Sunday, September 22, 2013

This is the pic I was able to get tonight when Deanna and Alex and Blake came to see us.  It was wonderful to see them!  We've been so blessed with such a rich trip!  It was awesome to see lots of folks we know and love at church today, too!  In this pic is me, Lee, Ruthie, Phil, Blake, Deanna and Alex.  Ruthie is my sister and Deanna is her daughter.

Tomorrow we head to a cousins' reunion near Nashville.  We'll be in Lebanon and stay there the night before heading to Gatlinburg on Tuesday.

Today is the first day of fall and it really feels like fall here.  I'm hoping it will warm up some, but I've got jeans and a jacket in case it doesn't.  Regardless of the weather we are so enjoying this trip and thank God for it!

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