Saturday, September 7, 2013

Country Bumpkins Gaping at the Other Sides.

This is the 'chair' down by the computer center where we can wait if there are folks using the three computers there.  I guess there is room for two or, maybe, three people to wait?  It's like everything else out here; kind of exaggerated.  Then there are the 'tunnel' people.

A friend told me about the tunnels underneath the town where homeless people live, so I googled it. Sure enough there are about 1000 people who live in the old sewage tunnels under the town.  We have been watching some of them ever since we've been here, but we didn't know what it was until I read about them on the Internet!  From our unit on the 7th floor, we can see what looks like a pile of trash in a ditch until you study it. There have been two or three people rummaging through the stuff and we couldn't figure out what was happening there.  I guess they got some of their stuff wet in the tunnel since it's rained some, and those tunnels flood when it rains.  So they've brought out what got wet to drape around and dry. There are a couple of grocery carts over there and some tarps where they've made tents so they have someplace to stay that has light as opposed to the dark tunnel.  Again, I am amazed. We go places and see huge mansions and think we're seeing how the other side of the world lives; then I see these tunnel people and realize there is a whole other side.  Then I go to the strip and see girls wobbling around in 8" spike heels and 8" skirts and wonder how many sides there are to this world?  I know the Hobart side and it's sure my comfort zone!

I thank God for a comfort zone and for the opportunity to see that the world is different right here in our country!  I thank God that we feel so much better today after a night and day of healing these bodies from last night's walk.  I thank Him for Ibuprofen which sure helped, too. (I can't take many of those or I get dizzy, but one took the edge off the pain to get me through today.)  I feel like myself, now.


  1. I knew you needed to know what you were walking on top of MaryJO....I don't need to tell you what those woman in the short skirts and high heels do for a living do I? Yes, I know I don't. I tell you this stuff is even better than the casinos. I remember you and I didn't last long at the machines, about 30 minutes does it.

  2. Dana, I think a lot of the women in 8" skirts and 8" spikes are visitor here, attempting to fit into the culture. They can hardly walk in those spikes. This is not even to mention the girls in bikinis and feathers. It's so wild out there. I find the tunnel people lots more interesting than the nearly naked people. Thanks for alerting me to them!