Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still Able to Stand and Move!

I hurriedly set the camera to take this shot of us and it's kind of blurry.  I'm just not much of a photographer. I thought we were doing really good to make church twice today after last night's repair work!  We went to bed really hurting, but it's amazing the kind of healing God built our bodies to do with even a partial night's sleep.  We both gave into naps this afternoon, though!  Tonight we'll get a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow we go to Lawton to get my blood work out of the way for my treatment on Tuesday.  Then Tuesday we'll go have the treatment as soon as possible and then go on to Memphis; then the next day we'll go see Lee's Aunt Leona.  I'm excited to meet her and his cousin, Pat.  Then we'll go on to do more visiting in all parts east. God is great to give us the strength to make these trips and the opportunity to make them!

It was such fun to go get Dorothy for church today just like old times.  Then she came home with us and had dinner after church.  I'd cooked a pot of pinto beans yesterday and then cornbread this morning before church.  When we got home from church the tomato 'fairy' had left tomatoes on the bar to add to our lunch. The tomato 'fairy' is the sweet friend who takes care of the house and mail while we're gone, as well as waters our plants.  What would we do without great friends and family???

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