Sunday, September 29, 2013

Posting Early?

Yep, I'm posting early because this is my chance to be in the clubhouse.  We still don't have Internet access in the condo, so I thought I'd better do it while I could.  We're going to do some more adventuring in the Great Smoky Mountain Park today, but we'll stay close to town unless we get lost!

Today's picture is one of Lee with his Aunt Leona last week, when we visited her.  She is his mother's baby sister and she'll be 92 on her birthday.  She still lives alone with a lot of help from her wonderful daughter.  It was a great time to visit with all of them.  Again, I thank God for awesome families!  We certainly are blessed and I'm so glad for the opportunities to visit with them!  I hope you are reaching out to your families, too!  This trip has been so rich with family for us!

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