Thursday, September 12, 2013

Basil and Sweet Potato Vine.mi

The sweet basil is on the top.  That's 5 little plants that cost me $3.87.  I have enough to share with the grasshoppers!  Those rascals love it.  I go out and pinch of a bunch of leaves to have on my pizzas or anything that has tomato on it.  Yum!  The bottom pic is my sweet potato vine.  I just planted it about 3 weeks before we left on our trip, so I'm really proud of how it's growing.  That gray stuff on the right is artemisia.  The other tall green stuff with the mauve flowers is sedum autumn joy.  Joan has kept it watered for me while we were gone, so it's all doing great.  This planter box has been empty for the better part of the last 20 years, so I'm pleased to have it looking alive for a change! It gets no sun and no rain, so it has to have something pretty hardy in there!  We are so grateful to Joan for taking care of things while we were gone!  In times past she would have weeded, too, but I wouldn't let her weed this time; she is recovering from a bad fall she had back in June or so; she doesn't need to be weeding!

I thank God for the energy to face coming home!  Catching up is always a bear!  I'm really glad we came home a day early to give me some extra time to catch up!  I thank God for this great weather, too.  I love it hot!  It's only going to be in the 80's tomorrow; that's plenty hot so I'll still be smiling!

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