Monday, September 23, 2013

Report From the Road.

This is a picture I was able to get Sunday before church.  This is my sister, Ruthie, her husband, Phil, and me and Lee.  I'm not taller than Ruthie, but it looks like it because I was standing closer to the camera.  Ruthie fell just a week ago, Sunday, and she's doing really well.

We just about wore her (and all of us) out at our Cousin's reunion today in Lebanon.  It was an absolutely wonderful reunion.  Every single one of our cousins were able to be there and we're not all in the greatest of shape, so it was such a treat!  I took pictures, but I left my camera in the back of Phil's car, so I won't have those pix for a few days.  He'll mail it to me tomorrow, so I'll have it, but for now I'll have to settle for pix I've already downloaded, so we'll be reporting on the now, but having pictures from the recent past.  Bear with me while I wait for the camera!

I so thank God for continued safe travels and wonderful visits with such an awesome family!  We are exhausted, but it's from such a wonderful time!

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