Friday, September 6, 2013

We Are Crazy!

We rode the shuttle today to the Wynn Casino and Hotel.  Then we WALKED all the way back.  This picture is the view from our room and the Wynne is behind the Palazzo.  We didn't just walk straight back; no, we walked all down the shops in the Venetian and then the shops at Caesars Palace, too.  We got to go by the Bellagio and saw the fountain show; that's a favorite for both of us.  We are two tired pups, now!  But, we feel like we did after we climbed down into Pololu Valley and back:  empowered because we could do it.  Judging by my fitbit we walked over 6 miles.  I was NOT prepared for that.  I had on my crocks, which are comfortable, but I would have worn tennis shoes if I'd known we were going to be hiking.  I also had my purse with me and a shirt for the cold places (they run the AC like crazy out here, which probably saves lives, but I freeze).  Anyway, I wouldn't have wagged all that if I'd known we were going to walk so much.  I really can't believe I did it without my walking poles!  I really thank God that we could do it.  We have so much fun; we laughed a bunch of the way.  And we sure got our eyes full of stuff we never see around Hobart!  Ha!  Don't even let me get started on that!

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