today, but I don't think it's doing the trick for me.  I intend to watch the Thunder game tonight, but I may have to crash instead.  I'm really sleepy.  It's better for me to teach and then come straight home to a nap.  When I'm at home I don't have the discipline to rest when I need it and I push until I crash.  I've got to grow up and handle this better.  Pardon me while I ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A day at home!

They didn't call me to teach this morning, so it was so nice to sleep a little later!  It's been cloudy and chilly, but I look forward to a warmer weekend.  I'm like a hawk watching for life in these irises!  I worked today uncovering my desk the best I could.  I didn't uncover it, but I got it down a layer.  It's amazing how clutter builds up when we're gone.  I have a box of mail yet to go through, but it's not any first class; it's probably all junk, but I don't dare just throw it away without looking.

One thing I did today was work with Gretta to get her a ticket with frequent flier miles to come back to Garrett's ROTC banquet.  Lee and I will get to go to that banquet, too, so we look forward to that joy.  Maybe Gretta will have time to come here while she's back this direction, but she'll have so little time that it just might not happen.  There will be other times.  There won't be many ROTC banquets, though, so we look forward to sharing that event with Garrett and Gretta.  I need to get this house and yard in shape for company!  Being gone since the first of January is not conducive to everything looking great, so we've got to get on the ball and get with the program around here.  As soon as it's a tad warmer we'll be able to get outside and work.  As soon as I quit being lazy we can get some work done in the house.  Lee worked all day one day when I taught this week on the closet in the garage and the outside storage shed, so he's been wearing his working boots.  Together we'll get this place in shape soon.  We're ready for a canasta game and  we'll have to clean house before we can do that!  I am so blessed to be able to do whatever it takes around here; all I need is time and motivation.  God is so good to us!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Enjoying the memories.

When we went to see Bryce at home on Saturday he was laying in the floor helping himself to lunch.  What a precious little guy he is!  It's so wonderful that medical professionals could do what they needed to do to take good care of him and he'll never remember a bit of it.  We feel so blessed to see him doing so very, very well!  He has a wonderful mom and dad who did a fine job of being prepared for this surgery and recovery and we are so proud of them, too!

I taught today and had absolutely no problem with side effects from the treatment yesterday.  I sure give thanks for that blessing, too.  I've felt fine all day.  I didn't get a nap when I got home, though, so I'm ready for bed early tonight!  I'm so grateful that I had absolutely no problem with this treatment.  God is sure good to me!

Besides all that it has rained here all day.  That's another blessing!  It's been cold, but it'll warm up toward the end of the week.  When it warms up, my grass will shoot up and it will all be over but the mowing!  I've got irises ready to bloom soon, too, so I'm sure looking forward to a bouquet of irises!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A happy Easter!

This is a picture I got of us on Sunday.  I look sleepy and I was!  I never seem to catch up on sleep.  I'm going to bed early tonight, though!

I did fine with my treatment today.  So far, so good, so I'm hoping I make it through the 24 hours without getting sick.  God provides, so I'm trusting Him to take care of me.  If my body needs to be sick, then God gave me Lee to hold me through it.  I didn't get sick at all the last time, but I only had one part of the treatment; I had both, today.  This is only my second time to have both and the first time the 24 hours after it was rough.  We survived it then and we can, again, if it happens.  I'm going to bed early so I can be up early and know if I need to call in sick at school or not.  I'm scheduled to teach, but they know I had a treatment today, so they'll understand if they have to replace me.  I don't have another treatment for a month and I go to MD Anderson for it; I'll be glad to see if they think this treatment is working or not.  Patience is a virtue.

God bless; thank you all for your love and prayers!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lee, got some hugs, too.

We sure needed to have those hugs from the Bryce man!  He doesn't even act like there was ever any surgery, but we are so relieved to see him so happy and healthy and hardy!  What joy it was for us to get to hold him a lot this past weekend.

I taught today for the 6th grade English and Literature teacher.  I sure love those kids!  I'm scheduled to teach for her again on Wednesday.  I sure hope I handle the treatment okay tomorrow so that I'm able to do the Wednesday gig.  Those kids are sure fun for me and they're a real boost for me.  I thank God for my own grandchildren and Lee's and all the other people's grandchildren who I get to have in school.  It's sure been fun for me to get to sub for the last two years.

Lee cleaned out the storage shed outside today and also the tool closet in the garage.  He had a lot worse day than I did!  Bless his heart, I hope he doesn't have to pamper me tomorrow!  We're going to bed early because tomorrow starts early.  We have to leave at 7:15 in the morning to make our appointment in Lawton at 8:30.  Our bed is calling me!  ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz