Saturday, September 21, 2013

So Much Fun!

This is Linda, Tom, me and Lee, yesterday.  They're all looking kind of funny at the camera because I had it balanced on the gate as we came into the Jack Daniels Distillery and there were people waiting for the camera to click and get our picture before they got in front of it.  (How kind!)  Linda's cousin is having his 70th birthday soon and he has invited them to his party.  They wanted him to have a collector bottle from the distillery; they had it etched with his name and Tom was holding that up for the picture.  He doesn't know me to read this blog, so this won't ruin the surprise.

It was so interesting to go through the distillery.  It is amazing how it makes up most of the town!  I wasn't crazy about the smell that everyone else on the tour seemed to like; it reminded me of when I have a terrible cough and drink the whisky/honey/lemon syrup.  It sure works to calm my cough, but I can't imagine folks enjoying that stuff!

We've made it to Ruthie's and Phil's house, and it's wonderful to be here!  We've had such an awesome 6 weeks of travel, seeing friends and family.  What a blessing to be able to have this opportunity to enjoy folks and travel!  We thank God for these rich blessings!

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