Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweeneyville's Big Pond

This is a picture we got at the big pond and Ruthie and Phil's house.  Notice that the leaves are beginning to turn on the tree to the right.  Just to the left of Lee, in the picture, you can see the fountain.  Just to the right of me is the waterfall.  We are standing right in front of the gazebo.  If you can click on this picture and make it bigger you'll see more details.  This is a rare picture; me in socks! I hate socks.  If my feet are freezing I wear socks and my feet were freezing.  The change from hot to cold is a shock to me, so I was wearing a pair of Lee's socks and forgot to take them off when we walked over to the pond.

Today it rained all day and we just took it easy and enjoyed it.  We both got naps this afternoon and I think we were way overdue on naps.  The rain here is a treat, anyway.  There is no wind and the rain just gently falls from the sky.  In Oklahoma it rains sideways because the wind blows all the time and it RARELY rains, anyway, so this is a treat for us.  We thank God for the rain and know  that all this lush greenery is due to the rain.  It's awesome.  I'll be happy to see sunshine and get home and feel some heat before winter gets here, but this is a nice treat.  God's blessings are abundant!

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