Monday, February 10, 2014

Lee is on the Path to Recovery.

Today I'm thanking God for looking after us, again!  He always does!  This morning we got up and it was coming down thick with snow!  I called Lee's dentist in OKC and got a referral to someone here. I called that someone and she was too booked to even consider working in a new patient.  She did refer us to a really nice guy, who did work us in at noon.  I wondered how in the world we'd get there in that snow, but we went.  The roads were absolutely clear!  There must have been enough salt left from last week's storm and enough traffic to keep them clear.  I was so grateful.  Then we got there and they said he had an abscessed tooth and he needed an oral surgeon to drain it TODAY!  They called the surgeon and he said he had surgery to do in Springfield, but if we came right then, he could do it.  Wow!  I was so thrilled that it all fell into place like that.  (I believe God takes care of those things.)  {I didn't take this picture this morning; actually the roads looked better than this one that I got last week.  It's just the best I could do.}

Lee had to be sedated to do the procedure and he came out without a clue where we were or why. He stumbled like a drunk man.  We managed to get him to the truck and then he agreed to stay in it while I went in to get his drugs.  I was so scared he would attempt to escape.  I asked him to look me in the eye and promise me he would stay in the truck.  It was so scary to leave it running, with him clueless, but it was freezing outside!  When I came back I thanked him for staying in the truck and he said, "Where would I go?  I don't even know where I am!"  Bless his heart; he was so confused.  He kept saying, "Do you know what they did to me?" Thankfully, the anesthesia has worn off and he knows where we are and what's happening, now.  Whew!  What a day.  I'll be so ready for bed, soon!

The dentist left a tube in to allow for continued draining.  It is in with a stitch and they'll remove that on Thursday.  They said the swelling will continue and be the worst on the 3rd day, so I don't expect the next few days to be easy.  He has to eat because of his diabetes, but he can only have soft foods. I got groceries so I can fix what he needs while I was waiting for his scripts.  We're set.  The main thing is we know what it is that he has and we're doing what needs to be done.  This time next week he should be in good shape.  When we get home he'll have a root canal done on that tooth.

No puzzle for me.  All I want to do is go to bed!  Of course I got no nap today.  We got up early to call his dentist and we were up at 3 making him oatmeal so he could take a pain pill.  I'm really ready for a good night's sleep.  Just any sleep will be good.  We may still be up in the middle of the night with pain.  We'll do what we have to do, but I know I'm going to bed early tonight!  Thanks, everyone for your concern and love.  Things are looking better.

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