Friday, June 20, 2014

Snuggle Buddy.

There's no snuggle buddy better than this one!  Elena wanted to snuggle with me last night when we got home from the hospital.  I can't think of anything I needed more.

We made it to Nashville today and we're ready to leave from here to go to the reunion in the morning.  Then we'll head for home.  Lots of travel on this trip, but lots of great visiting, too!  I'm learning a lot and may be sticking closer to home for a while  I've got to get me stable to travel.

Tomorrow I get to see my sister and her husband and lots of cousins.  That'll be a grand day!  I thank God for a safe trip for us and hope everyone else is able to travel safely, too!


  1. Glad you made it safely. Hope you have good weather and a great visit with all your family. Have a safe trip home and feel better soon. Never ceases to amaze me--you always smile no matter how tired or how you might feel. You give everyone else encouragement. Take care. Love ya, Donna

  2. Oh, Donna, thanks so much for your confidence in me. I really am not smiling all the time; I just don't post the horrible pix! Who wouldn't smile with Elena in their arms, though. She is such a doll. When she came to hug and kiss me goodbye yesterday after the reunion, she gave me the hug and kiss and then she paused and looked at me so seriously and said. "Grammy, your make up is beautiful." She is such a sweetie! We're HOME, btw; been here about an hour. Long enough to get the computer up and running and phone plugged in and runnin. Love you tons!