Monday, September 16, 2013

Still Running from the Rain???

This is a pic I took as we left Santa Fe.  We got all packed and ready to load the truck and it started pouring down rain HERE!  We need the rain so bad, so we have to be cheering, but it sure makes it hard to load the truck.  I guess we'll load it in the morning.  We've got to leave at 7:15 to make my treatment at 8:30, so we'll have to get up really early to load.  It's better to have it done the night before, but we play the cards we're dealt.  Rain is a woolly bugger to have when we're packing, but our farmers so need it here!  My flowers and trees and grass will be happy to have a good drink, too!  God knows what we need and when.  I trust Him with everything else, so I thank Him for the rain!

We'll go straight from my treatment tomorrow and head for Memphis.  The next day we'll go to Lee's aunt's house and then on to visit Tom and Linda and then Ruthie and Phil.  We're excited about seeing folks we love!  We have a cousin reunion next week near Nashville, so lots of happy times ahead of us.  Once again I thank God for good friends and neighbors to hold the fort for us here.

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