Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flashback to Las Cruces Visit.

It rained all day in Santa Fe today, so I didn't get any pix.  We walked around and got wet and nearly froze, but I didn't think any of that worthy of getting my camera wet.  We've checked the weather reports and the rain is continuing tomorrow, so we're going home tomorrow instead of Thursday. We're okay with that.  We have plenty to do at home and home is more comfortable than this hotel room in Santa Fe.  We'll do Santa Fe again sometime.  I thank God for all our safe travels on this trip and pray that we'll continue all the way home tomorrow, safely.

This picture is of Lee and I with Pat Brovant-Holland when we went to a car show with her and Jim in Las Cruces.  We had such a wonderful time with Jim and Pat!  This is just one of the fun things we did.  It was especially fun because it made us think of Ruthie and Phil, because Phil has a street rod. Seeing this one brought them into our conversation one more time!  Ruthie and Pat were best friends when we lived in Itazuke, so this visit was a great connection for us!  We're planning for Ruthie and Phil to meet Pat and Jim at our house in early November and we'll make a great new memory to treasure and share on this blog!

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