Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Full Mostly Fun Day!

Look at this bloom; it's still beautiful and our room smells delicious!  I like this in a cup; I'm going to do that at home and put one in my bedroom!  This was after church this morning and then watching two of our great nephews play softball today with a nap in between the two games.  It was a fun, fun day!

Gretta had her first chemo treatment today and went for over 6 hours with no side effects.  However about a half hour ago she started itching all over.  I hope her oncologist will have an answer for her to relieve her of the itching.  Chemo can sure be a bugger; I hope they have a good answer for her; itching is a bummer.  She went to work after her treatment, though, so she's been working all evening. She's a champ!

At one of the games today we saw a lady who was there in a wheelchair because her right leg was missing from just below the knee.  I felt like a real weenie for whining over my feet.  I'm thinking my feet feel really good and I give thanks for them and the ability to walk!  Everything is relative and I thank God for helping me to keep things in perspective.

Tomorrow my appointments don't start until 1 p.m., so we're planning to sleep late.  My last test is a CT at 8 p.m., so it will be a late night.  Then Tuesday morning we see the oncologist at 9:20 and head straight home so we want to rest all we can tomorrow.  It's been so nice to be here a little longer and get to watch the boys play ball and visit more with Doris and Jerry.  God gave us a safe trip and we praise Him for that.  We look forward to going home, though, because Trish is going to be at our house when we get home, so we'll have another sweet visit.


  1. Beautiful!! I love the picture of Boone in background drawn by Rob as I recall? So glad I was able to share your visit from him years ago here in Springville. I really am praying tomorrow is a good day for you with tests etc. Love you! Ruthie

    1. I know; isn't that pic precious! Yes, Rob did it. Thanks for the prayers for tomorrow and every day. I keep you and yours in my prayers, too. Cancer isn't the only ugly monster out there! :) Love you!