Monday, June 9, 2014

So Tired! Thank You, God!

Oh my goodness; today was so tiring!  Tomorrow will be another long day since we're driving home.  We get the results in the morning of all these tests, though.  I learn if this current treatment we are using works, so that's a really good thing.  I'm eager to know!

They keep it so freezing cold at MD Anderson, my teeth were chattering today.  I had on long jeans and a jacket with the shirt you see in the pic above.  They finally gave me hot blankets, but they only stay warm for 20 minutes or so.  I told the last lady who did my CT that I could just see the headlines:  "Old Lady Survives Breast Cancer, but Freezes to Death at her Check Up!"  She said, "That's not very good PR for us, is it?"  I was never so glad to be out of there where I could get warm!  My feet were numb all day; they're just now thawing out and they remember that they hurt!  I kept reminding myself about the lady who had her leg amputated from below the knee at the ballgame, but it was hard not to whine when my teeth were chattering.I need a good night's sleep and then we'll head home tomorrow. I'll post results as soon as I can but it may be when we get home tomorrow night, late.

Thanks so much for your love and prayers and support.  God gave us a safe trip and I still have both legs, and I can walk on them, so I am grateful even if I have an occasional pitty party.  Party's over and I'm rejoicing to go to bed, now!


  1. Praying for great test results!! MD Anderson must be the best place for cancer treatments, they seem so on the ball! Test results the next day - amazing! More prayers for you and sweet Gretta! Love you all! Linda

  2. Linda, Ruthie wrote to me about what a precious friend you are. She thought I had missed this post and I had! Indeed, you are such a precious friend; you feel like family to me. Thank you so much for your love and prayers for Gretta and I. We'll recover from these monsters we're tackling . . . they just don't know what they've gotten themselves into, messing with a couple of master BEASTS! Love you so much!