Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Came Home Early!

Take a look at the weather out Lee's window as we left Santa Fe this morning.  We did our best to outrun the rain, but we drove nearly to Amarillo in rain.  We knew we were getting close to home when the sun came out and burned off the clouds.  It was 92 degrees when we got home!  I love it!  We need rain around here, but we were glad to see the hot and dry of home!  We thank God for a safe trip.  We put a lot of miles on the truck on this trip and God kept us safe all they way.  There was a lot of rain the last few days, too; it was nice to see, but made driving tougher on Lee.  He did a great job, though.  Home is always so sweet. We're both looking forward to a night in our own bed.  Ahhhh.  It was a wonderful trip, but home is so nice!

Tomorrow I'll get pix of my basil and the sweet potato vine.  The sweet potato vine is doing awesome.  The basil is great, too.  I went out and pinched some off for my tomato soup at supper tonight.  Yum!  Then there are the weeds that took advantage of me being gone for a month.  I'll get a pic of them, too, and then a pic of how it looks with them gone.  Good thing we came home a day early so I'll have a day for those weeds; I never dreamed they'd get that far ahead of me.  UGH; they don't even need rain, I guess!  I'll get 'em!

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