Thursday, September 19, 2013

Great, Great Times!

We made it to Tom and Linda's house today and have had such a wonderful time!  We always have so much fun with them.  I took Lee around Winchester and showed him where we lived when we lived here and then after we got to Tom and Linda's they toured us all over Sewanee and out where Tom used to live.  It's gorgeous and green here, so we're really enjoying the landscape, and the company is absolutely the best.  Tom and Linda are just like family and we have so much fun with them.  We taught them to play hand and foot canasta tonight and we all loved it!  We've never had time to play before this, so now they know what we do for fun when we're not hiking around Hawaii! This pic we got up on our adventure on the Sewanee Natural Bridge.  It is gorgeous out there!

Our trip to Lee's aunt's house yesterday was a wonderful treat, too.  I got a few pix and will post one of Lee with his aunt soon.  She is a treasure!  He enjoyed seeing cousins and family and I loved meeting them.  They are great, great people and it's sure a blessing to know them.  We'll enjoy seeing them, again, when we return to Tennessee in the future.  His aunt just lives about an hour and a half from Tom and Linda.  Man, we're having a great time and thank God for safe travels and fun times!


  1. Nice picture!! So glad you are having another wonderful trip and seeing great people! I guess you'll get to "rest" when you get to the old folks' place! Hello to Tom and Linda!

    Love U!

  2. We were at such a gorgeous place. This pic really doesn't do it justice, but I had to put the camera on a rock where it could get us all. Yes! We'll be ready for rest when we get to the old folks' place! Love you!