Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Dab of Paradise.

This is a picture Lee took of Ruthie and I on her back deck.  Notice the little waterfall and pond that Phil has built for them.  It's so pretty in their back yard!  The light behind us made it hard to get a good picture, but I wanted the pond and bird houses in the background.  Over that pasture and to the right is their big pond.  Over there they have a bigger waterfall, a fountain and a gazebo.  I'll post a picture of that tomorrow night.  They really live in a resort all their own.  I thank God for the chance to visit with them and for the health of all of us!

We had a fine trip here today.  I got us lost in Knoxville, but we still got here in good time.  I guess we actually came a shorter way, but it was right through Knoxville and not so simple.  This is all new to Lee, though, and he's so patient.  We're both loving the awesome Smoky Mountains!  We're checked into our unit and I'm doing laundry and washing my hair tonight.  I'll probably still be doing laundry tomorrow, but we'll get out and see some of the sights tomorrow.

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